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Very Good for Dungeon-Puzzle Loving Players


I agree with the other reviews. This module is a puzzle crypt with some fights. This module took my group of 4-5 PCs from level 14 to level 15 just before the end, which was pleasing to me. Just some advice for the running the module: As with any module, try to find relevant pictures on the internet for showing so that players get a good sense of what this place is like. The module gives some DC’s so that the players can make checks to find out how much of the story their characters know. I recommended thinking of other ways that players could come to learn the story apart from the module because it is a good backstory. Remind the players that this place was not built as a deathtrap; it was a real necropolis that a noble family used for a long time back in their day. There would have been caretakers and what not here on a regular basis, but the place would have safeguards against grave robbers. Of course let the players try to figure out things on their own first, but consider allowing Knowledge (Engineering) checks to give them some clues about how to open the doors if the game is grinding to a halt in the first room because of it. Consider Knowledge (planes or arcana) for clues about leaving the crypt. Lastly, consider Knowledge (religion) to understand the natures of some of the relics within the crypt.

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Really Appreciated the all the GM Support for this Great Module (GM review)


To start, the foldout map of the town was great to have. Between the Syrinscape sound pack, the Face/Item/Quest cards for Dragon’s Demand that I could give my players, and the Hero Lab encounter library from Lone Wolf Development, I was free to focus on just learning the module, tailor it to my table, pick pawns, and decide on maps, which was fine considering how much extra time I had. I was able to learn the setting and its people, so that I did not need to reference the book very much during play. Having a town with the right amount of detail (shop names, npc names, mannerisms, etc.) it was easy to elaborate on the setting and bring it out. So, the module greatly enabled me to focus on bringing the setting to life at the table, rather than focusing on the mechanics of it all, from the resources in the module itself and the external support.

The players thoroughly enjoyed it, and the bulk of character development (personality) took place in this module. Though the PCs are advised to be from out of the town, I found it helpful to have 2/5 characters be from the rural outskirts: foresters. This made the players more motivated to protect the region. Though this module is set in Taldor, Golarion, it can easily be adapted for any medieval fantasy setting. SPOILERS!: you can see pics with description of our play-through on our group Facebook site in our Golden Watch, the Next Gen album (contains SPOILERS!):