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For the most part, the Changes are looking great. Can't wait to use them.

However, I still can't help but feel the Cleric got beat on hard with the nerf to channel energy. Thats a huge hit that forces them to be way more MAD than before. Not a fan of this direction at all.

I'd rather re-add Bolstering to out of combat healing than nerf them that hard. Healing is super important in combat, and there are plenty of better ways to solve the out of combat healing dilemma.

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Like many are saying, I like the removal of the resonance pool and turning it into ambiguous slots for items.

I also like the concept of Focus points, but combining it with Spell points is just a bad plan, and even more so combining it with Charisma.

You'd instead be better off combining Hero Points into Focus Points and having this small pool become a more flexible Hero Point system that allows you to juice your items and actions a bit extra.

This way you don't have to re-balance all the class abilities and stuff, nor items, and can make them that 'little bit extra' that GMs can choose to use to pump the game's excitement a bit by feeding out to the players.

It also makes earning them by doing cool stuff more engaging.

Will we be able to get copies of the Iconics that you featured in the playtest games?

If I want to pre-order the Jungles of Despair Case and this, when will this be available?

Top 5 in no particular order:

1. Monk of the Four Winds (Elemental Fist is a vital versatility option for monks to have flavor beyond stunning fist)

2. Crossblooded Sorcerer (Gives everyone more customization both in abilities and backstory/heritage.)

3. Swarm Master Druid (Anything that gives Druids more unique options out of the gate makes them that much more interesting. It also allows for smaller creatures to be more viable if people don't want hulking beasts following them around all the time.)

4. Winged Marauder Alchemist (Animal companions for other classes is always good, and this allows alchemists to fill a ranged niche easier. Make it for all races and give us some better bird options for both medium and small characters)

5. Incarnate Paladin (Was never in Pathfinder specifically, but you guys made it in the August 2003 issue of Dragon Magazine pg 53. It was a true neutral paladin of the balance of nature/elements and it was really cool flavor.)

Little sad the water elemental is gone, that was going to be the main reason I was getting this pack. Will it appear elsewhere later?