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For a lvl 7 Bard Singing Steel makes the bardic performance a swift action instead of the move action . Is the additional 5000 Gold worth it instead of a simple mithral armor?

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I will be playing a PFS 7-11 Game with a Pregen.
I skimmed through the Pregens and in my opinion the Core Ones are trash (Gear Wise).
I liked the Oracle (Caster/Face)and the Skald (Melee/Buffer/Face).

If somebody has good knowledge about the Pregens which ones are good?
I would like to have suggestions for Melee, Caster , Buffer/Healer , Knowledge and Face (Diplo).
If a Pregen is good at several roles its great.

Thanks in Advance.

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Caravan Bond lets me use Bond Powers on other Teammates "as if it were her".
Does that mean i can Grant a "Bit of Luck" for 2 Rounds on others with the Headband of Fortune’s Favor?

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The Bard Archivist replaces Inspire Courage with Naturalist which is basically the same feature but with different Bonuses.

The Banner of Ancient Kings and Dervish Sikke give Bonuses to Inspire Courage.

Do the Items effect my Naturalist Song or is it ONLY to Inspire courage?

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im Building a "Druid" via the Lunar Mystery from the Oracle List and the Spirit Guide Archtype.

I want to Focus on my Animal Companion and Keep him alive via Life Link.
The PC itself wont fight and support the group with Spells.

The Build:
Human 8/11/16/8/10/19
1: Primal Companion (AniComp), Prophetic Armor (Cha to AC/Ref) and Noble Scoin War (CHA to Ini)
3: Spirit Life Link , Improved Spell Sharing (Teamwork)
5: Evolved Companion (Reach)
7: Channel Energy (Spirit) and Selective Channeling

I get Blackened Curse to get some Fire Spells and Fluff wise I don't want to use Weapons just spells.
Armor will be Mithral Kikko Armor and Darkwood Heavy Shield.

I know the Big Cat is the best AniComp I can choose but im thinking about either Wolf or Crocodile.
Wolf is Wolf. Crocodile has a funy grab mechanic and inbuild swimspeed.

Since Share Spell is not a prequisit of Improved SPell Sharing I can take the Bully Archtype.

Feats AniComp:
Toughness, Improved Spell Sharing , Power Attack etc

Do you guys have any Tips?

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I have a Bodyguard support Bard and at level 9 I want to retrain Lingering performance into a teamwork feat.
Tge second feat will be Harrying Partners.
I intend to share the Teamwork feat via coordinated effort
And give harrying partners via ring of tactical precision to the main melee guy.

I think Escape route is a strong choice in regard avoiding aoo from large or bigger enemies.
Do you have another suggestion?
FYI Coordinated Effort only works with me as tge partner

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this is a highly unique problem that I have.

Spoilers ahead?

I registered to play PFS 9-07: Salvation of the Sages in a store that I play rarely and I was actually warned by a fellow player/friend to play it because of the permadeath, difficulty overall, duration and the prep time the gm needs to plan it.

I wanted to check the product side for more opinions and immediately saw spoiler worthy infos so I stopped reading.

Here is the Problem:
we only have roughly 4-5 hours time and the gm is known to be late. the gm is a great in roleplaying but sometimes I have the feeling he isn't prepared for the details in the scenario.
While my character im playing with is somewhat capable I don't know the other 5 players. And I really like my character.

My biggest concern is the player that warned me never warned me before and I played bonekeep.

So could you give me an opinion if I should play it or not? Without big spoilers?

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what do you think are useful and good items?
Im not talking about Weapons and Personal Upgrades but things
like Magic/technical Equipment , Armor upgrades and Augmentations.

I really like the Wyrm Gland ,the Venom Sack and Thermal Armor Upgrade on my Android Operative.
Fire extinguisher, Industrial backpack and Toolkit are a must have.
Im not sure what is better Jump Pack or Jet Pack.

What are your thoughts? Any items you always get?

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I got pretty lucky playing

Call of the Coppergate:
(lesser Circle of Persuasion +2)
The Mask of the Living Good:
(slotless Intimitade Mask +5) with a Bonus on Cha Checks against Razmir.

Since I will be playing a Swashbuckler/Unch Rogue build Going for Dazzling Display I ask myself if the are additional Scenarios/Boons I can benefit from.

