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Fatespinner wrote:

Sorcerer: Let's go! They can't kill us both! *charges in*

Magus: *charges in, casts invisibility on himself*

Sorcerer (now the only visible target): "Crap."

Reminds me of a game I had with some friends. I played a wizard and we were walking along when we heard some enemies coming. I turned around to face them, three party members stealthed and one went invisible. Doh!!

Oracle: How long does that ring of bestial friendship last? Ok, I will put the Roc eggs in the bag of holding.

Druid: (His first session with that character.) I will wildshape and follow the Will-o'-the-wisps up.

I don't have a lot of last words for you but I also have some "almost" last words.

Paladin: It's alright I can lay-on hands once per round as a swift action, I don't need your healing.

Sorcerer: I cast light on my boots.

Sorcerer: I will bring up the rear. (Almost died twice in one session this way)

Hmmm 15 point buy. Thinking maybe human weather druid.

Edit: I find myself wishing I could take the trade domain. The idea of a merchant's son cought between the "bad" influence of druids and his fathers wish to take over the family business could be interesting. That said I suppose I can roleplay that as a weather druid just fine.

Marius Johansen wrote:


@Emanonpf: A rogue would definitely come in handy here. What sort of Rogue would you play? Also, when will you know for sure if you'll be available or not on the 7th?


I will play a rogue. It seems you need someone to deal with traps mostly, so I will play a Dex, Int skill monkey. I trust the rest of the party can hold up the damage end of things. Not to say I won't sneak in some damage but it won't be the goal of the character.

As for the 7th, I will be away. I can if needed drag my computer down there, or I can use a family members maybe.

I would enjoy playing a rogue, caster druid or melee druid.

Edit: Though the first date is 50/50 for me for family reasons.

I am playing in a Kingmaker now. Basically any of the other choices are fine by me. (though really I just want to play :)

1) PST (GMT -7) but I can probs make anytime.
2) Not Kingmaker
3) Player, I don't feel I have the experience to run a game online.

Would like to play any class. I want to get more experience with online games and maybe run one in the future.

I am interested in playing. Any class really.

Rope Trick, does it work underwater? If it does, does the extradimensional space provide enough air for the entire duration?

I am making up a wizard now. What is the point buy? How do I prevent having to replace my spell book every time I go swimming? Also, I have never played pbp before so I understand if you don't accept me.

I am interested and would fit my character to the group. What medium would we use to play?

James Jacobs wrote:

Traps are meant to be sneaky. They hit you when you're not looking and often don't let you even have a chance to do anything about it, unlike monsters. So there's that.

But also....


Trista1986 has a point, there are mundane ways to get around alarm. It states you need a password, so...who knows the password? If a housekeeper/butler/maid knows it, maybe you can get the info from them (for a cut of the take of course). Also if the alarms have been audible, it says right in the spell description that silence works. If not, it only alerts the caster, so maybe you can neutralize them (knock out/tie up).

Edit: Alarm linkage

Urizen wrote:
Mine is Chrome, I'm using Windows 7, 64-bit.

ditto. I do sometimes have slightly longer load times, but blamed this on my isp which sucks. Doesn't bug me much though.

Squidmasher wrote: any other armor, only takes up your armor/robes slot.

I am looking at the core book right now and it lists armour in it's own slot. Robes and Vestments do not conflict? Linkage

As am I. I am on the west coast so thats 9pm starting time for me which is great since I am a night owl. If you are doing an Asia only thing though I guess I am out of luck.

Our group is currently level 2:
Ailsa- Human CHA rogue going master spy. Uses feint to get sneak attacks.
Rogar- Dwarf cleric to Torag going holy vindicator. heals/buffs/smashes faces
Stein- Dwarf Bard, uses dancing lights and/or fascinate on everything EVAR
Edrick- Human Inquisitor
Julius- Human Alchemist. Blows stuff up including party >.> traveling salesman

The group works alright together though Rogar is always looking in holes, pits or behind waterfalls. This leads to getting attacked/surprised alot.

Julius's first roll was a natural 1. The bomb he was tossing went off in his hand and knocked out both himself and Stein.

Edrick has so far been a solid companion. However when Ailsa spotted a follower and quietly got him to identify it without alerting the mob (ice troll), he decided the best course of action was to turn around as say "Guys, theres an Ice Troll there." *Points*

Stein generally follows us around taking notes and later tells a story at the next towns tavern. This story of course gets more embellished every time.

