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So I ended up scrapping the above classes in favor of Katana or Urumi, not because it was suggested because I just saw that, but because the -6 penalty just isn't worth the hit honestly.

Now I'm wondering if 15 levels of Ninja would work. It's thematic but I feel like it'd be too feat intensive.

It can work with Bastard Swords though lol, for at least a 17-20 crit range

Derklord wrote:
Danzibe1989 wrote:
How this works: Effortless Lace is a magic item that can make weapons become Light category, including 2 handed weapons, as long as they are sized for you as a normal person.

Nope. "When wrapped around the grip of a one-handed piercing or slashing melee weapon for 24 hours (...)"

You can wield them in one hand thanks to Jötungrip, and effects based on hands treat them as one-handed, but this doesn't count for attaching magic items.

Good eye. I read that item 6 times and still missed that part apparently

Doesn't change much. Just makes the penalty a -6 instead of -4.

Heyo! been a while since I posted a topic on here. I had a bit of inspiration for an idea and wanted to shoot it by here to see what sort of input the community could put to it to help create this potential monstrosity.

Barbarian (Titan Mauler) 2, Alchemist (Vivisectionist) 1, Fighter (Two-Weapon Fighter) 12.

Titan Mauler: Can wield 2 handed weapons in 1 hand each. Weapon of choice: Elven Curve Blade. 1d10 damage, 18-20 x2.

Vivisectionist: This is STRICTLY for the Dexterity Mutagen, but if you are gonna take it why not take an archetype that gives a bit of extra damage right? So an extra 1d6 on flanks couldn't hurt. Not to mention you can get Enlarge/Reduce person for additional Dex + defensive extracts like Shield.

Two-Weapon Fighter: Clearly the main focus of this, its kinda obvious what this is for.

How this works: Effortless Lace is a magic item that can make weapons become Light category, including 2 handed weapons, as long as they are sized for you as a normal person. Since you aren't using abnormally sized Elven Curved Blades, they get considered Light for 2 Weapon Fighting, making you take less penalty, yay! So instead of a -6 its -4. I can live with that.

So a 15-20 crit, x2 weapon, 2 handing 2 handers. ok.
"But Danzibe isn't it more efficient to..." Yes. It is. That's not the character idea. This isn't a kukri wielder, or a leadership monkey with butterfly sting. That's boring honestly.

My throw to you guys is to pitch in and see just how monstrous we can make it.

Edit: yes this means its a weapon finesse build with Agile weapons.

thank you guys, this helped quite a bit.

doomman47 wrote:
I mean a link to what abilities that allow you to get a magical beast as an animal companion.

Don't believe so no. It is in the book Heroes of Golarion. Idk if it is on the archive yet or not. I know it isn't on the d20pfsrd.

Edit: it is not so i have to copy paste.

Beast Speaker
You have trained in the ways that the beast speakers of the
Tekritani once used to ally themselves with magical beasts.
Prerequisites: Handle Animal 7 ranks, animal companion
with effective druid level 7.

Benefit: You can select a creature from the list of magical
beasts to serve as your animal companion. You acquire and
advance this beast companion in the same way as an animal
companion detailed in the class feature that grants you
access to your animal companion. You can also dismiss the
creature, as dictated by your class feature.
You must meet additional prerequisites to select a
companion with an Intelligence score of 3 or higher, as
described in each creature’s entry.

Your choices are: Behir, Bulette, Death Worm, Sun Falcon, and Basilisk

doomman47 wrote:
Can you give examples in the forum of a link?

Uh...like what? I cast Magic Fang. Can I target my Bulette companion? easy to answer. Does my spells that target my animal companion, target my magical beast animal companion.

So, recently, Paizo put out Heroes of Golarion and in it, gave classes with animal companions the ability to get certain Magical Beasts as Animal Companions. I am not clear on the specifics in this regard, but, can your spells that target your animal companion work with your Magical Beast animal companion despite them not being "Animal"? If not, why? Doesn't that rule out a majority of your spells?

ryric wrote:

It's not super clear, but assuming most monsters are cubes is a fairly normal thing IME. That means a Huge purple worm actually takes up space 15 feet up, so if you're 20 feet up you're only five feet away from it.

but that is incorrect, because it only has a 15ft reac, not a 25 or 30 ft reach. by that logic i could be 3 squares away but 100 ft up and it still reach me. that's incorrect as well.

