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Awesome write-up, got me to remember some fond memories of my own Jade Regent play(dm-)through. Thanks a lot! :)

Sry all, didn't see the replies ;)

Sent the maps to everyone :)

Sent :)

they are jpgs. Its no effort, just takes 10 sec to send the mail, so just send me your email ;)

Sry, due to me moving away, we ended the campaign in Saventh-Yhi, so no maps for Ilmurea :/

Sent to all of you ;)

.com was right I hope?

A_psychic_rat wrote:
im dming a group thats just starting book 2 but i dont mind asking for matirials in advance, if your up to send them ill soter them away for later

Sure, but without an email thats gonna be kinda hard ;)

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Your mail didn't work? Send me a pm with the right one and I'll try again ;)

Sent them to everyone ;)

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I secound the one-shot. Learing the game at a higher level is a lot harder, because you don't even know the basics. Just play a "learning session", where she can ask all the questions. After this, if there are questions in your real campaign, don't explain everything in the session, but afterwards. Just tell her quickly what she can do and let her decide, then tell her what to roll. True, it will confuse her sometimes, but I think thats better then keeping everyone waiting to explain every detail.

Instead of cleric, why not take inquisitor? You get one domain, some spells, judgement (for +1 saves) and some skills.

Or even shaman: spells, familiar, 1 hex (or more via feats).

And your plan isn't that bad: No spoilers, but beeing a player in WotW, having a high will save is kinda good :D

Funny how you are spilling doom on our campaign, whereas until the vitalist showed up (new character) it was not really an issue (at least not from my point of view). I already jacked up pretty much everything (partly 6 ppl conversation, monsters apl+3-5, advanced template, max hp for almost anything). We had a lot of close and exciting fights (and yes, my players think having low hp comapred to max hp is close and fun). Kingmaker as written is for the most part kinda a joke difficulty wise, even for 4ppl 15 pb standard.

Ssalarn, we certainly have very differnt views of this. Yes, I´m charging more for less. But thats the whole idea. Now he has to think about it and I´m not forced to up the monsters/encounters to regions where a small mistake will kill. When he is not healing all the time, the monsters can do less damage per round and threaten, but not kill someone. Then he can jump in and heal him, but has to do it strategically and not spam it. When he is not healing he can do other stuff. If I´m designing every encounter with his extremly high spam heal in mind, I´m afraid of making it very unfun for the most part of the group in the long run.

Also I´m not going to discuss the topic of the one (two) players dice luck, because that´s beside the main topics point. And no, it´s not a skewed view (as Hayato wrote), when they are not rolling under 15, thats a special occurance...

Also the point with more encounters just won´t work for our group with this campaign. Not everyone is into fighting all the time. And having 3-4 fights a day is just unrealistic. Not every hex can teem with enemies or ruins to be explored.

And so I stand by the nerf, because it probably will work and is the most simple solution for us. I´m not saying that in other campaigns with more encounters per day, less players or any other factors, the vitalist works fine as written. But thats not really important for me, as I´m not responsible for those campaings, but am for my own one.

Thanks again for the replies. I appriciate it a lot.

Again the problem with the campaign design, which I don't want to change every time. Exploring a hex just to fight 3 fights there per day will slow down the game to a grind.

True, the oracle will heal a lot, but I'm still not seeing it compare to 36d6 on lvl 9 on one person. Overhealing via channeling is not the same, even if it can give some temp hp with it.

Also I'm not really getting the argument "oracle can do more stuff". Sure, thats true. But that's the same as saying: Well, this character can kill every enemy with a look (no save) as a full round action, but not undead. But thats fine, negating all encounters besides undead, because he can't do anything else?

Additionally, he can do other stuff, this trick is just with 1 power. So at lvl 9 he will still have 5 others (+exp knowledge).

Nobody complained this far, but they don't realize the extent of this. Sure, at first they will think it awesome, but sooner or later it will make all fights beside some especially designed to counter this strategy boring and dull. I can't imagine someone wanting this.

And I'm honest: I'm afraid that I will have no fun, because I like to have challenging fights without killing pc's left and right if just a tiny bit goes wrong. And the gm not having fun is the first step to unfun for the whole group.

