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So in the book there is a map of the Smuggler's Tunnels beneath Sandpoint. On the map there are a number of yellow and red dots, but there is no legend or note that specifies exactly what those are.

It can be inferred from reading descriptions of some of the areas just what those dots mean. I've come to the conclusion that the yellow dots are entrances to the tunnels from the surface, but not necessarily hidden or secret. While the red dots are secret entrances and mostly subterranean. There is a note on page 70 that there are secret doors that can be found with a DC 20 Perception check. The area descriptions tend to match up with the dots and this interpretation.

I'm just wondering if this interpretation is correct? Are the red ones the secret entrances and the yellow ones just not widely known entrances but not specifically hidden entrances as far as searching for them goes?

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My wife is Filipino so it is very nice to see Filipinos being represented at Paizo. With so many Filipino people, hopefully we'll be able to see more Filipino culture and mythology represented on Golarion in the future.

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Name of PC: Briarios Silvasi, Human
Class/Level: Bard 1, Fighter 4, Rogue 2, Sorcerer 3
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre, Chapter 3
Catalyst: Part 5, Harrowing the Hook
Story: Briarios and the other Rogue in the party were separated from the Wizard and Paladin while fighting Ogres and giants. The Ogre blacksmiths came out and wounded both Briarios and the other Rogue. That's when disaster struck. The Ogre Taskmaster wounded Briarios with a nearly max damage critical hit from an Ogre Hook. Already wounded, a 73 hp hit sent him into instant death.

It was a short lived death though. In the heat of the battle we forgot about hero points. When we remembered I let him spend hero points to save himself. The party recuperated in the stronghold after defeating Barl and the Ogres. A couple days later, they then took his and Lamatar's body to Myrianna to be reincarnated. I ruled her reincarnation worked on both of them. Unfortunately Briarios came back as a Half-Orc and a profound love for Myrianna.

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My current group is running through Burnt Offerings. We just got about half way through. Our current funny moment is:

Shaylis troubles:

The party has a Varisian Bard who fancies himself a ladies man. He made it point to tell me this while he was building the character. I could feel the hook being set for this encounter there.

So he fairly willingly went with her to take care of the "rats". The rest of the party, a Rogue, Wizard, and Paladin decided to follow along at a safe distance as they got a bad feeling about the situation.

The Bard and Shaylis go down into the basement and a short time later, Ven comes out of a side room with a customer saying he had to go down to the basement to get some of his special stock. The other guys were already in the store at this point, so the Wizard quickly tries to get Ven's attention as he had and idea of what was going on in the basement and tries to keep him from going down there. He tries really hard to convince him to help him first.

Ven, says to just hold on a bit as he has to finish helping the other customer. It is at this point that the Rogue sees an opportunity for some thievery and starts looking at two coils of rope.

The wizard follows Ven a short moment after he heads to the basement. A bit later they all hear Ven's enraged voice. Ven sees the Wizard come down and thinks that the group had planned the whole encounter to take advantage of Shaylis and each take a turn with her. Seeing how the Wizard tried so hard to keep him from going into the basement.

The Paladin not knowing what is exactly going on in the basement, moves to the basement door to see what's going on. The Rogue seeing that the customer and Paladin are thoroughly distracted by the troubles, uses slight of hands to put one of the ropes under his coat. He then moves to the stairs and drops the other rope. The Paladin doesn't see this.

Ven and the Bard and Wizard have it out in the basement. Ven rolls crappy and is completely ineffectual in the fist fight. The Wizard grapples Ven and is able to keep him grappled for three rounds until Ven calms down enough to kick them all out and ban them from the store. He comes up to find the Paladin and the Rogue blocking the door.

This just reinforces Ven's idea that it was all planned out for them all to take advantage of Shaylis.

After leaving, the Paladin realizing that they need to fix the problem asked Father Zantus to help getting things fixed. Father Zantus agrees to help and goes to help the next day. Unfortunately Ven found the second rope on the floor and after putting it back realizes that one is missing. He has no desire to fix things and is waiting for the Sheriff to return from Magnimar, so he can have the entire party arrested for thievery. He has no proof, but is highly suspicious, as the customer said the Rogue was looking at the ropes. The party hasn't found out he suspects one of them stole the rope yet. They are currently dealing with the Catacombs of Wrath. The sheriff is due back in a day or two.

