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Dragon's Demand map

Available for dotting. Dot, then delete your post. It should still stay in your campaigns list.

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Dot dot dot.

Dragon's Demand map

No nyt ois. Hahmoesittelyjä saa tehdä, summittaisia, en oo vielä pistäny alkuintroa.

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Testejä varten ja kaikkea.

Dragon's Demand map

Available for dotting and idle chatter.

Dragon's Demand map

Welcome to play a Season 0 scenario, one of the first ever, #2 Hydra's Fang Incident!

Before we begin, I'll collect vital information from all of you, so please fill in the following in the template below (copy & paste it). This information will be used in the chronicle sheet.

[b]Player name[/b]:
[b]Character name[/b]:
[b]PFS number[/b]:
[b]Day job[/b]: [dice]1d20[/dice]
[b]Brief character presentation[/b]:

In case you have something on your mind about the style of play, scenario, or anything regarding the gameplay don't hesitate to voice yourself either by PM or posting here on the Discussion tab.

To reiterate, this is a CORE CAMPAIGN game. I'll conduct a thorough audit on each character, so I hope they include all information I need without too much investigating. Please make sure your characters are in line with the Core Campaign rules. Especially check that your traits are allowed in the system (so don't take Adopted trait, because you gain no benefit from it).

I'll open up the Gameplay tab for both dotting and idle chatter. If everything goes smoothly, the game will begin on 1th of July.

If you are a first time PbP gamer, please check the hyperlinks under my profile name. Those two guides are a good read even for an experienced gamer. Pacewise I'll try to post once a day, but there are real life issues that might come in way. If you, for example, know you have a long weekend somewhere abroad without internet access, please tell me of this so I know not to wait for your response.

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Available for dotting.

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Available for dotting.

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This is the recruitment thread for Pathfinder Society scenario #0-04 Frozen Fingers of Midnight.

Frozen Finger of Midnight wrote:

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 5th level characters (Tiers: 1–2, 4–5).

Skelg the Ripper, envoy from the Land of the Linnorm Kings, lies wasting in his villa on the outskirts of Absalom. A frigid curse followed Skelg from his northern homeland and grips his bearish heart in its frosty embrace. As the bizarre freezing ailment pushes Skelg to the brink of death, the Society dispatches you and your fellow Pathfinders to uncover the secrets of the freezing curse before Absalom falls to its icy grip.

Written by Craig Shackleton

The game is being run as a Play-by-Post using Paizo's messageboards as the platform. I'll utilize Google draw to present maps and battles, leaving your PCs' movements to you. (I've been working on an "arrow shows route" thing, but it might be a tad too cumbersome)

You are free to roll for so-called passive rolls (knowledge, perception etc) if you so wish, but I will give you a prompt when such rolls will garner results, like this:

Knowledge (local) DC 10 or Wisdom check DC 5:
Absalom is a big city.

To which you respond thusly:
Knowledge (local): 1d20 ⇒ 10

Regarding the pace, well, I prefer a fast pace but mostly I'd wish for players to keep themselves occupied if I'm not around. Interparty discussion, tactic exchange, anything like that. My current life situation might call for unexpected nights away from the computer, and work can be hectic as heck. Mainly don't expect the game to finish strictly on the 6 week time period. (To reassure you, though, I've run Black Waters in Core in 4 weeks time.)

The following list contains PCs/players that have a reserved spot in this game.
- Hádanka, elf ranger 1 (switch-hitter)
- Jasper, human paladin 1 (sword&board)
- Drostan, dwarf fighter 1
- Sagart, human cleric (melee) or G'Boar, human ranger 1

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I just came back from playing the last part of the retirement arc, the Eyes of the Ten. So this post will include some spoilers about it. In essence I'm asking if I can give my boon to... No, I'm asking for permission to grant a boon I received to another player.

So we played the last part of the Eyes of the Ten, and it well quite flat in my opinion. We had all attempted to complete our faction missions totally oblivious to the fact it eould direly penaltize us. Regardless, in te end it came clear that all players save one received the venture-captain boon. The last player missed the award by one point. Considering the scenario itself was unideal for the player's character, it was an overall unsatisfying experience. Furthermore, it was a long endeavor, composed of five sessions. Missing out the ultimate reward feels like being cheated.

In this light I've considered my own boon, and that how little time I nowadays have to play, I'd gladly part from my boon to allow someone else to benefit from it. To emphasize, I know this is probably not allowed by the rules, strictly speaking, so I'm asking for permission.

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I've noticed how PbP games are almost non-existant outside an organized gameday, and I'd wish to have a change in that. I'm currently running my entire quota of PbPs (that's three), but I'm only playing in one (once it starts). I know I'd have the capacity to play in many more PbPs, but there simply aren't any announcements of open spots or such.

I know there are others who share the same desire to play by post. What is needed is a person willing to master a game.

Be it normal or core, I don't have a preference.

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On this section of the campaign page we'll have all the out-of-character discussion, rules questions, and other announcements.

