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For the Fangwood Keep module, I have in mind building a cleric who has taken an oath of non-violence but who nevertheless wants to serve faithfully on behalf of his nation's military. The inspiration comes from Hacksaw Ridge (which is a great movie that I'd recommend). But I'm not exactly sure how to build it. I want to have a character that is interesting but not a horrible liability to my party. 4th level.

I've looked at other threads on this topic, and the first question that always comes up is, "what do you mean by non-violent or pacifist"? The reality is that I won't be able to define it precisely until I play it out. But again, taking my cue from the movie, it's someone who is patriotic, has accepted marching into battle with others who are violent, but who isn't holding a weapon, and isn't targeting an enemy with an attack or spell. No grappling, no Hold Person so someone else can CDG them. For me, that would also extend to not buffing an ally's attacks. I'm not going cast Sun Metal on someone's sword to help them burn the enemy. But I am fine, say, casting Shield of Faith to protect an ally from harm. I agree that sounds like a lot of restrictions, and that's why I really could use some advice!

The first ideas I came up with for the overall character build, but that I'm not at all wedded to, are as follows:
Deity: Dalenydra. Lord of battlefield healing.
Archetype: Merciful Healer

I'm also not 100% tied to the cleric class, if someone has ideas for another class that's appropriate.

Given this set of proposed restrictions, how can I make a character that's reasonably effective?

Hello friends!

If you are looking at this post, you probably want to know whether it's worth your time to start a game with a group that's moments away from self-destruction! Well I'm here to tell you that if you manage to stop the self-destruct sequence in time, you will have saved not only the wretched, scum-infested marvelous Varisian city of Riddleport, but at least four of its inhabitants!

Orendel Kellon, an everyman's soldier, but inside an inspiring leader!
Cherry Razarin, seductive tiefling and street-tough bartender, but with a soft spot for the kiddos.
Dougal Fairbairn--why did Cayden Cailean choose a quiet, self-doubting man to be his priest? Because amazing feats of daring and courage wait to be unlocked from within!
And yours truly, Silvio Errico, self-proclaimed bringer of Abadarian order to Riddleport, who is out to throw the book at lawbreakers--literally.

I don't want to spoil the end of Book 1 too much here, but the heroes find themselves newly in control of a gambling den that they'll somehow turn into a pillar of the Riddleport community! But now a star has fallen and the heroes and crime lords are on a race to claim the valuable skymetal. What happens next? Well, you tell us! We've been here from this game's very beginning and managed a thousand posts, and would love to begin the journey to ten thousand more. Whatever you want to do with our game, the rules, the plot--doesn't matter, we're totally at your mercy. So check out the Gameplay thread, and then sign up!

To any interested GMs,

I am currently part of a group of 4 adventurers who have just survived the grueling adventure that is Book 1 of the Giantslayer campaign. Our remaining party of "Expendables" consists solely of half-orc outcasts from town who are nevertheless fighting the good fight on behalf of Trunau. Our cast of characters:

Grod the Cunning, Mad Dog Barbarian and his pet rhino Cera
Yverstrix Halfbloodsson, Hateful Rager Barbarian
Malthu the Redeemed, Sanctified Slayer Inquisitor of Iomedae
Shivarra, Classic Witch

Our GM is setting us loose due to demands on his time, but has generously offered to assist with any transition to another GM who would be willing to help us pick up at Book 2. We have a solid group that has been at this for over a year now, so we're capable of making steady progress. If you've been thinking about running a game and suspect this might be a good match, please let us know in this thread! You can find the gameplay thread here.