I used two of those, so it was CR 9, with 2 players not being there (and 1 being asleep in the beginning), in an environment with a disadvantage. So basically just a psion (who couldn't do pretty much anything), the vitalist, a psiwarrior archer and a psiwarrior melee (later on a warder). That should have been a difficult fight, which it was before the vitalist really started.

Yeah, thats right. But he has a feat to have 2 people more in the collective. So the point where it will level out is very late.

Anyway, I talked with him and 2 others and we are going with this: For every person more being targeted, the PP cost will increase as followed:
+1 target 1 PP, +2 targets 3 PP, +4 targets 6 PP

Which equals (for him) to 12d6 at lvl 5, 18d6 at lvl 7, 24d6 at lvl 10
I feel thats still quite high and very usable (if I would be a player not knowing what would actually be possible, I would be VERY happy with this amount of healing), but not that mindboggling amount. I would be very interested in some reactions if I would tell someone never having heard of the vitalist that he can heal 6d6 per lvl, starting at lvl 5 ;)

thanks for the analysis! But:
Channel Energy heals AE. You can´t decide to give all that healing to 1 guy. Thats a BIG difference in my book. Most of that healing will be overhealing, as not everyone will be damaged. So i don´t really think that can be compared.
Do I really have that different experiences? Most games I played in had maybe 2 or 3 pc really getting damaged. So that would be 15d6 every round and without the option to focus it on the most damaged pc.

And the last sentence is exactly what seems very unfun for me. Combat is fine, till the moment the vitalist can´t heal anymore. And because everyone relies on it, there will eventually be casualties.

Sometimes even 7. I´m generelly upping the fights, but maybe it is still not enough. Last session I used 2 agstone-tohc
The time the vitalist started to really use his stuff, it wasn´t really challenging anymore. If he would have stopped, most likely there would have been deaths.
But maybe I should try more enemies with a lower cr.

I'm all for outsmarting, but spamming the same tactic over and over again, getting all cocky in the process isn't really outsmarting.

Having this kind of combat is awesome and I quite like what you are describing, but for my taste it is just to much. Maybe my view is kinda scewed, but most enemies won't do about 42 damage per round in this level range.

He has psionic meditation. In most fights its not really realistic. As I said, hes always somewhere in the back, being non threatening.

I already do change a massive amount (and using the mentioned add-in, which is awesome). Having some intelligent things with every brute just kinda seems unnatural and not right. And I like a more or less "realistic" world. Changing the number of monsters won't change that much. They will hit even less, doing damage all over the place. Vitalists turn: everyones back to full.

Because all other replies are kinda the same direction:
Do I have a wrong view in this? Combat healing is fine and I like it, but having 6d6 per lvl of it, starting at lvl 5: thats manageable in your book? Healing 36d6 at lvl 9? I don't think thats even in the same league as a life oracle. Or is my math that off?

My problem is this: I'm dreading that this will make all fights unfun for the whole group. They tend to become cocky. So what I think will happen is something like this: "Oh whatever, we will fight it, no problem, nothings gonna happen, we are getting fully healed anyway." Next step: "What, Vitalist can't make it this evening? We better not play or do anything dangerous because we are gonna die." Or: "Oh this all sucks, more and more enemies are using save or suck. I rolled bad, so I can't do anything, meanwhile everyone else is slaughtering stuff being not threatend a lot, because they are healed, what great fun this combat is."

Skaldi the Tallest wrote:

So, here's a breakdown of what I've read happened.

Your player's Vitalist manifested Mend Body to heal himself and another character for 6d6.

Mend body costs 5 PP to manifest for a Vitalist.

It normally heals for 3d8 though you can expend your psionic focus to change each d8 to 2d6 (thus the 6d6).

A Vitalist can spend 1 PP to augment his power and allow one more person in his collective to be healed.

That would mean that the character spent 6 PP out of 25 in order to heal for 6d6*2. A trick he could pull off 4 times in a day (with a full round action to recharge that Focus).

Here's the only hitch I can see. As a level 5 Vitalist, he can only spend 5PP in one action, meaning he cannot do this at this particular level. He will be able to do this at level 6 though, just so you're prepared.