My DM seems to believe a Purple Worm which has a 15ft reach, can strike at a creature 3 Squares (15 ft) but 4 Squares (20ft) in the air. Paizo does not factor in a creature's size as additional reach. Purple Worm is Gargantuan, its size grants it a 15 ft reach. I should be not attacked by my DM insists it can. This created a rather large argument. He seems to think this giant monster can attack an additional 15ft when it can't, as its reach regardless of size is 15ft. Am I right or am I wrong?

By this logic, an 6 ft tall human wielding a 5ft long blade should technically have 10ft reach if the height of a creature matters.

avr wrote:
With a wisdom bonus you might play a cleric or warpriest aiming for crusader's flurry - of some god with scythe as a favored weapon, of course. How do duskwalkers work well with scythes BTW?

Your suggestion requires me to live to 4th level as a Warpriest. I don't even understand how it would work.

edit: i understand it now but its too elaborate for just multiple attacks per round.

Vanth’s Scythe
You’ve seen the reapers many times, and have learned
something of their methods.
Prerequisites: Character level 9th, duskwalker, ghost
hunter racial trait.
Benefit: When you use your ghost hunter racial trait to
grant a scythe, quarterstaff, whip, or bow the ghost touch
weapon special ability, you also grant the undead-bane
weapon special ability. You also gain an additional daily
use of ghost hunter.

So, a game of Tyrant's Grasp is starting up soon and I have been chosen to play. I've chosen to play the new race (Duskwalker) and use a scythe, as they work well together with them. My problem is finding an appropriate class. There are plenty of classes that are great and I sadly do not have a clear theme in mind other than either crit fishing or the Vital Strike/Cleave tree. Any good suggestions would be most helpful. Duskwalkers have +2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Con

So in terms of creating magic items, I know what the book says but to me it isn't clear enough.

Market Price = Base Price is what the book says.

What if I craft it? Does the Cost to Create become the Base Price thus taking less time to make the item since I am making it myself?

Also, Cooperative Crafting says: You provide a +2 circumstance bonus on any Craft or Spellcraft checks related to making an item, and your assistance doubles the gp value of items that can be crafted each day.

Does that gold value reduce time spent on magic items by 50%?

Melkiador wrote:
Evan Riggs wrote:
how about a few character suggestions for roleplay to make the character lively and fun instead of a character based on game mechanics
You can do that with any character, no matter the stats. Be a prince or a pauper. Proud or noble. Miner or scholar. The stats don’t really matter. But this thread is about the stats.


DeathlessOne wrote:
Danzibe1989 wrote:
What? none of what you just said makes any sense at all. read everyone elses examples and you'll learn why its better. Either way, my group has a great distaste for Synthesist because they don't understand the skill ceiling of it so I can't play it unless the whole group is fine with it.

They were saying that your mental stats are going to be horrible anyway, regardless if you fuse with the Eidolon. You are better off having the poor stats and your own set of actions, in addition to the Eidolon taking its own set of actions.

I say do both. Dip into Synthesist for a level (or 5), and then take another class that grants a companion creature that you can boost with Boon Companion, to do your other dirty work.

I don't like to multiclass too much honestly as the class drop is huge unless its a 1 to 1 ratio *shrugs* but that'd be useful either way but might bog down initiative, something my DM prefers I not do (Which is why he hates my Necromancers)

ShroudedInLight wrote:

The issue is that with stats these poor you gain very little through gaining extra actions. With 13 as the highest casting stat available, and 12 as the highest combat stat, there are no reasonable actions for them to take during combat if they go traditional summoner.

The second thing Synthasist gets you is HP, initiative, two saving throws, and armor class. You are far less likely to kick the bucket with your Eidolon as a second skin.

The third thing is that you don't need to divide your magical items between yourself and your eidolon, and can instead focus all your wealth on yourself. With stats this low, its imperative to boost our chances of survival and magic items are a great way to do that.

So then if I am allowed to, would a Mature-Venerable Half-Elf Synthesis Summoner be fine with a stat array of:

Mature: Str 6, Dex 6, Con 9, Int 11, Wis 11, Cha 13
Old: Str 4, Dex 4, Con, 7, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 14
Venerable: Str 1, Dex 1, Con 4, Int 13, Wis 13, Cha 15 (Having stats this low for venerable scares the shit out of me) Cumulative = Garbage for this imo.