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#6 Black Waters wrote:

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 5th level characters (Tiers: 1–2, 4–5).

The Pathfinder Society seeks the ancient ruby ring of the salamander and it falls to a team of Pathfinders to find it. Last seen in the Tri-Towers Yard, a once elite academy for the youth of Absalom, the ruby ring is now lost in the Drownyard, all that remains of Tri-Towers after it was destroyed a decade ago in the great quake. The Pathfinders must risk the strange black ichors and salty brine to find their prize—will they risk their very souls as well?

Written by Tim and Eileen Connors

I'm running Pathfinder Society scenario #6 Black Waters, using the new Core campaign, meaning players joining the action can only use the Pathfinder RPG core rulebook and a few select supplements when building their characters.

The scenario is still featured in D&D 3.5 rules set, and requires some modifications on my part, but the players need not worry. Conversions and adjustments will be handled as instructed in the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play.

After my previous PbP attempt I've adjusted my gamemastering style to better suit the faster pace of PbP. In this game we will utilize Google Draw as the map surface, and all out-of-character discussion will be held in the Discussion section of the campaign page. It is adviced to check in daily to the game, and to reply as well so I know everyone's still committed to the session. Of course this isn't 100% strict, and personal issues are understandable. If possible, do mention of these restrictions once you know about them.

The game isn't scheduled yet, but most likely I'll start it in a week's time. I'll take all applications here, and then the selected players can dot in the campaign page's gameplay section.

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PRD wrote:

Aid Another

You can help someone achieve success on a skill check by making the same kind of skill check in a cooperative effort. If you roll a 10 or higher on your check, the character you're helping gets a +2 bonus on his or her check. (You can't take 10 on a skill check to aid another.) In many cases, a character's help won't be beneficial, or only a limited number of characters can help at once.

In cases where the skill restricts who can achieve certain results, such as trying to open a lock using Disable Device, you can't aid another to grant a bonus to a task that your character couldn't achieve alone. The GM might impose further restrictions to aiding another on a case-by-case basis as well.

Emphasis mine.

Say you have a character with charisma 8, no ranks in Diplomacy (so total -1), and there's a DC 20 diplomacy check to be made. Can or can't you aid another?

Does this rule apply only to skills that can't be used untrained (knowledges, disable device, linguistics etc.)?

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Ran this today on subtier 1-2 with a meager 3 hours of prep time, but all went well and we had a blast. A very good scenario featuring a lot of NPCs.

Getting Started

I should have advised the players to take meticulous notes throughout the scenario; as it turned out, they forgot what they should have been doing: go to Lady Darchana to report their findings. The team made no questions, so I can't say if those listed are relevant.

The group headed to B (Salbus), then straight to C (Mahdi), and were already going to the docks after that. Apparently this scenario expects very thorough players, so other GMs: be sure to mention this to the players. Straightforward players will find this annoying.


Can't say much about the fight, other than the tactics are sound. A shenanigans sorcerer build (lvl 2 casting 5d4+10 burning hands, FFS) wiped both thugs instantly and Muzak fled by jumping through the window. Still, because the tactics are sensible, I didn't get angry.

I really liked how Mahjub Mahdi had this manner of constantly pulling his hair back. These kinds of odd manners make NPCs memorable, and I suggest making similar hand gestures with other NPCs.


These scene was nice, having the players tell one by one what had happened. It also worked as a recount for them. This could cause a lot of trouble in some less social groups though. The GM should know whom to make a speech.

Also, the ship's name At Sea is very dumb. I made it a running gag making every NPC in the scenario say "At Sea? What a dumb name for a ship." It garnered some laughs.

Kat Season garnered a lot of laughter. Props for that.

On page 12, the map doesn't have Bleoran Berttio marked on the map. I guess he's at the helm.

On page 14... I have no idea how the maps work. The right-most wooden grate seems to be halfly over F3, the captain's room. And how can you get to the hold without going through the forecastle's staircase? I'm completely baffled by the map and figured to devise something of my own.

Kinore shouldn't even consider using tanglefoot bags. Everyone's in melee all the time, so he wouldn't have any chance of hitting anything with it.

The poor captain didn't get to fight until all the other combatants were subdued. And even after that she got to make one attack before getting frightened and so much fire damage. Also, Favored Enemy (magical beast)? I figured the 3 rounds time is too long, should be 2. But again, excellent tactics, reasonable.

Oh, and the reaction when I said "Muhlia". Priceless.

Also, probably THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION EVER... are the gnolls from Western Katapesh? :)

A truly excellent scenario I wish to run again. 5/5

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Hello everyone.

This questions stems from a few experiences I've had, and I think this hasn't been explained fully in the Guide or anywhere on Paizo messageboards.

Say you have a scneario and in it says:

Any scenario, really wrote:

Rewards: If the PCs murderize or capture everyone in the room, reward each tier thusly:

Tier 1-2: Give each PC 100 gp.
Tier 4-5: GIve each PC 400 gp.