Go to this page to double check how manifesting powers works.

Also, he may have the Overchannel feat. If so, he should be dealing damage to himself while doing this trick.

Almost (thanks for clarifying it):

As I said, he has a race with +1 ML
(using an alternaitve racial trait in UPsionics)
Having Wis 18 and a feat with +2, he has about 40 PP. So he can use his trick very often.

@In My Humble Opinion
Had a psion with energy missile and overchannel before he switched to telepath. It was managable, just having more enemies and hitpoints. But not being able to damage someone and make it a close call is my problem. Either someone is dead or full health. Sure, I could use many enemies focus firing someone, but that would suck for the targeted player.

I know psionics is a lot better if nova is an option, but as I said, with the psion it wasn't that big of a problem. At least there was a possiblity for an exciting fight.

Using aoe's would be fine (and I will to it), but many enemies don't have them. Also I like to roleplay the monsters in a fight. And Kingmaker has lots of not very clever big monsters. Why would they go to not threatening guy 40 ft back, instead of trying to kill those who are standing in front of them. Sure, I could use tactics (and will do so as well), but only when it is approriate. And a giant spider looking for a snack won^t know that he is healing those it is trying to eat.

Thanks for the replies so far.

Playing Kingmaker, stretching out every day is sadly often not really an option. So he has enough PP to use his trick every round.

And beeing immune to hp damage sounds like great fun to me. Either you fail a save and are out of the fight, you are at full health or you are dead. Are those really the only 3 ways all my future fights will be looking like? (It already is this way, 6d6*2 is enough, even against high damage melee monsters).

I did the math myself, it is that extreme as it seems.

Do you have any advice for a reasonable nerv? I think otherwise this will suck out all the fun for my group in the long run. Maybe an expanding increase in PP to effect targets with healing powers? 1 for 1 additional, 3 for 2 additional, 5 for 2,...?

Hi all,

I already read some threads about it, but would like to hear some more opinions:

Yesterday the Vitalist in our group (lvl 5) kinda surprised me (I'm the gm) with the amount of healing he did.
Due to his race, he has a ML of 6 for healing powers. Using Spirit of Many to augument Mend Body to effect an additional party member in the collective, expending his psionic focus, this equaled to 6d6*2 healing, distributed on the party as needed.
This will continue to increase by 6d6 every level, up to the max of his collective (6 at the moment). This seems a "bit" excessive to me. Later on with stronger heals it will become even more (Heal Injuries on lvl 11 for 240 hp, lvl 12 for 390, ...).

I know this is his stick, and it's ok to have him heal quite a lot. I also know ways to still challenge them, but some of those things are equally unfun (using status effect, extrem area damage or targetting the vitalist) for the group.
I think 6d6 every round on lvl 5 is fine and you are able to pull your weight in a fight with this, but double, triple and so on? But as I said, it's kinda extrem.

What do you think?

exactly my thoughts. It is probably one of the most customizable classes I have played so far (from building and playing standpoint). You can pretty much change your playstyle every day. You will never be as strong as someone specialized, but you are a lot more versatile then most other characters. To use this versatility to its fullest, you are more MAD then everyone else. Using Arcane Enlightenment with wandering spirit, you need cha/int/wis. If you want to be a gish, you also need str/dex/con. But with a higher pb (20/25) it works quite well.

I'm having a great time with my current shaman :)

Sent them to everyone.
Have fun! :)

Pump. At least someone had the same idea as me ;D

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Spell Conduit (Su)

At 5th level, as long as a blood conduit is wearing light or no armor, he can deliver bloodrager spells with a range of touch through bodily contact. When he succeeds at a combat maneuver check to bull rush, grapple, pin, reposition, or trip an opponent, or makes an unarmed strike against an enemy, he can as a swift action cast a touch spell on the creature that he affected with the combat maneuver, requiring no further touch attack roll. If this spell would usually require a successful touch attack, his successful combat maneuver check counts as this attack.

So, could you use metamagic with this? If so, Frostbite with Rime Spell becomes quite nice for a bloodrager debuff build ;)

I was also thinking about Bloodrager, but he has just not enough spells for my concept. Just 2 scorching rays/per is sadly not enough. Otherwise it would work quite well, true.

