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Anonymous Warrior wrote:
rainzax wrote:

Hey community,

I need help developing (or finding amidst the splat) a spell or curse (works either way) that magically ages a person one whole age category permanently. That is, from Young > Mature > Middle-aged > Old > Venerable.

Also, they would also suddenly gain ranks in a skill as if they had in fact lived those additional years (as house rule, older character are entitled to more skill points). So, ideally some combination of Necromancy and Chronomancy.


Be sure to include proviso that you can only have a character magically aged by a category at a time.

I'd have the extra skill apply as if they had gained a permanent +2 bonus to intelligence via headband: they gain a full set of ranks in 1 skill (caster's choice?)

5th level seems about right for spell level. Note that Sands of Time does not grant bonuses for aging, so you might not want to say "functions as Sands of Time, but permament."

For flavour, you could say they are trapped in a super-fast-time demiplane for 20 years (or whatever appropriate to the race) forced to... say, brew tea.

So they gain all the appropriate ranks in Profession: herbalist. But they also would really rather not brew or drink or even talk about tea anymore (there you have a reason for the ranks, and your trauma, all neatly wrapped in one)

What are the plans to bring the summoners to the pathfinder adventures obsidian game?

Is there an expected release time?
(I know it's tomorrow, just wondering when to set my alarm ^.^)

FattyLumpkin wrote:

It's coming out on April 28th? Oh, I hope so!

I feel there is a lack of information on this. Does anyone know what this will cost?

The core of the game (first adventure and two characters) is free to play. Then there is unlockable content (other heroes, aditional cards, etc) you can get either with cash, or an in-game currency.

Daemons, like ghosts, sometimes haunt the material world near their point of death, and each represent a special kind of death. So, knowing this, your BBEG might have engineered a few convenient deaths to gain some powerful guardians. Not only would it explain the presence of the daemons, it would also further build the BBEG's character for your players.

As for dismissal items, I don't know any other than scrolls, but you could make yourself with the custom items rules. If they're meant as a tool to fight the previously mentioned daemons, how about specially infused holly water?

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I ran a mini-quest for a paladin of Iomedae, where she faced challenges based on the eleven acts.
For the first one, I used a demonic toad with a priestess on the inside. Just my 2c, as this visualization hadn't come up yet.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
If you would like to discuss the viability of shadowdancers or the worth of sorcerers in another thread, I would be happy to do so. But this isn't really the place for it.

At first, I read you as discussing the VISIBILITY of shadowdancers, and that seemed like an entirely relevant discussion for this thread

I'm taking a look at the document, and commenting as I see.

-First, save progression seems odd. At first level, it seems like it has good fortitude and low reflex and will. However, relfex picks up at some point and becomes a good save? Save progressions are stablished things, and you shouldn't mess with those, specially on your first custom class.

-Random proficiency with one exotic weapon of choice. First of all, why? Classes that give it usually do so out of flavour, and give so with an specific one (see samurai and katana). This not only seems odd and not tied to the flavour, it's triying to do something different than what I'd expect from the class (natural attacks).

-Animal spirit companion: why does it not grant climb speeds? I get not fliying (both for power levels and inapropiate appendages), but the exclusion of climbing seems odd.

-Partial transformation: this is flavourful, but unclear as to what the mecanics behind it are. I'd propose allowing ONE ability you could gain trough beast shape I (increasing with level) that your spirit companion has, and making the duration "until you sleep or choose another ability"

-Partial transformation attack: first of all, bite seems overwhelmingly better than claws, as you can combine it with your regular manufactured weapon attacks. Also, different atttacks usually use different dice for the same size, so I'd keep that difference. Why are gore and hooves not included? that limits the viability of some spirit companions.

-Natural rider & animal nature: first of all, this two abilities with so simmilar effects could be just one (animal connection?) and thus save space. Secondly, this seems like a very front-loaded class (lots of abilities gained at first level, encouraging dips), so you could consider postponing or outright removing some. This week one that's only for flavour seems like a strong candidate for culling.