What if said 'everyone' consists of four (4) enemy characters, and one of them gets away. Do you:

A) Award the players 100 gp per head.
B) Reduce one-fourth from the award, making it 75 gp per head.
C) Do something else I haven't thought about.

Note that this enemy escaping could be a result of players actually roleplaying their characters and letting the foes run for freedom while they still can. I personally don't see it fair to penaltize for that.

Similarly, if the said team doesn't specifically say to pick up a certain item (let's say it's a +2 Adamantine Fullplate) although they did find it, do you:

A) Treat it as found, keep the item in the chronicle and award the players fully in gold.
B) Treat it as not found, thus removing it from the chronicle, but still award the team full gold.
C) Treat it as not found, thus removing it from the chronicle, and calculate its appropriate value*, divide it by 12, and reduce that amount from the total gold.
D) Do something else I haven't thought about.

Why I ask this? It seems every GM has a different view on the situation. I, for example, always choose A from the list of options. I don't require the PCs to start lugging heavy armors and figuring out ways to carry them home just to recieve full gold (home campaigns excluded of course).

P.S. I actually looked at a Season 1 scenario while making the example and noticed that the older scenarios gave the gold reward to the player, not the PC. ;)

* a +2 adamantine fullplate costs 20,500 gp, thus giving each PC approx. 1708 gp

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Hello everyone.

This is just a quick question, mainly aimed at the campaign coordinators. How many of the scenarios published as of late (4th and 5th season, for example) have been from Open Call?

I know that the last half of Season Zero was mainly Open Call scenarios, and that didn't go so well, so I'm intrigued about whether or not the Open Call scenarios make it through.

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Here you can ask me, or someone else, about stuff. Be it about flavor, fluff, or rules. Ordinary PbP etiquette rules apply.

Seems pretty straight-forward, doesn't it?

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The true scenario will begin once everyone has introduced their characters to others. This is your chance to *the* impression you want others to have of your character.

You have all been ordered to appear before Venture-Captain Brackett in the lodge of Almas, Andoran. The weather is cloudy, a soft yet brisk autumn breeze is a fresh and welcome change to the blistering heat of the deserts and the freezing ice of the north.

The room houses a long table with a dozen chairs. When not used as a briefing room, this hall obviously works as an eatery. Cutlery have been stowed away, leaving the rough surface barren.

Venture-Captain Brackett has not yet arrived.

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I intend to run #37 The Beggar's Pearl here on Paizo's messageboards as a Play-by-Post game.

The Beggar's Pearl blurb wrote:

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 7th level characters (Tiers: 1–2, 3–4, and 6–7).

When a thief arrives at the Pathfinder Lodge in Almas bearing stolen artifacts and writings pointing the way to a lost dwarven gallery, you are sent into the rugged Aspodell Mountains to find the famed dwarven explorer last known to be searching for the gallery as well as the gallery itself. Once there you find a tangled web of darklands creatures in the thrall of a charismatic cult leader with ties to the darkest shadows of the First Realm.

Since PbPs aren't in a hurry, I don't state a certain starting date. Instead, once there are three players joining, I'll give a week of extra time for additional players to join. I've run a few PbP games already, so I'm familiar about how to resolve combat and so forth.

I don't expect the players to be experienced in PbP games, but I suggest you look at other PbP games for examples on how to write out your posts.

Join the game by posting here, telling the vital statistics of your character (name, PFS number, faction). Of course, since this is going to happen on Paizo's messageboards, you need to use the alias in the game.

If you have any questions to ask, go ahead.

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Oh my! The level of commitment is high on this one!

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...well not all of them...

But seriously, I started to dig a little and look at some of the retired 0-season scenarios. And as I plowed through them I noticed that a certain scenario doesn't deserve to be retired, at least not by modern standards...

Skeleton Moon and Severing Ties:
Both scenarios have a creature capable of petrification. Cockatrices don't even petrify instantly where as basilisks do. And assassin vines are wussies in PFRPG.

...but to be honest, I'm merely pondering and exploring the possibility of bringing some of them back. I was on a hiatus when they were cast away so I don't know all the reasoning behind them. Actually, Josh never addressed the reasons, as I gather. Some say it was because the scenario was too deadly (Blood at Dralkard Manor), had no plot to it (Trouble with Secrets) or was otherwise arse (Asmodeus Mirage).

If I were to retire scenarios based on any of those criteria, I'd boot Drow of the Darklands Pyramid instantly. :)

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Lately I've been hoarding new scenarios like a hog. Since I'm only familiar with the settings of 0th and 1st season, there are some things that puzzle me in the 4th season scenarios.

In two recent scenarios a name has popped up. This man... Tancred Desimire, seems like a recurring NPC who was introduced somewhere else, a lot earlier, but where and when? He seems to take the stage soon...