Thanks, but I should have specified that I´d like to do the ranged side just with spells, so Myrmidarch Magus doesn´t really help ;)


I´m currentyl thinking about a kind of very special character concept: A mobile switch hitting gish. He will be lvl 9 with PB 25 (so MAD builds are quite possible).

What I´m trying to accomplish:

  • beeing very mobile (preferebly fly or/and high speed)
  • using spring attack
  • changing between melee and close range spells nearly every round ( using Opening Volley)
  • having out of combat utility
  • be a debuffer if possible
  • using a big hammer (warhammer or earthbreaker). (yes, it´s mechanically a lot worse than other weapons, but I dont´t care.) This is a must ;)

I don´t need to be super efficient or do tons of damage, just constributing a bit (the party is quite high in damage anyway and there are 6 players).

So far I got this ideas:

Magus(Eldritch Scion) with Elemental Bloodline:
60 ft flight in "bloodrage"
rime spelled frostbite with enforcer and cruel enchantment for quite nice deduffing. The problem is I can´t really change between melee and ranged because then my frostbite will go away. Also using spellstrike with spring attack won´t work. So I´ll maybe cast one opening ranged spell, then attack with spellstored frostbite and just continue to spring attack every round.
-> Could work, but I´d really like to switch hit infight (just for style reasons).

Arcanist(Blade Adept) (I think the Gm is ok with be black blade beeing a hammer)
More spells then the Magus, which I like a lot. The lower defenses are ok, I like to have the challenge to find a way (via positioning) to be hit as seldom as possible. But he has the same problem as the magus: I can´t really change between melee and spells as fluidly as I´d like.

Some kind of dragon disciple (sorc/pala)
dont´t really like the fluff for this character, also having not that much spell options and beeing a paladin, but could work mechanically.

Not as much debuffing potantial (at least in melee), but ok damage with using alchemical weaponed spring attacks each round with stuff like Acid Flasks,adding 1d6+int to damage. Good utility all in all, very nice change between bombing and hitting stuff with the hammer. Maybe a dip into barbarian (fast movement and rage would be nice)?

I´m currently leaning most towards the alchemist, as I think it has the most potential. But any other ideas are very welcome :)

Why fey foundling? As you will not have a lot of LoH uses and it won't increase, it will heal you for 2 points more. I don't know if thats a good use of a feat. And why longsword over scimitar if you are going for crit feats?
Also I would probably start with less cha to increase con and dex.

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one of my players is playing a very tech oriented character. She asked me to include the possibilty to upgrade the city with different technologies. So I tried to create rules for her ideas. But as we just started the whole kingdom building some sessions ago, I´m not that sure about my balancing. So I would appreciate any input a lot!

So, here are the rules:

Each month, you may make a Knowledge(Engineering) (or similiar check) check to gain technology points (TP). The amount is equal to the result of you check divided by 5 (round down). You may add your settlements lore bonus to this check and can be aided by up to 2 others.

You may spend your technology points to research new technologies, resulting in new buildings or upgrades to your city and buildings.

You may use one upgrade in step 5 of the edict phase. As those technologies are very new and people are sceptical about them, you must succeed on a loyalty check modified by the technology (see each entry). Failure results in 1d4 unrest. If you suceed, you may apply the technology for the listed BP cost, immediately gaining its benefits.

Automatic Gate Closing Mechanism:
Upgrade, needs Citywall,
Cost 8 TP/ 2 BP, DC +2
-1 Unrest, +1 Defense, +1 Society
Your gates close have an mechanism, enabling them to close in a short amount of time.

Burning Oil Traps:
Upgrade, needs Citywall,
Cost 10 TP/ 6 BP, DC 0
+2 Defense, +1 Stability
Your walls gain an mechanism to fast boil oil to use against your enemies.

Torch und Cooking Fire Extinguisher
Cost 12 TP/ 8 BP, DC +10
+1 Stability, +1 Loyalty, +1 Society
All larger fires in your city are equiped with an automatic fire extinguisher, which is used automaticly if the fire is no longer acitvely used.