-Back protection: you can summon the upper half...of what? I'm guessing your spirit animal, but nothing indicates that. Also, what is the +2DC added to? Can I dip three levels into this class to make my fireball harder to evade?

-Extra apendage: what are "defending rolls agains physical attacks"? +2 to armour class? +2 reflex? both? neither? Can I only attack with the extra apendage if the first attack missed, or does that condition only apply to the +2? Using my exotic weapon proficiency, can I at level 16 wield katanas with my wings? brass knuckles on fins?

-Beast noise: how do I know what animals give what bonuses?

-Beast memory: oook, so I get spider sense. So what? What are the in-game effects? I'd take a tip from familiars, and grant Alertness as a bonus feat. (also, doesn't ring like memory to me, more like "beast perception)

-Beast spirit armour: should give bonus to AC.

-Ranged beast appendage: I got no idea what this does. Seriously. Are you growing a tentacle way longer that you are tall? Are you giving random people animal parts? No clue.

However disheartening this might sound, I really like the class concept and the mechanics are orignial, though it needs a LOT of editing and clarifications. As a tip, it's usually easier to build upon a class' chasis, than to build from scratch.

Fourshadow wrote:
Ashram wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:

Dm Sothal,

** spoiler omitted **

Yeah, you're getting really pushy, dude. You're seriously on every new book thread demanding detailed spoilers on everything.
If you don't want to buy the book (I cannot figure why you would not!), then it will all eventually be on the d20 or archives of nethys sites....eventually. It appears to be a rather slow process, though. They do have lives, after all.

I do believe there's an oficial polocy, of it going up two to three weeks after oficial street release.

So it's not life interfering with gaming, it's paying costumers getting nice(r) things.

I'd go alchemist.
Has the steam punk feeling off the box, but the potions can also be reskinned as contraptions, as can many discoveries (extra arm can be clockwork, etc).
Bombs help the feeling you want.
Just invest some feats in construct building (although I think there are a couple archetipes in that direction).

Only one school != only one implement.
Then again, he does get a bonus spell each level, so if he began with two, that'd be 50% more spells avaliable than a regular occultist.


Also, backlash is not a prize for completion, but rather a punishment for each failed check.

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Chests are made of flesh, reinforced by elongated bone structures.
I thought everybody knew that.

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My way takes a bit of preparation time on your time, but I think it works wonders:

Put them all on the board. Plan ahead (narratively) how the fight will go, assuming average rolls for everyone. Have a document with the figth results broken down by turns.

As the PCs confront the big baddies, narrate the background fights, and if they choose to interact (say, try to save somebody who is clearly in over their heads), you have your document knowing the relevant variables depending on when they interact.

This way, you can keep the secondary fights in the background unles they choose to focus on them, while retaining the cinematic of a big fight.

Summoned creatures get their own turns, do yes, you can "attack with all" :p

Also, please note this is one of the reasons summoning is frowned upon in PFS and some house tables: a dedicated summoner can be taking as many turns as the rest of the table combined, meaning one player gets a disproportionate amount of spotlight time.

Always summon responsibly.

I'd say they don't get healed, but the efect is negated.
They don't suffer any penalties (or benefits) asociated with those, and the duration still counts towards the expiration when relevant.

You'll be very tough. Are you rolling stats or point-buying them? Either way, get the highest con you can, and then the next higher should be DEX and strength. You don't really care for mental stats, other than WIS for will saves (and dwarf helps with that)
If you manage to convince your GM that DR stacks, you'll trully be invulnerable.

If you are still open to other combinations and character concepts, kineticist/(unchained) rouge would also be a good gestalt: your level in d6 damage when you manage to land a sneaky blast, and you depend only on DEX and CON (no strenght needed).

