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That was...remarkably non-inflamatory. Sorry that this issue was a deal breaker for you, it always seemed to get people on both sides fired up. Hope when you check back in you find something worth continuing to play.

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Gaterie wrote:
SuperSheep wrote:
One of the very real problems is that people are understandably reading in 1e rules into the 2e playtest. In this case there isn't anything that mentions additive logic for item levels or rarity so it simply doesn't work that way.

The other problem is the rules don't make a lot of sense to begin with.

If I create a level 9 character, the wbl give me a level 8 item. I can take a +2 sword, or a +2 ghost touch wounding silver sword (of master-quality) (replace silver with mithral or adamantium if I can get an uncommon material): both are level 8. Why would I choose the former?

** spoiler omitted **

Well, players wouldnt because they cant. And this kind of goes to what was being said about reading in PF1 rules into PF2. In PF1 enchantments were more or less 'hard baked' into the items which they enchanted. In PF2 this seems to be explicitly NOT the case. While the treasure by level seems to make specific exceptions for potency already included in armor/weapons, but in general runes are seperate(though transferable) items in their own right. So in your example, a +2 ghost touch wounding silver sword isn't a level 8 item. Its actually 4 different items; Its a Expert quality silver sword(Item lvl2) + a ghost touch property rune(Item lvl 4) + a wounding property rune(item lvl 6) + a +2 weapon potency rune(Item lvl 8).

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Master Chymist for me, the Rp potential is amazing, and depending on what build you were going for, it might even not be too horrible from an optimization standpoint.....bonus points if you ca convince your gm that bomb progression should sub for sneak progression on vivisectionists.

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As for the AotB feat question, I for one also found the logic to be rather simple. The class feature is called 'Combat Style Feat' and the style/list from which the feat must be chosen is ONLY selected after you have the ability to gain the feat in the first place. If no feat is available due to archetypes then then no choice of style is needed.

Also, if an ability or feature is 'spun' in such a way as to do absolutely nothing on its own,[such as 'having a style chosen with 0 mechanical benefit or application by itself'] it's likely a safe bet that any interactions with later material are unintentional and best disallowed unless explicitly noted, not the other way around.

As for the implied question of making a shapeshifter/wild rager Ranger, Joe loves Rules has the right of it...it's an illegal combination as both archetypes modify the same thing 'Combat Style Feat' at Lvl 2.

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Far as I can tell lycanthropes haven't changed all that much, and there are few limitations to the mixes you can have.

There are only 3 limiting factors that I see:
1. The base creature must have the humanoid type(possibly in addition to any other types)
2. The base animal characteristics applied must be from an animal[as in creature type animal] within 1 size catagory of the base humanoid. So for example, no elven foxwomen[foxes are tiny, elves are medium] but you can have gnomish foxwomen, or elvish wolf-women, yadda yadda re-skin to your liking.
3. Either the base creature(for afflicted) or 1 of the parents(for naturals) must be able to be affected by curses, as this is how lycanthropy is spread....I dont know of any entire race immune to curse effects, but if there is one, it couldnt be a lycanthrope.

But there ya go, so mix and match to your hearts content.

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I agree with Wrath, you might be inclined to have any number of the already provided named NPC's in kingmaker have more of an active role just to balance out action econmy.

Also, if any of your players can give you a great RP reason to take it, a small group in kingmaker is a great place to actually allow the Leadership feat without it blowing up in your face.

As for random encounters Benoc has the gist of it; taking 20's and doing VERY careful and slow exploring takes enough time they roll on the table multiple times...for both exploring and for camping out, our group always hit a ton of random encounters.

You might wanna look at that table Kingmaker provides too...some of those are downright deadly regardless of group size...

*grumples about natural invisibility and touch attack rays*...

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Story Archer wrote:
Psion-Psycho wrote:
Story Archer wrote:
Capricornus wrote:

As I said we will have four players, so I can't guarantee they will be guided by my suggestions. They may have concepts in their heads they have their hearts set on but if I have some good builds in mind I can fill in the gaps. That being said the Sylvan Sorceror appeals to me, as does the OMG FIRE BLASTOR! I am not against Eldritch Heritage shenanigans, however, so those suggestions are excellent.

I'm definitely going to recommend we all take at least 1 blasty-type spell per level and let the rest of our spell selection be divided between whatever's most optimal for our character and whatever's most flavourful.

Just stay away from the Cross-blooded Sorcerer - its almost always a trap.
I enjoy Crossblooded Sorcerer as long as its a Human with its favored ability.
You'll get more known, sure, but ouch - how slowly do you advance in spell levels? 5th level caster before you gain access to 2nd level spells? 10th level caster with only 4th level spells? I just haven't found a bloodline combination worth that kind of power loss...

only place I find it worth it is that it works out all right with Dragon disciple, especially with the more 'beast' builds for DD.