The Disappeared spoilers?:
...maybe as the new faction leader of Cheliax?
...and yet I still don't know his full agenda. It makes running games a tad hard, as I've noticed. A bit aside the point, running #4-10 Feast of Sigils without any knowledge of the events in Cultist's Kiss proved troublesome. Frustrating and embarrassing. Similar emotions can rise when running an NPC the players, unlike you, know about. Often the scenario mentions the character has been around previously, which is good, but not always.

So I began thinking about having some compiled list of recurring NPCs. Namely the first that come to mind are...

- Nigel Aldain, the curator of Blakros Museum
- Miss Feathers, an... entrepreneur in Kaer Maga
- Tancred Desimire, oh I wish I knew what he is all about
- Osprey, shady druid ally of the Society
- Grandmaster Torch before becoming a faction leader

Heck, listing the venture-captains by appearance would be intriguing to see also! I'm unsure whether such a list has been made already. If it has, it should be sticky'd. Helps new and old GMs alike!

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This is more of a query than a rant. Lately I've noticed how I feel irritated after reading the blurb or see the front page of the scenario. With the level of metaknowledge I have, I can't help but to immediately recognize the monster in the picture. To me it's a bit of the possible surprise taken away.

Today I'm running You Only Die Twice, and was displeased to see the greatest twist in the scenario was outright given to anyone who bothers to read the blurb.

Has anyone else had these sorts of feelings? Have they ever given you troubles? Has a player used the blurb knowledge in a meta-game sense? I'm curious.

EDIT: Muser mentioned To Scale the Dragon as a scenario that gives out it entirely in its blurb. And ... whoah, it does. You read the blurb, you've played the scenario.

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A discussion rose on a local messageboard, mainly regarding items, encumbrance, and clothing. This got me thinking about how much things are hand-waved by GMs and players alike.

The question is "How strict are you?". Essentially in organized play everyone should be playing by the same rules, yet there are multiple rules that are either forgotten, neglected, or downright ignored. While I understand why encumbrance in particular has been hand-waved, it shouldn't, as some players do take it into account, and might use actions to remove their backpacks just to get to light load. How often have you seen someone remove their backpacks before a battle ensues?

Clothing is another issue. In D&D 3.5 starting clothes were free and didn't weigh a thing. In PFRPG, however, the clothes do weigh. This could be of great importance to characters with very low strength. The whole clothing issue has been revisited numerous times, and often I see questions regarding it on the Rules section, yet never there's a definite answer. Thus we must go by what we're given; starting clothes are free, but they have weight.

As a GM I do check characters' stats, equipment, and all that. Despite this I've often forgot to check if clothes are present. I wish to ask other GMs have they paid attention to this at all, or just hand-waved it?

Lastly I come to the issue of items altogether. Do characters carry tents, bedrolls, blankets, trail rations etc? If the journey consists of a week's travel, is the whole ordeal of eating and sleeping hand-waved? If a character doesn't possess any food, water, or sleeping equipment, shouldn't he/she receive hefty penalties for malnutrition and such? Or is it just hand-waved?

I ponder this as some players do take all this into account and struggle with heavy equipment and use actions to lower a backpack and all that. Is it fair to them for other players just roam Golarion with nothing more than an armor, weapon, and a bunch of magic items?

How strict are you in following these less used rules? Would you, as a GM, enforce these and apply appropriate circumstance penalties and bonuses? I know item weights can be the most boring aspects of the character sheet, but they are still there. And rarely do you have to calculate them more than once, at character creation.

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I bumped into the following problem:

Shapeshifter opts out Favored Terrain for shapeshifting, and Guide has an ability called Terrain Bond, which would use Favored terrains. A shapeshifter doesn't have such.

Does this mean Guide's Terrain Bond is a completely useless ability unless the character gains the Favored Terrain ability from some other class?

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I figured I should verify this, although I believe it to be an old finding.

You take the inquisitor's infiltrator archetype's Guileful Lore and mix it with Heresy Inquisition's Righteous Infiltration and you get double wisdom modifier to bluff. Good or not?

Righteous Infiltration:
Righteous Infiltration (Ex): You use your Wisdom modifier instead of your Charisma modifier when making Bluff and Intimidate checks.

Guileful Lore:
Guileful Lore (Ex): At 1st level, the infiltrator’s will is bent toward subterfuge and deception. She adds her Wisdom modifier on Bluff and Diplomacy skill checks in addition to the normal ability score modifiers.

This ability replaces monster lore.

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A lengthy discussion has resulted in some quite good ideas regarding the reporting tool.

Currently playing PFS online can be tiresome with all the print out a chronicle sheet -> fill spots -> scan -> send routine. It could be managed digitally otherwise, but the need of a signature often forces one to use paper. I, for one, don't own a printer and often need to print out everything at work. Not the most ideal solution.

A local player owns a tablet and often prefers to run the games using it and no paper at all. So if the reporting tool would include a 'virtual' chronicle sheet where the GM could fill in the rewarded wealth and other prestige and then send it to the players in question after the reporting is concluded, some people would be really happy. This would also be very good for those who play a lot online. Also since the GM would use the reporting tool with his own account it'd easily count as a valid signature.