Powers of a pride phantom:

  • Asociated skills: Intimidate and perception.
  • Resolve: inmunity to fear effects. If you fail a roll (attack, skill check, ability check) yo loose the inmunity for an hour.(this is awesome for a psychic caster, as it negates the most common way to "shut them down")
  • Flagrant disregard: bonuses to attack for an AC penalty.
  • Vainglorious oration: lvl 7, swift action to shake all enemies within 30 ft. (apparently, this has no save at all? I missed that the first time I read it)
  • Overwhelming confidence:lvl 12, as long as resolve is up, double all morale bonuses. If resolve is shut down, morale bonuses turn into penalties (maybe this could be countered by finishing the bloodrage?)
  • Illusion of perfection: lvl17, CHA damage on damage rolls for HD minutes per day (will probably never be depleted, as you're more restricted by your bloodrage rounds)

Also, thanks Kalindrala for noticing. RAW, it's not allowed with the archetype, but my GM will probably allow it. And Rouge Eidolon, that is true, but it's minimized by the fact that you only gain the pahntom's powers when in bloodrage, wich, according to my reading, would mean you only loose the benefits when you miss a skill check during bloodrage or (more likely), an attack roll.

0Alic wrote:

unfortunately, it's not possible to pick 9th level! XD

For example: if I pick a 4th lv spell from druid, I will be able to cast that when the inquisitor will be able to cast 4th level spells (so something like 10th class level) and inquisitor spells reach till 6th level.

"Little background: the master gave us the possibility to create our personal races. But only the description! He . So yeah, I have this cool thing, but right now I am at lv 4 (with a permanent negative level D:) and I can't use this feat properly (I asked to give me some time to think about them).
And I am "vurnerable to resurrection": it means that both positive and negative energy damage me: I can be healed only by my spells and by party's healing spells (to give me the chance to survive)."

So yeah: my intention is to be a tank. So have support spells. But maybe is better to complete the party with the spells which aren't in the arcane class lists.
Protections and shield on others I think that both alchemist and arcanist are able to pick them..

From what you're saying, I get the impression you're not really geting spell-like abilities (the capacity to cast the spell as an innate power X times a day), but that you can choose some spells, and add them to your spell list as an inquisitor (meaning, you can prepare them and cast them with your spell slots). Is that so?

If so, our answers will probably vary a lot.

Yes, but on the plus side, feats such as spell focus: illusion would apply to both saves.

There was a great guide on shadow conjuration/evocation that had great insight (can't link it due to phone)

Hello everyone, and thanks in advance for your time and advice.

I want to build a bloodrager of the I rager archetype (trades in bloodline for Phantom powers) with the Pride focus (from occult realms).

(Sorry I can't provide links as they don't seem to be in the PDR yet)

Is it a good idea? What are some suggestions to further define this build?

I'm tempted to go halfling, as the "can't touch me" fcb seems flavourful, but I'm wary of making a small damage-dealer.

Any spell of any level? O.O

If you told us the flavour of the race (or the god you're an inquisitor from) we could give more detailed advice. But as a general thing:

Bless is always a good thing to share with allys.

Shield other would encourage those squishy rouges to get in there front row, where they can do most harm.

And if your GM is up for it (and it seems he's leaving you quite a bit of giggle room), I once gave one player (a paladin, not that it matters) the ability to request a miracle, at any point during her character's live, but only once. It's a very powerful abiltiy, but balanced by the tension of wether you'll need it later on. It created a very dramatic moment when it was finally used.

Just food for thought.

There is an ability to represent this, called (I think) powerful blow.
There's even a monk archetype that can get it.

If you want more of that, you could give it as a houserule to all creatures with size over large, or with strength over 40.

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Well, I have no racial hit dice, and my tipe is extroverted, quirky, with black hair and clear eyes.

But I guess it varies from individual to individual and depends on a lot of factors.

Depends on who/what are you posessed by.
The archetype is based mostly on the trope of demonic posessions, I think, so divine fits like a glove. If you wanted to go more with a ghost/poltergheist feeling, psychic could be fitting too.