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i want your guys Opinion what is the better Choice for
a pure Melee Materialistic Fighter (Swashbuckler) with a descent/good UMD score.

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i played a the adventure path and received midway a boon for regular PFS to influence Aspis Agents.

The Problem is i only got the information that i received this boon and no physical proof.

I have the Chronicle where we write down the progress but is there a separate boon sheet that can be downloaded?

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im interested what kind of Spells via scrolls i should get as a Bard.
I already have Identify, Share Langauage, Comprehend Language, Highten Awerness,Deadeye Lore, Endure Elements and See Invisiblity as Scrolls.

Do you guys have Spells (LvL and 2) that are so situational that they are best used as Scrolls for Ring of Spellknowledge?

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i have a LvL 7 Zen Archer Monk/Inquisitor and have found to feats that i would take at lvl 7.
First My Character has 57 HP and Fort+10/Ref+8/Will+13 and Ini +7 (+12 @ LvL 8).

Should i get Toughness for more steady HP gain or should i go for additional Traits for Reactionary (+2 Ini) and Glory of Old (+1 Saves vs Spells/Poison).

Im gettin a +2 Cloak soonish and around lvl 9 a (dex/)Con belt.

Hiope i get some insight

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I have a question about the DC of scroll spells.
Are the DCs 11 , 12 and 13 (1-3).
Or 11, 13 and 14 because of the minimum stat requirements?

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I recently saw a Rime Spell combo ,Enforcer with a cruel whip and wonder if this makes sense combined with a maneuver magus.

Elf Magus Kensai
Magical knack (Magus),wayang Frostbite

1: Weapon finesse,weapon focus whip
3: whip mastery , wand wielder
5: rime spell, enforcer


A big question now should I go 3 levels fighter weapon master (8-10) for advanced weapon training focus for the d10 whip.

Also with the deed arcana. Is sw precise strike and slashing grace combo possible?

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This is a Question that comes in my Mind a lot when planning a Character.
Is it better to invest a feat in it or is buying a item that represents this feature better?

For example a Cloak of Resistance+1 is 3 Feats/Traits in one item.
But when is it better to invest a feat for better score when the cloak cost of a +4 is to much?

Or Another Example:
Lunge on a Swashbuckler. There is the Swordmasters Flair (Blue) that gives you reach for 1 min per panache and cost 2500gold.
What is better?

Do you have similar items/feats where this is an issue?
Do you know items that are always better then the corresponding feat?

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im playing a Bard with the strong urge to Help Somebody. Its not the most Optimised Build but the most effective way I could build him and he mostly is in 5+ Member Party playing as the Face.

He is a LvL 5 Human Archivist Bard(4)/Lore Warden Fighter(1)
Traits: Magical Knack (Bard) and Adopted (Halfling Helpful) 14/14(Dex Belt)/13/14/8/18

LvL1: Ling Performance, Flag Bearer
LvL3: Combat Reflexes
LvL5(F): Bodyguard, Arcane Strike
To come:
LvL7(F): Combat Expertise (Granted), Swift Aid and Toughness or Phalanx Formation

Saving Finale, Grease, Vanish, Timely Inspiration and CLW
"Triple Time" , Gallant Inspiration and Glitter Dust

Important Gear:
Cloak of Resistance, Dex Belt and Gloves of Arcane Strike.

With this Set Up now, I can make somebody reroll their Saves ,grant 4 people +10 Movement, give them Boost to hit if they Miss and Aid them to hit with +4/+2Dmg and +6 to AC 3/round. Later aid to hit with +3/2Dmg as a swift.

Now to the Items.
What I want to Buy for Sure is an +1 Elven Chain (5150+1000), +1 Buckler and Banner of the Ancient Kings (18500).
What is up For Discussion.

Circlet of Persuasion (4500) for +3 to all Cha Based Skills
or Cha Headband (4000) for 1 more LvL 1 Spell, +1 Dc and +1 Cha Skill? or Both? but in what Order?

Benevolent Armour (2000) and +2 Eleven Chain (3000) so I can grant +8 to Armour 3/day. Or is the +1 EC for +7 enough?

Rallying Shield (5000) for +6 against Fear effects in 30f radius around me. Is it worth it?

So with this all listed...what should I buy and what should prioritise?
Thanks in Advance

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im play a Zen Archer Level 6 and will be going Inquisitor with the Reformation Inquisition (Diplo focused) for the Rest of the Levels.