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I've had a group do this before starting at lvl 3 going through to about lvl 13/14.

Was a blast and a definate change of pace/tactics from a 'normal' group.

As many have suggested above we found many of the typical 'roles' played out rather simply mechanicly, but we had a ton of fun even with fairly archetypal builds. We went with a group comp that vaguely went like this...

Tiefling Draconic bloodline into DD
Kitsune fey bloodline
human sage bloodline
Samsaran empyreal bloodline
Undine primal bloodline

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LazarX wrote:
NewDM wrote:
Then what's the difference between neutral good and lawful good?

A Lawful Good believes in the necessity for order to provide any lasting good. For them it's not enough to simply go out and bash a problem, you build a structure to make sure that things stay better. Lawful Goods also tend to believe that good arises outside themselves, that an ordered hierarchy is the method most likely to succeed in creating the greater good.

Ultimately they think of good in terms of "we". His chaotic good opposite thinks of good in terms of "me". The Neutral Good is somewhere in between.

This, this, and a hundred times this, well said.

In our group this is predominatly how we look at the alignment system. The chaos/lawful axis is much less about the individuals personality, and more about his ideas on society and integration within a society.

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I'm kinda surprised no one has mentioned it yet...but I'll throw it out there....Minsc and Boo were by far my favourite martial duo EVER.

I've already played a number of lvl 1 wizard dips for this kind of flavor, is fun as heck.

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I tend to like the more specific meta-magics, since i tend to look at the feat selection as a way of defining the character, and not just sheer mechanics.
That being said, 2 of my favourite metamagics are the umbral/tenebrous/shadow grip spell feat chain, and Rime spell(better with some of the new/OP cold based spells recently put out)

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Lord Tsarkon wrote:

Are you allowing broken and the most DMed Block class available?( you can't even play this in organized play)

Summoner Synthesis
Summoner Synthesis
Summoner with Skill monkey Eidolon
Summoner Master Summoner..

Race= Irrelevant

At 10th level pretty much destroy anything in the game...although combat might take 15 hours for 5 rounds of actual combat..

I wouldn't be opposed to swapping 1 of those 2 synthesis summoners out for a druid, but YMMV

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I have done a concept somewhat like this as well and had a blast with him. His shtick was both painting and sculpture, and he was a Necromancer- All those skeletal frames made the PERFECT canvas for him to apply all kinds of...interesting shapes/colors/combinations, and they were pretty re-usable as well as being quite enduring; nothing like skin grafts onto undead for lasting hundreds of years eh? it sure beat paper anyway.

A party favourite was 'Sparkles.' A large cat frame that was bright purple with wings(not usable oc) and a rainbow-colored mane with a unicorn horn. People gave him the oddest looks....

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The reason for blade-bound wasnt really put into the backstory intentionally, since the first sign of the class doesnt present itself untill 3rd level, and without the foreknowledge of the Magus, at least as I understood the archetype. I can work it in now if you'd like, but my plan was to hopefully have the appearance of the blade be somehow tied into the game as it went on, likely connected somehow with her linneage, and the exact reason/mystery for her being blade bound being a rp point.

Also, sorry about the delay, saw your post but the knumbskull i am, completely skipped over my name in that list >.<

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Dotting for interest.

Thinking an inquisitor or maybe a ranger,but need time to look over the players guide for more backstory.

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Aww, too bad, i saw what you were shooting for from the backstory, but some more literal meanings make that particular name[especially since you lack the definite article 'al' in front of 'wali']in the context of the setting sort of a double entendre. Ditto with the camal hehe.

Haven't read Arabian nights yet myself, its more of a persion thing than an actual arab thing. *shrug*

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Misroi wrote:
May I present Fawziya bint Abdul-Wali.

Victoriousness, the daughter of the slave guardian eh, some double entendre there?

I find the inherent meaning of the name scheme amusing. Akward grammaticly, but hey its a name lol.

I also chuckled at your mount, but hey my proposed name wasnt much more creative ;-)


كما، أنا بتحكي اللهجة الشامية من اللغة العربية

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Ridge wrote:
DM DarknLight wrote:
@Ridge: I do not know if you know but Cavalier have a rough time in most of the APs because of lack of being able to use their mount. Want to make sure that you know this.

Mmm, that's a fair warning, and much appreciated. I don't want to be the weak link, so I'll try to come up with another idea.

Assuming of course you didnt want to use a small cavalier, which would normally be ok with a medium mount.

just a thought if you still wanted the class.

