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I was looking at reviews on a bunch of products recently and noticed that in many cases the site shows that many products have more ratings than actually show up when you view them.

For example, on Wayfinder issue 7 the site says that its overall rating is based on 5 reviews, but you can only see one review on it.


As far as I can see we don't have the ability to make a review hidden and I can't see why Paizo would do that either. I see this on a whole lot of products, not just Wayfinder. It makes me more inclined to not trust the reviews as it looks like you are hiding reviews, for good or bad.

Why doesn't it show all the reviews if they are there?

It doesn't just protect from 10 hitpoints of damage. It also protects against other effects of the attack as well.

"You gain DR 10/magic against this attack and are immune to any poison, sneak attacks, or critical hit effect from that attack.

You cannot use windy escape against an attack of opportunity you provoked by casting a spell, using a spell-like ability, or using any other magical ability that provokes an attack of opportunity when used."

There have been a few instances, but the one he's pushed back on the most was the following instance.

He activated a trap on a door. He didn't know it was trapped. The door knob had acid on it and a touch poison. My feeling is he didn't even know it was a danger and it isn't an attack. So by the time he came into contact with the acid and poison, it was already too late for him to use the spell as he was already burned and poisoned by them.

As for the timing of it, it makes a huge difference when you can use it. If you can wait until the attack roll is resolved, it is a significantly better use of it. If you have to use it before the attack roll it is a much less beneficial spell. I'm ok with using in either of these ways because the spell certainly makes it appear that you have to be aware of the attack in order to react to it. My problem is with attacks that you aren't aware of and using it against things that aren't attacks.

After thinking about it more, I guess one of the issues is, he may be stuck on thinking that anything that effects you in a negative way is an attack and forgetting that in the Pathfinder rules attack has a definition and that is what the effects of things are referring to.

So I've been dealing with this spell and trying to get a grip on it. I've been butting heads with a player over what it can do and what it can be used against.

It all comes down to the timing of the Immediate action and what exactly it can be used against, or what exactly constitutes an attack.

What does it mean to respond to an attack? When do you have to take the immediate action to cast the spell? Do you cast it when the attack is announced before the attack is made or can you wait until after the attack hits but before finding out the damage of the attack?

The spell isn't 100% clear as to the timing of it and I've not found anything in the action types rules to help. Answering this question would clear up a lot of the issues I've been having with it.


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So in the book there is a map of the Smuggler's Tunnels beneath Sandpoint. On the map there are a number of yellow and red dots, but there is no legend or note that specifies exactly what those are.

It can be inferred from reading descriptions of some of the areas just what those dots mean. I've come to the conclusion that the yellow dots are entrances to the tunnels from the surface, but not necessarily hidden or secret. While the red dots are secret entrances and mostly subterranean. There is a note on page 70 that there are secret doors that can be found with a DC 20 Perception check. The area descriptions tend to match up with the dots and this interpretation.

I'm just wondering if this interpretation is correct? Are the red ones the secret entrances and the yellow ones just not widely known entrances but not specifically hidden entrances as far as searching for them goes?

Character: Captain Naseera
Race/Class: Human Life Oracle of Calistria 5
Location: Bonewrack Isle, Raiders of the Fever Sea
Catalyst: Trying to climb down a mountain side at full speed with no Climb skill ranks

The Gory Details:

The group had returned to Bonewrack Isle to find their companion Tykari at his cousin's insistence. After a few months the group eventually gave in.

I had Tykari become a Dread Ghast leading a new group of Ghouls. Tykari being a Dread Ghast was smart so he lit smoky "cook" fires in Aron Ivy's old fort to draw people and creatures in. He did so when he saw the Sea Hawk anchor in the bay. The party saw the smoke and went onto the island to go find him.

At the top of the mountain the group panicked from not bringing their tools to deal with a botfly swarm and fled down the mountain trail at full speed. Because of accelerated climbing, the DC went up to 15. Captain Naseera only had a +1 to her climb checks due to zero ranks in climb and encumbrance. She rolled a 1 on her very first climb check. She had no chance to catch herself on that roll and she ended up looking like hamburger at the bottom of the mountain.

