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I look forward to the upcoming Manshoon Jason (Jashoon?) Wars.

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Such juicy, well-nourished brains too... {drools}

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♫♪ "Shmebulock cracked corn and I don't care,
Game Hamster cracked corn and I don't care,
Jacob Trier cracked corn and he is great,
Take that you stupid corn!
" ♫♪

Clay Clouser wrote:
transforms into a torc as a free action.

Can the Tork be a shadow bard that summons three more of his friends when hijinks and/or musical montages go down?

A gawler of bunyips

A ______ of hobgoblins

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Anthony Adam wrote:
I remember last season, when we had the gauntlet thrown down... "Staves are hard to do well". So, based on that, a really good headband might not have a great deal competing against it ;)

I preemptively blame you for all the headbands in next year's SupahStah: The 80s Revisited Edition.

Art Vanderlay, Snarkitect... hmmm

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♪ ♫ "Keep Wolin', Wolin', Wolin',
My clicking finger's swollen,
Keep them voters voting, raw eyes!"
♩ ♬

Explosive runes don't work on me anymore after I got the Jeorg Furman's lean mean Filigreeing Machine Apparatus.

Wolin wrote:
You're so boring, item, but you're so practical and useful. I feel bad about giving your much more imaginative but not quite so good competitor the vote.

{somewhere, SupahStah! hopeful Ben Stein weeps silently}

Omnitricks wrote:


(sorry but I am a very loyal rogue player and anything which would give more reasons to replace the rogue's role peevs me off)

I'd like to buy you a virtual beer.

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James Jacobs' Dream Date wrote:
Belabras wrote:
I seem to have a weakness for magic whips. Not sure what that says about me.

Sticks and stones'll break your bones,

But whips and chains excite you. Rrrrowl...

Or, when you were young and impressionable, you were exposed to the optimum levels of Devo, Indiana Jones, and Castlevania.

Nah, my answer is too dull. Listen to the succubus instead.

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Jerry Keyes wrote:

I finally found the item that closely mimics my entry; and it's actually pretty good. Perhaps I'm just biased? Anyway, it got my vote. Now if I could just come across my submission.

On a side note, I'm always shocked when two items are so incredibly close to one another, yet the authors have never even spoken before. What are the odds, especially considering it has happened to me three years now?!?

Zombieneighbours wrote:
Cthulhudrew wrote:

I mentioned this in the snark thread, but I saw one item earlier tonight that was a dead ringer for my own submitted item. Same basic idea. There were some things I liked better about my own, but some things I think the designer of the other item did better. I can't help but feel if we just put our ideas together, we'd have a top 32 item for sure.

In any event, the way they presented their take definitely made me see some ways I could have improved my own.

I found myself in almost exactly this position with an item.

Maybe you're all networked in the same neh-thalggu? Or you're all in the same sense8 cluster?


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pH unbalanced wrote:
Why must I wave it around?

Because unless you use metamagic, the hokey pokey has somatic components?

Many doppelgänger-y items this year.

The black raven wrote:
You want me to consume what ?

Go'on, all the cool adventurers are. Do it. Seriously, do it. Do it. DO IT. [/Maury Finkle]

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Dieben wrote:


Top candidates

Voted for
Retail value is

1,000,000 gp


Tripp Elliott wrote:
Waldoes? Really? A Heinlein fan I'm guessing!

Where's Waldoes?

Would it be fun if everyone posting in the SupahStah! forums switched their avatar to a Jacob avatar? :)