My Basic Statline is 14/14/14/10/20/8 AC 19 and Ini +7(at LvL + 12)
+10/+10/+10(KI)/+5 for 1d8+10

My Important Equipment is:
+1 Comp Longbow +2Str
Headband of Wisdom +2
Handy Haversack
Talisman of Breaths Life
Cloak of Resistance +1
Swarmbane Clasp
Shining Wayfinder (2pp)

I use UMD (+10) for MageArmor (Priority) , Shield and GravityBow.
Additionally I use a Ki Power for Barkskin +3.

In a Fight my AC should be around 26 if I push it around 30-32 (Shield and Prot Evil).

I have now 3 Items i'm interested in:
- Dex Belt for Higher Ini, Armor and Reflex Save
- Circlet of Persuasion for Higher Face and UMD
- Holy Weapon Enchantment for significant Damage Increase

My Fame is at 30 now so with 3-4 Sceanrios i should get enough Fame to be allowed to by the +1 Holy Bow.
My Gold now is 2000 and by gaining around 3300 each Scenario is should be able to buy the Bow directly once I reach 36 Fame.

Since I don't have real knowledge on the higher Tiers my question is:
Should I go straight for the Bow or should I get the other 2 Items first for an immediate gain?

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I wanted to make a Aldori Swordlord for a long time and i found a way which is perhaps the most Optimal one.

Human 10/17/14/8/10/16
Traits: Heirloom Weapon (Aldori Duelsword), Defensive Strategist
1. Level (Swashbuckler): Weapon Finesse, Deeds, Weapon Focus and Slashing Grace
2. Level (Swashbuckler):Charmed Life
3. Level (Swashbuckler):Deeds , Dodge +1 and Dazzling Display
4. Level (Swashbuckler):Dex +1 (purchase Dex Belt) and (SW) Step Up
5. Level (Swashbuckler):Keen Weapon Training and Weapon Spezialisation (Or Pirahna Strike if you Want)

Stats 10/20/14/8/10/18
Around here The Intimidate is around +15 and the Sword +13 for 1d8+13 with a Crit Range of 17-20(if precision damage is allowed. PirStr: +11 for 1d8+17)
We have the most important Deeds(Damage, Swift Intimidate and AC) and the Basic Set up for our Swordlord.
Charmed for Life give use 3/day +4 to any Save which is Great for Fort and Will.

We could go straight to Aldori Swordmaster cause we have now the Skill Ranks and Feats needed (Acrobatics 3, Know Noble 3, Sense Motive 3 and Intimidate 5 (while still having 1 in the Import other Skill Ranks))

But we can Work on Intimidate and Damage.
We go for Level 6 (and 8) into the Unchained Rogue which has several Boons for us:
6. Level (Unch Rogue):Sneak Damage +1d6 and Trap-finding (Second Time Weapon Finesse but that's important later) and 8 Skillpoints!
PFS-Wise we unlock "Signature Skill" as an allowed Feat for Intimidate

Which is Important now for Level 7 where we are going to go Finally into Aldori Swordlorl so we Get 2 Feats for Free:
One Grants us +2 for Initiative and +2 AC (Shield) while having the Sword in Hand (The Darkwood Buckler +1 Basically) and the Sword counts as Piercing.
The Other one Grants Dex Bonus to Sword Damage.
This now makes Slashing Grace absolute and we can retrain it (We should have enough PP by now to not sweat the 5 points).
7. Level (Aldori Swordlord): Dueling mastery, Deft strike , Shatter Defenses and Signature Skill (Intimidate).

We now can make a Person or a entire Group frightened in addition to Shaken with an Intimidate Score of +17.
Our Sword is at least +14 for 1d8+1d6+13 (Or +12 for 1d8+1d6+17).
And we have Solid Defensive Abilities but we can up that.

8. Level (Rogue): Evasion and Rogue Talent
Evasion and our high Reflex Save make en excellent combination
and the unch Rogue Talent gives us several good Options.

We are at a Break-point now we have 2 Ways with Clear Paths:
Either Further Down the Rogue Road for more Damage and Gimmicks
Sword Lord for Higher Intimidate and AC.