Her death was short lived. The group went back to Bloodcove seeking assistance from the Aspis Consortium seeing how they had just completed a task putting them in back in their good graces. They were able to get her raised and the required restoration spells cast, but put themselves into heavy debt to the Consortium.

Character: Kho' Pesh
Race/Class: Dwarven Aquatic Ranger 2 / Fighter 3
Location: Bonewrack Isle, Raiders of the Fever Sea
Catalyst: Trying to climb down a mountain side at full speed with minimal Climb skill ranks

The Gory Details:

Kho was in the same spot as Captain Naseera. After seeing what happened to Captain Nassera, the player says I also try fleeing at full speed. I reminded him what just happened and what he need to do it successfully. Kho only had a +7 to his climb checks due to minimal ranks in climb and encumbrance. He said yeah, I'm good. He rolled a 2 on his climb check. So he had no chance to catch himself on the catch himself roll and he ended up looking like hamburger at the bottom of the mountain next to his captain.

This was ironic that Kho died as they were there trying to find this player's previous PC, Tykari, who had died when he was left there sick with Ghoul fever. Also one of the other PCs just barely avoided the same fate as Naseera and Kho. He actually fell but one of the other PCs with natural Climb rates was able to catch him.

Kho's death was also short lived. The group went back to Bloodcove seeking assistance from the Aspis Consortium seeing how they had just completed a task putting them in back in their good graces. They were able to get him raised and the required restoration spells cast, but put themselves into heavy debt to the Consortium.

Character: Tykari
Race/Class: Rahshasia-spawn Tiefling Ranger/Wizard
Location: Bonewrack Isle, Wormwood Mutiny
Catalyst: Ghouls and player getting bored with character.

The Gory Details:

Tykari was an orphan who grew up in the Mwangi Expanse raised by a tribe of Catfolk, believing he was a catfolk himself. He and his cousin Zamir (a real Catfolk and another PC) became crew members together on the Wormwood.

In their adventures on Bonewrack Island Tykari's player got bored with him and wanted to make a new character. So I okayed a new character. With no abilities to heal Ghoul Fever in the group and Tykari being the only character with any ability in Survival, he wandered off into the jungle during the night on his watch. His new character was found washed up on shore having had his ship crash and sunk in the same storm that got the Man's Promise stuck there. His new character Kho being the only survivor (at least as far as Kho knows, decided to join the crew. I played it well and the rest of the group really thought his new character was an NPC who Harrigan sent after them. After a 30 minutes of roleplaying the situation I broke the news as to what was going on. It was great as the group had no idea what was going on.

Tykari eventually succumbed to the Fever and became a ghoul along with Narwhal Tate. Tykari became a Ghast leading a new group of ghouls consisting of Narwhal, left over crew from Kho's ship, and some Grindylows.

Tykari found his final rest when the group returned to find Tykari. The rest of the group and crew eventually gave into Zamir's requests to return to the island to find and save his cousin.

They did find him. After a very exciting fight, Tykari's cousin Zamir put the killing blow on him that ended his short reign as Ghast King. I had to tone the encounter down as only two of the PCs continued on to the final encounter with Tykari. It was on this misadventure that two other party members would find their death's as well. But that is for another post.

They eventually buried Tykari at Sea.

I've been giving my crew XP for everything the crew takes part in. Some of the crew with heroic class levels were made officers. Even a couple with only NPC classes were made officers. I started them all at the minimum amount needed to get what ever level they started the game at.

For anything that crew take part in I give them XP. So mostly for ship to ship actions. I give an amount equal to what the PCs get, split evenly among the entire crew. For any NPCs that are officers or have heroic levels I give an extra 25% after figuring their share. For ease of calculations I round up the the nearest 10.

Ultimately this has meant that Sandara, Rosie, Jack, Shivika, and Ranzak (Goblin promo character from the Skull & Shackles card game) have all gained a level and the rest of the crew (except Fishguts and Axul the ship's carpenter they highered) are very close to gaining a level by the end of Book 2. As their crew gets bigger it's actually slowing down their advancement.

It's meant for a little bit of extra work on my part, but it's worked well and I've casually noted how the crew members have gotten better after they leveled up each time, without outright saying they leveled up.