Regardless, having anything less than 10 in Con for the Summoner basically means if the character is caught without his "Armor" then he's dead.

Gray Warden wrote:

The good thing about Synthetist is to merge the eidolon's good physical stats with YOUR good mental stats. Your mental stats are awful! So there is no gain in going Synthetist over a vanilla Summoner.

The only good thing you have is your own set of actions, which you lose if you go Synthetist.

What? none of what you just said makes any sense at all. read everyone elses examples and you'll learn why its better. Either way, my group has a great distaste for Synthesist because they don't understand the skill ceiling of it so I can't play it unless the whole group is fine with it.

OK! Sorry for late responses but I've been away for a bit. I've read everything and love the suggestions, naysayers be damned.

This character, while not taken seriously because *points at stats*, will still be a character I try to play and survive with. I've played pathfinder since the beginning and 3.5 before it. I've a lot of experience and games and find it hard to find things that don't make me snore at the table, so this is something new for me.

No the stats are not preassigned, I can put them where I want them. Yes I willingly chose this stat roll. Yes we rolled stats, boohoo not everyone is created equal, adventurer or not.

I like the idea of a bumbler, or someone who just fell into things accidentally and now he's stuck on these adventures, however the party is stuck knowing each other ahead of time. So far I've been thinking of something Goblin Based for Ranged, but Summoner's are excellent ideas as well as most casters. I was also thinking of being Mature in age for -1 Physical and +1 Mental as long as it was a caster class. Races are locked into what I said they were, can't choose anything else for Race other than variants of the race. No I can't be Drow Noble because the DM seems to believe you must take the feats to become one, just like he thinks newer books override other books. I.e. Drow Noble used to have a point cost, but they aren't in a book so they don't exist without feats etc etc.

Do I believe both stat arrays are terrible? No. Stats are just numbers. It's how you roleplay the character that matters.

Currently: Any spellcaster might do well but he'd have to stay way in the back. Chances are something more support based is better for this build or indeed companion based. If something, anything, were to get in fighting contact, it's almost guaranteed this character will die (that is why i'm not taking the character seriously. i expect it to die)

Theconiel wrote:

Whoa. The first set of stats is one reason I prefer oiint-buy. Your second set of stats is the other reason I prefer point-buy.

With the low set, I would build a human hunter. I would put the +2 and level stat bumps into WIS.

Your pet will be pretty beefy - especially with Animal Aspect - andyou will also be able to buff yourself a bit.

Since the hunter is a 6-level caster, you won't need 13 WIS for casting until level 7. You can focus on buffing and utility spells so the low save DC won't be too much an issue

Anyway, that's my tuppence.

Doesn't sound too bad either.

Weables wrote:
To the people not even making useful suggestions: I have a second set of MUCH better stats rolled up, but I figured instead of taking the 18, 18, 14, 13, 13, 13, I wanted to be a little different after all the years of playing seriously. Yes I know this character probably has a death wish, no I don't care. the goal is to have fun, not "win".
to be fair, I'd suggest playing point buy with rolls like that too. playing point buy has nothing to do with winning and losing, it has to do with making a character who can actually do the job they set out to do. and if you dislike that, you could always just play with all 8s anyways, no ones stopping you *shrug*

This adventure we went with 2 sets of 4d6 and applied them. My 1st rolls were great and my 2nd roll was garbage. I kept both for different characters and decided to play the worst one first. D&D and Pathfinder is about having an adventure and having fun. Everything else along the way is simply additional fun.

Heyo! So, my Priest of Razmir Sorcerer/False Priest is retiring as its not very fun with the group I am playing with and am usually relegated to either being ignored or stuck using my many clerical wands to aid the party rather than my sorcerer side. At that point, why not just be a cleric -.-. So it's going away next time they head to a town and in its place will be.....

Jenny Fritzbang the Hobgoblin or Half-Elf/Half-Goblin (Cuz i have a picture i'm using) 13th level Wizard (Formerly 7th lvl Wizard) who makes constructs as her main thing (Don't care if its not optimal to make constructs.)

Now this is coming in as a fresh character essentially and I am wondering if approaching it as a Wizard is still the right choice. I've looked at many many others before and just settled on the Wizard due to its advanced spell selections but I wondered if it'd be worth it to be a different class. Opinions are welcome, and so is constructive criticism only. Also, what sort of companions can i start a game with in this regard?