So Ven thinks the "Heroes of Sandpoint" planned to all take turns with Shaylis, tried to keep him from getting into the basement to find out, and then steal from him, and of all things a rope! To top it off one of them is a Paladin. Other than the Rogue, nobody knows the Rogue stole the rope. So they are all gonna be in for a surprise when they find out what happened.

I'm looking forward to see where things go. Oh yeah, the Sheriff is the Rogue's "uncle" because of the Favored Son/Daughter trait! I'm really not sure how they plan to fix the problem at this point, but its gonna be fun letting them try. I foresee Father Zantus using a zone of truth to help out the situation, if the player's ask for more help. The Rogue may have to spend some time in a cell!

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So I was talking to my player again and he said something that made me realize how I could find the answer. That was to look at all the officially published stats for NPCs from Paizo. I looked in the NPC Codex, and a big selection of Adventure Paths and modules. I wasn't able to find an instance of a specialist wizard who go a bonus 0-level spell slot. They all had the base amount. For me that is answer enough for my question. Thanks to all who took the time to answer.

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Ah, see as I said, I didn't know that. I haven't even had a chance to read the rules. I've got my pdf here so let me see. Let's do this.

We already know most of the information for Sandpoint, so we only need to plug the information in. Some items are debatable.

According to the new rules Sandpoint counts as a small town with 201-2,000 people. Which grants Modifiers 0, 2 Qualities, Danger 0, a Base Value of 1,000 gp, a purchase limit of 5,000 gp, and 4th level spell casting. It also gives a magic item base value of 1,000 gp, 3d4 minor items, 1d6 medium items, and 0 major items.

Sandpoint is NG, so +1 Lore and +1 Society.

I'd say their government could count as an autocracy, but could count as a council even though they have a mayor. No modifiers if it counts as an autocracy, +4 Society and -2 Law and Lore if its a council. For my purposes I'll go with autocracy.

For Qualities I'd say Sandpoint has the following, but we'd have to remove one to fit the rules.

* I'd say it counts as a Holy Site with the new multi-denominational temple opening. Corruption -2, and spellcasting increase by 2 levels. The higher spellcasting may be a problem as Sandpoint was originally developed with old community design rules. Either that or we can bump up levels to account for this.

* Strategic Location or Prosperous, both could apply, but I think these are bigger than what Sandpoint is. For my purposes I'll cut these for now, but good future choices. Economy +1, increase base value by 10% or Economy +1; increase base value by 30%; increase purchase limit by 50%

* Tourist Attraction, again the lighthouse and the swallowtail festival make Sandpoint a Tourist attraction. Economy +1, increase base value by 20%

* I don't think the Turandarok Acedemy qualifies for a Academic, perhaps in the future when Sandpoint gets bigger.

I don't think Sandpoint qualifies for any disadvantages as they shouldn't given very often as they are typically really bad things. Reading through the example disadvantages Sandpoint doesn't seem to meet any of them.

This gives us the following.

NG, Small Town, Danger: 0
Corruption: -2, Crime: 0, Economy: 1, Law: 0, Lore: 1, Society: 1
Holy Site
Tourist Attraction
Autocracy (Mayor)
Popluation: 1,240 (90% human, 3% halfling, 2% dwarf, 2% elf, 1% half-elf, 1% gnome, 1% half-orc)
Market Place
Base Value: 1,200 gp, Purchase Limit: 5,000 gp, Spell Casting: 6th Level
Minor Items: 3d4, Medium Items, 1d6

The new marketplace numbers really change Sandpoint from what it was. According to these rules, this makes a richer Sandpoint than what it used to be. In Burnt Offerings it lists the following for Sandpoint. Would the base value increases also apply to the magic item base values? It seems to me the way all the items phrase it, that it applies to both normal and magic item base price.

Small Town conventional (mayor); AL NG
GP Limit 800 gp; Assets 49,600 gp
Population 1,240
Type Isolated (90% human, 3% halfling, 2% dwarf, 2% elf, 1% half-elf, 1% gnome, 1% half-orc)

Basing it on the old purchase limit of 800gp, Sandpoint would be between Thorp and Hamlet size in the GMG.

Hmm, it looks like it is easier than I thought. The quibbles come from what qualities and disadvantages a community has.

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I'm glad you like them. I designed them so that your average 1st level commoner would have a hard time winning the games with one try, but your average first level pc types would have a better chance.