Ailsa is my character so I know abit more. Her brother tried to kill her for the throne of some country. (sry I forget the name, in my background write-up it was minor nobility not royalty) She has been very combat effective so far, though almost drowned swimming like 20ft (ok so she had to dive and I rolled some nat 1's). This next session I get to see if the assassin following the group is after me (good chance). I am planning on introducing two new "personae" this session also. I have almost 20 names and disguises planned and hope to surprise the party by getting the GM to control the char making her seem an NPC.

Adding races is always fun ^_^ I was in a one shot where someone tested a pseudodragon sorc.

Phneri, good post. I agree about the mundane items, looking at my rogue right now she has a lot of mundane items bought relatively cheap. I bought a mule to haul it all >.>

PS: Phneri the skill focus is a racial, so Sphynx could change the skill but not the feat (unless maybe alt an racial in the AGP)

Yeah, slowing down the game is bad and I try to break the habit. However, I started a new Pathfinder game however and the GM had misread opportunity attacks to include moving into ones threat range. So if we ever moved to attack someone they attacked us first. I kinda had to challenge that, (like 5 mins in) or bang my head on my desk for the next 6 hours.

Anyway Dragonsong, you sound like a really cool GM. I am happy with my current game but sadly in my town, (about 4,000 population) gaming groups are sporadic at best. I am torn atm because I really want to play in a Kingmaker game but the only way to get one started might be to GM it.

leo1925 wrote:
Be carefull with arcane armor training, when you take that you pratically lose your swift actions.

Agreed. It is not ideal by any means, Mage Armour would be better. At Sphynx's caster level thats 1 hour which isn't really enough for the day. It is simply worrying to see such a low AC, but at least Sphynx has rolled very well on HP for a 3rd level char.

Ok, that make sense. Yes there is Arcane armour training, though you need 3 caster levels to take it. It reduces spell failure by 10% and the next step lowers it by 20%. Mithral can reduce the spell fail chance by 10%. So with one feat and mithral armour you could bypass the chain shirt's 20% though that would cost you a fair bit. The only thing I wanted to point out is that 13 AC is VERY low, so you might want to augment that somehow.

Edit: Got beat on the armour thing by Niels. and I should note the second level requires medium armour training. If I could find another 5% reduction somehow I would be tempted to play a full-plate wearing wizard.

Yeah a small shortbow is 1d4. A regular one is 1d6.

Well for one. Any reason you are using dmg for a small shortbow? 1d6 dmg for a medium creature like you.

Edit: Also try to get some armour, even +2 from a basic leather armour would help a lot. As soon as you get the money (2,000gp) a handy haversack would help keep you to a light load.

Now I feel the need to invent a "pickle of cure light wounds" in my current adventure.

Though I am sure the website could use features here or there, it works. Maybe it lacks some eye-candy, but I guess the books ate it all up ;). Also it has possibly the best feature EVAR, actual people like Vic who come and answer your concerns.

The other thing to consider as a GM is who is asking you. Is it a power-gamer who plans on min/maxing? He probably wants to make a broken character that will be the "best" and own everything evar. Or maybe it is an average player whose characters have been middling or even underpowered. The first pathfinder group I played with, weapon finesse as it is in the core book was free. In it's place was a feat that used dex to dmg with the same restrictions and in addition you had to be in light armour for it to apply. This worked out rather well and the paladin with his great-axe was still the highest damage.

Indeed very well done. Sadly I rarely spring for those items, though I might with the master spy I am playing now.

IMO play what you want. The group will just have to compensate for your vision, which is fine as long as your character brings some awesome to the table in return. Heck our alchemist has KO'ed three of our members. Though our chars are wary of him, he has also proved useful.

Jimmy, the next person to roll a 20 goes to the store for munchies.

There is this button that you click and it puts in all the fields for you btw. You still have to edit it but it isn't that bad I am half done field wise on the first page. Mind you I was not talking about auto complete fields. I don't know javascript. I would say I am going to bed now but...ugh sleep is for the weak.

Edit: was over thinking it though I still need it to round down not up.
Edit2: ok so maybe (STR-10)/2-0.1 isn't exactly elegant but it works dammit >.>

I have not had a great look over them because I am off to bed now. ^_^ From what I had seen so far, they are awesome. And though I will miss the fillable forms on Neceros's sheet, I may just try to add my own forms. I am a messy writer so it is nice to be able to open the pdf and type in some of the stuff before I print.

Steel_Wind +1

Method 3: Have a merchant do bluff checks to sell them useless fakes at 150g or so.

Method 4: Include a cursed stone or two in the bunch that seems appealing enough for them to take.

Method 5: "Due to increased demand and limited supply prices have gone up."