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Lvl 1 Suli Magus[Bladebound][Elemental Knight]
Traits: Finding Haldeen, Magical Lineage(Shocking grasp)
Init: +1 Senses: low light vision
AC 15, touch 11, flat-footed 11
hp 11 (8 + 1 fav. levels+2 con)
Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +2

Speed 30 ft.
Normal:Scimitar +4 1d6+3;Chakram +1 1d8+3 30ft

Str 17, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 9
Base Atk + 0; CMB + 3; CMD 14

Feats:Weapon focus(Scimitar)
Skills(5 rnks): UMD+6(1), Perception+1(1),Know[arc.]+6(1),
Know[Planes]+6(1), Spell Craft+6(1)

Languages Common, Draconic,Aquan,Ignan

Special Powers
Elemental Assault,Cantrips,Arcane Pool[3],Spell Combat

all lvl 0's,
lvl 1-color spray,shield, shocking grasp,enlarge person,magic weapon

5x chakram
Chain shirt



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I'll present this for application; as requested mostly backstory and rough overview, number crunch later.

Jhaleed Afseif:

Jhaleed is a strong willed young Suli; though even she doesn't know her heritage for sure. There isn't much anyone knows about her past. All she remembers is the streets of Katapesh, the harsh reality of living day by day as a struggle using every tool and skill available. Whether it was using her abnormal talents to garner what copper she could from street performing, or even less scrupulous means. She wasn't above petty theft, blackmail or information brokering. In her desperation, she had even resorted to muggery and other violent crime, acts that still shame her to this day. And as is usually the case, her past caught up with her- just a little earlier than most.
Due to her young age, the child's life was spared, and she was sold as a slave to a Katapesh family, a merchant named Rajal and his wife. The family wasn't extremely well to do and besides Jhaleed owned only 1 other slave, an elderly maid whos tasks she would take over. The wife, named Haleen, was a kind woman who treated them both extremely well. A devout follower of Sarenrae’s, Haleen disaproved of Katapesh's, and her husbands, allowance of slavery, and instead treated Jhaleed as her own daughter. Haleen was herself unexplicably barren, but she had little desire other than to become a mother and pass their lives quietly in Katapesh, despite her husbands grand ambitions for his buisness.

Sadly, 1 night the house was broken into. Multiple thieves broke in, claiming that the shop was past on its 'dues.' When he resisted, they killed Rajal before the 3 womans very eyes. When the men then approached the woman speaking of the markets and the womans 'worth', something surged in Jhaleed, hurt and rage and also fear of losing the only person who had ever cared for her, coalesced around her arms as a tangible blade of ice, soon stained crimson with the bloodletting she unleashed on those men that night. She herself doesn't remember that night extremely clearly, and Haleen always refuses to talk of it.

The 3 woman left Katapesh that night, taking all they had and could carry to a nearby town and tried to find ways to get on with their life. Haleen had several friends in the village, her hometown. Among them was a Magus of some skill, and as a special favor to Haleen, took the young girl, now officially adopted as her daughter, as a protoge, and began a long process of molding her impressive natural talent with elemental magics along with the basic swordplay she had learned on the streets into a first class Magus, with full control of her abilities.

Jhaleed has recently finished her years of apprenticeship, but it was not a joyous day for her. That same day, the old maid past away; and recently, Haleen had been growing strangely morose and depressed. She and Haleen normally kept no secrets, but whatever was bothering her wasn’t something she shared with Jhaleed. One night, Haleen vanished, leaving Jhaleed a brief note, begging Jhaleed to forget her and to get on with life, but something about the note bothered her—something in the way Haleen phrased her words struck Jhaleed as forced. Jhaleed is convinced Haleen had been kidnapped, forced to leave against her will, or even magically controlled, but also suspects that Haleen left to protect her from something—that was ever her way.

Jhaleed had no idea where she may have gone until recently. Several months have passed since she disappeared, and she has spent those months searching for clues to Haleen's location, and finally found a lead—a mysterious note placing Haleen in the vicinity of an old ghost town named Kelmarane. What she’s doing there and how she came to be there makes no sense yet, but the lead is the strongest one she has had. This and Garavel’s advertisement for mercenaries to accompany him to the region is all the omen she needed. She joined Garavel’s group and eagerly awaits the day she'll be leaving for Kelmarane.

As for rough outline, looking at doing straight magus with bladebound and racial Elemental Knight(ARG) archetype. Not sure what you're looking for in terms of lvl of optimization, but I don't really plan on going to far off a 'normal' build as its my first time trying the class.

