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The "Nova" Template in Aberrant d20 is very good for creating Superheroic characters. Fits in with Pathfinder very well, too...

For minor mutations, though, the d20 Future and Apocalypse mutations work well.

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Michael Johnson 66 wrote:
Here is the 2nd print as a pdf. I will post it as a word doc for you, Sketchpad, in just a moment. I will also start a new thread titled "PF Gamma World doc 2nd print" with the links in the first post for ease of location.

Going WAYYY back... The link in this post worked for me just tonight... Good luck!

Excellent work, btw... Huge fan of Gamma World from way back and just saw this thread... Thanks to the thread Necromancers... ;)

At one point, I was creating a campaign in which the standard campaign races had "evil" counterparts...

For example, Hobgoblins were twisted Humans, Orcs were twisted Elves, Goblins/Dwarves, etc, etc, ad nauseum...

15 points per level of Components...

If you're planning on doing this for all spellcasting classes, you're going to have to be very specific about what Rotes each class have available to them. You may even need to ban particular components from specific classes... A cleric, for example with this system may be way too overpowered...

Best bet may be to slightly adjust the Mage class in MCWoD with different paths as archetypes... I like the ones that are there, but you could add in such other paths as Evoker, Diviner, Abjurer, Elementalist, etc, based on the school specialists of old...

Just a couple thoughts while I have a little time... I'll be back to pipe in some more later... ;)

Truly amazing work, Set. I'm going to be shamelessly stealing much of this for my campaign. ;)

clff rice wrote:
can someone point me to a pdf of this?

I don't think there is one, but it would definitely be a nice addition to the Pathfinder family...

Especially a pdf with a bunch of abilities and the points they add to the race build right in there... Maybe a couple of example races built with the rules... I'd be more than happy to build one for addition... Not that that's a huge incentive... :p

Just a thought for all those more pdf technically inclined... ;)

Fantastic write-up Laurefindel.

Almost the exact way I run alignment in my games; always wanted to throw out my ideas for discussion, but you have done it far more eloquently than I ever could have...

CrackedOzy wrote:
Oh, I think that was my thread. Whoops. Well email me ( if you want my Eberron conversions. I've got a pdf that re-writes all 4 races, has some Artificer changes and the Psionic Sorcerer Bloodline from the Pathfinder Database (for convenience's sake, my Kalashtar reference it). Next thing I'm going to look into is the Dragonmarks as I really liked how they were presented in 4e, so I want to see what I can do to make them more appealing.

Just sent out an email to you in regards to this... (Hope you don't mind!)

Really looking forward to your work!

Dork Lord wrote:
Senevri wrote:
@Darkfell, what's Aberrant D20? Conversion from a WW game?
Yep it's the D20 version of the old WW game. I haven't checked the D20 version of it out but the WW game revolved around the concept that superpowers were inherently "bad" and would "taint" you. White-Wolf just hates the idea of anyone gaining nifty powers without angst, I guess.

Exactly... It's very easy to run the d20 version without the "taint," however...

Easiest way: Get a copy of Aberrant d20 and use the "Nova" template and powers. No conversion necessary as it is 3.5e compatible...

That's what I'm doing... Planning on running kind of a PA meets Superhero meets Fantasy version of Eberron.

Ilraeth's Instant Inebriation.

Great at parties.

A while back, I created a version of Wolverine in my "Aberron" campaign... A cross of Eberron and Aberrant d20 with a little Gamma World thrown in...

Made him a dwarven "Nova" with levels in barbarian and ranger, fast healing and claws... Called him Nagol. ;)