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With-uh li'tulll extraaa thown-innnn y'know what uh mean.

Thuh next posterrr wants a peanut-butt'r n' lembas san'wich, uh huh.


Ye ain't nothin' but a hound archon, scryin' all the time...

An' a hunk'uh hunk'uh lembas love. Uh huh.

Vivaaaaaaa Loth-lorien! Vivaaaaa Loth-lorien! Vivaaaaaa Vivaaaaa Yeah uh huh.

That Amiri is a hunk-a hunk-a fiesty female.

I muh gonna ship her with Lem and have the little guy
make uh few Climb Checks...

unh-huh, unh-huh thankyuhveraymuch.

Elves should not have to pay taxes, uh-hunh, 'cause 'em dwarves got all the gems n' gold.

All we got is sum nice trees n' fruit. It's a hard life for the Boyz in da Wood.

Mairkurion {tm} wrote:

*golfclap for new alias*

Thankyuh, thankyuh verruh much.

Ima hunk'uh hunk'uh lembas love, and you ain'ta nuthin' but a cave troll...

unh huh unh huh

Uh Huh, just hunk-a hunk-a Lothlorian luuuuuuv...

Should'u we be tall or short? Yuh know, I mean, and uh Spock ears or Deedlit ears?

How 'bout fixin' me a peanut butter n' lembas sammich...uh huh uh huh.

Uh-HUH Uh-HUH, this thread needs a hunk-a hunk-a Lembas love!