Even if this proposition would encounter difficulties, I hope Paizo gives it consideration. Paizo is quite handy with PDFs anyway, so I don't think it'd be a technical impossibility.

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Last night we needed to take Kyra the 7th-level cleric to take one spot. I assumed the character was built correctly but now, afterwards, I noticed serious errors.

One is her channel positive energy. It states 6d6 yet I can't fathom what ability gives her and extra +2d6. Improved Channel gives +2 to the DC, nothing more.

Also I think the pregens shouldn't be carrying around any expendable items. It's way too easy for the group to just expend her items for nearly anything. Then again I'm going to avoid using pregens whenever possible, seems like too much abuse.

I haven't taken a look at the other pregens, but if you find something about them, this might be the appropriate place to say them.

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When I first laid my eyes upon my first chronicle sheet back in Season 0, I was a tad disappointed with how it looked. It has remained unchanged, and I don't mind that. Still, I've got time in my hands so I wondered if it'd be possible to create customized chronicle sheets.

I admit I 'nostalgize' Living Greyhawk and how every adventure record featured the coat of arms, signia, or seal of the country the adventure was located. Having this small image would distinguish the sheet from others, maybe make it more memorable.

Another thing I was thinking about was inserting a short paragraph, an epilogue or a summary of what the character went through. This way it's easier for all those memories to flood in as you browse through your old chronicle sheets.

Presently the chronicle sheet holds a lot of empty white space, primarily because all the acquired equipment from the scenario reserves a lot of space. So far I've seen very little of this space used, maybe two items per tier in average. Neat graphical thingies would liven it up, and I see nothing bad about that.

Ideas or thoughts? Anyhow, would creating a customized chronicle sheet be against the rules somehow? It would still hold all the same information as a regular CS, but the layout would be more ... exquisite.

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As the title says, the session track sheets which you can download from you GM/Event coordinator page lack all the new factions.

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Same as for part II, I figured this requires its own thread. As before, this thread contains spoilers all the way regardless of spoiler tags.

First up is a minor question regarding Nester Rees. In the initial description he's said to be an expert of level 5, yet the stat block says 3. I assume it' the latter; after all, it's much more work to fix an entire statblock than replace one numeral.

Also the travel times seem to confuse me a little. From Absalom to A (centaur encounter) it takes only 3 hours, while the next leg takes one day. Assuming the party leaves in the morning they'd have 5 hours of traveling left. It totals to 3.75 miles travelled (or just 4 miles to make it simple). Regardless, this would force to create a whole new travel time table.

Anyway, this isn't a real problem, it might just confuse other GMs as well. According to my calculations if the PCs leave in the morning they arrive at the frozen wagon after about 3 hours of travel on the fourth day. Of course the solution is to move the frozen wagon forwards, which I will.

Oh, and the centaurs are described to be a bit lame. I know people on these boards keep telling it makes new players leave tables and never come back if their characters die and yadda yadda, but if the PCs are really foolish enough to attack the centaurs, I won't have any qualms using the centaurs to teach the PCs a lesson.

I don't know why there's a map for B. If someone spots the krenshar, it runs off. The map is a waste of ink. As an encounter though, it's nice. This is probably done to spot who in the table are the true metagamers.

Then comes E, the Hero's shrine ... I don't like this encounter as it's written. It's easily identifiable as a shrine to a great person, and thus taking money from the shrine should be punished permanently (as a curse, so remove curse or some would remove the affliction). Similarly just putting a coin and gaining the favor should be in place of the money gained; presently this encounter rewards characters who are good, and punishes those who are evil. While in a moral way this is right, I won't impose penalties on characters who have been roleplayed accordingly. Again, this is a really stupid encounter.

Encounter G, the Bog Mother. Are the PCs supposed to just slaughter or attack the kobold? Is the kobold supposed to attack the PCs just because? I could imagine the kobold demanding the PCs to take another route (a few hours extra traveling) and beginning as unfriendly. That way this can be converted into a roleplaying encounter rather than a typical "lunatic monster attacks PCs for no good reason at all". I've seen that happen way too often.

The Grindylow's Goblet fight is intriguing. I'm assuming Ulionestia drop the glass (free action), and readies an action (pyrotechnics, standard action) which will happen once Shoalo and Ahrmisa get the artifact from the table and turn away from the blast (effectively closing their eyes). On Shoalo's and Ahrmisa's next turns either of them runs to the door and opens it, allowing the other to run outside. A very elaborate plan that requires the PCs some good saves and quick thinking. This holds a real possibility of failure (on PCs part), and that's good. A victory tastes dull if you get too used to it.

I'm hoping to run this adventure next week.

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I figured this scenario deserves its own channel of conversation. Since I already put a spoilers tag in the title, I assume people understand most of the content here to include information that could spoil a player.