Josh-o-Lantern wrote:
Am I missing some crucial element (pun intended) or does the defensive wild talent for wood, Flesh of Wood, REALLY suck? I mean, all the other defenses scale to some degree before having to spend burn to increase it yet the bonus to Natural Armor stays at +1 unless you pay... What is so great about NA that it doesn't scale?

As Mark said somewhere else: that it adds up.

Water's defensive talent (the most directly comparable, since they both add to AC) competes with a magical armour/shield, so it needs to scale to stay relevant. Flesh of wood adds to your magican armour and shield.

Fire's defense scales becasue so do enemy hit points.
Air's does because so does enemies' chance to hit.
Earth's does because so does enemies' attack damage.

So, just because all four original element's defenses scale does not mean it's the default. It's a case-by-case consideration based on game balance.

You do not do +STR damage.
It means your hits take hp, and some of the oponent's strength away.
The amount of damage you do to your oponent's strength is the same you'd do if he sufered your bite.

There is no stated duration, so I'd go with the most conservative reading and say it only works for one attack per use.

There's a witch archetype that accesses chanel (which you can increase with the "extra hex" feat) from an arcane source, if you're interested.

What level do you want it to be?
It's more of a psychic leech than a Lich, but the coment by DHAnubis about body-jumping reminded me of the new Psychic sorcerer bloodline, where if you're killed you can mind-switch with your attacker.

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I think that, unless stated otherwhise, all bloodrager bloodline abilities are bloodrage-only. So, unless it states it's always on, it's not.

As you guessed, there's a feat called wasp familiar, that gives you a wasp as a familiar (regardless of wether you have the class feature) and in your case, will improve it at 5th level.

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Of the top of my head, I can't think of anything that particularly hinders those. So go abjurer and counter those like you would any other kind of spell.

Death ward might be useful, depending on the kind of necromancy used.

Creatures from the plane of shadow might have light vulnerability, so look into light spells (I think most are conjuration).

Best of luck!

P.S.: I don't know if hibrid classes are allowed, but with the right exploits an Arcanist might be better at counterspelling than a wizard.

I tried to create a custom magical item. I'd love this board's opinions and advice on it. Thanks for your time!

Dark Thirst
Aura: moderate necromancy; CL: 4
Slot:none; Prize:20.305; Weight: 3lb.
This polished lenght of ebony, studded with the fangs of slain vampires acts like a +1 vicious terbutje, while also granting to its wielder some of the life-drinking capacities of its former kin. Each time an oponent is reduced to negative hit points by an attack made with this weapon, it cast death knell upon said opponent (DC 14).

Cost calculation:
Mw Terbutje 305
+2 equivalent +8k
use-activated death knell (taken from witch) spell level 2*minimum cl 3*2k= 12k
Should this be cl 4, as that's the minimum to craft a +2 weapon, and thus cost 4k more? Also, is the DC correct (10+spell level 2+minimum score bonus +2?
Total: 20.305

I'm here to propose a worm that walks.

It's an undead template of challenge rating increase equivalent to Grave knight, but whithout so much of an evil focus.

While being evil is a requirement to gain the template, it's not to mantain it, so redemption is probably posible.

It is meant for a spellcaster who just refuses to die, so "my love is stronger than Death" is definitely fitting flavour.

The gruesome apareance can be a plus, since it adds a challenge on the part of the woman, both to recognize him as her former lover and to decide if she can still love him in his new form.

Also, Oogie Boogie anyone? Doesn't get more Tim Burton-y than this.

While Wishes are a great way to get mechanical advantage, I find it far more interesting (both as a player and a DM) to try to guess what your character would wish for. That means, it'd be very useful if we knew a bit of his backstory as well as his class.

He might wish for a stronghold of his own, where he'd rule as an iron-fisted overlord and wage petty wars on his neighbours. Mechanicaly, this would provide a homebase for the party, a steady source of income in the form of taxes, and plot hooks for kingdom-related adventures.

Or he might wish to be the best swordman alive, wihc could be template-like, adding a big bonust to strenght and a lesser one to dexterity, maybe with some feats slapped on at your DM's accord.

