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Full Name

Boem Tovenaar


1/2 Orc (Human, Orc Bloodline Blood Arcanist)


10: Wizard (Spellslinger) 1 / Arcanist (Blood Arcanist) 8 / Investigator (Sleuth) 1




6' 4" 210 lbs




True Neutral




Abyssal, Aklo, Ancient Osiriani, Aquan, Auran, Azlanti, Celestial, Cyclops, Draconic, Elven, Ignan, Infernal, Sylvan, Taldane, Terran, Thassilonian, Tien, Vudrani


Professor of Chemistry

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Strength 7
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 25
Wisdom 9
Charisma 14

About Doctor Boem

Doctor Boem Tovenaar [Pronounced Boom]
..Boem was born in the River Kingdom City-State of Tymon, in the Spring of 4669. Boem's human mother, Madelief Eend-Tovenaar, had been held captive by a tribe of orcs in Belkzen, and rescued by a group of Pathfinder mercenaries including Boem's human step-father Professor FIlibert Tovenaar. The Professor and Madelief were married within a month, once back to Tymon, and Boem was born three months later.
..Boem was tutored in the wizardly arts, along with several young pupils sent to study with Filibert Tovenaar, by his step-father, the Professor. People avoided commenting in front of the Professor on Boem's pointy ears wiry hair or green hue, but it did not prevent jests and comments from being made away from the Professor's sight. Boem worked extra hard in his studies, in effort to show his loyalty and faith to the Professor. Boem also found himself stymied in social or physical development, attending less to "things of the world" than to books and study.
..Boem spent many years in Tymon. His time was divided between three pursuits: Personal sustenance and business providing spell-casting expert knowledge and cantrips to the citizens of Tymon, continued pursuit of a wide-range of knowledge both arcane and mundane, and the use of rhetoric and erudition to help the citizens and residents of Tymon.
..After collecting becoming capable in fourteen separate first circle arcane spells and twenty separate arcane cantrips and recording those basics in two separate spellbooks, being involved in several separate short-lived ventures, and engaging as a public intellectual in a decidedly anti-intellectual city, Boem's education was complete. Knowing that it would please the Professor Boem promptly joined the Dark Archive of the Pathfinder Society, hoping that it would fulfill one of the Professor's faction goals.

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• Advanced Class Guide - Arcanist (class); Blood
Arcanist (archetype); Extra Arcanist Exploit (feat);
Investigator (class); Metamagic Knowledge (special
ability); Quick Study (special ability); Sleuth (archetype)
• Advanced Class Guide / Pathfinder Society Field
Guide - Runestone of power (1st) (equipment)
• Advanced Player's Guide - Ant Haul (spell); Crafter's
Fortune (spell); Create Pit (spell); Create Treasure Map
(spell); Intensified Spell (feat); Vanish (spell); Versatile
Weapon (spell)
• Advanced Player's Guide / Adventurer's Armory /
Ultimate Equipment - Backpack, masterwork
(equipment); Earplugs (equipment)
• Advanced Player's Guide / Ultimate Equipment - Ring
of maniacal devices (equipment)
• Advanced Player's Guide Traits / Character Traits
Web Enhancement / Ultimate Campaign - Magical
Knack (trait)
• Advanced Race Guide - Fast Learner (feat); Gloves of
elvenkind (equipment); Improved Improvisation (feat);
Improvisation (feat)
• Andoran, Spirit of Liberty / Ultimate Combat -
Liberating Command (spell)
• Dragon Empires Gazetteer / Inner Sea Races / Inner
Sea World Guide - Tien (language)
• Heroes of the Streets - Speak Local Language (spell)
• Humans of Golarion / Ultimate Intrigue - Cultural
Adaptation (spell)
• Inner Sea Races / Inner Sea World Guide - Azlanti
(language); Osiriani, Ancient (language); Taldan (race
option); Thassilonian (language); Vudrani (language)
• Inner Sea World Guide / Ultimate Combat - Exotic
Weapon Proficiency (Firearms) (feat)
• Inner Sea World Guide / Ultimate Combat / Ultimate
Equipment - Black powder (weapon); Firearm bullet
(weapon); Firearm bullet (weapon); Pistol (weapon);
Powder horn (equipment)
• Occult Adventures - Mindlink (spell)
• Orcs of Golarion - Orc (special ability); Power of Giants
(equipment); Strength of the Beast (equipment); Warlord
Reborn (equipment)
• Pathfinder Society Primer - Clever Wordplay (trait);
Kreighton's Perusal (spell); Sure Casting (spell)
• People of the North / Reign of Winter / Ultimate
Wilderness - Snowball (spell); Snowball (spell)
• Ultimate Combat - Abundant Ammunition (spell);
Amateur Gunslinger (feat); Darkvision, Communal
(spell); Deed: Quick Clear (race option); Endure
Elements, Communal (spell); Gunsmith's kit (equipment);
Gunsmithing (feat); Pellet Blast (spell); Reloading Hands
(spell); Resist Energy, Communal (spell); Spellslinger
• Ultimate Combat / Ultimate Equipment - Alchemical
cartridge (flare) (weapon); Alchemical cartridge (paper)
• Ultimate Equipment - Bandolier (equipment); Cards
(equipment); Hat (equipment); Mess kit (equipment);
Sleeves of many garments (equipment); Spectacles of
understanding (equipment); Traveler's any-tool
• Ultimate Intrigue - Aphasia (spell)
• Ultimate Magic - Force Punch (spell)