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The group arrived back in Sandpoint and turned the necromancer and Habe over to the sheriff. After a night’s rest they were summoned once again my Sheriff Hemlock. They made their way to the garrison where a near belligerent farmer stood, ranting. It took a few moments to determine what he was talking about, but they soon realized that it was very likely that the farmlands were quickly being overrun with undead. The group packed up, made some last minute preparations, and headed out once again.

The winding roads out to the farms, combined with the farmers nearly noon time arrival, made the group take a bit longer on the road than they would have liked. The sun was setting fast when they approached the farm in question. As usual, Fung took lead and ran off down whatever path he chose.

The sounds of wood straining came from somewhere within the field, until they heard a loud snap, followed by the sounds of something rushing towards them through the corn. It was an easy task to have weapons at the ready to attack whatever came out from the high stalks of corn. The ghoul rushed out from the crops to be cut down almost instantly by Stormsteel’s katana, Kassara’s scimitar, and Kahdak’s Earthbreaker.

The group continued on, listening for any movement. Fung was able to leap high enough into the air to see the tops of the posts that these ‘scarecrows’ were strapped to. Whenever they got close to one they’d prepare for a ghoul attack, or seek out one that was still trashing to free itself to hunt its prey. None put up enough of a fight to be any real threat, although Fung was very confused why his punches were not knocking out the raggedy men.

The adventurers made it after many turns to the farmhouse and four of the six explored the interior. The one eared ghast made a good attempt at Kassara from the shadows, but numbers proved too much for a single assailant. Almaria and Stormsteel called out that six additional ghouls were charging their way from the barn. This was the first group to be sizable enough to actually weather the initial onslaught from the group, though they didn’t last long. They searched what else they could and had Fung climb to the top of the barn and make note of all the remaining scarecrows that he could see. With a much better idea of where to travel, they went stand to stand, killing the ghouls there, until they came upon one that acted differently than the others.

After some quick inspections, they found a farmer who had not yet succumbed to ghoul fever. Kassara healed the poor soul and he pleaded that they find his wife. After checking several other stands, they found her as well and cured her of the disease. With additional clues pointing to Foxglove as the one behind these murders, Kahdak wanted to press on to Misgivings, but with night upon them they took the two farmers they saved up on their offer and spent the evening at a nearby farm.

After a night of rest and a warm breakfast, the group headed out with a purpose – to take down Foxglove at Misgivings and put an end to these murders and the undead infestation. They made their way through the farmlands out to the lost coast, confident they were up to the task. Upon seeing Misgivings, they hesitated, seeing the old dilapidated house, not sure if the spooky vibe they felt came from the house’s reputation or the fear that it would fall off the cliff with them inside.

They pressed forward anyway and explored the ruined out-building. Looking down the well revealed nothing of note, so they shifted focus onto the house. Entirely forgetting that they had found a key on the previous caretaker, they tried pulling at the stuck front door – nothing. Fung tried shouldering the door – nothing. He grumbled and delivered a spinning kick to the door – the door, frame and all, fell almost lazily inside, kicking up a cloud of smoke.

They all stepped into the house, over the smashed in door and admired the taxidermies throughout the entry hall to the house. Kahdak rather enjoyed seeing these animals on display and found the shrieking monkey head very amusing, adding it to his collection of oddities. Sinderion got a whiff of something burning but thought nothing of it. They moved towards the back of the house, inspecting the odd spiral of mold and the strange stained glass windows. Moving on they found a room that might have once been the scene of a murder. Fung examined the scarf while the others looked at other clues. As Fung held up the scarf to show to the others, it leapt towards Stormsteel’s throat, who recoiled from the sudden attack. Fortunately, Fung held tight to the scarf, curious as to why it did what it just did. He held it up to the others, with no results, and came back around to Stormsteel where it tried to attack him with renewed vigor. Stormsteel warded Fung with his black blade, Tsurugi, and Fung took a step back and tied the scarf to his staff. He stepped back towards Stormsteel and the staff shook, but did not have the power to do much more, and as soon as the scarf animated it appeared to give up its murderous rage altogether.
Now more cautiously, they moved into the next room. It was dark, so Fung rushed over to the window and pulled back the curtains. He was shocked to see a woman’s face staring back at him that disappeared as soon as he blinked. No one else saw the apparition, and Fung was obviously troubled by this.

After a moment the group moved on, and passed through the front hall once again, checking out the far side now. As Sinderion trailed through, the manticore launched a ball of fire at him, scorching him. The rest turned around looking for an assailant but didn’t see any sign of destruction on Sinderion, which flustered the elf greatly. The next room was a ballroom with a piano. Fung could not resist hitting a key, and Kahdak remarked how in-tune it was. Stormsteel, however, started to dance as if with a partner, but abruptly stopped, accompanied immediately after with an ear-piercing shriek like that of a woman dying.

