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Just wished Erik a happy birthday on my radio show.

Shakopee Cysquatch wrote:

Elephant spirits

Tower of ivory
Story of ancient deities
Seizure of the fleece
Protector of its place
Fly thru dreamscapes
Of valleys gullies and spires
Herd across suicidal slopes
Changeless moonshines
Circle cyclops image

I vote that the Singing of Mastodon Songs be, from here on, an official Erik Mona Day tradition.


N'wah wrote:

Happy Erik Mona day!

Oh, wow. Hmm. Anyone else suddenly lose their depth perception? :P

Yeah, me too! Weird, huh?

Xuttah wrote:
We have a food (Juicy Lucy)

White Castle.

E. Van der Weke wrote:
White Castle or Juicy Lucy?

White Castle.

Put on your Erik Mona mask, head on down to White Castle, and FEED YOUR UNHOLY OBSESSION!

Sebastian wrote:

Sweet. Soon we will proceed with the plan to kill Erik and have you replace him...

Oh wait, I should've put that in spoiler tags...

CURSES! Foiled again!

Patrick Curtin wrote:

Remember Remember the Eighth of November

The avatar hommaging plot

I know of no reason

Why our good-natured teasing

Should ever be forgot.


N'wah wrote:
I wonder if Eli Tomarast is in need of a new familiar... :)

Interesting tidbit: Tomorast's familiar was named Rel (not, in fact, Erik Mona). A woman I know is named Arielle, and Rel is her nickname. Spooky.



Mothmona wrote:
Sebastian wrote:
The Cult of Sebastian is the only official, recognized cult on the Paizo boards.
Oh really?


Double the friggin?


Eric Mona wrote:
Heathansson wrote:

I know Eric Mona! He gimme dis twenny sided dice, made outta mastodon fossil toof, and autograph by Eroll Otus.

I sell it to you for 5 dalla.

I do not know this dog-like man, please disregard his lies.



Kobold Cleaver wrote:
What is thread jacking?

So, how about those Red Sox?

Festivus wrote:

Yeah, same here. Happy day after Mona day.

** spoiler omitted **

Ow. Ow ow ow.

Dragnmoon wrote:

YES!! We are so close to the completion of the Ritual!!!.. Once enough people Submit to the demands placed by this thread the Eric Mona Day Ritual will be complete, and Eric Mona shall rule the world!!!


It's like Interstella 5555, only instead of records, it's creepy yellow cyclopes (Cyclopses? Cyclopae? Cyclopia?).

Kruelaid wrote:
I can kill you with this toothpick.

Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Hey, look! A new page on entire thread devoted to me!

Oh, wait...

Never mind...