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Dice Versa is an illustrated actual play series that uses high-quality art, sound effects, and music to bring sessions off the table and onto the screen. We also edit episodes for a more streamlined viewing experience. (ie. less downtime looking up rules, talking out a turn, etc.)

We're currently playing Against the Aeon Throne with a 3-person party:
Navessah Voss - Human Envoy
Mishka Silverfur - Vlaka Operative
Ukko Taranis Bronte - Dragonkin Soldier

Let's just say that the smaller-than-suggested party size has made for some exciting gameplay.

Give it a shot, and if you like it please subscribe!

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Glad to see I'm not the only one wondering about this. Thanks for the update, Mark. Looking forward to more news on the topic.

yosmitty01 wrote:

Hope your Sharu battle went well...

It did, they managed to scrape by with some tactical engagement. They sent the Dragonkin soldier through the middle door to get her attention while the Vlaka operative sneaked around the western side to get a flanking position. They focused on taking down the adds with the Envoy's "Get 'Em" while the Dragonkin kept Sharu busy.

The Dragonkin did end up using almost all of the serums of healing found in the medbay, and he did eventually get knocked out after a chunk of his wing was cut off (a little something to remember the battle). Luckily, by then the adds were taken care of and the other two were able to finish Sharu off. Another close call for the group, but certainly exciting.

Tiny detail that I found confusing: The book says that the southern door of the Parept's Chamber on the Royal Venture is locked from the inside.

If that's true, how did Sharu and her cronies get through? I assume they wouldn't have locked it from the outside after passing through since that would just trap them inside the front half of the ship.

I chose to simply mention that the doors have locks, but left both unlocked.


Anyways, my group and I are loving the AP so far. We're running it with 3 PCs. The players are very experienced tabletop gamers and the dragonkin's size/reach (he uses a pike, so his reach is 15 ft) make him crazy strong, so I didn't tune anything down. So far they've scraped by with a few very close calls. The soldier was reduced to 0 RP, SP, and HP during the Olaraja fight, spending that last RP to stabilize. The operative was also knocked out, leaving the envoy alone to finish the fight.

The lack of healing resources (among the party, and in the AP in general) has certainly made this one of the more brutal games I've run. Looking forward to seeing how badly Sharu kicks their asses next.

For official Paizo modules on Roll20, how would the CUP work in regard to the various graphics (maps, NPC art, etc.) for a video campaign journal?

Would a video campaign journal of a Roll20 module simply not be allowed?


Sorry for raising this post from the dead, but my question is related and I thought it'd be better to post here than to start a new topic...

pg. 319 wrote:
This free attack doesn’t benefit from any bonuses or additional abilities from other actions taken aboard the enemy starship, such as divert or lock on.

Does this mean the computer cannot be used for free attacks?

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GeneticDrift wrote:
Per page 25, Salask has a decent stealth bonus in their stat block.


Not sure how I missed that, maybe the import tool on Roll20 glitched or something. Thanks for pointing it out.

I'm a bit confused about the encounter(s) around the Stargazer...

It says that Salask uses the Stealth skill to perform the sniping task, and according to the CRB using Stealth to snipe gives the Stealth check to stay hidden after attacking a -20 penalty (p.148).

Salask's stealth is 0, so she will automatically fail her stealth checks...

However, she also has the Expert Sniper special ability that could arguably cancel out the Stealth penalty from sniping, but only if the PCs are attempting Perception checks to spot her from least 150 ft away (otherwise it only reduces the penalty to -10).

This seems like an overly complex way to calculate if the PCs notice Salask or not, and it seems like it will be pretty easy for PCs to spot her considering the best-case scenario for her Stealth is a flat d20 without any modifiers... how did you all handle this encounter?