TLDR: What is best Construct maker and why as a 13th level character? Companion ideas please! Don't mention Poppets. I love those things but they ran out of usefulness outside of being a familiar already at this level.

To the people not even making useful suggestions: I have a second set of MUCH better stats rolled up, but I figured instead of taking the 18, 18, 14, 13, 13, 13, I wanted to be a little different after all the years of playing seriously. Yes I know this character probably has a death wish, no I don't care. the goal is to have fun, not "win".

@Lelomenia: Gunslinger does seem like a viable option, especially with a Goblin with +4 Dex in a 10 stat.

@Dave Justus: I thought about a bard as it wasn't entirely stat reliant for abilities unless spell related, but even then a 6 tier caster would probably be better with a stat boost item and a 12 or 14 in the casting stat. Gnome, Aasimar, Tiefling, come to my mind.

So far Gunslinger seems like the best non-melee best bet or a Ranged Fighter or some sort.

As for a caster, since my physical will be poor anyways, I was thinking of being Middle-Aged for -1 Physicals, +1 Mentals and getting a bit more edge out of it.

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@LordKailas That's pretty dang neat I have to admit.

So our group started up another adventure, and we got to roll stats of 4d6, no rerolls. I got 7, 7, 10, 10, 10, 10. Amazing right? Well I chose to keep them and am now wondering what would be funny to play. This is not a character I could take seriously and it definitely might not be a caster (barring Race changing that) so I'd LOVE to hear some interesting ideas.

Available Races: Core Book, Aasimars, Changelings, Dhampirs, Drow, Goblins, and Tieflings

Ooooo thats pretty handy

At the moment I'm thinking depraved. Gluttony would be accurate but not to make oneself fat from it. Just kind of a voracious mentality and personality. They relish in it, find it enjoyable, a pleasureable act (not sexual). Its a character who's descriptions of what they are doing shoyld make others go "oh shit."

Hmm...any faiths that encourage this?

Emo Duck wrote:
Simply eating other people doesn't really require any specific abilities... So, bon apetit!

Obviously but it adds flair

Outside of Raging Cannibal Barbarian, is a cannibal character possible?

That'd be great...if the others cared to put their 2 cents in but they dont usually

I wish I COULD find an online group that plays as often as they do but the chances of that are slim to none. Honestly it is why I've startes to try to DM more.

Sadly the DM is part of the problem. Theres a whole list of things wrong I could put out but it wouldnt solve anything as he believes he never has to change how he plays or anything so no point in making one. I've gamed with them for years but the only one to grow has been me which sucks, as I no longer have fun with the group. Wouldnt it just be better to ride character ideas into the ground?

At the moment, no I am not having fun and haven't for a long time. I don't play in multiple groups, just multiple games of the same group and they all end up the same way. We play online via Maptools. I run a 5e game on R20 but even as I try to steer them to less video game and more story and rp, they still try to murder hobo. Idk if they are just incapable of anything else or not.

What do you do when you try to be rp and story interested but your group prefers murder hoboing and dungeon crawling? My ideas and backstories get tossed aside all the time, and the GM doesnt really focus on anyone's stories if they have any. Should I just power game again? Or assimilate to the murder hoboing?

RogueJK wrote:
Don't forget about Divine Fighting Technique, since you're going the Feat route instead of the Blessing route.

Right, thats Blade & Tankard style.

RogueJK wrote:
Danzibe1989 wrote:

I also planned on taking Prestigious Spellcaster to get my full array of spells.

Just be sure to keep an eye on your feats. Between all the other feats you're having to take for TWF, brewing, and tankard-boosting, it's probably getting tough to squeeze extras in. Especially since you're skipping the bonus feat at Warpriest 9 by going Brewkeeper after 8. (Or potentially skipping all the bonus feats by going with a different base class.)

With Divine Fighting Technique, Favored Prestige Class, and Prestigious Spellcaster, you're adding three required feats to the build...

You get 7 base feats from 1-15, and you'd need 8 just to cover all those basics and prerequisites:

-Divine Fighting Technique
-Catch Off Guard
-Two Weapon Drunkard
-Brew Potion
-Favored Prestige Class
-Prestigious Spellcaster

So you'd need to be a Human, or get at least one bonus feat from a class, just to cover those basics.

And that doesn't leave anything else for improving your tankards' combat utility, boosting your dirty tricks, increasing your spellcasting abilities, or the like.