I Personally prefer the Rogue Route because of Higher Sneak Damage, the ability to add the Dex Bonus to a Morning Star, Debilitating injury, uncanny dodge, Rogue’s edge (Second Signature Skill (Heal or Perception))and more Skill Points

The One thing that's for sure is that you should get at Level 9 is Skill Focus (Intimidate).
This allows at Level 10 an Intimidate Score around +25 and the ability to Panic Enemies which you will achieve most of the Time.

So what do you think of my "SwordLord"? Any Ideas?

PS: Im aware im screwed against Elementals and Oozes.

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im searching for Useful Chronicle Sheets for Starting a Character.
Since I will beGming I want to give a good start for new PLayers.

The Wounded Wisp Chronicle is extremely Useful with the Darkness Nullifying Gem/Ioun Stone (2PP/750g) and the Option to get Fame/Prestige if you fail a Success-condition.

Do you know any other Scenarios that have fulfilling rewards?

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Im Little Torn Apart choosing a Feat at LvL 7.

Im a Tattooed Sorcerer Draconic Bloodline specialized in Evocation
My Stats 8/14/14/14/10/20 (incl Headband).
My Feats : Improved Ini, Spell Focus (Evo), Mage Tattoo(Evo[Granted]), Spell Spezialisation (Fireball for now) and Toppling Spell (MM).

My Familiar is a Meat Whip (Greensting Scorpion)

I have an Extend , Elemental and Silent Rod and will get an Intensify Rod soon.

I have 3 Feats im interested.
1. Greater Spell Focus (Highter DC for Fl Sphere , Fireball etc). Not Much but "Save".

2. Impr Familiar Feat for an Imp:
He will be sitting on my Shoulder as an Raven and will give cruel
Advice in situations (" Show no Mercy. Kill Them.Kill them all" if someone wants to surrender etc).
Which will give some Flavor and respects his "nature".
In Combat he will go invisible and Poke people with his Wands that I give him to support the party (Umd +15 for Healing, Prot Against Evil etc etc).
BUT I loose 4 Iniative

3. Persistent Spell but I think this one is better at LvL 9.

What would you Choose

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my bard needs for his LvL 5 level Up a Class that grants a Bonus feat for the first LvL. To be specific he needs the feat Combat Reflexes or Bodyguard.

Fighter is an obvious Choice but I really want an Order (I can go 2 LvL in a Different Class).

Does someone know a Fighter/Cavalier Archtype that grants both?

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we are currently deciding to start a new Adventure Path and i want to start a new Character.
Since i prefer playing classes i dont play in the regular Pathfinder Game i want to play Ramexes (Oracle) or Salim (Inquisitor).

I just wanted to have your feedback if you think one of the characters is good or bad since i have only few experiences with the Card game and know some Scenarios are really hard.

i played Harsk till now.

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i have made a Dwarf Gunslinger (Musket Master) and realized after LvL 5
Gunslinger doesnt Gain much and i think getting at least 2 LvL into Inquisitor (Infiltrator ArchType + Reformation Inquisition) gives me Huge Bonuses to being a Face, Will Save and Initiative.

His Stats are 10/17/14/10/17/6 and by lvl 8 he will be 10/20/14/10/20/6
with Headband and Belt.

My Question is how many LvLs in Inquisitor should i get?
3 gives me Target of Opportunity or Preacher Ability
4 Lets me Roll Diplo Twice and Take the better Roll
5 Gets me Bane.

Or should i go with Gunslinger after lvl 7?

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I want to avoid Having a Complete Build at LvL 7 and searching for Class that gives an Extra Feat and a Caster LvL (Arcane) so I can dip into it.

Is there something Like This?

Because I want to Have:

Ling. Perfromance, Flagbearer, Combat Reflexes and at LvL 5 Arcane Strike and Bodyguard.

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i want to Build a Support Bard but with Commands and Aid Another.
Im looking here for further Advice and how to Buff him further.
Also i want to make him kind of a Skill Monkey/Face.

Human Bard-Archivist Hakon Erold
Str 14 Dex 12 Con 14 Int 14 Wis 8 Cha 16 (inkl +2)
Traits: Vagabond (Disable Device) and Maestro of Society (+3 Perf Rounds)
Feats: Lingering Performance and Flag-bearer

Weapon: Long-spear with Flag on it.
Spells: CLW and Saving Finale.

