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Hey guys, so I finally finished reading the APG and although there are a lot of cool features and had a massive upgrade from playtest, there are some rough edges that would get better with a second playtest.

How inviable would be to have 2 rounds of playtest for the new classes (Magus and Summoners)? I think probably would make final product better.

How is Colette? Anyone have any news?
He was very present in the playtest... When he/she killed every party! Lol

Can someone clarify for me why the Circus Rule a Player can have more than one type of Trick Roll? Why shouldn't he just roll always the better one?

About Investigate I use a Houserule that anyone Investigating can use a free action to Recall Knowledge about a monster if combat happens

Captain Morgan wrote:

The troop template in PF1 was the best way to make this work, but I haven't heard anything about it being ported over officially yet. A couple of people, myself included, have converted PF1 troops fairly successfully. The tricky but is deciding how they interact with things like Swipe or Whirlwind Attack.

I would really like to see your adaption!

Thanks for everyone that replied! I'll give her some tips that you guys said!

Hello guys! I've been DMing for a long time already. I used to run PF1ed.
After the end of the Playtest I started a new campaign using the Playtest rules untill the final edition.

So I havlve been DMing for this group for about a year.

Recently a new player entered our group. She have never played Pathfinder and the only experience was with 5ed. She wanted to play an Alchemist, since it was the most different class.

The group was already level 6 when she entered. So she had a little trouble making the new sheet, but after I helped her she got everything right.

We are almost level 8 already and I can see that she's just not having fun... Last session she voiced her concerns about how she misses a lot of the attacks and always do less damage than the others players...

Shes a Gnome Bomber, and it's well built, I guaranteed that she had the important items and everything...

Since I participated in the Playtest, I knew that the Alchemist had some problems and have been using some changes that Shroudb posted in the forum.

Core abilities:

Infused Reagents:
"Alchemical items with this Trait use your Class DC"

Quick Alchemy:
"This item has the infused trait, but it remains potent only until
the start of your next turn." with
This item has the infused trait, but it remains potent only until
the end of your next turn.

Perpetual Infusions:
Changed from 7/11/17 to 5/9/15
Decoupled from research field. Now reads: "Choose 2 level 1 alchemical items you can make except Elixir of life" for all 3 fields.

Alchemical Mastery:
from level 17 to level 15

Legendary Alchemist Level 19:
you become Legendary in Alchemist Class DC

Double Brew: (Level 9)
Replace whole ability with:
COMBINE ELIXIRS [free-action]
Frequency once per round
Trigger You use Quick Alchemy to craft an alchemical item
that has the elixir trait and is at least 2 levels lower than
your advanced alchemy level.
You’ve discovered how to mix two elixirs into a single hybrid
concoction. You can spend 1 additional batch of infused
reagents to add a second elixir to the one you’re crafting.
The second elixir must also be at least 2 levels lower than
your advanced alchemy level, and the combination elixir is
an alchemical item two levels higher than the higher of the
two elixirs’ levels. When this combination elixir is consumed,
both the constituent elixirs take effect. For example, you can
combine two elixirs of life to create a combined elixir that
heals twice the normal amount, or you can combine a lesser
darkvision elixir with a lesser eagle-eye elixir to both gain
darkvision and find secret doors.

Arcane Alacrity: (level 15)
Replace whole ability with:
COMBINE ELIXIRS [free-action]
Frequency once per round
Trigger You use Quick Alchemy to craft an alchemical item
that has the elixir trait and is at least 4 levels lower than
your advanced alchemy level.
You’ve discovered how to mix three elixirs into a single hybrid
concoction. You can spend 2 additional batches of infused
reagents to add a second and a third elixir to the one you’re crafting.
The second and third elixirs must also be at least 4 levels lower than
your advanced alchemy level, and the combination elixir is
an alchemical item four levels higher than the higher of the
three elixirs’ levels. When this combination elixir is consumed,
all the constituent elixirs take effect.

Research Field:

Level 1: Can choose Dexterity as Primary stat.
At level 15: Becomes Master with Alchemical bombs.