Wow I don't get around to the forums much anymore, but I'm happy to see so many people still using these and coming up with more events. I've run the AP twice now. One time to the end. In the first running, that only made it half way through book 2, my son and his friend had lots of fun with them. In my second run through, my group wasn't interested in them in the slightest. Much to my frustration, they actually decided to make some money on their own and give guided tours of Sandpoint, telling the stories of the Late Unpleasantness and pointing out where the various murders occured.

Wow, indeed they are. That being said, my original question still stands about their attack as the other form is definitely something I may still want to use.

Yeah, I'd already considered that myself. Only dealing with suffocation while in the swarm definitely didn't seem all that big of threat so that's what got me wondering. There are some pretty specific situations where that could actually be a problem, but honestly the swarm is likely to kill most people from its damage attacks before the person is going to suffocate while in it.

It's listed right under special attacks.

Special Attacks disease, distraction (DC 14), suffocation

Because here:


When my group was on Bonewrack Isle, I never noticed that the botfly swarms have a suffocation attack. I can't find rules for that special attack anywhere. Does anyone know the mechanics for it? I'm assuming it works a bit like the suffocation spell while in the swarm, but I'm not sure. My players are thinking of returning to Bonewrack Island to get a crew member who stayed behind. So it's definitely something I want to keep in my back pocket for use if they should go back.

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My wife is Filipino so it is very nice to see Filipinos being represented at Paizo. With so many Filipino people, hopefully we'll be able to see more Filipino culture and mythology represented on Golarion in the future.

I've added Ranzak, the promo goblin character for the Adventure Card game to my crew. I expanded his background story a bit. I gave him the Pegleg campaign trait even though NPCs aren't supposed to get them. How could I not? I tried to keep as close the the cardgame version of him as possible. So I made him a cutpurse rogue as I felt it fits his boon acquiring ability best.

Ranzak Squidbreath (Swab):

Ranzak Squidbreath (Swab)
Ranzak is a goblin pirate, but he wasn't always so, nor did he always go by the name Ranzak. Born "Squidbreath," Ranzak was a diver among the Longlung goblins of the Shackles. When his fellow Longlungs were eaten by a sea monster—one the tribe called "Swirly Doom"—Squidbreath escaped, albeit minus a leg. Tribeless and alone, Squidbreath eventually joined a goblin pirate vessel.
After years of plundering the Fever Sea, Squidbreath decided he needed a "magic bird" (a parrot) to eat crackers and "tell true secrets." He, along with his fellow goblins, snuck into a cave occupied by a "longshanks chief" with the intention of stealing his parrot while the captain slept. When the goblin attempted to steal the parrot, it began squeaking "Ranzak! Ranzak! Ranzak! Ranzak! Ranzak!" Believing the magic bird to "squawk true," Squidbreath took the parrot's cries of alarm to be his true name, adopting it from that point forward.

He's named the bird Squakbox. Seeing how it is magical, Ranzak realizes that he's destined to greatness and plans to be a powerful goblin pirate captain in the future. All the best stories tell that the best captains ever had a hook hand. Knowing his magical bird would protect him, he had his tribe mates cut off his hand so that he could get a hook as well. He passed out, and his tribemates left him for dead. Ranzak wasn't dead though. When he woke up his tribemates were gone and the bleeding had stopped. Squawkbox was there calling out Ranzak, Ranzak, Ranzak. He knew that the bird was truly magical after this.
He build a crude raft and sailed it to Port Peril. Having been kicked around on the docks when volunteering for duty on a ship, Ranzak stowed away on board the Wormwood when most of the pirates left to go get more longshanks. Ranzak makes himself known when the PCs are woken up at sea on the first morning.

Ranzak likes to play his harmonica and sing his song for those who will listen. He can't carry a tune and but plays the harmonica passably, but that doesn't stop him from doing either.
Ranzak's Song
"Goblins fight and goblins bleed,
Ranzak takes what Ranzak needs.
Follow orders! Don't give guff!
Fight for Ranzak! He needs stuff!

Ranzak wrote this clever verse.
Ranzak's smart, so you go first!
Come o, pirates! Do your duty!
Ranzak's ready for some booty!"