Human: Catch-Off Guard

1st: TWF
3rd: Two-weapon drunkard
5th: Brew Potion (Unless a class gives it free)
7th: ITWF
9th: Weapon Finesse
11th: Weapon Focus (Tankard)
13th: DFT: Blade & Tankard Style (2ndry benefits don't kick in till 15th, depending on class)

Favored Prestige and Prestigious Spellcaster are not 100% required, but are helpful and could be taken later, if it would be beneficially better to take them. The feats chosen here are not representative of any chosen class but merely an example. I do see your point in there being lots of choices, not enough slots so i'm gonna have to weed out some choices in the end. I don't need the feats to hit accurately as much, as I can supplement that with various spells.

RogueJK wrote:

Gotcha. That's not an ideal path if playing from Level 1, since it would mean picking up the Divine Fighting Technique feat plus waiting all the way until Level 14 for that advanced ability to come online (due to the +10 BAB prerequisite).

But since you're jumping in at Level 15, it works just fine.

oh yeah totally. ground up would be a totally different procedure for sure

Meirril wrote:

Going to point out, the Druid/Brewkeeper can make Heal into an extract using druidic herbalism, something the Brewkeeper can't do with its own abilities.

The same goes for Alchemists, if they take the discovery that lets them hand off extracts to others. Druidic Herbalism gets that as part of the base ability.

Oh, and yes Druidic Herbalism is just like Brew Potion for how limited you are in making potions. You can produce up to 4 potions a day that have a value of 200gp or less, or 1 potion up to 1,000gp (or 2,000gp if your GM allows you to 'add 5 to the dc' for something you automatically succeed at). Until you hit 7th level the free potions thing is interesting but not spectacular. When you get the ability to make potions in 1 minute at 7th level it becomes ridiculous. You can even make regular potions (at half creation cost!) in the same 1 minute. Now you just have to convince merchants that your veggie smoothy of questionable origin is just as good as a regular potion...

...no seriously. Do not break the economy with potions. This ability is broken as is, no reason to give your GM an extra headache.

yeah, i know that about the Druids. its the primary aspect to it being a choice really.

RogueJK wrote:

If you're wanting to use the Divine Fighting Technique advanced ability of the swift-action tankard refill, you'll have to take at least 10 levels in Warpriest. That ability isn't unlocked until Level 10, by giving up one of your Major Blessing Powers (which aren't available until 10).

Otherwise, if you have less than 10 levels in Warpriest, you're looking at using a Move/Standard Action* every time you need to put a potion/draught/booze into one of your tankards. Not ideal.

(*The type of action needed is up to your GM, since I can't find anywhere that it's specifically spelled out.)

You could go with Cailean Fighting Tankards to lessen that impact, but then you run into the aforementioned potential pitfalls regarding enhancing a named magic item.

Well the thing with that is that it says Optional. meaning you don't have to be that to get that. you can take the feat and follow up with the required prereqs, which is what i planned on doing. I also planned on taking Prestigious Spellcaster to get my full array of spells.

Wow the power of sleep. I missed so much lol. Ok *cracks knuckles*

@Meirril: I full understand the power of the druid (But remember, no matter what length of time you can make potions via Brew Potion, it is still 1 potioni a day *barf*) Now using the class ability however is fantastic as you can just churn out Heal potions like a factory. It is pretty good, and you can stick to a utility support and crowd control caster if you wish, its a good option.

@The Sidreomancer: I sure did! I looked up as much drinking related things I could find and plan to use a couple of Cailean Fighting Tankards to have 12 potions on hand at any time that i can Move Action drink with Accelerated Drinker trait, as it counts as having a potion in hand by my GM.

@RogueJK: Now that is the kind of advice i'm looking for. I've also considered all that you said last night, hence i'm stuck in a few places.
I already know I won't be a DPR monster, thats ok. 2 Main attacks and 1 off-hand is comfortable enough for me, I have other party members who are focused on the DPR. My primary job I think would be a party buffer/Tank type. The problem with Warpriest is the inability to put Heal in a potion at our current level, granted if I live to 16 then I can do it but *shrugs* never know what we are gonna face right now lol. As it stands I plan to take 7 levels of Brewmaster (the last 3 levels aren't too spectacular).

