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I'm thinking of skipping the Frozen Tears falling section. To me, it seems out of place with the rest of the story and slows down the plot, especially since the PCs are going up to level 20. Has anyone done this or have any insight why I shouldn't go forward with this plan?

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One of my players is pretty chaotic, so when presented with the opportunity to join the Peacock Cult by High Priest Zurea, he decided he would go, and then 3/4 of the rest of them decided to say yes to essentially protect the first player's PC. I had them go through a ritual, give all their gear away, and then go through orientation on their first day. They've gone to sleep and are waking up in the morning, but I need some ideas of what the cult would have them do while they're trying to learn more about the cult and backstab them. The book was most unhelpful

My player decided to read the Bone Grimoire. Should anything else happen to him besides what's written in the book? It seemed like Erigantus was swayed by Zutha's spirit and wanted to know if something similar would happen to a PC that took the week to read it

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For those of you who gave mythic tiers to your PCs, how many did you give, when, and how did it go? For those who didn't dip into mythic, how did it go?
I'm starting book 3 and looking at the later books and remembering that mythic eventually comes up. I'm thinking of giving 3 tiers to my PCs, one for when they defeat the High Justice, one for when they arrive at the Dimension of Time and are permitted to go back and right what Alaznist did, and another when they finish correcting the past, before entering Alaznist' domain.

First time GM, people recommended RotR as a good entry point, so here I am. One of the PCs in my party is an Oracle. One of the things I have seen from people on here is that sometimes the books get a little too hack and slash (particularly book 5). One thought I had to remediate that was to give my oracles visions of what happened (I thought giving flashes of the runewell awakening and the battle that takes place in Runeforge would be a fun thing to show and help the party understand what happened at this place, with more flashes occurring after finishing that particular chamber, maybe because of interactions with the artifacts to create rune weapons) or what may happen (if they take too long getting through Xin-Shalast, maybe showing Karzoug releasing MHar and devastating the world). Has anyone done something like that in their campaigns? Any thoughts on that? I would definitely stray away from spoiling the future plot, but I thought it would be a fun way to pull back the GM screen a little bit.