Now even more freaked out, Sinderion requested that Fung knock the door to the front yard open so that he could get outside. Fung did so, and this door opened more easily. After taking only step outside, Sinderion saw that the outbuilding was literally covered in ravens, so many he couldn’t even guess to their number. With just a “Nope…” Sinderion came back inside, head shaking, letting out an additional “nope” every now and then. When the group inquired he pointed and they saw what had disturbed him. Splitting up, some of the group moved to the removed front door to look at the ravens, which were just staring at them…

Eventually Kahdak had enough and took a few tentative steps outside. They did nothing. He took a few more. They did nothing. He decided he should try to scatter them with a thunderclap and placed one of his signature sound bursts in their midst’s. It did little but anger the swarm of birds that all took wing and decended upon the Shoanti.. Now that they were on him he could see they were undead creatures, pecking and clawing at him. Kahdak made a hasty retreat to the house, admitting what he did was very foolish, nursing his new injuries.
Deciding not to provoke the birds further, the group turned their attention to the second floor at the sound of distant screaming. They made their way upstairs and explored several storage rooms without incident. However, soon each party member started to be affected by the house. Almaria grew hateful and vengeful towards Kassara, planting an arrow in her side from only five feet away before she was quickly restrained and brought out of her compulsion. Kahdak narrowly resisted scratching his own face off. Kassara was frozen in fear as her parents attempted to kill eachother. Sinderion nearly leaped to his death after claiming that he was on fire, being saved only by Kahdak stunning him with a thunderclap. The whole group witnessed a room of portraits explode into mold, with a majority of the party claiming they were now infected with some unseen disease. When Kassara refused to heal Fung of the disease she couldn’t see he stormed off into the next room where he resisted the compulsion to slit his own throat.

It was after all this that they eventually found the source of the screams. A Revenant of Iesha Foxglove sat in a room paralyzed with self-loathing at her reflection in a mirror. Knowing that Revenants are beings that seek out their murderer, and with all the clues in the house that Aldern was the one that killed her, they removed the mirror after checking one last room and followed her.

The Revenant made her way downstairs and stood over the spiral of moss. With a shriek that brought some the party to their knees, she began smashing into the floor with her fists. Surprisingly the boards started to break as she funneled her rage downward. Soon a large hole formed in the floor, and with only a moment’s pause, Iesha jumped downwards into the darkness. She stood at the top of a spiral stair and seemed to look down, contemplative. Fung jumped down beside her, but the rest of the group opted to find their way through the basement to that room. They did so, fighting their way through this underground floor, facing swarms of rats and finding some old vintages of wine. Meeting back up with Fung and the Revenant, they began to head down into the earth when Kassara had a vision of Foxglove’s demise. She seemed shaken up, but otherwise she recovered, and they moved to follow the Revenant below.

They descended deeply into the earth, emerging into a cavern. The Revenant seemed to pause, looking for something in the distance, and Fung rushed off down a side tunnel. Following him, they found a patch of poisonous yellow mold with some pick axes at its base. Detecting that one of them was magical, the group backed up and Sinderion tossed a bomb into the nook. The bomb cleared the mold, allowing him to claim the heavy pick, but it also drew the attention of nearly a dozen ghouls. The closer ones engaged the group, while others poured out of a room a short way down the cavern. The melee persisted for a few moments with the Revenant even joining the fray to get a swing in. With heaps of undead at their feet, the party edged forward, following the Revenant.

They moved into a large chamber, slick with moisture that sloped down to the sea. The group spread out, each moving about in their own way to best navigate the surface. Sinderion slipped and fell into the waters, but Fung followed after him. Just as Fung was about to pull him out, four goblin ghasts made their moves from their hiding spots in the moss. They each picked out a single party member hoping to paralyze them and cast them into the ocean where they could continue their onslaught against their drowning prey. This fight went on for a short while, with the Revenant falling to the waters. Stormsteel become paralyzed and was cast towards the waters, where Fung grabbed him before he sank. Everyone was careful not to slip as they fought off the undead goblins. The best tactic, Fung found was to trip them into the water and have Almaria sink an arrow into them. After a few moments all of the goblins were dealt with and Stormsteel regained mobility.

