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Scarab Sages

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Amenopheus II: The Tiger Eye Sage


Name: Amenopheus II the tiger eye sage, aka Jr
Alignment: True Neutral
Race: Human (Garundi)
Class: Unchained Rogue (Knife Master, Scout) level 10
Amenopheus grew up under the shadow of his famous father grew up with an unfortunate name.
Growing up with a father with important contacts in the Pathfinder Society and who is a jeweled sage made it easy for a famous name to live up to in a society and faction that are above any whif of favoritism or nepotism, Amenopheus just sort of went along for the ride while his dad got him cushy Pathfinder missions, and eventually arranged to have a sage jewel made for him had to work twice as hard to be recognized. But now that he's gone through the motions to make it appear that he's earned the right to a sage jewel he has braved untold struggle and perfected arcane technique, Amenopheus II the first tiger eye sage is ready to take his place among the jeweled sages.

Thanks, dad! I want to thank the brave Pathfinders, who have stood by me on this long personal quest!

Character Sheet A traditional character sheet.
Cheat Sheet A quick list of special abilities ordered by frequency and action type, including skill bonuses from boons.
Season 8 Faction Goals Goals.
Season 9 Faction Goals Goals.
Inventory Tracking Sheet It's a Paizo inventory tracker for purchases greater than 25 gold.
Planned Advancement A description of character advancement to this point, and plans after this point.
Tag The table tent used for the character.
Chronicle Sheets Chronicle Sheets for the character.

Dark Archive

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. . . So, is anyone at Paizo IT actually looking at this?

I know that they are anxious to have people keep using the same session IDs so the numbers don't get up to 7 digits -- but this is getting ridiculous.

I'd feel a lot better if I had some idea that someone was actually taking some sort of action. Otherwise, it's time to start creating new events willy-nilly every time, to avoid this stupid problem.

Liberty's Edge

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Choant wrote:
As it states above, every build I read on here about multiclassing says don't do it, but if you did what's the best build?

I have a level 12 character who, of every character I have ever played in Pathfinder Society (I have 26 of them that I've played), is the most requested. He makes everybody better at what they do. He is a Chelaxian noble, half halfling (racial heritage halfling) with 8 classes, 8 archetypes, and one prestige class.

Cavalier (Daring Champion) 3, Swashbuckler (Mouser, Mysterious Avenger) 1, Bard (Arcane Duelist) 1, Cleric (Divine Strategist) 1,
Paladin (Sacred Shield) 2, Battle Herald 2, Skald (Urban Skald) 1, Investigator (Sleuth) 1

Here's the build plan to level 12.

The build makes everyone better at what they do. Many, many classes/archetypes have special abilities at level one that make other characters more effective, which can stack nicely, and which are as useful at level 20 as they are at level 1.

In addition to several varieties of bardsong, tricks to make sure that all allies get a full round action in a surprise round, per-day abilities that make allies more awesome, and many utility spells, he also can aid another for +6 for skill or ability checks checks or +11 armor class, +3 for concentration checks made by
divine casters, +8 to an attack roll and swift aid for +9 to armor class or +6 to an attack roll, or +3 for concentration checks made by divine casters. All while making sure that every ally adjacent to him gets a +3 dodge bonus to AC and CMD.

And, yes, he can use a Breath of Life scroll with a caster-level check.

And once per day (lucky halfling) he can reroll someone else's saving throw with his ludicrous saves: Fort: +21 Reflex: +19 Will: +25 (add 1d6 for inspiration).

Here's the character sheet and, more useful, cheat sheet (in which choices/abilities are broken down by type of action free, swift, immediate, move, standard, full round)

Liberty's Edge

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Playing this tomorrow in Boston. It'll almost be like having you back with us, Linda!

The Exchange

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Thank you!

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth . . . but . . .

Where are Damiel, Alain, Imrijka, Seltiyel, Alhazra, Balazar and Feiya?

We miss them!

The Exchange

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And congrats to another 4-star GM, whose hard work in Boston has been recognized by placing even more hard work on his shoulders . . . Boston's new Venture Lieutenant, Ray Diaz!

Silver Crusade

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Boston will miss Mark and Linda. They have each added immeasurably to the enthusiasm and spirit of the Boston PFS group.