Or he might wish to be untouchable, which I'd represent mechanically with a big deflection bonus to AC and touch AC, but he'd be unable to benefit from friendly touch spells either.

Or he might wish woe upon his previous lord and those who witnessed his fall from honor, which would provide no mechanical benefit, but might be deeply satisfiying to the character.

Or he might wish for a powerful blade (I'd stat it like a magus' black blade aproximately), which might give incredible martial prowress, but come with a dreadful curse (this seems to be a comon theme in Japanese stories, so you'd keep with the J flavour)

Or, or, or...

As you can see, I like flavourful wishes over plainly mechanical ones, but that depends on your group and your playstyle. Also, I personally find wishes, specially those coming from genies and/or demons to come with a downside, both as a "be careful what you wish for" cautionary tale, and as a mechanism to balance the power of the wish without scaling every challenge up.

Hope you find this useful, best of luck with your wish.

Poison is generally consider a suboptimal focus for a character, since poison doses are expensive and you'd be using one for each hit. even if you craft them yourself (which would halve your costs), it's still very expensive, specially for the early levels. At later levels, where cost is no longer a concern, you'd find that your opponents' high saves make the use of poison less efective.

I'd recommend flavouring your hexes as poison efects: sleep could be the efect of an exotic toxine, or the penalties from evil eye might be caused by the sickness the poison induces. If you want to enhance the poison flavour, maybe your DM would allow you to have your hexes target fortitude save (the one poisons use) instead of will.

If, however, you end up going the poison route, take a look at this archetype: -archetypes/veneficus-witch-archetype

Isn't his whole point to avoid extremes?? Why then would he give those domains?

Even if the plays those roles on ocasion, domains are supposed to represent the esence of the religion. So don't definde the god of centers by a circumference.

(Though it's technicaly possible)

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"I am a commoner, my father was a commoner, and so was his father before him. And Cayden Calean be darned, no son of mine is gonna take levels in a bloody PC class! You'll be a commoner too, and you'll be proud of it!"

First of all, thanks Entryhazard for the catch: it would work much better as an instantaneous effect.

Thomas Seitz, I'm glad you liked the idea. As to the resulting dragon, I found no information on the bestiaries about Fairy dragons' life expectancy or maturing cycles, but as tiny creatures, I'd expect them to mature faster than bigger ones. If the dragon in question is beyond 6-15 years old (sounds quite reasonable), it'd turn into a Very Young dragon. Older ones would result in a Young dragon, and younger ones would turn into Wirmlings. Any of those would probably have reasonable CRs.

Personaly, I wouldn't mess with "growing" the dragon, as magical aging would be a powerful tool to hand to your players. Let the dragon age naturaly, and if the party wants, they can use transmutation spells to enlarge it temporarely when they are high level enough ("form of the dragon" still gives bonuses if you were already a dragon ;D ).

In line with what Cuup sugested, I'd go with magical traps.

You're only interested in a particular zone, so you don't need a magic object you can move around. As a side advantage, you're not generating treasure that might be problematic if your heroes used, or burdening them with hundreds of stakes townsfolk might not be interested on buying (and that you certainly shouldn't sell to anyone interested in buying).

Traps with really high percepcion DCs, and/or magic aura to conceal would cover the area, and a once per minute/hour save with a low DC might explain why the happenings are random: the efect is always on, but most animals/people save normaly. Only when they "roll a 1" or are specially stressed/vulnerable would the compulsion take hold.

This would also allow PCs, once they discover the mechanism, to disable some of the traps (if they have someone with trapfinding or dispelling capacities) and thus set safe zones to camp.

On a side note, whether you go with the traps route or not, if the compulsion efect has been afecting the area for a long time (say, 20 years or more), it would start to create an evolutionary pressure towards higher Will saves in local animals. Just a thought you might incorporate to make things seem more realistic.