I'm going to run this scenario tomorrow so if anyone has some insight and advice on certain parts, feel free to express yourselves.

Right, so I read through the scenario and two things caught my eye. In Room 3 the giant amoeba is small size, and the grab ability doesn't have any special rulings to it, meaning the creature can only grab creatures of small size or smaller. I was just wondering if this was intentional by the scenario writer.

In Room 5 you'll encounter this pathetic skeleton. Sure, the scenario states the GM is allowed to skip some encounters if necessary. One lousy skeleton against a party of possibly 6 (plus animal companions) is a laugh. Since this scenario claims to be a more 'classical' dungeon crawl, it should house more challenging encounters that'd force the characters to rest at certain intervals. As I read the scenario through, they are all doable in a day's time, even by an average party.

The same rant applies to the encounter in room 7. Three fire beetles, each having 4 hp? Oh please. Then again you can just close the door... and do stupid tactics with open door, throw acid flask, close door.

Now, the room 9 is what I'm talking about. Blinded for 1 hour? It creates tension once a character botches the roll. It forces the characters to take a rest and wait it to wear off.

Room 11... one giant spider. Might put up a small fight, but I doubt it'll last any longer than two rounds.

I also get the feeling Fledzer gets away really quick. With his stealth checks his extremely hard to spot, and escaping on round 2 with all his abilities the characters can't track him even in their wildest dreams. Then again, the jade katana is not necessary to receive both prestige points; and it's good if the characters fail once in a while.

I'll give a more detailed report about how things actually went on.

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The Ki mystic is terribly badly written. It's simply just full of questions. I tried searching with Google and Paizo boards to find answers to these questions, but couldn't find any.

1) Does Ki Mystic ability replace Ki Pool ability? Doesn't say so.
2) Do the pools stack then? RAW yes, but seems bogus.
2.1) If they stack, can I use ki points from either pool to use any ki ability?
3) When I gain the ki mystic pool at 3rd level, can I use it to other means than +4 to knowledge rolls?
4) Can I take the Extra Ki feat at 3rd level even though I don't namely have the Ki Pool ability?
5) Possibly a lot more questions?

I look for answers that are RAW or clear the intention. I play PFS primarily so a house rule is out of the question.

My opinions and interpretations of the answers:

1) Practically yes.
2) No. Ki Mystic practically gives +2 ki points from level 4 onwards.
3) Mmmmaybe? I really don't know.
4) Yes. This is just a stupid oversight regarding requirements.

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Didn't know where else to put this...

So, I've reactivated myself and I'm faced with a question:

Since I didn't receive GM rewards retroactively from the scenarios I ran when the GM rewards program started, can I then run those modules again to gain this the reward?

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At the end of July Ropecon will be held in Finland. Ropecon is a gaming convention held in Espoo, Finland. Games held in Ropecon span from Warhammer to Magic: The Gathering to all kinds of tabletop role-playing games.

And Pathfinder Society will be represented there as well. I personally will run 4 sessions, but there might be more GMs to hold more sessions.

Event description and all that stuff is available here:

And as a side note, Erik Mona is gonna be there!

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Hi all,

After starting a scenario-like campaign and designing my character, I came across poisons and got frustrated with their high prices. Since they are only one-shot items with low chances of success, I can't help but wonder why the prices have been set up so high?

Sure, buying these poisons isn't a regular deal and must be smuggled, but that's not the issue here. You could still create poisons but due to their given market price they are far from being realistic.

For instance the Small Centipede Poison is extremely mild, and extremely weak as well. A maximum of 4 dexterity damage can be achieved only if the target somehow manages to fail a Fortitude save DC 11 four times in a row.

Simply: the poisons in Pathfinder RPG work better, but their effectiveness wasn't considered when pricing them. I'm trying to device a formula based on the poison's type, DC, Frequency, Effect, and the required number of cures. Any advice or idea is appreciated!


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Where are they? It's already 26th of September and we haven't even seen the sneak peeks.

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I've been forming up a concept of a fighter not concentrating on dealing damage, but doing all kinds of tricks and combat maneuvers. Then I come across the feat Combat Expertise. I blink for a moment. Turning a few pages I come across Dodge. I begin to wonder the feats' balance.

Dodge is obviously superior to Combat Expertise, and by a lot.

  • Dodge doesn't require any actions to be taken. This is crucial to characters whose main point is not to attack every round. For example wizards and other spellcasters can't even consider taking Combat Expertise.
  • Second, dodge doesn't give any kind of penalty for using it. While a -1 to attacks is merely a nuisance, it's still a nuisance and has a great impact on lower levels.
  • Combat Expertise's only advantage is its slowly progressing AC bonus (and attack penalty). One could argue if it's worth it anyways. Dodge just is there, and it gives the bonus regardless of anything. A character with BAB +16 would still inherit a penalty of -4 to all attacks and a small bonus of +4 AC.

Both are dodge bonuses, so they go away if the character is denied his/her Dexterity bonus.