XP 400
Goblin Rogue (cutpurse) 2
CN Small Humanoid
Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 ft., Perception +4
AC 15, touch 13, flat-footed 13; (+2 Dex, +2 Armor, +1 Size)
hp 16 (2d8+6)
Fort +4, Ref +5, Will -0
SD Evasion
Speed 30 ft.
Melee masterwork rapier +5 (1d4/18-20x2) or masterwork hook hand +5 (1d3/x2) or masterwork rapier +3 (ad4/18-20x2) and masterwork hook hand +2 (1d3/x2)
Ranged dagger +4 (1d3/19-20x2)
Special Attacks Sneak Attack +1d6, Goblin Foolhardiness (+1 to hit in melee when no allies adjacent to him), Pegleg (+1 trait bonus dmg vs sharks and aquatic creatures), Finesse Rogue
Str 10, Dex 15, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 12
Base Atk +1; CMB +0; CMD 12
Feats Two-Weapon Fighting
Skills Acrobatics +7, Bluff +5, Craft (rope) +4, Disable Device +6, Escape Artist +6, Handle Animal +2, Perception +4, Perform (Wind Instruments) +5, Profession (Sailor) +4, Sleight of Hand +7, Stealth +14, Survival +1, Swim +4
Languages Common, goblin
Manuever the Mark
Goblin Overconfidence +1 to attack roles when fighting an enemy in melee and has no allies adjact to himself.
Combat Gear dagger x2, masterwork rapier, masterwork hook hand, leather armor
Other Gear red bandana, red sash, torn dirty and sleeveless tunic, dirty and worn white and blue striped trousers, peg-leg, harmonica, caltrops x2, macaw (squawkbox), large jar of pickles (one pickle counts a potion of Cure Light Wounds), silver ear rings x3, bone necklace, 10 GP.
Due to his magical bird protecting him, Ranzak is bold in combat. He usualy fights with his rapier and hook hand in melee. He tries to get into flanking positions to improve his chances of hitting opponents and using his Sneak Attack ability.
Ranzak has complete faith in Squawkbox's ability to use his magic to heal him. Therefor Ranzak fights to the death, not realizing that his magical bird won't save him.

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Name of PC: Briarios Silvasi, Human
Class/Level: Bard 1, Fighter 4, Rogue 2, Sorcerer 3
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre, Chapter 3
Catalyst: Part 5, Harrowing the Hook
Story: Briarios and the other Rogue in the party were separated from the Wizard and Paladin while fighting Ogres and giants. The Ogre blacksmiths came out and wounded both Briarios and the other Rogue. That's when disaster struck. The Ogre Taskmaster wounded Briarios with a nearly max damage critical hit from an Ogre Hook. Already wounded, a 73 hp hit sent him into instant death.

It was a short lived death though. In the heat of the battle we forgot about hero points. When we remembered I let him spend hero points to save himself. The party recuperated in the stronghold after defeating Barl and the Ogres. A couple days later, they then took his and Lamatar's body to Myrianna to be reincarnated. I ruled her reincarnation worked on both of them. Unfortunately Briarios came back as a Half-Orc and a profound love for Myrianna.

Skeld wrote:
Delthos wrote:
Skeld wrote:

Stop using XP and level the party when it is an appropriate time for the party to level.


Thanks for the useless suggestion.

You're welcome. Let me know if I can help you out with anything else. :D


PS: it's not a useless suggestion. Lots of GM/groups go XP-less and it solves a lot of problems exactly like the one you're having and more.

It is useless because I am using XP and I didn't ask for advice on how I should handle XP and leveling up. I already know about going XP-less and using XP is a choice I made. Having to add to and adapt the AP to what my players do isn't a problem for me. It helps the AP feel less like it is on rails that way. Therefor using XP isn't a problem for me. So rather than assuming I don't know about going XP-less and hadn't already considered using it, why not actually answer the question I am asking? That being suggestions on how to advance the goblin Bard to complement the Big Mouth Biter Barbarian to provide an interesting scenario.

dragonhunterq wrote:
Also you should give xp for overcoming an encounter, not just killing the bad guy. I think turning the bad guy into an ally counts - even if only temporary.

