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jdripley wrote:
If you went with a 16 instead of an 18, there is only ONE number you can roll on that d20 that will screw you because you chose a 16 over an 18. only 5% of the time you'll roll that number. That's not so big of a chance.

Increasing your prime stat modifier by +1 does more then just increase your succes chance by 5%

It also modifies the chance for a critical succes effect by 5% and modifies the chance for a critical failure by 5%.
So 3 effects are modified.

I'd love to preorder a hardcopy of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook.

I'm utterly shocked of the shipping Costs of from the USA to The Netherlands (Holland, part of the EU):

USD 41.43 for non-tracable Mail Innovations International Shipping.
USD 54.54 for non-tracable USPS Priority shipping.
USD 99.43 for tracable UPS International.

Please tell me there is an error in those cost calculations.

Unburdened dwarves are nice and flavorful as soon as dwarves have the same base speed as all the other non-elf races.

Dragon Totem Breath / Giant's Stature Minor point, but could someone explain why Dragon Breath, a once use ability, has a Concentrate trait attached to it, but Giant's Stature, a persisting body transmutation does not?

Some ‘opportunity attacks’/reactions trigger on actions with the concentrate trait and can interrupt those actions.

Have you ever tried riding a horse without any training?

I can assure you, your soar arse and your acking back and belly muscles will force you to stop riding in about 10minutes.
With training and actually knowing how to properly 'sit' on a moving horse and you can manage it for hours.
For those who dont want to spend a skill / feat on riding wagons and charts have been invented.

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Lower lvl pc’s get obliterated by higher level monster. Sounds like it is working as intended.