Ifrit Trait Burning Hands vs Reduce / Enlarge Person


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i want your guys Opinion what is the better Choice for
a pure Melee Materialistic Fighter (Swashbuckler) with a descent/good UMD score.

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if its for PFS, i might gravitate towards to burning hands...because you never know when a swarm or a jelly/ooze will happen. If its for a campaign, tossup really depending on party makeup. just my two cents...

Well it's +2 hit, +2 ac, -1 damage for level rds vs an area attack.

Really depends: You'll generally find a use for reduce every day but when you need an area energy attack it's invaluable. Myself, I think reduce as you're normally not affected by that spell unless you pick Mostly Human.

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Thanks for the insight.
Its for PFS and i will be using Mostly Human.

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I picked Burning Hands on my Ifrit Swashbuckler because of swarms being so common in PFS Scenarios. It gives me more time before I have to buy a Swarmbane Clasp.

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