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Good quality paint jobs


These sculpts are pretty decent, paint jobs are well done, even if the color schemes are a little flat.

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If you like the magus, it's a no brainer


Archetypes and the new Magus class are worth the price of admission by themselves. The rest is just gravy, good kind of gravy.

fast play and lots of fun


We played 3 rounds of Zombie Dice yesterday in about 20 minutes with 4 people. It was a lot of fun, there are 2 basic strategies, and a I quote:

Conservative zombie says, "stay...."

Risky zombie says, "BRAINS! argh, drool, ugh, BRAINS!, mmm... tasty brain"

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very convenient


I have used this product at conventions and at home with excellent results, 2 tips for potential buyers:

1) 10 minutes or so before the game, place a heavy hardcover book on top of the mat, right in the middle of it, make sure the book covers the 4 central vertices, I've found the PHB enough for this. This way your map will lay flat for the session.

2) I have tried 3 types of markers, permanent, washable and dry erase. I recommend using the dry erase ones.

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It's fine


I won't argue about the quality of the movie, because that is NOT why I watched this, I watched because I love the Dragonlance Chronicles and what they started.

Did Dragonlance deserve better? absolutely, here is one thing you can do, if you have a kid, buy it for him/her, they wont care if it's using the latest animation techniques and whatnot, I am sure they will enjoy it.

This is not a movie for 20 year olds and up, despite its rating (PG-13), I think this is a movie for kids. It's a DVD only release and remember there are Dragonlance novels for kids.