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So, something like:

True dragon's awakening

Transmutation (Polymorph), lvl 8
Casting time: 8 hours
Components: V,S,M (powdered dragon scales worth 25.000gp),F (A pile of gold worth 25.000gp, that will become the dragon's hoard), SC (up to one per age category of the dragon to be created)
Skill checks: Knowledge (planes) DC 19, Spellcraft DC 19, two successes ; Knowledge (arcana) DC 19, three successes; Appraise DC 19; Fly DC 19.
Range: Touch (Willing creature participating in the ritual, see text)
Duration: Permanent
Saving throw: Fortitude negates (Harmless); SR: no
Backlash: All participants suffer 1d6 acid damage, 1d6 cold damage, 1d6 fire damage and 1d6 electric damage.
Failure: All participants in the ritual gain vulnerability to the related element and can't benefit from spells with the related descriptor for a year and a day (if they possesed resistance or inmunity to the related type, it is supressed for the duration).

This ritual awakens the dragon blood present in some creatures.
The target must be a creature with blood ties to true dragons (such as a faery dragon, a creature with the half-dragon template, or a sorcerer with the draconic bloodline), or else the ritual fails to have any effect.
This ritual can only be performed when the material plane is in conjunciton with the elemental plane related to the type of dragon to be awakened (such as the water plane for a white dragon, or the fire one for a brass).
Upon completion, the target creature turns into a true dragon (chromatic or metalic, depending upon it's alignment and heritage) of the asociated element, of the age category of a dragon who had grown for the same number of years the creature was alive when the ritual was performed (juvenile or young adults, for most).

(Based on Polymorph any object, with a DC discount for being specific. Very restricted casting time for flavour and to get the DC down. You can dispense with the Material and Focus component for an increase in ritual DCs of +6. This is the simplest ritual to create according to the ritual creation rules. I'd probably up the DC, as this seems almost "too easy" and antyclimatic)

EDIT: based on the rules for occult rituals found in Occult adventures.

You probably want the result to be permanent, so I'd base it on polymorph any object (wich, for your purpouse, would have a permanent duration). You could probably adjust the DCs down, since it has a very definite use.

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alexd1976 wrote:

They do what they are commanded to do.

If commanded to attack, they roll to hit and roll damage.

If commanded to coup de grace helpless opponents, they do that too.

If commanded to do so.

They don't impose limits on the 'programming' allowed for undead (unlike animals, which HAVE an INT score, ironically, but have limited 'tricks), so you could theoretically 'program' a skeleton to do some very interesting and complex stuff...

Like teach it write.

With enough time, and enough 'programming' it could approximate intelligence.


Turing's undead?

Create mindscape!

from Occult adventures. It's all you want it to be.

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I'm the mid-level expert with maxed knoledges you hire when you want to increase (or retrain) skill points. Also avaliable to aid another on knowledge checks or to make the check for the party.

You want to focus their attention elsewhere, without them realising there are second motives? I'd call that a bluff.

Trolling: bluff

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As many posters above said, he's using both ouf of character terms, and too many ands.

However, there's a fun way to grant his wish, letter-of-the-law without it being too powerful:

How about he's able to cast permanency at will, but any casting ends the last one? He's able to make any spell efect permanent, but only one at a time. Sounds reasonable for a wish, and the power level will scale with their ability to cast more powerful spells.

I'd allow it. Also, although you'd have different "slots" and caster levels, I'd let you have one single formulae book, with the extracts from both classes written in it.

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How about...

Cultist tried to summon an extraplanar evil in a ritual that involved mass suicide. It failed, but brouht the PCs to Golarion from your universe.

That way, you give them an inicial bse of operations to work from 8the cultists'), and some initial gear in the form of loot both in the corpses and scattered through the hideout.

Conjuration magic can bring them back, but (asuming at least one is a spellcaster) they need to hang around for enouht time to gain enough power (levels) and knowledge (spell research) to be able to go back.

Sidenote: In real life, I think I'm a mindchemist. I call my mutagen "tea".

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