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Hey all, I'm looking to build a living grimoire inquisitor, and I realized I have no idea what I'm doing.

The character concept is basically an investigative journalist who looks to expose corruption and writes in an underground newspaper that serves as a foil to privately owned propaganda papers in her city.

The stat array (4d6 drop lowest) is 13, 11, 14, 13, 10, 15. I'm leaning Witchborn Changeling, but I'm amenable to human if I need the spare feat.

An int-based inquisitor screams skill monkey, so that'll be my focus, most likely. Combat-wise, I think I'd prefer to melee, but if there's a build to throw the book at people, that sounds like hilarious fun.

Her god is a homebrew (details below)

Name(s): Jephas Storm-mind; Spark Everburning; He Who Knows

Alignment: CN

Description: Jephas is the god of discovery, invention, storms, knowledge, inspiration, revelation, art, mania, and genius. He is most often depicted as an eccentric old man with crackling lightning for hair.

Jephas Storm-mind is the sudden insight, the flash of inspiration, the birth of a new idea. He values innovation and knowledge above all else; hoarding information is anathema to him. Flighty, capricious, and easily distracted, Jephas has little time for the affairs of either the gods or the mortals, choosing instead to spend his eternities on experimentation in his infinite laboratories.

Domains: Air, Artifice, Chaos, Knowledge, Madness, Travel

Subdomains: Lighting (Air), Construct (Artifice), Whimsy (Chaos), Thought (Knowledge), Truth (Madness), Exploration (Travel)

Any advice you lot could give on domain, spell selection, and/or feats would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance, and apologies for the wall of text.

Hello friends,

I'm DMing a campaign for three friends, all of whom are new to tabletop (though we've been playing for ~a year). Because of their lack of system mastery, I homebrewed some mildly overpowered classes tailored to their tastes and usually throw in an NPC ally to balance the party out. We're also using the Automatic Bonus Progression rules from unchained (albeit slightly modified).

That said, I was hoping you could help me by suggesting fun/interesting items appropriate to a sixth-eighth level party. They're about to delve into a lich's tomb (said lich has already been slain), so bonus points if it's appropriate to a evil spellcaster's lair.

Their classes boil down to the following:

-Sneaky-stab rogue with 6th-level CHA divine casting based largely on Mesmerist list. Roguish social skills, but none of the trap stuff and less skill-monkey utility

-Full BAB monk with a resource system similar to Kineticist burn and a shapeshift mechanically similar to Alchemist Mutagen; demon theme

-Gunslinger meets Bloodrager meets Occultist; full BAB, 4th-level INT casting, with a rage analog and spells based on chosen schools. Provides the trapfinding/knowledge wonk stuff.

Weapons are largely taken care of, but any other suggestion for fun magic stuff is welcome. Could be consumable, wondrous item, whatever. I'm not super concerned about WBL because they don't know what they're doing, but I want to reward them for some awesome RP in the previous session.

Any and all suggestions appreciated :D

I've heard "teef-ling," "TIGH-fling," "tehf-ling," and any number of other permutations. Is there an official answer to this? Or at least a consensus?

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I'm looking for some creative help.

So, my PCs, in predictably unpredictable fashion, ran into some necromancers and decided to champion their cause rather than engage in the usual slaughter->loot algorithm.

Many drunken sessions later, this has resulted in them making their HQ this city of necromancers, and I could use some ideas for the leadership thereof. I have tentative ideas for councilors, but I'd greatly appreciate any additional ideas.

This is what I have so far:


Dhampir cruoromancer–kind of runs the show; lots of enchantment/illusion supporting her necrepertoire
Tengu Bones Shaman–friendly but a weirdo; likes the party more than any of the others. Focuses on debuffs
Tiefling necroccultist–Indiana Jones x Harry Dresden; hard-on for archaeology/weird artifacts/paleontology (yes, there was an undead t-rex)
Human sorcerer(undead)–power-hungry jerk, PCs are unknowingly helping him become a lich
Dwarf spiritualist–total xenophobe with a Dedication phantom that is his way more friendly grandpappy

I'm basically just looking for some interesting character concepts to flesh out the city. Obviously, there's a necromantic theme, but any and all suggestions are welcome.

Some relevant house-rules:
Necromancy isn't intrinsically evil (but most people tend to assume it is)
Any source book is fine, and I'm open to third-party
Combat efficacy is largely irrelevant (assuming my rogue isn't a jerk), so the more fluff the better