@Gray Warden: I planned on taking the feat strictly for the secondary ability of it, the rest is just a bonus.
That being said, I've reached a stuck point:

Witch 8/Brewkeeper 7 (Useful Touch spells, Hexes for utility, Arcane Healing. Can take Bonded Witch archetype and have a Tankard as my item. DM cleared it with me, and I told him i don't care about the bonus spells, but now it looks like I talk into my drink every morning at the bar table lol)

Warpriest 8/ Brewkeeper 7: The ability to self buff 3 times in 1 turn is HUGE, especially with combat buffs: Divine Power, Righteous Might, Divine Favor, etc etc. The class abilities would suffer badly though and Warpriest really needs its class abilities to shine I feel.

Arcane Physician Wizard 8/ Brewkeeper 7: Amazing versatility in spells, access to Healing Spells thanks to the Archetype. Can prepare most spells ahead of time as potions, cast Transformation and fight with most spells still useable, can't take a hit for shit because D6 HP and no armor proficiency >.<. Could take a 1 level dip to remedy that.

Cleric 8/ Brewkeeper 7: Channel Energy, Heavy Armor access, slower buff rate than Warpriest (2 Buffs a turn max), has access to Healing Spells and the Heal spell in specific. Can get tanky.

Druid 8/ Brewkeeper 7: Fanstatic utility spells, can pump out more potions than any of these choices for free, can still Wildshape to more combat capable forms if necessary, access to healing and buff spells.

Alchemist 8/ Brewkeeper 7: Can take full advantage of Brewkeeper prestige class. Later Alchemist spells are meh and not really effective as potions for the team. Can fight with Mutagens effectively and wear some armor so can take a hit or two. access to healing spells.

Meirril wrote:

Brewmaster and a Druid that chooses Druidic Herbalism as their Nature Bond would synergize well. 7th level druid/8th level Brewkeeper. That way you'd be popping out beverages so fast you'd be a one man microbrewery.

Make sure you take a feat or at least a trait to drink faster. Actually there is another feat to give you a will bonus when drinking. Unfortunately other than getting a Handy Haversack or wearing a potion bandoleer I can't think of a way to make drawing potions faster. Even those 2 items make it a move action instead of a standard.

Also the go-to concoction to make as a Druid with herbalism is Channel the Gift since you can just use them to power 3rd level spells. If you have 3 days of downtime that is an extra wis mod x3 free potions to power 3rd level spells for you or another party member.

wow yeah just took a look at that. it works really well for this, though not a fan of it being on the druid, not sure how helpful outside of the Brewkeeper functions a 5th-7th level Druid abilities would be. I think it'd be heavily reliant on its Spellcasting

avr wrote:
If you're going to fight with two tankards then you need spellcasting you can do with your hands full. That means warpriest or a psychic spellcaster. Warpriest is the natural one IMO, but mindblade magus could be interesting and a psychic with some odd discipline could be funny (self-perfection; don't ask about his definition of perfection, rebirth from a long line of drunkards, psychedelia if he adds herbs to his drinks, or just plain old faith in CC.)

Two-Weapon Drunkard (Combat Feat)

You effortlessly wield tankards in your off hand, and can
use them to drink from and as deadly weapons in a battle
with equal ease.
Prerequisites: Catch Off-Guard, Two-Weapon Fighting
Benefit: When you wield a tankard as an improvised
weapon in your off hand, it functions as a light mace,
including for the purpose of determining the effects of
feats like Weapon Focus. If you worship Cayden Cailean,
your off-hand tankard functions as a divine focus and does
not interfere with somatic spell components.
When you fight with two weapons and have the sickened
condition, you do not apply the penalties from being
sickened to attack rolls or weapon damage rolls.
Normal: A tankard wielded as an improvised weapon
normally functions as a gauntlet.

I planned to take that.

Melkiador wrote:
The slayer abilities can be pretty generic. Maybe a good fit for a two weapon fighter who just stumbled into adventuring.

doesn't have a caster level

HEYO! I've been invited to play in a Sunday game that involved 15th level characters. After a few days of debate I decided on a class....a prestige class: https://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/prestige-classes/other-paizo/a-b/brewkeepe r/

A character who followed the way of Cayden Cailean all the way to the bar and ended up becoming an accidental adventurer with a 15th level party to save the world. I have just one problem though; I don't have a base class!

So I need your help!

Alchemist, Wizard, Cleric, Magus, Warpriest. They all make fantastic base classes for this, but I just can't seem to decide.

