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Silver Crusade

what do you think are useful and good items?
Im not talking about Weapons and Personal Upgrades but things
like Magic/technical Equipment , Armor upgrades and Augmentations.

I really like the Wyrm Gland ,the Venom Sack and Thermal Armor Upgrade on my Android Operative.
Fire extinguisher, Industrial backpack and Toolkit are a must have.
Im not sure what is better Jump Pack or Jet Pack.

What are your thoughts? Any items you always get?

DonKalleOne wrote:


what do you think are useful and good items?

2 of 3 characters have professional clothing and professional toolkits for the extra dayjob credits.

A jump pack doesn't allow you to stay in midair to avoid melee enemies or to scale a high-rise or to cross a decent-sized river. The only advantage is that you can get it earlier. Which is important but doesn't preclude upgrading when you can.

You're getting a hygiene kit, a personal comm and a starstone compass, right? And a medpatch probably. A binder and a hip flask of whiskey may be useful if your activities run to more than just find enemy, kill enemy.

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