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Great summary! I'm working numbers and tactics to provide meaningful feedback on the consumables.

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On the 27th Day of Gozran, AR 4715, General Vrel Vusoryn of the 4th Battle Guard - River Kingdoms, declared Reckoning on any Ogres found in the southern Echo Woods.

Shortly afterwards, scouts of the echo woodsmen discovered that the army of ogres was led by an ogre known as Ogg, who shared in the blessing/curse of Pharasma and was apparently resistant to immunity.

And so the call went out for more pikes. Ogg's head is destined to grace all of them, until he gives up his dream of leading the ogres to victory in their siege of the inaccessible Fort Inevitable.

This weekend, everybody is invited to participate in the fall of Ogg the undying near the old university. Rewards will be offered to participants based on escalation completeness. Timing details will be determined by discussion and availability of participants, but are currently estimated to be Saturday from server uptime for about seven hours and Sunday from server uptime until complete.

PFU members and recent graduates are particularly encouraged to participate and get a feel for how to handle escalations. Basic gameplay advice will be offered purely on a time and attention-available basis.

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Goblinworks wrote:

The hours of operation (Pacific time) for the Alpha Server will be:

Thursday: 3pm - (no close)
Monday: (already open) - 6am

Goblinworks wrote:

These are the release notes for the updated Client:


Updates to world lighting
Fixes to many building placements, props, terrain issues, and collision
Fixes to a number of visual glitches with player clothing
Multiple animation fixes including Ogre death and player death while using longsword
Skeletons now display the correct textures

Character Creation:

Characters start with 1,000XP


Spoils system removed
Added coin to loot tables


Activated several Utility feats
Temporarily changed feats with the Charge effect to have an appropriate range to be able to charge (this is a temporary fix in lieu of a more robust mechanic involving charge which is in development)
Added some Utility feats to trainers


Increased most NPC move speeds by 20%. Kiting will now be harder.
Tweaked some NPC melee attacks to allow them to strike moving characters
Gave Thornguards a ranged knockdown attack to initiate combat (try to run away now you filthy murderers!)
Removed Thornguards from the respawn points in town (ok, you get a tiny head start.)


Added Pharasma Shrines in many locations throughout the region


Changed resource ratings to alter the distribution of various resources (should be easier to find what you want once you figure out where it spawns)
Gathering can now be interrupted by movement or combat


Adjusted the rate at which Bonedancers, Broken Men and Razmiran Cultists spread to new hexes
Hexes no longer act infected (spawn related events and encounters) during initial stages of invasion. However, there is a known bug where the infection icon still shows up next to the mini-map and shows infection data for that hex even though the hex is just building up to an infected state.

Known Issues:

NPCs and monsters drop all items on their loot tables at a 100% chance rather than the intended ratios.

I will be at Paizocon and unable to stream.

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Here is the collected notes of The Seventh Veil about the abilities available in PFO.

Not included: Attribute bonuses for purchasing each ability, abilities beyond the first level, or base damage information on any equipment.

Missing: Shortsword, Mace, Shield, Axe abilities.

Those who wish to contribute may request editorial rights.

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Evergreen Salon G

Seminar featuring Lisa Stevens & Ryan Dancey

Saturday 03:00 PM – 04:00 PM

Maximum attendees: 96. Current total: 1.

Special & Ongoing Events wrote:

Pathfinder Online Demos

The Mount Rainer Room

Friday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Get a sneak peak of the current state of Pathfinder Online in the Pathfinder Online Demo Area. Goblinworks team members will be on hand to answer questions.[/url]

I'd like to coordinate a meetup shortly after the panel on Saturday. My Google-fu indicates that the nearest reasonably-priced restaurant is the Denny's at 17206 Pacific Hwy S, about a 10 minute walk from the Seattle Airport Marriott.
Is anyone interested in gathering in person at what might be the best venue for in-person interaction for a long time? Do any of you have any suggestions for a time and place to meet other than "Immediately after the panel at the Denny's"?

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I figured from the description of how territory would be divided that the territory control areas would be tiled as regular hexagons, with a settlement hex taking up exactly the same amount of room as a POI hex or any other hex. I just now challenged that assumption; there is no need for every unit of territorial control to have the same shape and area, not even in the abstract math.