I will likely try to focus on a cold/water-specific theme as much as i can as her most 'comfortable' element.

Due to mother's influence has a strong faith in Sarenrae, though not neccisarilly one shared by many in Katapesh.

As far as personality Jhaleed is confident, self-assured, very tough, very headstrong,and not scared to get into a fight but hates those who use their strength to hurt and oppress those not capable of defending themselves. Although she is talented, her stubborn and hot-headed personality have made many of her arcane studies and the calm focus it demands of her elusive to grasp at times.

Thanks for looking over my application!

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dotting for interest. Will have to look through the players guide and decide but thinking maybe Ifrit inquisitor(immolater) or Suli Magus...

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Dotting for interest.

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GâtFromKI wrote:
Trinam wrote:


This plus spirited charge gives you a total attack iteration on a charge of ~+47/47/42/37/32 with damage to castys of ~3d8 + 168 per hit.

You could probably get higher, but why?

Does it actually work?

Mounted combat specifically forbid you to do more than 1 attack if the mount moves more than 5 feet. Even if you take a full-attack action (nothing prevent you from taking a full-attack action during a mounted charge), you can't make more than 1 attack. How does pounce ignore this special limitation?

Not to mention a mounted charge isn't a charge. The mount charge, not you (and as a special rule, you gain the AC penalty, and the bonus of the charge if you attack at the end of the charge). I'm not even sure if a rhino hide (or pounce, or anything) is applicable.

I've brought this exact thing up before, as well as a couple of other issues of not extremely clear rules situations. The mounted combat section as a whole is not the most clearly worded thing. Personally i agree with you, but i can see where they argue how it does work as well. Ans since its more a thought excercise more than anything else, might as well let people gush over it. if anyone seriously attempted to play anything like this in a real game, well...may the DM have mercy on his soul.

Also however, the idea that the mounted combat feats refute this interpretation is silly, since they are an example of specific versus general, and that the phrase "Charging while mounted"-which i read as being mounted while the mount is making a charge action- is NOT Synonymous with 'Charging'-which is a specific combat action initiated by a character.

And in order to stay on topic, No, i dont really think its possible in general for casters to do MORE damage than dedicated martial builds, but as has been mentioned, they dont really need to since those dmg numbers are pure overkill anyway.

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I've seen this a couple times before and as far as i can tell PF hasnt changed any of the wording on the SRD that made this unworkable.

The way our group has always seen this there are 2 main issues, one relating to gaining charge/movement effects(Skirmish anyone?) while mounted that don't Specificly get called out as usable while mounted, and the other in the wording of Pounce.

As to the latter:
Charging is a full round action that restricts you to specific movement and a Single attack:
"Charging is a special full-round action that allows you to move up to twice your speed and attack during the action. Charging, however, carries tight restrictions on how you can move."

Mounted combat specificly notes that:
"If your mount moves more than 5 feet, you can only make a single melee attack. Essentially, you have to wait until the mount gets to your enemy before attacking, so you can't make a full attack."

These are similar, but NOT identicle restrictions. While mounted, any movement prevents any and all kinds of attacks past the limit of 1.

Pounce notes it can be used to allow a full attack after a charge action.
"When a creature with this special attack makes a charge, it can make a full attack (including rake attacks if the creature also has the rake ability)."

This DOES NOT bypass the clause specifly related to mounted combat noting that more than 5 ft. movement has occured.

Also, these differences are made more clear later in the mounted combat section with the further details of:
"If your mount charges, you also take the AC penalty associated with a charge. If you make an attack at the end of the charge, you receive the bonus gained from the charge. When charging on horseback, you deal double damage with a lance (see Charge)."

This is not the same, as you simplified it to, as "If mount charges YOU charge." Again, charging is a Special full round action, and for a mount to charge its using its actions, not yours. Nothing except what is explicitly noted to work in this case should be applicable to the "PC charges" trigger, because you are not, in fact charging. Mounted combat just happens to note, for instance, you still gain the benefits of lances and mounted feats like spirited charge in this case. The wording would be useless and incredibly redundant if, RAI they simply meant'Mount charge=you charge."

As to the former:
This one is more ambiguous, but Pounce does not make it clear that the ability to make a full round attack indeed makes EVERY attack IN the full attack a charge attack, or just the initial single attack. The 2 possible ways to read it are
1. just as you intended, and the entire full attack becomes PART of the charge action itself.
2.The normal Charge full round action is taken, and the Pounce special attack triggers, allowing you to continue to make attacks as a full attack option AFTER the charge is completed, meaning the rest of the attacks miss out on both the +2 to hit and other charge related bonuses.

Has there been any direct notice on how this was intended?