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If I drill down to the t-shirts in the Paizo store section I can get to:


There, if I click on any brand other than Paizo, I go to a page with the t-shirts available from that brand.

But if I click on the Paizo brand link (which points to http://paizo.com/store/apparelGifts/tShirts/paizo) is resolves to the original http://paizo.com/store/apparelGifts/tShirts URL and I'm back where I started.

The link to the Paizo shirt section shows it should have 36 products.

I've tried it with Safari and Firefox and see the same behavior.

I can't buy products I can't see. :)


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I agree with CanisDirus. I prefer miniatures but the markers that lay flat on the map sound very useful. I'm adding this to my Christmas list and crossing my fingers. :) Good work!