Both feats are requirements for other feats in the same chain. They are equal in that matter.

All in all, I simply hate Combat Expertise. It's a prerequisite for a CMB fighter, and a fighter just doesn't want to use Combat Expertise since it hinders all the combat maneuvers as well. Truly a waste.

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A discovery was made regarding the powers of cleric domains, sorcerer bloodlines, and wizard schools.

Nearly all of the powers requiring a touch are Spell-like abilities. Now, as per the rules they provoke attacks of opportunity whenever they are used. So if a cleric with the Death domain attempts to perform a Bleeding Touch on an enemy, she must either succeed in a Concentration check (DC 15) or provoke an attack of opportunity (assuming she is threatened by the enemy). Considering that this particular power (Death domain's Bleeding Touch) is clearly meant to be used against enemies, it strikes me as utterly stupid to have them backfire like this.

Furthermore I checked what the domain powers are in the 3.5 domains. They are supernatural abilities. I guess it'd be because then they don't provoke attacks of opportunity. For example the Death domain'd Death touch is a supernatural ability. And it has something to do with touching.

Am I just becoming insane, or does Pathfinder RPG show yet another ludicrous oversight?

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Now here's a problem.

Say you're a new DM and you've agreed to run a scenario with the lowest tier of 7-8. You've been told you get a GM reward out of it. But then you realise you cannot give the GM reward xp to any of your characters since you don't have any characters except for a 1st level dude.

I'd find it very unfair to not give this GM the reward until he'd have some 7th level character, so how should one act in this situation?

I already formulated a solution for this, although this would require all kinds of rewriting and such. Those might be reason why this wouldn't ever come to reality, which is a shame.

Anyway, the idea I had was to give the GM's character all the normal goodies (1 xp, 1 PA etc.), but instead of 1/2 of the gold given in the scenario on the appropriate tier (which might not exist for the character), give the character 250 gp per level. You're not convinced? I even made awesome excel table calculations to check it's as par as it could be.

Of course I have to go by the information I can have, mainly Season 0 scenarios and their average wealth income, and the wealth conversion table presented in the guide.

Also regarding scenarios like Lyrics of Extinction:
On tier 6-7 it gives 2927 gp (I doubt this is a spoiler?). Half of that is 1463 gp. If the GM reward would be given to a 6th level character with the alternative method, it'd be 1500 gp. Not too far off, and it'd still follow the "half the money" idea. The main benefit would be: a) Simplicity, and b) compatibility. You could give the GM reward of a Tier 7 minimum scenario to a 1st level character.

"I so wish DarkWhite could have written this instead of me. He's better at articulating!"

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I'm about to run this scenario on 30th August, and I have some things unclear.

1a) The ghosts' frightful moan DC isn't listed anywhere. I'm guessing it's DC 16 (10 + ½ HD + Charisma modifier + Ability Focus).

1b) Also, who came up with the idea of giving barbarian levels to an incorporeal ghost?

2) The lock box lists an Open Lock DC. Knowing that practically no other than rogues take Disable Device ranks (the skill that now incorporates Open Lock), how is the team supposed to open it? Sure, a sor/wiz could cast a Knock spell (if he/she had one), but I doubt anyone memorized one. Anyway, can the lock box be taken with them back to Kibwe and opened there? Alternatively, can they use the more common method "Mash it to bits"? I can't see why not.

Oh wait, the scenario says "If the PCs claim the lock box, reward each tier thusly..." Yeah they probably claim it, but don't open it. :)

3) Is there a way up the hole in Act 4 (Beetle encounter)? It seems odd to have 3 big critters in a cramped space trapped there, especially since the PCs can just, you know, shoot down the hole and kill those with ease. Any idea how to make this encounter, hmm, more interesting?

4) In Act 5 the Andoran faction needs a DC 25 Diplomacy check in order to shift them from unfriendly to friendly. That's VERY hard indeed!

5) The map in Act 6 could have used markers to all those altars. I have no idea where altars 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 should be. Do they form some sort of a half-circle? Or are the eight southernmost pillars (as in the map) supposed to be the altars?

6) Which effect does the Bestow Curse trap give? I have three options, but I wish to know if it should be stated there beforehand.

7) Intriguingly the PFRPG version of Summon Monster doesn't list Howler anywhere. Am I to assume Tyruwat is still able to summon a Howler despite? Also why don't the tactics say he should be casting Dominate Person in order to win the day? The Tier 10-11 tactics are just plain stupid. Wand of Charm Person? Hahaha! The effective DC of that charm is only 6! I'll just replace that with "use dominate person".

I think that's all. For now.

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I was planning on getting a Pathfinder Chronicles subscriptions, but I am also interested in getting most of the previous Pathfinder Chronicles products. As I've understood, I cannot combine these orders for matters I do not understand nor care about, but there's another issue that troubles my mind.