The party currently consists of an Alchemist Vivisectionist/Protean, a Rogue/Kineticist, and an undecided person, So I'm a bit open.

I plan to fight with two weapons: Tankards! via a few feats so I plan to get up in Melee a bit, but that doesn't mean I can't be a pure arcane (like Wizard) and use the tankards as fallback. Obviously this class works better the other way though.

So bring on the suggestions! please!

thats a possibility yeah

Yeah thats pretty good.
Silly me also didnt realize that something with 8 tentacle attacks does not necessarily have to hit with 8 different tentacles

So far I have decided on lvl 6 half-orc Goliath Druid who's form preference is giants, usually a troll form. I plan to take endurance, diehard, and deathless initiate and be this really tank never during monster. I will also go Strength domain to get my level as strength enhancement.

Ryze Kuja wrote:

@danzibe1989 if you want to be a controller druid, get the Natural Spell feat.

Sickening Entanglement, Sheet Lightning, Rain of Frogs, Wall of Fire, all kinds of stuff.

With lvl 8 wild shape, you can turn into a diminutive mosquito and cast spells while being nigh-completely unnoticed.


If you want to blast, here's all your blaster spells:

1st Produce Flame, Entangle, Wild Shape into something with lots of Natural Attacks and cast Frostbite - Frostbite lasts for 1hit/lvl
2nd Tar Ball, Stone Call, Flame Blade, Frigid Touch, Burning Disarm
3rd Call Lightning, Spike Growth, Ash Storm
4th Ball Lightning, Obsidian Flow, Geyser, Flame Strike
5th Fire Snake, Call lightning Storm, Wall of Thorns (+lvl 3 plant growth)
6th Tar Pool, Roaming Pit, Sirocco
7th Fire Storm, Sunbeam
8th Reverse Gravity, Finger of Death, Stormbolts, Earthquake, Sunburst
9th Clashing Rocks, Tsunami

Get Empower/Maximize/Intensify/Heighten Spell, Spell Specialization/Greater Spell Specialization, and Spell Perfection and you will melt faces.

Doesn't Frostbite apply to only 1 attack though not all natural attacks?

Burning Disarm has already been ruled by GM as being unable to be acquired unless your from Cheliax (He's a region specific person which is BS when it comes to spells like this but whatever)

never really took Druids as blasters, always pegged them as more utility support casters. I'll give this a try sometime.

lemeres wrote:
Danzibe1989 wrote:
Grab Endurance and Diehard as feats, then you don't have to worry about it.......did I just discover something scary??

How about deathless initiate?

Half orcs are a rather powerful choice for goliath druids- they get access to falchions and great axes (for a 2d6 18-20 weapon and for a really big single hit weapon).

And you come with a built in backstory- all your orc brothers made fun of you and kicked sand into your face. But now, you are the biggest, meanest, greenest one of them all!

Still, the point remains- things go bad when you face a TPK. A determined GM WILL find ways to restrain you or burn you if you abuse your undying nature.

As i thought it up a moment ago, I also thought up the Deathless Initiate as well. I only need that feat and be Half-orc for it too, which is fine. Even discussed it with my Gm and its fine for me to do so Half-Orc Goliath druid who prefers giant forms is a go!

Current backstory is that he believes himself to be descended of Trolls. He's always had a bit of a jutting underbite, slightly larger tusks than others of his kind and was ridiculed a lot for it. Leaving the city at a young age he found himself within the Fang Woods, where he had seen Trolls before. They were green like him, had an underbite like him and even had large tusk teeth like him! So he must've been a troll relative! using that belief, he's tapped into his powers of druidism to turn into Giants and Giant-kin.

This trainwreck though doesn't kick off until 12th level I believe. So I just have to survive 6 levels.

lemeres wrote:
Danzibe1989 wrote:
blahpers wrote:
Yeah, getting regenerate all day is pretty awesome.
effectively immortal if they don't have a way to stop your regen.

I mostly just view it as "a way to prevent us from needing a raise dead because of an accident".

The problem with regeneration is that you pass out while at negative numbers. That means that the enemy can take their time to slowly start a fire with a flint and get a burn-y stick. So it doesn't help in the event of a TPK.

It is still really nice. Bleed is basically nothing to you, and you never worry about wasting time/money to top off on health.

Grab Endurance and Diehard as feats, then you don't have to worry about it.......did I just discover something scary??

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