At LvL 3 i wanted to get Combat Advice feat (+2 Att for ally as Move action).
So at the first Round of Combat i could start Singing , give an Advice and have my Flag-bearer passive up.
Basically giving +2 Att , 1 Dmg , +1 AC and extra +2 Att to a specific PC.

At LvL 5 i wanted to get Additional Traits to get Helpful(Halfling) via Adopted and Battlefield Disciple for a total of +5 on Aid Another checks.
By now i should have have a Quickrunner Shirt for the Critical Fight on the Day.

Im thinking on getting Phalanx Formation as the 7th LvL Feat.

Any Ideas?

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im playing Cadavar Crown with a Halfling Gendarme of the Sword on a Boar.
Im LvL 5 now and want to take 5 LvL of Fighter (Dragoon) till LvL 10
then 3 LvL Gendarme and end it with Lvl 15 with 2 LvL of Dragoon.

Im the Main Tank of the Group and at the Moment the only viable Melee Option (we might get a Paladin but that's in the Stars).

I plan to get a Fullplate before or on LvL 8 (Armortraing (Dex14)) to maximize it. In addition I plan to get Shield Focus and Mounted Shield.

So my AC is around ~ 25 @ LvL 8 without making it magic.

On LvL 13/14 I will get Riding Trick and Mounted Skirmisher to get Full Attacks after Movement.

What I plan to get for the Boar is Horseshoes of Zephyr to ignore difficult terrain.

My Question is I have 2 Feats open Till LvL 15. I will have by then Mounter COmbat (1), Ride-by Attack (1), Sprited Charge (3) , Power Attack (5) ,Furious Focus (5) , Skill Focus Ride(6), Horse Master (7), Weapon Focus and the Others Mentioned Above.

The Only Books allowed are the Core Book, Adv Class and Race Guide and the Ultimate Books. So no Player Companions or Cities of Golarion

So I need 2 Usefull Feats and a question:
Should I get an Adamant Lance or Focus making it Magical?
My Gm isn't sure if he allows regular Crafting cause of the Time Consummtion. The Day per 1000g on MAgical items is fine thought.

Silver Crusade

i want to build a specific kind of Bard which has an interresting approach.
I want him to be a Bard primarily but i can change if its really necessary.

Race is Gnome(Knowledge/Linguistic) or Halfling (Stealth)
The Traids are Heirloom (Duelling Sword) and Sword Scion.
The Main Feat Line Should be Dazzling Display with Weapon Finesse.
It should be a sneaky and trickery Combat style.
What i want to achieve at some point is Using Dazzling Display, Shake them and vanish/stealth next round to go for backstabbing.

I want to keep the Bard because of 2 Reason: Knowledge and Bluff/dipl/Intimidate.

I already looked into it and a low LvL Build seems impossible.

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my Sorcerer reaches LvL 4 soon and i want to choose the following 2 Spells : Web and Flaming Sphere.
I will also have Burning Hands.

The Idea is to trap the enemy and then Burn them incl the web for +1d4.

My Question is now @ LvL4 should i choose WEb or Fl. Sphere first?

Second: as i am unterstanding Web right i need at least 2 points/pillar etc withing 20 inches with at least a hight of 5 feet to be able to cast web, im right?

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I want to play a Dwarf Warpriest cant decide on the Second Blessing.
The Plant blessing is extrordinare Strong for a reach build.
(Entangle at hit ) and has a summon.

I tend to take Earth as a second Blessing for the 1d4 and the DR at 10.
The Good Blessing is with 1d6 Better but has overlapping Summoning.

Or are there Better ones? War (minor) seems decend, too.

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I want to build a Dwarven BArb/Fighter with a Breastplate and Klar/Earthbreaker (Thunder and Fang Feat).

But im Torn with between Stats:

General Information I only need 17 Dex before LvL 11 For TW Rend.

First one


@LvL4 I would get 1 Point to DEX for better AC and Initiative.

Second one


@LvL4 1 Point into Strength for better Hit and Dmg

Both have its Positives. Either Defensive with Higher Hp/AC/Ini, The other has Highter Str and so Hits better and does More DMG.

What would you prefer?

Silver Crusade

I have found (heard off) a interesting Feat and would like to diskuss it with you.
I heard another Player talking about a Feat that could make Water Based Summons Fly.
After some Research I think its Called "Summon Neutral Monsters" which allows to add a CR+1 template on a standart Summon List.

