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Hulk not understand why others think bacon is such a big deal. Hulk think bacon is ok, but nothing to get excited over. Hulk just enjoy Hulk's appletini and Pepperidge Farms Chesapeake cookies.

Sytt, Lesser Yugoloth wrote:

Muahaha! *Frees Drew and Stew and tosses them out, closing the door behind them*

*Frees koala as afterthought and runs off, locking door behind him*

Stew: <snore>

Drew: You f@++ing bastard! {shakes fist at Sytt, sits down outside locked dungeon door}

















Sytt, Lesser Yugoloth wrote:
Hey, there's a bunch of people chained in here! Maybe I should free them...

Drew: Go away, I want to face the Peril!

If you have to free someone, free the koala over in the corner.

P.S. 2

{yells from dungeon} 2

lynora wrote:

Comes back after work.

Hmm. Well, I can see one of the other girls has already been by to, shall we say, break you two in. Hmm. Unfortunately you're no good to me just now.

Stew: <SNORE> {with big grin on face}

Drew: No wait! She just primed the pump! Just throw a bucket of water on me to clean up, and give me a beer to rehydrate, and I'm good to go!

lynora wrote:

Sorry, Hugh. Your brothers just aren't going to be able to help you out this time.

<Evil grin>

Drew: {to Hugh:} You lucky bastard! At least I can enjoy the show. {grins}

lynora wrote:
...fade to black.

Noooo! Don't turn off the lights. Augh! Damnit, I can't see anything!

{to Hugh:} You lucky bastard!

Dirdelle wrote:
Hello boys.

Drew & Stew: Hello nurse!

Hugh Jackman wrote:

You idiots! I've been here for MONTHS! The things they've done... I'll never be the same. Neither will the koala there.

{He nods over to a koala huddled in a corner rocking itself and shaking its head}

Stew: {crushes empty Fosters can against forehead}

Drew: Yeah, Stew's right. You're just trying to trick us into escaping so you'll have all the babes to yourself. Well, we're onto you, boyo... it ain't gonna work.

lynora wrote:

Finds them a nice spot manacled with their brother. Pats Hugh on the cheek.

"You did keep complaining that one man can only do so much. They're not as yummy as you...

Drew: Hey! We're both better looking than him. And younger too!

Stew: {to Hugh:} You were complaining? I'm not sure you're even a real Jackman. Man up, bucko, and face the Peril!

lynora wrote:
"Hello boys," she says with a slightly predatory smile. "Yes, I've seen your brother. I'll take you to him now, okay?"

Drew: {whistles appreciatively}

Stew: Damn! Hello miss. Sure, you can show us to our brother. No hurry though, someone-, er, something a lot more interesting just turned up.

Drew: Real smooth, you idiot. {smiling wolfishly} Hmmm, I suddenly have a good idea what was keeping Hughy.

{they follow behind Lynora quite willingly}

{strut in after 26 straight hours of drinking & dancing over at that new Thread Celestial club}

Drew: G'Day! Any of you happen to seen our banana bender of a brother, Hugh

Stew: {elbows Drew} This is an awfully strange croud in here {accepts Prune Juice & JD cocktail from unseen servant} Thanks, mate... whatever you are.

{tumble in through the doors, already pretty sloshed}

Drew: Hey, has anyone seen our older brother, Hugh? He's got some new Wolf-R-Reem thingie he has to start casting for, but the producers can't find him

Stew: Forget him for now -- babes and brewskis are everywhere! It's like heaven in here!

Celestial Follower wrote:
<Drops magic marker into Angel Fish's bowl>
Angel Fish wrote:
AIII!! *Cough cough cough* Can't...breathe...through poison...

Drew: That's handy. {fishes magic marker out} Thanks Fishie! Gonna need this to write down some sheilas' phone numbers.