For example, a 3-4-6-4 semi-regular tessellation could cover the entire world, with the hexagons being settlement, escalation, or theme park locations and the squares and triangles being POI, wilderness, or other lesser locations. Or a 4-6-12 SRT could be used, if the lack of a border between the triangles and the largest areas was deemed a problem.

In terms of gameplay, the difference is subtle, and mostly comes down to the fact that the lesser areas are arranged such that more than one 'settlement' location has equally good claims on it based on location, instead of each settlement having a number of 'natural' areas closer to it than to any other settlement site and relatively few 'contested' locations.

Either tiling can be adapted to an existing hex tessellation, by arranging and resizing such that each vertex of a hex of the original map corresponds 1-1 with the center of a square in the new map. Roads can exist on the 'lesser' regions and be straight for long sections.

With some math work, a tessellation could be made that did not conform to the mathematical definition of 'regular' that met additional gameplay requirements; among the possibilities is that expanding the map when map expansion is desired need not continue the pattern used previously, although the border between one pattern and a different one would probably be strange and very irregular.

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This post represents only my personal opinion, and is neither a demand nor request for anyone to follow the principles outlines. It is also not representative of any group I may also represent, except so far as my personal opinions influence such a group

Broken off from the other thread exploding right now:

What precepts should this community (people posting on the Paizo-owned Pathfinder Online forum) hold itself to? I have a few suggestions, mostly the themes I have seen and agree with. Structure and even some content has been reused from multiple sources.

We treat everyone both inside and outside the community with respect.

There will be no tolerance for personal attacks, smack talk, abuse, disparaging remarks and ridicule. We always respect all property rights of all others in all forms.

Our community is open to new members.

We have patience for new members, even when they have different opinions or do not have the full context of a discussion. When they lack information that we have, we gently provide them with as much of an intellectual level playing field as possible.

We are intellectually honest.

We do not refuse to change our opinions or conclusions when provided sufficient new evidence to convince us, nor do we change them when provided with insufficient evidence. We do not engage in combative argumentation with the goal of convincing others; we participate in cooperative argumentation, with the goal of understanding on a deep level why others have the opinions that they do. Changing one's opinion or conclusions is not a sign of defeat, nor is causing another to update their belief a sign of victory over them.

We are proud of our diversity.

Differences among us are important and valuable. We do not exclude anyone simply because they have different opinions, philosophy, financial circumstances, dedication, level of interest, or other such factors.

Does anyone else have additions, alterations, comments, concurrence, deletions, dissent, or something they would like to say?

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I didn't like the tank, even though she obviously is mathematically the best choice. I just can't stomach looking at a fully armored female.

Adapting the cover-based FPS for the ranger was a nice touch, but I'm not sure the launch velocity of the hand trebuchet is reasonable for large projectiles (200#+)

Providing everyone with the 60- second stunlock was a bit excessive, maybe there should be a cool down on it.

Rogue stealth seems a little underpowered; maybe it should do something besides make them slow and crouched over?

In the cases where monk weapons are useable by a non-monk, they should have more appopriate abilities rather than the monk abilities.

Lightning bolt melting holes in metal armor is a nice touch, but not in line with the incinerating of everything that fireball does.

Fireball, while I'm on the subject, should have a more intuitive shape. If a sphere isn't easy to implement, a cube could be used, but something simpler than a torus to place.

Orb spells intuit as single-target, but not long-duration. We all know that an acid arrow has a DoT component, but we aren't expecting acid orb to have a self-stacking one. (even if it makes sense for HFl to mess people up)

Otherwise, the differentiation between the play styles is good, but I wonder about using a different control scheme for each class. Many people without flight sticks will want to play wizards, and it's already hard to find USB Power Gloves.

Last, what is up with the billboards cross-promoting RPG products? I'm less likely to buy minis from some guy's EBay store if he's buying a virtual billboard...

So, if you've gotten this far, note that you have to drop the first paragraph to form a proper acrostic.

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The Seventh Veil Anniversary Announcement

Over the last year The Seventh Veil has far exceeded our expectations. In doing so, we have evolved above and beyond our original scope. The Seventh Veil has become a meta-organization, that is we are above the ‘Nation’ level. There isn’t a known game mechanic to facilitate our organization so our primary place of convergence is on our forums, and our major benefit for membership is community connections. We want to affiliate with many independent companies and settlements - and even player nations -so that all parties can share a wide-range of opportunities.

