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Heofthehills wrote:
Not Linda, but if you check your downloads, you will find that the Roleplaying Guild Guide and the Faction Journal Cards were both already updated to include Concordance. And, as of yesterday, they could be added as your faction (And reported as such).


Attempting to make a purchase today (I have made many over the years), I encountered a technical problem.

On page two, payment, I have everything all set and it looks good:

But when I get to page 3, it has "forgotten" the information from page 2!

This happens with three separate browsers, and with two separate credit cards (and yes, I have checked, my primary CC is working fine and has no holds on it or anything).

Many thanks, Scott


KestlerGunner wrote:

What happens when you write something negative on a player's chronicle sheet?

"Physically scarred by a night hag in a terrifying ambush."
"Watched his brother be driven insane by a Gibbering Mouther."
"Saw his best friend dismembered by Salt Mummies."
"Now on the bad side of Grandmaster Torch after a particularly rude joke involving bathtubs."

Does the player generally have a tantrum?

Player's I've run seem to enjoy it. Including:

"Married to Skagra the shewish goblin in a shotgun (well, firework) ceremony"
"Owes a favor to a devil"
"Lost left pinky toe to a dimensional mishap"
"Will never be able to get another job in Magnimar as long as s/he lives"

The only player who was upset (and I can understand why) was:
"Forced alignment change to Lawful Neutral [for the paladin], after making a deal with a devil."

Two of my favorites:

Melee Controller (Condition-dealing fighter build, wielding whip and shield-slam) At level 12, and full advancement from level 1 to 12

Deadlands character (Tiefling Gunslinger Arcane Trickster) At level 11, and full advancement from level 1 to 12

I am excited by the idea of the Spring-Attack Lunge build suggested by Mercurial.

Um . . . So now where *is* the chronicle sheet????

It ain't in the copy I just bought and downloaded. I guess I won't be able to run this today . . . :-/

Well, Jeepers. I guess that I will have to start writing all of my public postings about private games in strange convoluted ways. To wit: "Hi all, If you are interested in applying to play in our special top secret group that may or may not run a troupe game in which certain PFS classes or character types are not allowed, please write privately to me with your qualifications and I may or may not send you the ultra-secret invitation."

Or I could just give up on jumping this sort of ridiculous hoop, and stop expecting to run normal games through PFS.

All of this because some yahoo can't stand the idea of a GM having a table at which he doesn't want a 300 hit points Synthesist stealing the spotlight from other players.

Is PFS really this broken?

Really, it's pretty stupid to treat a statement on an only semi-public mailing list that "hey, I'm running this -- who is interested?" as a public invitation to a public game. It's like seeing someone write on a mailing list, to someone else, that "we should get together for tea some time" and responding them to make tea for you if you suddenly show up on the doorstep.

If the first rule about private games is that we're not supposed to talk about private games, then how the Hell do we recruit? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Uh oh.

I see a change in the description from

"Will be available for purchase Wed, Feb 2, 2011."


"Will be available for purchase approximately Wed, Feb 2, 2011."

This worries me, as I have promised a group (six players plus one waiting-list) that I would run the adventure on Saturday.

I don't know if this mixed group will be able to find something else that none of us have played. Hopefully the quest for perfection will not keep Paizo from putting the scenario up on Wednesday, given that they could update the PDF after thorough proofing later . . . (Though as a publisher/editor myself, I wholly sympathize with the problem.)


I like your suggestions, mostly because I am fond of special attacks and grappling.

It might be simpler to allow characters -- without pulling out combat maneuverer rules -- to move in to share a square with an enemy, causing both of them to be subject to the "squeezing" rules.

Then one could have a feat that allows a character to share a square, and not suffer the penalty for squeezing. That would allow the person to freely attack at full advantage while disadvantaging her/his adversary to the tune of -4.

A follow-up feat might be to allow the person to take an AoO on a character that does a five-foot-step out of the squeeze.

Perhaps if someone had both the close-fighting feat and improved grapple, they could be eligible for a feat that lets them ignore the -4 penalty for grappling without both hands free, and which doubles the damage that they can do with a light or off-hand weapon during a grapple.

Uriel393 wrote:

So, something that has bugged me about many RPGs is the lack rules for closing on an opponent, to a distance where their longsword, their great axe, their flail is not effective. Real World fighters both in the past, as well as the present carry secondary weapons (Indeed, the Romans made a point <No Pun intended> of their primary weapon, the Gladius, capitalizing on this tactic) to exploit such close distances. Why does your fighter bother to carry a dagger? Why would someone choose a short sword over a longsword in D&D? (To DM) What do you mean there's not enough room to swing my Greatsword in the tunnel!?!

Her are some rules/options that I am going to try out in my Kingmaker game.
Please feel free to comment, discuss, help out if something looks imbalanced, or even try with your fellow gamers.

Combat Maneuver- Close.

When withing 5 feet of an enemy, and wielding a weapon designated as a 'close' weapon, as a Move action (Considered the combatant's 5 foot step), the combatant may Close with the enemy.This requires a CMB vs. the enemy's CMD. Weapons without the 'close' designation are -2 to hit in these circumstances. Failure to beat th CMD provokes an Attack of Opportunity (Without the penalty for fighting close).
Breaking the Close condition is a Move action (Also part of a 5 foot step or a normal Move, as the combatant chooses) requiring a CMB check vs. the opponent's CMD.Breaking the Close condition does not provoke an Attack of Opportunity.


Krogar the Wily is facing off against a Bugbear, wielding a Flail,and they are currently 5 feet apart. Krogar (Declaring his Full Attack) uses Close,
(Rolls a total of 23, vs. the Bugbears 19, thus Closing) and now may utilize his short sword at no penalty, while the Bugbear fights with a -2 penalty to his attacks. Should the Bugbear wish to break the Close condition, it will require him to break Krogaar's CMD.

Confined Spaces- Terrain (Sort of)

Fighting anywhere that does not allow full movement (A tight tunnel, etc...) gives a -2...