I've worked the background info into additional minor sidequests and later encounters. My characters discovered the fixed dragon races (all the betting going on got them suspicious) and the ruccus they caused pretty much ended the dragon races for the day. They are now on Jubrayl's bad side and his minions are trying to make their lives more challenging. They've also aggreed to accompany Aesrick to Magnimar when he goes to sell the catapult, once he takes care of some business in Sandpoint, which will conveniently happen right about the same time they go there in the Skinsaw Murders. I really tried to have the games forshadow some things to come, but not be obvious about it. Fortunately for them the devil hunt didn't inspire them to hunt down the Sandpoint Devil, at least it hasn't yet done so.

Let us know how they work out for you.

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Why not go with a small mining village that isn't on the map? Maybe there was a couple families that wanted to strike out on there own in some other mountainous area? There's gold in them there hills don't you know?

There is already a precedent set for something like this happening in the RotRL AP itself.

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Swallowtail Festival Games

Alright as it stands there isn't much detail on the things going on during the festival. At this point it covers the opening speech, lunch, and evening dedication ceremony and bonfire. That's really not much of a festival. Where are all the games and other things happening? What are the pc's to do during the day to occupy the time? I've come up with some games and such to keep them occupied. It also provides for a way to give some more background info.

The Devil Hunt

Do you have what it takes to bring down the infamous Sandpoint Devil and keep him from menacing the surrounding area? Take a shot and see. This is an archery range setup on the beach down by the Lighthouse. Two large targets, with silhouettes of a scary looking winged horse on them, are set up 50 yards away from a firing line. The bull’s-eye is about where a horse's heart would be. There are bigger concentric circles around the bull’s-eye.

One copper piece per play. Using the longbows provided, fire two arrows at the target, scoring the best one. Hitting a bull’s-eye wins a small pie. Hitting anything else wins progressively cheaper trinkets for each band outside the bull’s-eye, with nothing for a miss. Hitting AC 20 gets a bull’s-eye, each band out side that is AC 18, AC 16, AC 14, and AC 12.

This game is being run by Jodar Provolost (CG male human Expert 1/Ranger 3), an older balding Varisian with black hair, a big thick black mustache, and a noticeable big belly. He is a mediocre carpenter, but is considered one of the best hunters in Sandpoint. He is friendly, but has lots of bad jokes, and particularly likes telling his (untrue) stories of his encounters with the Sandpoint Devil. The pies have been provided by Alma Avertin from Sandpoint Savories. They aren't her best work, but they are good enough for what they are.

Sheriff Hemlock has asked Jodar to quietly make note of anyone who scores a bull’s-eye, or gets both shots in either of the center two circles, so that he can later approach them about joining the militia. Jodar asks anyone who wins his or her name and then announces quite loudly "Attention! Insert name has done Sandpoint a great service. He or she has slain the Sandpoint Devil! Here's your pie!"

The Goblin Toss

Three Goblins have found their way into your house and are tearing the place up! Grab them and toss them into the fireplace before they can destroy everything. This game is a simple bean bag toss setup in the middle of the Sandpoint Market square. A board is setup with lines of three holes. The board is 10 feet from a throw line. The closest hole is the largest and the farthest hole is the smallest. There are buckets of beanbags sewn to look like Goblins by each of the three stations. Each bean bag has a Goblin name printed on it.

One copper piece per play. Take three Goblins and try to toss them into a fireplace. Kids have to try and hit the biggest and closest hole, which is AC 10. Women use the medium sized hole, which is AC 12, and adult men use the smallest and furthest hole, which is AC 15. The bean bags have a range increment of 10' and there is no non-proficient penalty. Get all three in and win a small bag of venison jerky. Anything less gives a cheap trinket. Something Swallowtail related most likely. Nothing for not getting any in the fireplace.

This game is being run by Daverin Hosk of Goblin Squash Stables. He's getting perverse pleasure out of the idea of tossing Goblins in the fire. It's for this reason that he has written a Goblin name on each beanbag, just so he can desecrate some Goblin's memory even more. It's well known his hatred of Goblin's and nobody is surprised to see this game. Chod Bevuk of the Sandpoint Meat Market has provided the venison jerky for the prize. It is quite tasty and next to Ameiko's salmon, it is the talk of the event. Unfortunately there's been lots of young children asking their parents if the jerky is really made of Goblin meat from the Goblins they threw in the fireplace, like Daverin says it is. Some adults have heard the rumor and actually believe that it is Goblin meat!