Since I tend to spend many hours in front of a computer, I'm fond of the PDF versions as well. Now, with a subscription I would get the PDFs from the products I get. But even if I would have an ongoing Pathfinder Chronicles subscription going on, buying previous products wouldn't give me the benefit, or am I wrong?

I'm asking this because I hope Paizo isn't ... favoring old customers over new ones. Let's say a new customer hears about Pathfinder RPG's success and browses through some of the free goodies, and approves the quality Paizo produces. Now the customer, in his or her great wealth, applies for Pathfinder Chronicles subscription and in addition orders the rest of the paperback products under the same line of products (Pathfinder Chronicles).

How are these situations handled? I might have missed some important bits. I couldn't find any exact information, and I've heard negative answers from other people I've asked from.

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This question is directed to the following people (so far):

Matthieu Dayon
Craig Campbell
Benjamin Wenham
Greg A. Vaughan

Although I understood Greg's work was meant to be released later, but in the absence of suitable scenario proposals for #20 it was chosen instead.

The important bits I would like to see is the overall composition of the proposal.

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I really have nothing to complaing about it. Or, well, the map intended to the players has the encounters in it, and the scenario expects the pathfinders to go loot every thug that comes across.

Other than that, this scenario was pure gold. I was playing (fortunately), and heard words of praised aimed at the scenario. Confident players declared 'To Scale the Dragon' as the best PFS scenario so far.

Good job, Hitchcock.

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I ran this yesterday (Sunday), and I have to say this did not deliver the much needed confidence in PFS scenarios.

The base idea of the scenario is alright. It's good all the way to the valley, and that's where things start going wrong. I like how Puli and Rafmeln are handled, but they get too little screen time.

The main problems with Asmodeus Mirage are the combat encounters. Even the players said they are utterly random with very little consistency. First Ankhegs, which are actually creatures with 'environment: warm plains'. If a similar stunt would have been pulled in an Open Call, it would have been noted as an error. After all, the encounter happens on a desert terrain.

But it's not just some minor things like that. I pulled a mixed Tier 3-4 & 6-7 with the group since the encounters were so bizarrely imbalanced each time. On Tier 1-2 (EL 2) the last combat with a giant ant soldier is ridiculously easy regardless of the rather neat damage output. With 11 hit points it just isn't going to last long, maybe one or two attacks. Thus, an encounter lasting less than a round. On tier 3-4 (EL 5) the same thing applies. A giant constrictor snake cripples itself by grappling, further decreasing its AC.

But on Tier 6-7 the tide suddenly changes. From ELs 2 and 5 we hop onto 9. A bone devil. Even on tier 6-7 this encounter could prove deadly, thanks to the bone devil's multiple protections (SR, DR, high AC). Since I was sure the team of five pathfinders (APL 4½) couldn't beat it, I put the Tier 3-4 monster in front of them which proved to be a breeze.

Act 1, by the way, to me seems too much of a repetition. This same thing was used in another scenario, and it works poorly here. It all seems so random, why skeletons? What are they? Why are they here? What's with the maelstorm? So many questions to ask.

Krasus was a really bad idea. Just because he's mad isn't good enough a reason to make him attack the PCs. Really, think about it. And the whole combat is poorly executed. On tier 3-4 there are two imps and a meager lemure. On tier 6-7 there are 7 imps and a bearded devil. I chose the latter and the encounter proved to be an annoyingly slow and frustrating. Seven monsters with high AC, fast healing, and poison attacks are a pain in the !"# to a DM. I finally gave up the fast healing and poison just to get on with it. Never ever put that much useless, complicated yet very unthreatening fodder in the way. Also the DR was very annoying. I tell the future DMs to just scrap the annoying fodder, and just have Krasus and two Bearded Devils.

The gnoll village makes things feel odd. Verthig there has no past to speak of, and initially feels like an Andoran faction quest MacGuffin. I had to make an explanation from thin air. Also I had trouble to determine what the elders know and what they don't. Do they know of the flower? How about the dragon? Have they been venturing at all?

The players luckily managed to skip Act 3 altogether, which itself is a ridiculous encounter as well. As I did not run it though, I won't say much else about.

Final verdict: Asmodeus Mirage was alright, but bordering sub-par. Too much scripted encounters with poor reasons. Players got really frustrated and were rolling initiative even before they asked since they just knew they couldn't *talk* their way through. After all the team consisted of four cheliaxians and one osirion, so the Cleric of Asmodeus felt betrayed. Please include options to avoid these mandatory combats!

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Aye, I have some questions directed to the top of the ladder. I'm asking how do the editors view *modified* creatures? Namely monsters whose hit dice have been increased to provide a fair match.

Though I'm also asking if custom made monsters are a definite "No"? I know they are a risky business, but past has shown they are possible.

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I'm seeing a huge number of different threads for rejected PFS scenario proposals and discussion about others and congratulatory threads. These somewhat interfere with those discussing rules and whatnot. So I simply suggest creating a new section for these types of speculation and reviewing. Might be good.

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