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I have a case superscription. Lastwall will be my second delivery. I see under my account/my subscriptions, it list the Ruins of the Lastwall case under Upcoming Subscription Shipments. But I dont see Cemetery of the Fallen Set on it. I did sign up for the premium when i got Kingmaker. Do i need to somehow tell the site I want the premium this time too? Or is is automatic?

Has there been any word on how the existing pawn line will be impacted by 2nd edition? Seeing how the monsters will all change and how Paizo said in an interview they are not planing on just updating the existing books and republish them, I am worried that my pawns will not match up with the new bestiaries. Any thoughts.

Any idea what this means for the Pawn line. I don't mind a new book, but I want my 1,000s of pawns to still match up. I am hoping you are just planing on releasing revised versions of the bestiaries.

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It would have been cool if they had different art on each side. Like a rug on one side then flip it over to reveal a pit trap.

taks wrote:
I just use the NPC codex pawns for that. Granted, the selection is limited to only a few race/class combos,

Yea that is what i want what is missing. This hypothetical set needs to be a complete set but i would not mind if they reused the art from the NPC codex, if they want. Just want ever gender,class,race combo in the end.

As for weapon, armor and what not. I agree you have to draw that line at some point. And what you use can change from time to time and i don't expect someone to get a new pawn. So i am not to worried about that.

And to be honest, i don't really look at the PC pawns in terms of art once you get into a campaign. When you pick it out I am like yea that look cool it fits and then never really give it a second thought.

Lastly not to beat a dead hours. But to find a PC useing the NPC is hard. First i flip through the book looking at the pictures. Find what looks like what i want, then look up it name in my spread sheet to get its number, then find its pawn in the tray. And the IS is just blinding flipping through it. A pawn with the name Female Gnome sorceress would be easy to find.

I want PC pawns just like they had in the beginner box. You know one pawn for every race, gender and class combination. That was great. Right now I spend a lot of time flipping through my pawns (NPC and IS mostly) to pull out suggestion for my players to pick from. Be great to be like, ok female, gnome, sorceress, here you go. I was thinking that this would be it but sounds like it is not quite there.

I am sure I am wrong but there is like 22 PC races or so. And 27 classes? So that would be about what 1,188 pawns. Be about 3 boxes or so I guess without large and huge pawns. So they can maybe just start with the core races. That be about 378 pawns right. Can call it the PC Codex or something. And if it sells good can follow up with more races. Oh and can have one of the new base colors included instead of black. That would be neat. Anyways I am sure my count is way off but you get the idea. Expand the PC pawns from the beginner box, name them just like you did there and give them an ID number like all the other boxes.

What do you guys think.