The purposes of T7V have mostly remained constant:

1. Create an environment that allows maximum freedom, and dips into as many facets of the game as possible.
2. Gather information about the game/world to create a library of knowledge, both IC and OOC, about the game. (Details on how we share this knowledge with the entire PFO community is still up to discussion.)

We don’t expect all members to collect and submit information; first and foremost we want to create a community that has access to every facet of the game, and this is why we have no alignment restriction. With connections in every corner in the game, we aim to create an excellent environment for gathering knowledge. Our ‘library’ will both accept submissions from members, and have open requests that any member of the organization can pursue. We want to fill our library with as many manuals, and journals as possible. If player made books are in the game, we will take full advantage of that.

T7V is lead by a small group of Stewards, who guide the overall direction of the organization, are responsible for administering material support such as the organization's website, and mediate disputes within the organization.

In recognition of our expanded area of operations, we welcome any organized group of people to declare their affiliation with us.

Affiliate organizations may be any size, and have only a few requirements: They must agree to display certain minimum attributes:

Affiliate attributes:

  • Positive Attitude - Your attitude influences that of everyone else around you; keep it positive and you will find others drawn to you simply because they feel happier when you're around.

  • Integrity - You will be expected to play by the rules; those of Pathfinder Online, and those of The Seventh Veil. When you say that you will do something, we expect you to make every reasonable effort to do it, or to try to let us know that you can't. (Please note that though a character is allowed to act nefariously, players should not.)

  • Self-Reliance - We are committed to helping our members, but that is a gift from the other members, not a right you should demand. If you find yourself unable to get help with something, step back and ask if there's anyone you can help, instead.

  • Willingness to Help - No one will ever expect you to drop everything you're doing whenever someone else asks for help, but we will do everything we can to encourage a general spirit of helpfulness in The Seventh Veil. You can help us set an example everyone should be proud of.

  • There is specifically no alignment restriction nor a general prohibition on direct competition among affiliate organizations. Organizations that mutually agree to be actively hostile to each other are specifically permitted, but it is strongly recommended that the nature and scope of hostilities between those organizations be clearly established and published to prevent disagreements later on.

    How to register your group as an affiliate of T7V:


    Agree to exemplify the requirements of an affiliate, and to support the overall goal of improving Pathfinder Online for all players.
    Provide one or more points of contact for your organization. PMs sent to a forum account satisfy this requirement, and complimentary email addresses @khaiognos.org can be provided on request. At least one of those POCs must be shared with all other affiliate organizations to facilitate communication between affiliates . A personal email as a primary point of contact is discouraged for this purpose.

    Post your registration in reply here, to the T7V forums, or in private message.

    It is very highly recommended that organizations which are, or intend to be, large companies, settlements, or nations designate one or more people to represent them in an official capacity for the purpose of coordinating with other large groups. T7V will provide the means to make coordination between different groups as easy as possible.

    The Seventh Veil as a whole is committed to exemplify the following attributes:

    T7V attributes:

  • Fun - Pathfinder Online is a game, and should first and foremost be fun for everyone.

  • Freedom - Members are always free to pursue their own interests first, and are encouraged to do so. We are confident we will achieve better success by filling our ranks with free and prosperous individuals.

  • Organization - Whether it's large-scale organized events, or easy access to a list of currently unmet community needs, we will always have something that our members can do if they're interested. This is the primary value that we offer to our members and affiliates.

  • Fully Engaged - We will be fully engaged with every aspect of gameplay in Pathfinder Online. We are not just a Crafting or PvP guild, we are both, and so much more.

  • Roleplayer-Friendly - While no one will ever be required to Roleplay, and we will not tolerate rudeness against anyone for their Roleplaying choices, we will encourage Roleplay and ensure there is a suitable environment for it.

  • Hardcore-Friendly - While no one will ever be required to attend large in-game events such as Raids, if they're available then we'll be doing them.

