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I'd like to pitch "Iconoclast" as potential class name.

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I've never had a problem, but my groups don't tend to cleave too closely to Golarion lore. Our goblins were usually more on the Ravnican Izzet-Warcraft spectrum. Still unstable, still pyromaniacal, but perhaps more capable of cohering with a typical adventuring party.

Really, I see it as a matter of how elegantly the lore can be changed to justify goblin PCs as more than an outlier. Hopefully it's more substantial than "a Goblin PC is One of the Good Ones™"

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Alchemist takes it for me. I love the mad scientist vibe, the crazy versatility in terms of builds, and the ability to bomb something into a fine mist while cackling both in and out of character.

Runners up are mostly INT-based, with occultist, magus, and witch high up there. The major exception would be shaman, because I like naturey casters but don't care for wildshape.

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If handled with due respect and nuance, it's an interesting concept. Big "if," though. I wouldn't personally be comfortable/confident enough in my ability to pull it off to warrant giving it a go.

And, as mentioned, the rest of the group really needs to buy into it.

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First thing through my mind would probably be "I shouldn't have dumped Wisdom."

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Thanks all. Glad to get your thoughts and hilarious mental images.

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Currently in the midst of designing some custom classes for a high-power campaign.

So far in the works is a rogue/divine caster hybrid with a heavy economics theme, a monk who draws powers from outsiders he traps in his body/soul, and a gun-focused 4-level arcane caster.

Also considering a necromancy-themed hunter/summoner type with a semi-customizable undead companion, but that's barely reached the notes-on-a-napkin phase of design yet.

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I'd third Bloodrager as a solid choice.

Another option is the Battle Host archetype for the Occultist. Fairly reliable front-liner with a very limited array of spells, so you don't have to worry too much about getting bogged down.

That said, I'd go Bloodrager given your list. Just wanted to offer an alternative :]

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I had a really bad hangover the other day.

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I'm looking for some creative help.

So, my PCs, in predictably unpredictable fashion, ran into some necromancers and decided to champion their cause rather than engage in the usual slaughter->loot algorithm.

Many drunken sessions later, this has resulted in them making their HQ this city of necromancers, and I could use some ideas for the leadership thereof. I have tentative ideas for councilors, but I'd greatly appreciate any additional ideas.

This is what I have so far:


Dhampir cruoromancer–kind of runs the show; lots of enchantment/illusion supporting her necrepertoire
Tengu Bones Shaman–friendly but a weirdo; likes the party more than any of the others. Focuses on debuffs
Tiefling necroccultist–Indiana Jones x Harry Dresden; hard-on for archaeology/weird artifacts/paleontology (yes, there was an undead t-rex)
Human sorcerer(undead)–power-hungry jerk, PCs are unknowingly helping him become a lich
Dwarf spiritualist–total xenophobe with a Dedication phantom that is his way more friendly grandpappy

I'm basically just looking for some interesting character concepts to flesh out the city. Obviously, there's a necromantic theme, but any and all suggestions are welcome.

Some relevant house-rules:
Necromancy isn't intrinsically evil (but most people tend to assume it is)
Any source book is fine, and I'm open to third-party
Combat efficacy is largely irrelevant (assuming my rogue isn't a jerk), so the more fluff the better

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Daw wrote:

The mechanics of the Tetori have been well covered here, WAAAAY better than I could.

I think the important point is that the OP seems a touch smug about choosing a character that he thinks the GM will hate. At best this is a dick player move. It also may not even be a real thing, we don't have the GMs perspective here. OPs stated intent however is hardly admirable.

For what little it's worth, I don't see any nefarious intent. OP seems to be interested in Tetori but worried that it might make the game less fun. If anything, I'd say that having that concern top of mind is admirable. (but it's hard to accurately infer such things when limited to text)

All that said, I concur with everyone who said to talk to your GM. I'd be fine with a Tetori, but I'm pretty liberal and my players rarely if ever abuse mechanics such that it negatively affects the narrative.

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Alchemist, far and away.

I don't think I've played a class that I haven't mostly enjoyed, but alchemist takes the cake, distills it into quintessence, and uses that to make a bomb.

The diversity of builds is great, but I'm really in love with the mad science flavor. My current jam is a ratfolk mindchemist who is borderline omniscient and very, very proficient in blowing stuff up.

Witch is a close second, also largely because of the flavor.

EDIT: Just realized I said "far and away" and then "close second." Ah well.