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Okay, let's make this happen.

1 - Yes, everyone needs a Campaign Trait from the AP
2 - Yes, you may have a Drawback
3 - 25pt buy

4 - Core + 2ndary Paizo; yes, I love psionics, yes, some of the Occult stuff is a stretch, no I'm probably not up for a Wilder this time (I love them tho)
5 - Background: this is a campaign about Varisia, and should feel like it. I get that playing a time displaced ninja kitsune from Tian might seem fun ... but it will be a hell of a sales pitch. On the flip side; if you pitch a Harrower who is a little short on gp to buy their 2nd Harrow Deck, I will probably approve it without thinking becuase it's themeatically brilliant. More background is better ;)
6 - ASK

If a 13th lvl Sky Druid can already fly at 160ft [Into the Blue (su)], is that speed/ability retained when casting Elemental Body IV to become an Air Elemental?

Hey :)

Can someone validate for me that a 7th level Wizard could forge this ring and effectively hcast Beast Shape, Elemental Body, or Dragon Form with a duration of 24 hours?

That seems like an awesome investment for 28Kgp

Is there a way to get this ability again if you choose an archetype which doesn't have it?

So do we believe there is a way to get a character to have a fly speed as fast or approaching the speed of a dragon?

(While I'm totally prepared to get flamed for even bringing it up, I also figure there's a bunch of rules-warriors out there who have thought it through already.)

In my head, the fastest I have come up with so far is a Lvl15 Dragon Disciple casting Stonger Wings would have a speed of 100' -- the only things faster are Elemental Body IV and Form of the Dragon III -- but it's not much faster really.

Part of me was thinking of progessing Stronger Wings through research or something, like if Stonger Wings VI at 6th level could give +60'