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And cookies!

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<echo>You...who are brainless...<echo>

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Search your know it to be true.


<force choke>


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All this mamby pamby 'binds us all together' stuff is way cooler if you give in to your hatred. And free cookies!

shallowsoul wrote:
Adamantine Dragon wrote:

Killing a down PC is part of the game when you are playing "gritty" versions of the game.

Killing a down PC is actually the default setting of the game. We do have "Coup de grace" as a rule.

Playing the default game is not a playstyle. Playing anything outside of that is.

Only a Sith deals in absolutes...

Darth Knight wrote:

Crewmen of the true companion

I can see your tired of action
In this everlasting twilight
Home is just a sad extraction

I've seen things you wouldn't believe
fire off the shoulder of Orion
glitter near the Tannhäuser Gate
All moments lost like tears in rain

Just beyond the troubled skyways
Young men dream of fire and starshine
I've been dreaming of my own green world
Far across the reach of space time

Nice. Don Fagen ftw


They aren't really duels as such, more of opponents saying "Oh s&$+! It's you!" then dying horribly.


D is better...

I'm all for the fly spell...

I agree with the logic that a DM should cause his players to react to his story and setting with their powers, as opposed to the GM reacting to his players' powers.

Don't forget the girdle of masculinity/femininity...

Force Numa Numa

Force Roofies

Force Harrowing

maniacal laughter

Sweet! And I thought I'd never get to use this for a character portrait....

Anslasax is...duh!

looks at Darth Viscoun
Ummm is that an anti-scratch collar...?

Before the Darth, they went by...."Pier"...

So this is where all the cool people hang out...