  • Family Friendly - Not only are family and friends welcome, but we will strive to create a place safe for children, whether they are with us in chat or simply looking over their parent's shoulders. It is understood that even best of us can slip up and say something we'll regret in the heat of the moment, but casual cursing and overtly sexual chat should be kept to private channels.

  • Casual-Friendly - We also welcome casual players who may not be able to dedicate as much time to the game, and are simply looking for a place to call home, and friends to play or even just chat with.

  • As part of the restructuring, The Seventh Veil is pleased to recognize our first affiliate organization: The Cæruxi Khaiognos.

    The Cæruxi Khaiognos is a loosely bound group dedicated to the collection, preservation, and dissemination of all knowledge. It has roots and splinter groups stretching back beyond even their own records and research; many different groups throughout history have been either descended from or inspired by the Cæruxi and their research, and the clergy of many different deities have shown interest in the goals and methods of the Cæruxi.

    The earliest records of the Cæruxi in the River Kingdoms date back to 4421, when the monk Oemidare Lamios developed the Lamiosian hierarchy, intended to encapsulate all knowledge into seven categories, called Veils, after the aspects of the goddess Sivinah.

    Today, the Lamiosian hierarchy has been recognized as incomplete and often inaccurate in detail. It is still useful as a tool for broad categorizations, but many edge cases must be arbitrarily assigned to a single Veil in which they don't clearly fit. CK now uses it for broad categorizations, but no longer makes any effort to assign every subject to exactly one Veil.

    Details of the Lamiosian hierarchy:
    Lamiosian hierarchy of knowledge:
    The Acts of Creation and Destruction; The Journeys of Exploration and Contemplation; The Metamorphoses of Magic and Nature; and the Mysteries.

    Creation includes the construction of clockwork and other machines, contraptions, architecture, engineering, and in general all physical objects which were created by people. The contrast to Creation, Destruction, includes all manner of warfare and conflict. Creation is also known as the Act of Making, while destruction is also known as the Act of Undoing. Together, they may be called the Acts.

    The Veil of Exploration embodies the knowledge of geography and nature including the location of things on and within the earth; the sources and mouths of rivers; knowledge of caverns, land, and terrain; and the creation of accurate maps. Exploration must be accomplished by travel and direct observation. Contemplation, on the other hand proposes to find truths in searching for the locations of things within themselves, or through remote viewing and research. Contemplation is typically accomplished alone, and the advances are often within one's own mind. Exploration is also known as the Journey outside, while Contemplation is the Journey inside. Together, they are the Journeys.

    The Veil of Magic studies and understands the manner of expression of Magika and how it comes to be expressed in manners which require the will of the user, or the direct consent of a divine being. This includes all knowledge of magic traditions and arcane symbols, as well as knowledge of gods, undead, and planes other than the material plane. This is opposed by the veil of Nature, focusing on the location, habitats, behaviors, and properties of the uncivilized beasts. Those who pursue knowledge through Nature seek to uncover the secrets hidden by all of the elements, and the manner in which clouds form and create other forms of weather, the understanding of the motivations and behaviors of natural fires. The Veil of Magic would also be known as the Metamorphosis From Will whereas Nature is the Metamorphosis From Being. Together, they are the Metamorphoses.

    Finally, the Mysteries are a unique Veil with no counterpart. It includes knowledge of story which in turn would deal with the people, politics, and everything abstract which was created by people, including past events such as wars and the current status of ruling bodies and heraldry. The veil of Mysteries also encompasses everything not covered by another veil, as well as the veils themselves and specifically the history of the Cæruxi themselves.

    Currently the CK is committed to enacting the in-game portions of disseminating knowledge, including at least the development of a settlement which will serve as a headquarters, rallying point, and more for the like-minded. Currently the Cæruxi are accepting applications from individuals only. Interested parties may apply by following the Cæruxi application instructions.

    CK has a very limited metagame presence, while T7V has a very limited non-metagame presence. There is, of necessity, some scope overlap and currently total leadership overlap between T7V and CK.

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    Three questions and a statement:

    Do we have anyone here who will be attending PAX East this weekend?

    Does anybody in the Boston, MA, USA area this weekend want to arrange a meetup?

    Due to a cancellation, I have an extra set of three one-day passes which I am willing to part with at or below cost. Is there anyone who wants to attend PAX East but won't solely because passes are sold out?