As a GM you do have to manage magic items carefully least the parties power sways to much one way or the other. In most cases if you tell a group prices have gone up they will wait till a new town. At which point maybe they have gained a level and it is all good to let them buy an item or two. If a merchant swindles them or sells them a cursed stone they will probably track him down and get at least some money back. Then they will be more careful in the future ;)

+1 great tool not just for players making a stronghold of course, but also a GM!

I just had a convo with my GM about leadership and I am only level two. I though it was a good idea to plan ahead because he has to. In our conversation he stated that he dislikes cohorts in battle because it often slows combat. My character being a charisma based rogue (going master spy), it is important to me to have leadership. We came to a compromise were my cohort runs a spy ring for me (all my followers will be spread around the map gathering info). This becomes a great plot device for the GM and lends itself to my characters role-playing. As for mechanical advantage, I am giving the wizard knowledge skills and item creation feats which helps the group. Though it should be noted that like Inner Heru said a cohort is a "person" also and in such arrangements it is normal to attached +10%-15% to the material cost when he makes an item as his payment.

Also you got me thinking about my d20.

250 my dice almost killed me >.>

I think I will try a set of those gamescience ones and see if they work well.

Yeah, I suppose I could cheat since I sit and my desk by my comp while the rest of the group sits at the table (small room). They can see what I roll if I stand up but meh they trust me. And besides how then would I have rolled about ten 1s over the course of our first night, almost drowning in at the hight of it. Though I do have to admit that it was a tad tempting when I rolled a 2 on an important roll (my last roll before passing out and almost drowning), I slammed my fist down a little and it rolled to a 20 >.>. But hey my party saved me with one round to spare and I didn't die!

leo1925 wrote:
That kinda lessens the power of the craft feats, remember that the PCs who got those feats essentially sold their feats for gp.

We can still sell w/e magic items we make and keep in mind that the group is not all one race. If you don't want to take the risk that the item will be useless to you, don't ask for the reduction in cost. I should also mention that in our group we don't sell items for the most part. We use the feats to get cheaper items (up to 50% cheaper!!!!) so no one is complaining.

Edit: I should clarify. Up to 50% cheaper without race restrictions.

On a side note our GM is willing to give a reduction that varies in %. However you roll a d10 1,2= Dwarf 3,4= Elf 5,6= Gnome 7,8= Halfling and 9,10= Human.

So when making an item and getting the reduction there is a chance it will not be useful, or at least not to your char. In this situation most chars just don't take the reduction ;).

Edit: You can add more races of course (like Orc) and change the dice you roll. Also don't add half-elf or half-orc because they can use Human/Elf and Human/Orc.

I am just starting on a new adventure with a new group. This is maybe my second or third pathfinder group and the others were just low level to see how the game played. When I saw the Master Spy in the AGP I instantly wanted to play it. I made a CHA based rogue and planned to focus on leadership (creating a spy network), and out of combat role-play. I took improved feint thinking it would keep me on par with the rest of the group combat-wise. However we are almost third level now and I have been dealing the most damage. I am worried that as I take master spy levels and my relative combat efficiency drops, the group will have trouble. Basically, I want advice on useful magic items (I took use magic device) and tactics. Specifically anything that would work well with other party members.

My Party is currently all level 2:
Rogue (me): Often targeted as I rush in with one other melee. Also Scout.
Inquisitor: Other front-line melee player, doing reasonable damage.
Bard: Somewhat inexperienced,so varies in usefulness.
Alchem: Aside from blowing us up twice, he is alright at tossing bombs.
Cleric: Usually buffs and then moves in, often forced to heal in combat.

Also note there is a house rule banning cohorts from battle as the slow down combat.

From the reference doc.

"Glib Lie (Su): A master spy of 2nd level or higher can deceive truth-detecting magic. A creature using this sort of magic against the spy must succeed on a caster level check against a DC of 15 + the master spy's class level to succeed (as if she were under the effect of a glibness spell); failure means the magic doesn't detect the spy's lies or force her to speak only the truth. This ability does not give the master spy the glibness spell's bonus on Bluff checks."

And Glibness:

"If a magical effect is used against you that would detect your lies or force you to speak the truth, the user of the effect must succeed on a caster level check (1d20 + caster level) against a DC of 15 + your caster level to succeed. Failure means the effect does not detect your lies or force you to speak only the truth."

The way I see it a caster of equal level will have little trouble defeating this ability. For example I am level 9 with 2 levels of master spy, making the DC 17. A level 9 caster only has to roll a 9 or higher. This seems pretty weak (and would get comparatively weaker when I have to take levels other than master spy at 18/19/20).