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I will be playing a PFS 7-11 Game with a Pregen.
I skimmed through the Pregens and in my opinion the Core Ones are trash (Gear Wise).
I liked the Oracle (Caster/Face)and the Skald (Melee/Buffer/Face).

If somebody has good knowledge about the Pregens which ones are good?
I would like to have suggestions for Melee, Caster , Buffer/Healer , Knowledge and Face (Diplo).
If a Pregen is good at several roles its great.

Thanks in Advance.

I'm not entirely sure about the level 7 states, but the warpriest and the bloodrager have a good reputation. The skald and hunter too, i believe.

Yeah, what do you mean by pre-gens? Are you talking about the lvl7 NPC templates?

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These are Paizo made Pregenerated Characters @ LvL 1/4/7 for PFS.

I played a game with pre-gens recently.
Amiri (the barbarian) was a very solid front-line damage-dealer.
Lem (the bard) was an absolute beast of a support character.
Seelah (the paladin) was a decent front-line damage dealer, and managed to pull out the highest-damage-round when she smote the boss-monster.
I played Kyra (the cleric). I used mostly defensive buffs and I think I did a good job (had a lot of fun playing her despite not getting to play her strengths).

None of them are heavily optimised, but they're all playable. That's literally all the experience I have with them however, so it depends what you want out of them.

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The rogue pregen has +19 acrobatics. At level 7, she can basically tumble past all the cmd20-30 mobs you meet either with her eyes closed or with one closed. The mage blows (and is not ready for any adventure whatsoever, imho) and the paladin was ok. The cleric is super support for just standing in the back and blasting heal spells/channeling. Those are the four I am familiar with.

The Paladin7 carries a Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds w/38 charges. I kind of like all the Advanced Class Guide pregens.

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Lirai (?) the Gunslinger works pretty well, from my memory. Though it has been at least a year since I played her as a pregen.

Cleric v. Oracle quick compare:
Kyra at level 7 has a CLW wand that has 50 charges [generally out of combat] or [in combat] will be able to spontaneously cast her healing spells with the +50% empowered ability from the Healing domain or use channeling of 6d6 seven times. That's pretty nice. She does have just a 20 move though [and AC 19 with 59 hp].

Alahazra at level 7 has more variety in spells [especially with her nice scrolls/wands], but no channeling. She has a 40 move [but AC only 15 with the same 59 hp].

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I would say it depends on the rest of the party.

Kyra may be an awesome pre-gen...but if you party consists of a Paladin, a Warpriest, and an Oracle...she will not be nearly as useful.

That said...

Kyra (Cleric) is an awesome healer
Crowe (Bloodrager) and Oloch (Warpriest) are both solid melee DPS
Seoni (Sorcerer) is a decent caster/buffer
Quinn (Investigator) or Lem (Bard) for face/knowledge characters

I personally dislike Harsk and Valeros at any level.

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