Oh I do that. I gave them XP for the encounters that were directly over come by them getting Gogmurt's help. They didn't get XP for stuff they didn't encounter and Gogmurt didn't help with like the Shadows, the crab, and some others which they never explored. That's not the problem though.

I'm not looking for advice on how to award XP. I've got no problems with that. I'm looking for suggestions on something to do for the encounter I'm designing. Looking for something interesting to do with the Goblin Bard that will pair well with a Big Biter Goblin barbarian.

Skeld wrote:

Stop using XP and level the party when it is an appropriate time for the party to level.


Thanks for the useless suggestion.

So my players allied with Gogmurt. I decided that Gogmurt was going to remain loyal to the tribe, but not Ripnugget and that Gogmurt wanted to become the new chieftain.

In their encounter with Gogmurt, they were nearly defeated and on the ropes, but were able to get Gogmurt down to low enough hp to get him to surrender and then work with them. The party agreed to take out Nualia and her crew and to not kill anymore goblins. They went back to Sandpoint to heal up and resupply while Gogmurt proceeded to tell all of the remaining goblins and Nualia how he fought off the longshanks sent to stop them and pushed them all down into the howling hole for the bunyip to eat them. This raised Gogmurt's status significantly with the tribe.

The party returned and Gogmurt told them how to get by all the goblins, as best he knew, to get to Nualia. While Gogmurt was allied with the party, he also wanted to eliminate them and Ripnugget so he hatched a plan for the party to take out Nualia, then get Ripnugget to go after the intruders. Once they fought each other, Gogmurt's plan was to take out Ripnugget.

The players were much more effective than Gogmurt expected and he threw in with the party to help defeat Ripnugget as all the other goblins were unconscious as the party true to their word didn't kill any more. They came face to face, both the players and Gogmurt were low on hp, but the players had no healing left and Gogmurt had plenty of charges left on his wand to take out the party. They knew this and realized that they likely wouldn't make it out, even though they were angry at Gogmurt's betrayal. What this amounted to is them missing out on most of the encounters in the lowest levels. They did explore and find the sarcophagus's and gold coin stack but got scared and left before investigating further. So I'm going to be throwing an encounter at them before they go to the Misgivings to bring their XP up to get their level more in line with where it should be. They made 4th level, but are only about half way to 5th level.

Some of the goblins got away in the initial raid on Sandpoint. In particular, one regular goblin and the Bard. So my idea is that these two got lost after the raid trying to find their way back to their tribes. They teamed up and have gone feral.

I'm going to make the regular goblin a Big Mouth Biter Barbarian to represent him losing his weapon and using the one last weapon goblins have, their giant mouths. I'm drawing a blank as to what I should do with the Bard.

The party has already nicknamed the soon to be barbarian Pickles, and are always afraid he's coming back (due to them facing a recurring character they just couldn't defeat in a previous campaign under a different GM). So I'm gonna give them what they expect. The group consists of a human Bard 2/Fighter 2, half-elf Rogue 2/ Ranger 2, elf wizard 2/ Fighter 2, and human paladin 4. The paladin is a two-weapon shortsword wielder, and the other three are specializing in archery.

I'm looking for suggestions for something entertaining that will pair well with the Big Mouth Biter and give them a challenge. Possibly throw in some extra lesser goblins stragglers or other creatures they picked up after the raid. Something that isn't going to rely on equipment or magic items as they won't have access to a lot of stuff. While the group are 4th level, they've really struggled with goblins and come to see them as a challenge, even with their goblin antics. So while they've resolved the major goblin threat and found that they are able to deal with average goblins fairly easily, I don't want them to forget that they are always going to be dangerous.

Any suggestions?

So I have a Rogue in my group who stole a rope from the General Store while Ven was in the basement dealing with the group's Bard and Shaylis. This Rogue has the Favored Son trait with Sheriff Hemlock as the NPC he's close to. Sheriff Hemlock knows he's apt to theft as he caught him stealing when he was younger, but saw him giving the stolen money to some poor people. He had a soft spot and tried to help lead a better life.

So this brings us around to Ven will be going to the Sheriff when he returns from Magnimar to have the entire party arrested for a coordinated theft of the rope during the Shaylis encounter.