Replace 1st level ability with:
Can Choose Strength as his Primary stat. When imbibing an infused mutagen that he has crafted himself increase the item bonus by 1

Add (on the level 1 ability):
"You also use Craft to qualify for any skill feat requiring Medicine. Your Treat wounds upgrades can use Craft rank instead of Medicine rank"

Class feats:

Powerful Alchemy
Combine Elixir

Revivifying Mutagen: Now it rounds up
Efficient Alchemy: They also cost half to make with downtime rules.
Enduring Alchemy: Quick alchemy lasts 1 minute
Potent Poisoner: Poisons deal minimum damage even on a successful saving throw (still deal 0 on a critical success)

(level 8 to replace Powerful Alchemy):
Healing bomb: Additive 2. You can make Elixir's of Life with this Additive (so 2 levels lower) that have 20ft range. Range increases for Bomb attacks affect this range.

(Level 6 to replace Combine Elixir):
Quick poisoner: You need 1 interact action to apply an injury poison to a weapon instead of 3.

For reference the rest of the group consist of:

Human Arcane Sorcerer
Dwarf Cleric
Goblin Ranger
Half-orc Fighter

So, anyone have any idea how to help her?

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Ok, so is it just me that think Hexes as Focus Spell are a bad idea?

I really wanted they to be akin to bard compositional cantrips, Hex Cantrips!

You could have Focus Hexes to manipulate those hexes, making they stronger or affet more targets (like Inspire Heroics for bard)

I'm thinking of houserulling the Incapacitate trait... Instead of making you immune you get advantage in the save (as 5ed). What you guys think?

I think you wouldn't gain extra dices from striking runes, since it's a Polymorph effect

Polymorph wrote:
If you take on a battle form with a polymorph spell, the special statistics can be adjusted only by circumstance bonuses, status bonuses, and penalties. Unless otherwise noted, the battle form prevents you from casting spells, speaking, and using most manipulate actions that require hands. (If there’s doubt about whether you can use an action, the GM decides.) Your gear is absorbed into you; the constant abilities of your gear still function, but you can’t activate any items.

Well, at least that's how was done in the playtest, did they changed that?

I hope they have a way to fix that in an errata

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So, there was a Blood Demon lrking a PC, and after we migrated for final 2e, there was no more Babau Demons in the Bestiary, so, i have redone it!

Blood Demon Creature 8
CE, Medium, Demon, Fiend
Perception +16; darkvision
Languages Abyssal, telepathy (usually 100 feet)
Skills Stealth +18, Intimidation +16, Acrobatics +17, Deception +16
Str +4 Dex +6 Con +4 Int +3 Wis +3 Cha +3
Items +1 spear
AC 26, Fort +17, Ref +18, Will +13
HP 167; Resistances acid 10; Weaknesses cold iron 8, good 8
Redemption Vulnerability As blood demons are beings created by killers, creatures that reject to kill can metaphysically harm them. When a creature in a radius of 60 foot ins brought down to 0 HP by Nonlethal damage, the Blooddemon takes 3d6 mental damage.

Speed 25 feet
Melee ◆ +1 spear +20 (Thrown 20 ft) Damage 2d8+9 plus 2d4 acid
Melee ◆ Claws +20 (agile) Damage 2d6+6 plus 2d4 acid
Melee ◆ Jaws +20 Damage 3d6+7 plus 2d4 acid

Divine Innate Spells (DC 23, attack +13); 5th Dimension door, 4th Dimension door (at will), 2nd Death Knell (1x), Darkness (1x)
Sneak Attack 1d6 damage if flat-footed
Lurking Assassin ◇ If Blood Demon is hidden before an attacks hidden, if it hits it can attempt a Demoralize action against the target of the attack, for free

Varus Wreckpoint wrote:

This is great!

I have one question though - in TABLE 2–11: SPELL DC AND SPELL ATTACK ROLL, the spell DCs = corresponding spell attack roll + 8.
For PCs (AFAIK), spell DCs = spell attack roll + 10. (Core rulebook, pf 298)
Is this intentional?

I think that this is a error (probably a misspeling). Look at the Demilich (level 15 creature) has an extreme DC (40) and a atk roll of +30

I liked a lot!

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For reference:

Exploration Trait:
An activity with this trait takes more than a turn to use, and can usually be used only during exploration mode. (Source Core Rulebook pg. 631).

You’re tired and can’t summon much energy. You take a –1 status penalty to AC and saving throws. While exploring, you can’t choose an exploration activity. You recover from fatigue after a full night’s rest.