I think Flying Sharks and Oktopuses are an ingenious Idea. You can even add an Earth Template so they can "swim" in Rock (for Dungeons).

What for me its so Interresting is at later Levels summon a Flying Kraken and just Grapple anything with that.

What are your thoughts?
Is the Feat usefull? or more of a very interesting Flavor Option?

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Im planning to play a Dwarven Melee Hunter with a Wolf.
Stats: 17/13/14/10/14/8
Dwarven Longhammer and Medium Armor
Feat : Combat Reflexes
2nd Level : Outflank 3rd: Precise Strike + Power Attack or Weapon Focus

Spells : [0]Create Water, Detect Magic etc [1] Lead Blades, Longstrider
[2] Barkskin.

Do you guys have any Tipps for other spells? I dont think Entangle , Obscuring mist and Produce Flame is as effective as on a Caster Druid or im wrong?

Do you guys have another Tipps?

Silver Crusade

I want to have a Libarian who read a Magic Book an Thus was Able to do Magic.

I want to play an Elf who is a Wizard with the Exploiter Archype.

The First Feat will be Breadth of Experience and there will be no alteration for that because of the Fluff.

Its a PFS Wizard with Student of Philosophy and Eyes of Abadar Trait.

His School is Wood(+1 Con) and the following Stats

Feats a Spell Focus (Conjur) and Breath of Expierence.

Potent magic is the Exploit so I can cast Summons/Spell with longer Duration/Higher CL.

I wanto Specialize in Conjuration Spells and Summoning.

And I playn to get augumented Summoning.

Further I want to keep Longbow Prof. from Elf because I want to go Arcane Archer at Lvl 12 and find the Bow much better than Cbow.

Do you have further suggestions?

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im making a Warpriest and i have a Question about the Sacred Weapon Bonus.
It says The Bonuses stack and i can use the Bonuses to convert them to an Enchantment.
Does that mean that if im LvL 4 and have a +1 Weapon i can make it Holy?
Or do i have to be it to be +2 so a +1 is left?
Or do i need to lvl 8 for the +2 Bonus from Sacred Weapon?

The same text is with the Paldins Divine Bond, so i guess its the same there.

Silver Crusade

First i like to say i have the Build in mind to be Effective till LvL 5-7
because i think this will Drop in effectivness Beyond lvl 10 or so.

The General Idea is
Race: Gnome ( Pyromaniac , Academic and They Thoughs (Pers + ?)
Stats: 8/17/14/10/15/10
Traits: Precious Spellcaster + ?
Feat : TWF
Cleric /Thelogist on Fire Domain

This Setup gives me on LVL 2 the following.

Produce Flame
CL 2 + 1 (Pyromaniac) + 2 (Theologist) + 1 (Pres Spell) = 6
Resulting in 6 min 1d6+5 Flames in my Hand.

With TWF i Get 2 Ranged Touch Attacks hitting at +3 (+5-2) which last a long time and i can Buff/Heal my Party.
Additionally at LvL i gain Haste via Channel Vigor.

What are your Thoughts on this?

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I have a Question about Certain Class Features and Character Level.

Example: A Guide (Ranger Arch) gets Ranger Focus which enhanced Hit and DMG. A Level 5 Character 2 Zen Archer (Monk), 1 Guide and again 2 Zen Archer
has it on Focus +4 2/day or the lvl1 Basic +2/day?

Same Question about LvL 4 Barbarian 2/Fighter 2 with Rage (+2 Rage Rounds)/Level.

Hope somebody can brink clearity.
If there is a FAQ I oversaw it.

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i looked at the Lucerne Hammer and its 1D12.
Making it larger its 3D6 which is a big DMG boost.
I found 3 ways doing it UMD Leadblades (15g use + fail), UMD Enlarge Person or Potion (50g) and Impact Enchantment (8000 Gold but permanent)

What would you go for on a non Ranger Build?

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Even before this starts I want a Dwarv and no other Race.

I have 2 Attribut Builds.
Nr 1 has Dex but 15 Cha which lowers the Resi Saves and LoH but will be 16@ LvL4.

The Second Build has no Dex which hurts Ranged AC and Ref saves .

I play on PFS and plan a PA/Cleave build with a Dwarfen Longhammer(Reach). Since I learned either there are to many or BigBadBoss for which I have Smite.

Which would you prefer?