The groups Paladin didn't know that the theft happened and Father Zantus's help was enlisted to repair the relationship with Ven. Unfortuantely Ven wants nothing to do with that now that he suspects the theft happened. Ven has no proof it happened, but it did happen.

As Father Zantus is involved, I suspect a Zone of Truth will be used to help get to the truth of the situation. Assuming the Rogue fails his save, the truth will come out.

I'm trying to figure out an appropriate punishment which will be reasonable, believable, will satisfy the populace of Sandpoint, yet won't disrupt the campaign significantly. Sandpoint being the busybody town it is, most people know of the relationship of the Rogue and the Sheriff over the previous ten years. The Sheriff and Mayor are going to be really hard pressed to hand out an appropriate punishment without seeming to go light on him because of their relationship.

I'm thinking a few things are going to be needed at least. One a fine and two an apology to Ven. Ven is angry and wants jail time though. So I'm not sure how to go. Of course the Sheriff is going to be very hurt and disappointed in the Rogue, so we'll be dealing with that as well.

What would you do in this situation?

What if you purchased your copy while on vacation in another state 700 miles away? It's going to be inconvenient to replace it with them.

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My current group is running through Burnt Offerings. We just got about half way through. Our current funny moment is:

Shaylis troubles:

The party has a Varisian Bard who fancies himself a ladies man. He made it point to tell me this while he was building the character. I could feel the hook being set for this encounter there.

So he fairly willingly went with her to take care of the "rats". The rest of the party, a Rogue, Wizard, and Paladin decided to follow along at a safe distance as they got a bad feeling about the situation.

The Bard and Shaylis go down into the basement and a short time later, Ven comes out of a side room with a customer saying he had to go down to the basement to get some of his special stock. The other guys were already in the store at this point, so the Wizard quickly tries to get Ven's attention as he had and idea of what was going on in the basement and tries to keep him from going down there. He tries really hard to convince him to help him first.

Ven, says to just hold on a bit as he has to finish helping the other customer. It is at this point that the Rogue sees an opportunity for some thievery and starts looking at two coils of rope.

The wizard follows Ven a short moment after he heads to the basement. A bit later they all hear Ven's enraged voice. Ven sees the Wizard come down and thinks that the group had planned the whole encounter to take advantage of Shaylis and each take a turn with her. Seeing how the Wizard tried so hard to keep him from going into the basement.

The Paladin not knowing what is exactly going on in the basement, moves to the basement door to see what's going on. The Rogue seeing that the customer and Paladin are thoroughly distracted by the troubles, uses slight of hands to put one of the ropes under his coat. He then moves to the stairs and drops the other rope. The Paladin doesn't see this.

Ven and the Bard and Wizard have it out in the basement. Ven rolls crappy and is completely ineffectual in the fist fight. The Wizard grapples Ven and is able to keep him grappled for three rounds until Ven calms down enough to kick them all out and ban them from the store. He comes up to find the Paladin and the Rogue blocking the door.

This just reinforces Ven's idea that it was all planned out for them all to take advantage of Shaylis.

After leaving, the Paladin realizing that they need to fix the problem asked Father Zantus to help getting things fixed. Father Zantus agrees to help and goes to help the next day. Unfortunately Ven found the second rope on the floor and after putting it back realizes that one is missing. He has no desire to fix things and is waiting for the Sheriff to return from Magnimar, so he can have the entire party arrested for thievery. He has no proof, but is highly suspicious, as the customer said the Rogue was looking at the ropes. The party hasn't found out he suspects one of them stole the rope yet. They are currently dealing with the Catacombs of Wrath. The sheriff is due back in a day or two.

So Ven thinks the "Heroes of Sandpoint" planned to all take turns with Shaylis, tried to keep him from getting into the basement to find out, and then steal from him, and of all things a rope! To top it off one of them is a Paladin. Other than the Rogue, nobody knows the Rogue stole the rope. So they are all gonna be in for a surprise when they find out what happened.

I'm looking forward to see where things go. Oh yeah, the Sheriff is the Rogue's "uncle" because of the Favored Son/Daughter trait! I'm really not sure how they plan to fix the problem at this point, but its gonna be fun letting them try. I foresee Father Zantus using a zone of truth to help out the situation, if the player's ask for more help. The Rogue may have to spend some time in a cell!