Fire Alarm
Cost 15 TP/ 6 BP, DC +0
+1 Stability, +1 Loyalty, +1 Society
All your buildings are equipped with an fire alarm.

Cost 10 TP/ 10 BP, DC +0
+1 Stability, +1 Society, -1 Crime, +1 Law, +1 Corruption
All your buildings are equipped with an alarm bell, which rings if someone opens a door or window after the alarm mechanism is activated.

Trapped Houses
Upgrade, needs Alarm,
Cost 18 TP/ 10 BP, DC +10
+1 Stability, -2 Crime, +1 Law, +1 Corruption
If the alarm goes of, a crossbow bolt shoots at the would be intruder.

Automatic Crossbow Turrets
Upgrade, needs Citywall,
Cost 25 TP/ 15 BP, DC +5
+3 Defense, +1 Society
Your walls are equipped with automatically shooting crossbow turrets.

New Building,
Cost 15 TP, DC +7
You may build a washhouse, which has automatic washing machines and a dry chamber.
Washhouse: 10 BP, +1 Stability, +1 Loyalty, +1 Economy, +2 Society

Ferris Wheel
New Building,
Cost 30 TP, DC +15
You may build a ferris wheel.
Ferris Wheel: 15 BP, -1 Stability, +2 Loyalty, +1 Economy, +2 Society, +1 Unrest

New Building,
Cost 25 TP, DC +15
You may build a merry-go-round
Merry-go-round: 10 BP, -1 Stability, +2 Loyalty, +1 Economy, +1 Society, +1 Unrest

I'm going to try to pack them to a sendable size, as I also have pictures to go with the maps. Will do so on the weekend (hopefully). Post you adresses and I'll send them.

If you tell me your Skype name, I'll contact you to send you my old stuff.

So, just to be sure I got it right:
After the kickstarter has ended, you will add it as an optional addon? This way I would get the PDF earlier? And I can use the addon on any pledge?

I´m not really talking about preorders, I mean why not sell the pdf before the print version? Economical reasons?

Can someone tell me what is meant by Barakus kickstarter? If there is a way I could get it earlier (and not paying a fortune ;D) I´d like to know.

July? Oh come on, makes me a very sad panda :/

Just because I´m curious: What takes so long if the pdf is already done and it is already at the printer?
And why sell the pdf not before the hardcover?

I´m currently playing something similiar through Carrion Crown (played him from lvl 4 to 7 so far) and it´s working great and it is a lot of fun.

I partly built around Bodyguard and Helpful Trait with a reach weapon. He also has Eldritch Heritage to get a familiar (improved at lvl 9, although Crushing Blow seems rather nice, didn´t think about it yet, so thanks).

I can really advice you to take Lingering Performance (although I´m not sure about it working with Advice under PFS rules). Before I took it at lvl 7, I had to manage the advice rounds a lot, now I can use it almost always, even for Skillcheck buffs.

Skillchecks: If you take Helpful, enjoy giving someone +11 (+4 Aid Another, +3 Advice, +4 Ki Mystic) ;)

I was worried about not having enough Ki, but after lvl 6 or so it was enough for most of the days. I didn´t even have enough time/opportunity to use Stunning Fist, as a I was busy doing other support stuff.

Thats the thread, maybe you can get some info from there:

Sooo, tomorrow I´ll be able to buy it? :D

As it is now tuesday again: Any update about the release? ;)

Thats nice to hear, because I think it's kind of sad that so many cool items are priced so high.

Come one, just release it already! ;)

Yay for magical hookahs! Hopefully some of them not priced too high, so they are usable at lower levels.

And mandatory question: Any news? :D

Soooo, it's tuesday. Any news? ;)

Wasn´t really intereseted in the crunch for characters, but now I am :)

Chuck Wright wrote:

I'll be submitting the material over the weekend so they will have everything fresh on Monday morning!

I'll also be setting the PDF up over the weekend. I have to finalize the covers before everything is hunky dory.

Nice, thx for the info, can´t wait :)

Ok, nice!
Any info if the pdf will be available before print?