So, if you are Fatigued, there's a lot you can't do:

Things you can not do:
Borrow an Arcane Spell, Coerce, Cover Tracks, Decipher Writing, Identify Alchemy, Impersonate, Learn a Spell, Make an Impression, Refocus, Repair, Sense Direction, Squeeze, Track, Treat Wounds, Affix a Talisman, Avoid Notice, Defend, Detect Magic, Follow the Expert, Hustle, Investigate, Repeat a Spell, Scout, Search, Borrow an Arcane Spell, Coerce, Cover Tracks, Identify Alchemy, Impersonate, Make an Impression, Repair, Sense Direction, Squeeze, Track, Treat Wounds, Decipher Writing, Learn a Spell.

Is it just me, or Fatigued is the worse condition you can apply to a PC?

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My worries are not only for errors, but I don't wanna the people in the office start suffering from Burnout! There is a lot of pressure now.

So, just wanna make it clear that I I've 2ed, and think the errors are little small!

But let's hope they keep the good work, and keep the sanity too!

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Hello my friends!

So, I really loving 2ed, (to be true I already loved the playtest...) but is it just me that it's a little worried about the speed Paizo is making new books?

They did a great launch (Core, Bestiary, Lost Omens), but as I see, there were some petty erros and some things that passed most likely because it was made in a fast state... (Alchemist, materials, and other FAQ/errata materials).

What worries me, it's that they are already working in: A new playtest (the new classes), Gamemastery Guide, Bestiary 2, Lost Omens Character Guide, Lost Omens Gods & Magic... This excluding the AP's and the new module from Mr Mona.

Not that I'm not excited about those books (i'm really am!), but with so many things, i'm little worried that things get a little rushed...

So, what you guys think?

I liked it!

In Pathfinder we had the Squeezing rule

Squeezing PF 1:
In some cases, you may have to squeeze into or through an area that isn’t as wide as the space you take up. You can squeeze through or into a space that is at least half as wide as your normal space. Each move into or through a narrow space counts as if it were 2 squares, and while squeezed in a narrow space, you take a –4 penalty on attack rolls and a –4 penalty to AC.

When a Large creature (which normally takes up 4 squares) squeezes into a space that’s 1 square wide, the creature’s miniature figure occupies 2 squares, centered on the line between the 2 squares. For a bigger creature, center the creature likewise in the area it squeezes into.

A creature can squeeze past a creature while moving but it can’t end its movement in an occupied square.

To squeeze through or into a space less than half your space’s width, you must use the Escape Artist skill. You can’t attack while using Escape Artist to squeeze through or into a narrow space, you take a –4 penalty to AC, and you lose any Dexterity bonus to AC.

In 2ed could't find anything similiar. Did I miss something?

Well, you know, in real life, sometimes you are so sick that you don't drink or eat... Sometimes you get so dehydrated that you need to get liquids directly in your vein, or you will die...

Plus you are probably vomiting, worsing your dehydration

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Some fixes that should make a little better and will apply in my homegame

---> Martial Archetypes (those that don't give spellcasting)

- In addition to it's benefits, you automatically gain a lvl 1 or 2 feat from that class.

- Basic X do not exist

- Advanced X: Don't have a Prerequisite

---> Dedications

- If the dedication have 2 Abilities requiriment (Ex. Fighter Str 14, Dex 14), change the following:

- Put "or" between the abilities

- Increase the requirements in +2

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I think Erik Mona said that Adventure's Pack is just 1 Bulk.

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Are there any type of surprise rounds?

What happens when a small creature takes the weapon of a medium creature or vice versa?

So, how the wands look? Are they cooler? Any wand that you liked?

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Kasoh wrote:
Bardic Dave wrote:
MaxAstro wrote:
"when you succeed a check to Recall Knowledge, you gain more information or context. When you critically succeed a check to Recall Knowledge, at the GM's discretion, you may gain even more information or context."
Is that the exact text or are you paraphrasing?

Exact text is

Know-it-all Feat 8
Prerequisites enigma muse
When you succeed at a Knowledge check, you gain additional information or context. When you critically succeed at a Knowledge check, at the GM's discretion you might gain even more additional information or context than normal.

It could have been:

"When you succeed at a Knowledge check, you gain additional information or context. You may continue making Knowledge checks to gain more information as a free action untill you fail or critical fail"



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Thanks for the answer for rituals!