Thanks. I completely forgot about the comics. Thanks for the reminder!

So I've been able to find a bunch of different maps of the Rusty Dragon, but I've not been able to find any external drawing of the Rusty Dragon. My current group is interested in seeing what it looks like from the outside. They are intrigued by the large rusting iron dragon on the roof. Does anyone know of any drawings of its exterior?

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So I was talking to my player again and he said something that made me realize how I could find the answer. That was to look at all the officially published stats for NPCs from Paizo. I looked in the NPC Codex, and a big selection of Adventure Paths and modules. I wasn't able to find an instance of a specialist wizard who go a bonus 0-level spell slot. They all had the base amount. For me that is answer enough for my question. Thanks to all who took the time to answer.

The subject says it all. Does a specialist wizard gain a bonus slot for 0-level spells? I tried searching for an answer in the forum, but there are about 600 pages of threads with these terms in them so not able to find anything and I don't have time to read through 600 or so pages of threads, so forgive me if this has been asked before. I also didn't see anything in the FAQ about it.

I ask because the book is a little ambiguous. I've always read it that they don't gain a bonus 0-level slot. But then a new player to Pathfinder today read it that they do gain a bonus 0-level slot. I'm getting ready to start a new campaign so looking for an answer before we get started.

The wording is "In addition, specialist wizards receive an additional spell slot of each spell level he can cast, from 1st on up."

I've always read the "from 1st on up" in reference to spell level. My player new to the game today read it as caster level. I can see how it could be interpreted that way. I'm wondering which is correct? My gut says that it is no bonus 0-level as high intelligence also doesn't give you any bonus 0-level spells.

Please cancel my Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription.

So I was running my son's group through this AP using the anniversary edition and I encountered something with the stats on some NPCs.

NPC spoiler:
I found that the Skinsaw Cultists have the Selective Channeling feat. The problem is they only have Charisma of 8 meaning that the feat does nothing for them and they can't even take it as it has a minimum requirement of Cha 13. Even if you take into account their Skinsaw masks doing 1 point of Charisma damage they don't have the minimum Charisma requirement. I don't think the Charisma damage has been taken into account even though their stats give them the +1 damage on attacks meaning they are assumed to have donned the masks already. If they had included this their Charisma should be 7 in their stat block and the DC for their Channel Energy should be DC 8 instead of DC 9 and they should only be able to use their Channel Energy 1 a day instead of 2. It looks like someone wasn't paying close attention when they converted the stats to Pathfinder as they didn't have the feat in the original AP.

I see why the feat was given to them, even though it's not allowed, as it works great as part of a delaying action and their fleeing upstairs. Channeling Negative Energy is also the easiest way to do damage to all the PCs and does more than their War Razors are likely to do. As it stands there is a lot of channel negative energy that can be used during the encounters in the saw mill, 9D6 dmg to each PC from the basic cultists (assuming they are close enough which isn't difficult considering the layout of the mill) and 12D6 dmg from Justice Ironbriar. With selective channeling it allows them to go in teams of two and exclude each other from the effect. In the end is more effective than trying to flank pcs and get sneak attacks in, which at first seems like the obvious tactic.

So all that being said, which feat would you give them as a replacement feat? They already have Improved Initiative, Martial Weapon Proficiency, and Weapon Finesse (from Finesse Rogue). It's probably easiest to just give them Improved Channeling which would give them a modified DC10 on their Channel Negative Energy. It will make their channeling a little better even though they aren't likely to use it much without the Selective Channeling feat. Weapon Focus would make them a bit more likely to get some sneak attacks in.

Please cancel my Pathfinder Adventure Card Game subscription.

I would love to see some cool flying miniatures. Not just winged miniatures, miniatures in flight. The new D&D Dragons are just amazing. I think they may just be better than any of the Paizo dragon miniatures so far and I'm a big fan of the Paizo dragon miniatures, well except the case incentive Huge Blue.

Thank you, I did get the email and it is the correct book now.