Ah, come on, stop teasing. Right now I would even pay good money for an unfinished script, beta or something :)
My new campaign starts on sunday, June/July is probably too late for me to incorporate new rules :/

This is excatly what I was looking for, as we will start Kingmaker in the desert very soon. Do you have a very rough time for release?

I´ll buy this product the instant it´s out ;)

I would also like having a book about kitsune, as they are quite cool and could need some more race specific stuff and some background.

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Hi all,

after finishing Jade Regent in some weeks, my group and I would like to play Kingmaker, but with a twist. We would like to play "Shahmaker" -> Kingmaker, but in the desert with an arabian style.

Having played part 1 and some of 2, I think at least for those parts it shouldn´t be too hard to change most of the fluff.

But what about the rest? Do you think this could work?

Thanks in advance for your replies!

Its about a Qinggong Monk with Truestrike. Should qualify as an arcane spell-like?

Hm, the FAQ talks about feats:

FAQ wrote:

Spell-Like Abilities, Casting, and Prerequisites: Does a creature with a spell-like ability count as being able to cast that spell for the purpose of prerequisites or requirements?

For example, the Dimensional Agility feat (Ultimate Combat) has "ability to use the abundant step class feature or cast dimension door" as a prerequisite; a barghest has dimension door as a spell-like ability, so the barghest meets the "able to cast dimension door prerequisite for that feat.

Edit 7/12/13: The design team is aware that the above answer means that certain races can gain access to some spellcaster prestige classes earlier than the default minimum (character level 6). Given that prestige classes are usually a sub-optimal character choice (especially for spellcasters), the design team is allowing this FAQ ruling for prestige classes. If there is in-play evidence that this ruling is creating characters that are too powerful, the design team may revisit whether or not to allow spell-like abilities to count for prestige class requirements.


I´m would like to know, if it is possible to qualify for Improved Familiar if I´m having a SP and a character with Eldritch Heritage(Arcane) and if so, what level would count. EH stats that for the bloodline power my sorc level is level-2, but Improved Familiar just talks about spellcasting level (which would be my character level for the SP).

I thought about dipping into inquisitor, but decided against it, as it would delay all the monk stuff noticable. Sorc would be good as well, but again, I don´t wanna delay my other abilities.

Hm, maybe you are right with the damage, but I think it could work out with my current plan. Only taking 14 str and PA should be enough to constribute. At lvl 4 it is +9 (1d6+7) (with advice up). At lvl 6 it will be +10 (1d6+11). (or 1d6+13 if I take Arcane Strike, which I probably will, because of Gloves of Arcane Striking).

Yes, I´m quite excited about the skill combination, already thought about it ;)

Flag bearer is too hard to get due to Cha 15. I´m not sure if Lingering Performance would work?

And if fighting defensivly and aid another doesn´t work together the halfelf build becomes even more useful, as I won´t hit much with halfling fighting def for Blundering Defense.

Thanks, already knew it, thats why I way thinking about using halfelf.
I don´t have flurry, I´m planning to use it more or less for the reach. Also I took PA with the halfelf variant, just to have a backup plan if damage is needed. All in all I think halfelf works better.

You are propably right, especially with con 12. I think I will roll for hitdice and decide then.

Thanks for replying!

Monk of the 4 Winds doesn´t work with Underfoot Adept. Even then, I dislike taking choices based on high lvl, which is not entirly clear I´ll ever see with this character.

I refined the concept:

Either using Human or Halfelf, still not decided. Changing Stats to Str 14, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 20, Cha 8

Reason: Using a Monk reach weapon (Double Kama) for having the option to trip,disarm and dirty trick instead of just tripping. Also retaining Stunning Fist.

Also I get to keep High jump and can trade it for True Strike, because I don´t need to take Underfoot Adept. I wasn´t really thrilled about the movement stuff anyways, because I´m planning to stay right next to my allies.

Halfelf gives me exotic weapon prof right from the start. I´m thinking about taking power attack at 3, to do a bit of damage if needed.

Also thinking about using Arcane Training from halfelf, to use wands without UMD (maybe witch spelllist?) and opening up a trait (dangerously curious). Do you think its worth trading away all favored class bonuses for this?

With human I would have 1 Ki for each 4 lvls more, but I think half elf offers more interesting options?

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