If I may ask another one...
So, Shields now have Hardness, HP and a threeshold? What do this threeshold do?

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So, could you share a little how necromancy is working now? Animate Dead is a ritual now, but how it works?

1ed you controled hd/lvl worth of minions. How is 2ed?

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Is there a way to a high STR score mitigate de penalties of Heavy armor (speed reduction and ACP))?

Do you know if you can wield a Lance with one hand while mounted?

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3 is a decent number unless you are a Bard...
Lingering Performance, Inspire Heroics and so many other powers...

Tectorman wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Tectorman wrote:

So, he has a Str mod of +3 and currently has a total Bulk of 5 + 3 light. And this is described as low enough that he can carry more or assist his party members. Does this mean that Bulk limits ramped up from the playtest or that equipment got better gradiation between 1 light and 1 Bulk?

Or is that something we have to hope made it into the GMG?

5 + Strength mod (which is +4) means he could carry 9 Bulk. He is carrying 5 Bulk and 3 light (so like 5.3) out of 9, plenty of room. :)

Ok, I missed the Str mod being +4.

This still doesn't allay my concerns, though. Not at all.

Going by the playtest and by what Seelah was depicted as having in the art previews, her maximum starting Bulk would also be 9. Her equipment is a Longsword (1B), Full plate (not something she might have at 1st level, but still a fair assumption) (4B), a Longbow (it looked more like a shortbow to me, but that's what it was called) (2B) plus at least one quiver of arrows (1L), a Shield (1B) plus mandatory repair kit (1B). Throw in a bedroll (1L), one waterskin (1L), and a mere two days' worth of rations (2L), and she's barely scraping by at 9B + 5L.

And that is with a bare minimum of gear, let alone what she would really need to approach a proper level of preparedness. What happens when we throw in a mere 10 additional arrows, a mere three additional days' worth of food, and a dagger (because what self-respecting adventurer isn't going to have a last-resort dagger)?

And this doesn't even address her need to be able to do some manner of looting after raiding a dungeon. She finds one Longsword, deliberately in the adventure as part of the treasure. What does she give up to be able to take it?

That's... not plenty of room. That's suffocatingly small.

Which is why I'm also asking if the actual rules will feature more gradiation. A 9 Bulk limit is far easier to deal with when whole portions of it aren't swallowed up at a time (going from a 1L...

You know that the limit is 10+Str, right?

And if you pass 5+Str, just drop your backpack when fighting...

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I really want to see a Hound of Tindalos using 2ed ruleset...

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Zaister wrote:
I wonder if they actually got permission to release that ahead of time. I don't know about any such permission we'd have on the German translation team.

Yeah, they did! I talk to both translators (they are good guys and fans of PF).

Brazil will be the only country to launch 2ed simultaneously with Paizo

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Crypt of Everflame it's very simple. I have everything converted for 2ed of this module, sadly for you it's in Brazilian portuguese...

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Dalvyn wrote:

Just saying... on Jason's Twitch channel, you can read this:

Earn XP
Watch stream = 1 XP / 10 min
Follow me = 5 XP
Subscribe = 50 XP
100 bits = 10 XP

Spend XP
Ask a question = 100 XP <-------
Follow your twitch = 200 XP
Nightbot command = 200 XP

"What is the exact content of Spoiler #85?" would make a perfect question to ask if we can't get this spoiler by more conventional means...

Is this a Glimpse of Hope?

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Deception: 1d20 ⇒ 6

So I pretty sure that 85 doesn't exists. Only way for Mr Jason proves the contrary is if himself post #85 here...

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wilderbeast wrote:
Ediwir wrote:
Dante Doom wrote:

A lot of good thing, and a lot is readable.

So, no more Channel Energy? Now we have Divine Font!

You say tomato, I say "cleric better have good spells this time around".

On the plus side, even if the divine spell list hasn't changed much, it looks like Clerics do now get class feats at 12 and 16.

It's a little hard to read, but there's also "Miraculous Spell" listed in the Class feature table at level 19. Could that be a level 10 spell slot? I vaguely remember someone mentioning level 10 spells might not require a class feat to gain access to.

Every class now has 11 Class Feats

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A lot of good thing, and a lot is readable.

So, no more Channel Energy? Now we have Divine Font!

