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Jessa Mar'Niell wrote:
No cat has ever ignored their momentary lack of grace and dignity as well as Jessa does when she straightens her hair and turns back to the table.

[Coughs up hairball]


"I'm cool."


...not the same as when he entered. The large white feline form effortlessly comes out of the pool, with only a brief moment devoted to shaking off the excess water from his fur.

He wanders off down one of the hallways.

Oh hai.


Freehold DM wrote:
Devlyn, Jack o' Nine Dales wrote:

Listens to stomach growling in protest over the Power Bar consumed 3 hours ago.....

Thanks guys ;P

shoves hand down Devlyn's throat to steal remains of mostly-digested Power Bar and devour it himself

No, thank YOU! :-D


"Looks like meat's back on the menu boys!" ;D

You know she's insatiable... ;)

Emperor7 wrote:
Llamafrog wrote:
*distributes ¨"Pet Your Poodle Lovingly Policy" memo all around the office*
Files complaint that cats weren't included in the memo.


Devlyn, Jack o' Nine Dales wrote:

"You rang, sweets? Ahhh - poodle troubles again. Glad I brought a 'change of clothes' with me!"


"Aaaaah - that's better. Now where did that puppy go...?" :)