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Oh these wretched Chihuahuas!

Mexico is my doggybed!

Mexico is mine and my heirs' FOREVER!

*cocks head*

What's that crowd noise?


tener una gran boda!

Did someone mention humping?

Mairkurion {tm} wrote:

Okay, help me with either advice or paranoia warnings. No one has ever responded to Mona and Cosmo's Mama. Cosmo posted nearby in the same thread, but without interaction. I so want to by my usual funny self, but maybe that's a sign that it's not funny to Cosmo. Thoughts?

And am I sick of proctoring? Yes, yes I am.

Don't feel bad. Not every avatar is a winner ..


I am the Emperor of Poodles! And Ice Cream!


We don' need no steenkin' bailouts!

And I already rule The Empire of Poodico to the south so nyah!


CourtFool wrote:
Emperor Poodlemilian I wrote:
Feh you have your ... how you say? Historical epochs wrong m'seiu Court Fool.
And you have your nationalities wrong. You are Austro-Mexican.

No, my master the Emperor is Austro-Mexican, it's true. But I am Franco-Mexican! I am not an Austrian poodle!


CourtFool wrote:
Don't you have a drug war to quell?

Feh you have your ... how you say? Historical epochs wrong m'seiu Court Fool. Ze problem I have iz propping up ze legitimacy of my master's rule of zis nation. Zat and oppressing ze natives ... huh huh HUH!

Clinically Depressed Poodle wrote:
Sorry Boss, I can't help it. You know how I feel about those thrice damned frenchies.....

I am not Franch anyee more you stupid pigdog! I am Franco-Mexican, sinze I am ze poodle of Emperor Maximilian I of the Mexican Empire! So zere!


Clinically Depressed Poodle wrote:

*Pees on the so-called "Emperor"*

Take that frenchie.

AIE! Nom d'un Nom!

Zis is an insult!

Bares a mouth full of stinky rotten teeth

Have at you!

Ze French shall roust you Mexican wannabes! Why I was ze lap dog of Napoleon! Huh huh HUH!