Gloom wrote:

IMHO the only reason that people view Charisma as lacking parity is because it's so largely under utilized in most games. In all seriousness Charisma should come into play whenever you are:

1. Making a First Impression.
2. Attempting to Buy or Sell items.
3. Attempting to Negotiate the rewards of a quest.
4. Attempting to Gather Information.
5. Speaking to someone on anything more than a casual level.
6. Attempting to convince someone to help you.

... The list is pretty huge.

The problem here is that most people are more than willing to overlook social rolls for common social scenarios by simply relying on the roleplaying of the player.

Realistically, having an 8 Charisma should typically result in you having less than favorable conditions in any conversation you have with someone.

It's a ton of bookkeeping which is why it's never really done.

Charisma is plenty strong when you actually use it in every applicable situation.

And this is why I always make someone roll when using these checks, and adapt the DC by the roleplay...

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Ok, so after reading the Skill Page

Crafting -> Very similar as the Playtest version, except you don't reduce the number of days by your level. So pay half, in 4 days you can pay the rest and get the item or you can keep crafting for a discount (it appears that the discount is bigger!)
Obs. In the Ezren example it seems that the DC will be easier to achieve. Ezren have +13 Craft and the DC of the item of his lvl is DC 19. So easier CS.

Another thing I noticed in the Create a Diversion skill use from Deception it's that they probably changed the names of Percepetion stats (it lists something as observed and hidden)

Ediwir wrote:

I saw a Create Undead spoiler.

Then read again, and it said Cremate Undead.


I feel you!

So, as a big fan of necromancer builds, do we have any news about this spell?

Ediwir wrote:

So, more details on Treat Wounds - it affects 1 target only, and also bolsters on a failure.

That’s... a bit restrictive, I have to say.

Yeah I prefer the Playtest version that affected all the party.

morphail wrote:

Very nice.

I envision firearms to be crossbowier than crossbows- long reload, high damage.

One thing about the misfire chance- when you link the chance of a misfire to the new critical fail system you end up with this wierd effect that a weapon never misfires when you shoot a goblin (or at a picture of a goblin- low AC), but the same gun and user will misfire a lot when aiming at a dragon (or a dragonfly- high ac).
I suggest randomizing misfire by linking it to a natural 1, or simply not having misfire as a mechanic.

I think you are right... Should only trigger in a Natural 1.

But I still don't like the Missfire, but couldn't come with anything more interesting...

Ah, I know that Spell Points will not be in the final version, being substituted by the Focus.

But without knowing how Focus works and anything about the final version, I'm still using Playtest rules and will try to update when we have the final rules

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Hello everyone, so as I said in other topic I'm currently working in a Homebrew Gunslinger Archetype.

I decided to share what I already have so you guys could help me if the rest of the class.

- English is not my mother language, so, sry for any error.
- I'm trying to create 2 big paths for the class: "The Daring" and "The Sharpshooter" giving two options each level of class feats;

So here it's the link

Gunslinter 0.1

I would very much like you to help me with ideas for new feats or if there is anything else that you think is interesting to comment, please do!

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They said that it they went if Focus=Cha, then they would make some new things to help classes like Monk and Ranger...

If that in mind and knowing this new mechanic of recovering Focus, can't see a problem if they went if Charisma

KageNoRyu wrote:
Btw as those skills dont exist any longer (even in playtest): How is it handled when someone needs to ride a beast, steer a ship, fly around obstacles, ...? not over skills or if over skills over which ones?

Anybody can ride a horse, but there is a Skill Feat Ride that makes you a better rider.

Sail should be a Lore (Sailor), as a lot of other skills, since you can try untrained, not a problem there

Fly aroud obstacles should be a Acrobatics check, but can see a little of variance between tables

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Jason Bulmahn wrote:
As a reminder, episodes 1, 2, and 3 are up on the Paizo YouTube, and we are streaming episode 4 today on the Paizo twitch at noon pacific! See you all there!


Jokes aside, I'm doing the "Masks of Living God" converted for 2ed playtest rules, while we are waiting for the final rules.

Seeing you play a Herald of Razmir was so cool that I msure that will steal some of the dogmas and ideas for my game.

And the cool thing is that it's the first time my players are in Golarion, so they do not even know much more than the characters about Razmir!

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