The Lighthouse Smash

Who needs a Lighthouse without a light? The old Lighthouse has become an eyesore; let's knock it down so we can use the stone to build something new. This game is set up at the end of Junker's Way next to the Lighthouse. It has a table with nine square stones stacked on it in a pyramid shape. Three on the bottom, two in the middle, and one on top. There is a firing line 20' from the tables. Using the mini-catapult, try to knock down the stack of stones within three shots.

Two copper pieces to play. You get three shots. It takes a total of three hits to knock down all the stones. Hitting higher ACs counts as more hits, so that it is possible to knock them down with one hit. Hitting AC 12 counts as one hit, Hitting AC 16 counts as two hits, and hitting AC 20 counts as three hits. The catapults have a range of 50', so there is no range penalty, but there is the normal non-proficient penalty of -4 if someone does not have proficiency with siege weapons. Knocking down all the stones wins a small toy catapult; it amounts to being a slingshot. Anything less provides some other cheap trinkets. No prize if nothing is knocked down.

This game is being run by Aesrick Battlehorn. He's been working on the mini catapult and toy catapults during his spare time all year, in preparation for the festival. The mini catapult is quite a work of art. He's carved it to look like a stone giant with its arm throwing the stone. He suspects that he'll be able to sell it in Magnimar for quite a bit after the festival. It's about 2 foot tall, but functions just as a real catapult, albeit with less range and much less damage. He's worked very hard at keeping it a secret all year, so that he can surprise everyone with it.

He's got a soft spot for the kids and helps the kids aim it so that they can win the toy catapults, negates the non-proficient penalty; much to the consternation of mothers. According to many mother's complaints, "They are just the right size for young boys to shoot an eye out with!" This complaining doesn't stop those same mothers from handing over the two coppers for their sons to play. There is no shortage of boys crying because they've been hit in the head by a flying stone.

Dragon Races

There's been talk of starting Dragon farming in Sandpoint, so we've gotta find out which ones are the fastest so that we have the best dragons! Pick yourself a dragon and pit it in a Dragon Race against your friends.

The final game is located in the Sandpoint Market Square on the south side by the docks just at the beginning of Market Street. It has two double lane tracks set up next to each other with a three-foot wide gap between the two tracks. The tracks are 30' feet long. Near the starting line there is a large cage with 12 lizards in it. Each one has a set of twig and cloth wings attached to their backs. Each one is painted a different color so that they look like little dragons. Without touching the lizards, goad your lizard down the track. Get him to cross the finish line before your opponents and win a prize!

One copper piece to play. Once they have four people with a dragon picked, place them in the starting lanes. At the sound of the whistle, the gates are lifted and you goad your dragon down the track without touching them. To do this, each person racing makes an initiative check and players attempt to goad their lizard in initiative order. The lizards are notoriously difficult to deal with, so you must make a DC 14 Handle Animal check to get them to move. The lizards move 5' on a succesful check. On a failure they do not move. On a failure by 10 or more, the lizard actually moves backwards. The first lizard to cross the finish line wins. The winner gets a big cheap medal that says "1st Place Swallowtail Dragon Races" and 2 Copper Pieces. All other places get nothing and the others get nothing.

This game is run by Gressel Tenniwar. He's running it on the orders of Jubrayl Vhiski, but nobody knows this. Jubrayl is using it to run a gambling scheme betting on the races. Nobody knows it but 9 of the 12 lizards were secretly well fed the night before and they are tired and are even more difficult to move. These 9 are DC 16 to move. The other three are quite hungry and haven't eaten in about a week. These are at normal DC 14. In fact if some raw meat or other small rodent like thing is held in front of them they will be DC 12 to move.

Jubrayl and his men know which three are the hungry ones and use this to fix the betting. Jubrayl has also ordered that one of his men should always try to be in the race each time, so that they can pick one of the hungry lizards in order to hedge the bets even more, but not make a big deal if any group of four really want to race each other. The GM should pick the nine that are well fed. Anyone that watches more than 5 races with one of the hungry lizards can make a DC 20 Sense Motive check to notice that some of the lizards seem more motivated than others. Jubrayl and his men will disappear if it looks like anyone has caught onto their scheme. Gressel will claim ignorance and one of his barmaids will back him up when he claims they are all well fed.

That's what I've come up with at this point, have you done anything similar? What do you think of these?