I hope this isn't too late, but when I got my notification for my subscription shipment being processed, I noticed that you put the wrong book in my order. My misprinted book is the Campaign Setting book, not the Adventure Path. This link is the book which is misprinted.

http://paizo.com/products/btpy8yvk?Pathfinder-Campaign-Setting-The-Worldwou nd

I hope this can be fixed before it ships.

I purchased a copy of The Worldwound (PZO9259) from my local store. When I got it home I found it was missing pages 17-32 and has pages 33-48 doubled. I'd like to get it replaced if possible.

I guess you can ignore this request. My order has already been finalized for shipment. Thanks...

Please hold this to ship with my next subscriber shipment.

For some reason I read that as the 'Tooth' crew takes a break. I was wondering which Goblin tribe that was...

Why is the Hill Giant Chief's file named Ogre?

I've started doing my own conversions and I see that your conversions for the race are very similar to my own. It's nice to see that others are on the same page I am.

I said it in the other thread, but I just want to make sure it gets noticed, please ship this order now. I assume the Suspended state is due to you waiting for my response.

Sharaya wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
Same here. Please fix!

Sorry to see that you were having trouble with this too.

I was able to submit the order from our side of the system. You should soon get an email confirming the order information. If you would like it moved to your sidecart to ship with the May subscription order, instead of shipping now, please let me know as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please let me know.


Please ship my order now.

Same thing with me. It must be a problem with the site.

Hadesblade wrote:
Friday night I put 3 pdf's in my shopping cart. I then went to checkout and entered my card info and submitted. Every screen loaded very slow and I clicked submit a couple of times. Eventually the screen just closed. The items are still in my cart but my bank account shows the debit for that amount in pending status. Were they purchased successfully or not. I don't want to put a double charge on my account.

Click My Account at the top of the page and see if the order is showing up there under order history.

Tiago Oliveira wrote:

I’m trying to complete an order since Thursday, and It’s not working. When I click in “Proceed to check out"” on the “Items in Your Cart” screen, the system asks me to Sig again. After I rewrite my password, it returns to the store-front page, and I don’t have any option of complete the order. If I click in the “View your cart” bottom, I enter in this screen and in the moment I click to Check out again the system asks to sign up, and then I’m stuck in a kind of loop between this three pages, and I never have the options of chose payment method, confirm the shipping address and complete the order.

I tried this with three browsers in Windows 7, and my Android Tablet and the problem is exactly the same. I think the problem is the site machine or my account.
It is a new problem, the site used to work fine with me. I’m almost giving up this order, because it’s so frustrating.

Same with me. It just keeps asking me to authenticate again and then dumps me back on the Paizo main page. The only difference is when I first attempted to complete the order I got to the point of being able to select payment. I then clicked complete order and then it dumped me into the loop.

I've attempted to go to the Paizo Blog tab and the Web Fiction tab multiple times through out the day today and I'm not able to get there. It just takes me back to the store blog tab.

I've tried from multiple different networks, different computers, and different browsers (Firefox 27.0.1 and IE 10) no luck. Is this issue being worked on?

Wow, this one is going to be a popular one!

Thanks, I wasn't having problems with calculating the whole DC. As I said, I was having problems determining the equivalent spell level for any particular spell as answered by Quandary. The priority list is what I was looking for. In my example the Kitsune character would use the Sorcerer/Wizard level for determining the spell level on the Magical Tale's spell-like abilities.

Thank you! I completely forgot about the FAQ.

I'm trying to find an answer for something and I'm not finding the answer.

How do you determine the spell level for a spell-like ability so that you can determine the save DC? I looked through the core rules and couldn't find anything on it.

For instance you have the Kitsune racial feat that grants the character the use of a spell, from the list, as a spell-like ability two times per day. Obviously you can't use the character's class to determine the spell level as a non-spell casting class can take the feat.

Do you consider it to have no level or do you base it on something else? This option doesn't seem right because the save DC would just be too low for some of the spells, but then you have 1st level characters with access to spells that other characters won't gain access to around 6th or even higher level.

The feat says it is a charisma based DC, so do you take the spell level from charisma based casters. Even that isn't foolproof though as some spells are both Bard and Sorcerer and the spell level is different for both. I know I've encountered similar situations before with other feats, traits, and class abilities, but never gave it much thought as I wasn't building a PC or NPC where it mattered.

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