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The half-orc's gear is returned by one of the tieflings, and they form an escort aroun the party, two teiflings behind, one with the leader up front, and open the skeleton emblazoned doors back into the hallway.

'This way, we will bring you to Palaveen. He must be expecting you. Tell me, how were you in the catacombs already but without one of us Bastard's as a guide?'

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Thought I had already replied, neckalce 1 gp each. The Children aren't children. Thats the name for the group, Children of Westcrown, they are all in their early twenties. You can get all of that shopping done in an hour make a Diplomacy check while doing so to find out where Thesing might be.


Chompsky picks up the trails with ease, and shadowed by Gorvio who bears a shield and shortsword, you are led deep into the woods, as it becomes dark and overgrown.

PErception please!

That's the plan!

Well said!

As Dylan Moran once said, of the Irish fascination with the weather:

'It's fierce mild!'

Good luck! and good gaming!

Woo! Excitement! It'll be 10 am here when it gets announced!

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It is alas, what it is!

Just checked over my statblock, it should be okay, I formatted in stardust's preffered style, and wrote in the backstory, putting the subtle hints of Kaldanis within it, it should make him and his demeanour easier to understand. Or rather that was the aim, feedback welcome!

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And +12 huh? I look forward to the challenge, though a little Diplomacy is an even subtler way of genuine charm! Roll on the great game!

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'Greetings one and all, Lord Kaldanis Asendror of Ostenso, at your service with all the grace and will I can muster!' Kaldanis bows deeply, though in a precisely measured way, with a wide warm smile on his face, which lights up his shining voilet eyes.

This is it. Do look through and check it for anything you don't want.

My only big problem is using a summon monster spell, which in my case has to summon fiendish creatures. Of course Kaldanis acknowledges his alignment, claiming that he is trying to redeem himself for his early youth and the actions and influence of his parents. Would that be a viable explanation for why he has to use evil summons, with the added word that he likes the idea of turning evil back on itself as he wishes to do for himself. Who's characters would have a problem with that explanation?


It is more or less false, he doesn't want to redeem himself so much as he thinks 'evil' is a silly term, he is out for himself and willing to go that extra mile to get there. Especially if it gets him closer to his ultimate goal.

I look forward to working with Adele, Darnak, Morn, Xayden and fellow arcanist Zalania.

(@Zalania: I don't truck with the diabolist government more than I need to, but I'm certainly capable and willing to summon devils or any thing and brokering deals with my adequate Diplomacy skill.)