Plutarch remarked (in his Life of Pericles?) that it is a mistake to evaluate a leader by how sorely he is missed after he is gone, but instead a leader should be evaluated by how prepared and able others are to take on her/his role when that leader is no longer there. Mark and Linda made it easy for others to step up to play styles, always encouraged the widest range of GM and play styles feasible within PFS, and their excitement for the game is infectious. The Boston Lodge is sorry to see them go, but will not miss a beat!

In particular, I think of how happy and excited Mark and Linda are to see adventurer's innovate, and to come up with ideas and solutions which approach the problem in a unique way. When it is not immediately obvious how to do something under the rules, Mark happily explored his deep knowledge of the game for a means or method by which the player may attempts what s/he is trying!

Coupled with his joy for realizing NPCs of different character and his knowledge of Golorion, these features make Mark an ideal addition to Paizo's design team. I'm excited to see what they do!

-- Scott

Sovereign Court

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Senor Giuseppe,

I feel for you. The Pathfinders are a diverse society. And with that diversity comes conflict. Sometimes conflict of a fundamental nature.

Acting as a soldier always means sublimating one's personal goals to something else -- ideally to something greater. When you find that the constraints of the organization prevent you from doing good as you see it, honor demands that you make a clear but difficult choice; sublimate your goals to the organization, or leave the organization.

You and I, alike, are soldiers in the Pathfinder Society. They ask one thing of us; that we not use violence against our fellow soldiers, no matter how much we differ. This is not an unusual standard for an armed organization -- though, on the other hand, many Captains order soldiers to follow the rules of just war, while Venture Captains do not often hold their people to such standards.

To be sure, there are some members of the organization that, if my Venture Captain saw fit to regularly pair me with, I would be unable to continue, and would resign my Wayfinder.

But if you wish to continue working as a soldier of the Pathfinder Society, you must curb your temper vis-a-vis your compatriots -- even when (and perhaps especially when) they are morally lacking. Instead, show that you will not sink to their level, and walk an ethical high road.

In response to some of what I saw, I left one lodge to join a lodge that kept to more ethical standards.

If you make it clear that you will personally guarantee that the high road is always easier than the low road, then perhaps your fellow Pathfinders will perforce accept your Wisdom. Remember that they, like you, will forfeit their membership in the society if they attack you physically.

By way of examples:
It became clear to me that one of my fellow pathfinders stole. I spoke a word into the ear of a local constable, and let things take their course.
My fellow pathfinders attempted to do violence to a beautiful woman who -- though guilty of sorcery and of attacking us -- was human, and thus capable of redemption. I interposed myself and accepted on my body many of the blows of my fellow Pathfinders, until I could convince her to submit herself to my protective custody. (OOG: The GM allowed me to make reflex saves which, if they matched the attack roll, would allow me to absorb the damage instead of the NPC.)
I bull-rushed one potential casualty around the corner to safety and whispered at him "run" -- advice that he took! (OOG: Granted, I had to use a standard action and Intimidate)
I have left my horse, Willow, to guard a prisoner for whose life I feared. Willow could then sound a challenge and bring me quickly, if the less scrupulous Pathfinders came near.

Perhaps you and I, Sir, would be on opposing sides. To me life is sacred, not corpses. The challenge, for a decent person in a state of war, is to use necessary force -- and no more -- to attain his ends. But once it has come to blood, and the person who fights you has made it clear that he will happily trade life-blood for life-blood, you may find few alternatives to slaying the individual. I may pray for his soul, but I do not object to my comrades taking steps to prevent a monster from being raised back to life.

But, Giuseppe, you and I agree that gentlemen can disagree on the right thing to do. And I think that you and I, alike, would that there were some flexibility in the Society's standards. Many is the time that I would have bound a fellow-Pathfinder, and brought her or him back in chains to the local authorities or to the Venture Captain.

However the Society is organized how it is. And unless the Venture Captains make some difficult choices, perhaps the only alternative for forthright and decent Pathfinders will be to resign. Perhaps this is part of the call of the Shadow Lodge?

In our conflicts with the Shadow Lodge, I have not as yet encountered a single member who complained that he was prevented from visiting justice on or physically interfering with an another member of the Shadow Lodge.

Of course, on the other hand, the lack of organization and the every-agent-for-himself attitude of the Shadow Lodge will probably be their downfall. So, for me, I stand by the Pathfinders, even if I am not always thrilled by the mercenary attitudes of some colleagues.

-- Senor Vicente Maria Sanz de la Vina y Moreno