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I have an (Tattooed)Sorcerer LvL 2 With UMD of 9.
I plan to further level this Option but not to the Extreme and now my Question is what Wands should I go for?
The Restrictions are : LvL1 because they will be paid by PP. Further I don't plan to "waste" a feat till LvL 5-7 for Skill Focus so the Wands should sure fire in Combat and only need to roll for out of Combat.

I have CLW and Mount as a Wand.
I plan now to get Protection from Evil and Lesser Restoration.
I not sure if Silent Image is a good Wand or be better as a Scroll.,

Im Buying Scrolls for Enlarge Person and Shield since these Spells are highly Situational (in my Opinion).

For my Spells: I specialised in Toppling Magic Missles +2 CL (+4CL@3)
and have Grease because my Party rushes into Melee like Madman.
Will add Vanish and Mage Armor (Drac BL)and my LvL 2 Spells will be Web and Flaming Sphere.

Hope you can give me some insight to other LVL1 Class Spells and judge my plans if they are ok.

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First I want to make clear that I play PFS so the Char starts at LvL1.
So for each Level I need to play 3 Sccenarios.

I want to Build a Foehammer Dwarf with the Thunder and Fang Feat
(Earthbreaker/Klar as a TWF Combo) its needs 4 Feats to Reach:
TWF , Weapon Focus (EarthBreaker/Klar) and Thunder and Fang.

I reach this earliest as a pure fighter at LvL 3.
After that I want to take 2 Levels in Barbarian since the Foehammer looses Armor Training I will wear Medium Armor and will benefit greatly from Fastmovement additionally to Rage.

My Main Question however is: the +4 to Strength and +10 to movement are Huge. Should I postpone the Thunder and Fang to level 4 and gain the Barbarian earlier? or Even start as him?

PS: A Dwarf Barbarian in Medium Armor has a speed of 30. My GM approved it and please don't hijack this thread to discuss it here.

Silver Crusade

I want to Build a Foehammer (Dwarf Fighter Arch).
My aim is the Thunder and Fang Feat which allows
a Earth Breaker (normally 2H) and Klar being used with TWF.

At Level 3 I have reached the Build I Want.
The next Step is Shield Bash which greatly Synergizes with Foehammer
(a Bullrush gives free Trip Attack) which I only can Gain at Level 6 (BAB +6).

If I go directly to Fighter I have a free feat which would be something like Improved Ini.

But I think 1-2 Levels in Barbarian has much greater Benefit for me.
Since I loose Armor Training I cant really go for Heavy Armor with Dex of 15-16.
So its Medium Armor and I go with a Breastplate.
Fast Movement gives me +10 Feet movement which is huge for a Dwarf, also I don't have to explain what benefits Rage gives.
Exspecially with a Potion of Invigorate which negates the fatique during a fight.

In Addition I gain Perception as an Class Skill and Some Extra Skill Points to spent and +1 more "normal" HP which negates the loss of the Fav Class Bonus.

My Question is do I go for a Second level in Barbarian? It Pushes the Foehammer back another level but gains a Rage Power and uncanny Dodge
does this outweight More Feats and the 5th and 7th Class Power of the Foehammer?

In Addition if I go for a second level in Barbarian which Rage Power should I choose? for a single Power I think Auspicious Mark , Guarded Stance and Superstition is really good. Your thoughts?

Silver Crusade

Im a Sorcerer with 18 Charisma so I gain Bonus spells per day for 2nd and 3rd LvL Spell.
If I up a Spell LvL1 with a Metamagic of +1 can I cast the Spell with extra gained "Slot" for 2nd LvL SPells per Day or do I have to wait till Lvl 4 where I first learn the "real" LvL 2 Spell?

Silver Crusade

I want to play a Wizard/Sorcerer or any other Magic Caster with Focus on Magic Missile using Trait/Feats to Buff it and maximize the Number of Times I can use it (This is a priority).
I want a Build that Works on LvL 5 but I start at LvL1.
A high LvL Build is utterly uninteresting.

For futher Spells I wanna use Bull strength and then CC-Spells (need advice for which to choose).

It would be nice if there is a alternate Class that Focuses on en-mass lvl 1 Spell spamming.

Silver Crusade

I want to enchance my Fullplate +1 with the Champoin Enchancment.
Does it cost 1000g extra since it states +1?

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