Everyone made their way up the slopes to the door that the Revenant had started bashing in after climbing up the slope herself.
Once the door gave way, the group spotted Aldern, in his undead form sitting in a chair. He immediately fell to his knees upon seeing Iesha, begging for forgiveness. She moved slowly over to him, and she caressed his cheek, giving a brief flash of panic that she might be on HIS side, but that concern was quickly abated as she grasped his jaw and snapped his neck. With head flopping precariously to one side, Foxglove shouted out in rage, pushing Iesha away and charged Kassara, the object of his obsessions. He hacked at her, but again, numbers proved to be the best weapon, and he was finished off when Kassara nearly cleaved Aldern in two with a vertical slice from her scimitar.
With Aldern dead (again), Iesha let out a sound of contentment and disintegrated in a flash of light. The adventurers were left alone in Aldern’s macabre room. They found keys and a note that pointed them towards Magnimar, but first they inspected the curious patch of moss in the room. They tried burning it, which to some seemed enough, but Kassara insisted that more needed to be done to remove the evil from this place. She took time to prepare a consecrate and cast it, forever dispelling the haunting of the Foxglove Mansion.

Kahdak went through the house and gathered up everything of value and placed it outside with a tarp over it. The ravens were nowhere to be seen, fortunately.

After a quick trip back to Sandpoint to give news of Misgivings to the Sheriff, Stormsteel to fill in Ameiko, Kahdak to arrange pickup of the goods, and to receive the news that Titus Scarnetti was murdered while they were gone. Kahdak was very happy at this news. They then soon headed out to Magnimar. They made their way there and sought out the tinker who made the birdcages Foxglove commissioned, and received directions to his townhouse. They used the key this time and moved inside. As they stepped inside they noticed two things – the décor seemed underwhelming for a nobleman, and there were hushed voices coming from a back room.

Kahdak sprinted toward the voices, hammer raised, rest of the party following. They found what appeared to be a living Aldern and Iesha sitting in a study. Refusing to believe that they could be alive, after just seeing their undead bodies fight and die, Kahdak, aided by the others, shoved Aldern and Iesha against the wall an manacled them. They then took a step back and started to question them. No matter how pleasant and realistic Aldern seemed, they all refused to believe their eyes. Every caster in the party cast detect magic and noted a faint trace of magic radiating from each of them. After several minutes of back and forth, the Foxgloves sighed and gave in. They admitted they were imposters and just wanted to be let free to flee the city, swearing to never return. Kahdak agreed on the condition that they meet him at a specific point between Magnimar and Sandpoint, since he may have a job for them.

After exploring the townhouse, they found Foxgloves cache, and found information leading them to the Seven’s Sawmill.
Session ended with them plotting just how to assault the sawmill without drawing too much attention.

Wow. I have been really bad about updating this in a timely manner.

Since the last update the players have covered a lot of ground and are already in Magnimar. I will try to scribe an update prior to our next game this week.

My players interact and romanticize with the NPCs fairly regularly.

My DM-PC is actively trying to court Ameiko, and is finally starting to get some headway (her saying yes to dates and spending time with him)

Our Elven Alchemist is awkwardly flirting with Shaelu, the two of them not particularly good at expressing their interests, though things are going well. The bard tends to try to help things along.

Our female cleric decided to herself to give Foxglove a try after he spent the better part of an afternoon fawning over her. Now she's regretting her decision

As he is now undead and stalking her...

Our Shoanti bard gets around, though Shayliss is one of his main cohorts, after expertly navigating the situation in her basement with her father. He doesn't have any particular ties to anyone, but doesn't hesitate to capitalize on opportunities with the NPCs.

Our other two players remain unattached, but it actually fits their characters fairly well. Our drunken monk is everyone's favorite drinking buddy, but no one is a better friend to him than a bottle of booze. Our elven rogue is quiet and mysterious, not letting on much to her activities or past, if Shaelu didn't vouch for her, I doubt the group would trust her as much as they do.

I allowed my party to 'trade' it for the +1 repeating crossbow in the blacksmith's shop, with the argument that she could get a magic item she cant sell off her hands for one that is worth more and she might have a chance to sell.

Our Alchemist uses it with much glee

Its been a while. Here is some rather in-depth detail of the time between sessions, but a very quick session summary.

ACT I Epilogue Stories (of varying length and quality):


Stormsteel rode into town with Orik in tow. He felt somewhat bad for the mercenary, considering the man gave them no issues since his surrender; however, he was still hard to trust as his loyalty seemed to change with the tides. The sheriff and the mayor seemed relieved that the threat was over, but gossip about town revealed how nervous they were to come back to a town where those they left in charge had vanished on a goblin hunt. Once the group relayed their tales of events, including the glassworks and the battle at Thistletop, the mayor agreed they chose the correct course of action. Stormsteel sat with the sheriff for a while, recounting his view of event and giving his personal insights into the prisoners.

Dominic went then with his weighted down pack of loot to the merchant’s guild, hoping to find Ameiko. He was fortunate to catch her as she was leaving the building. Although she appeared frustrated at first, her face softened when she saw Stormsteel , giving him a faint smile. He returned the smile and caught up to walk with her.

“Back from storming the castle?” she asked wryly. Dominic gave a nod, with his smile still stuck on his face. “The threat is gone?” she asked.

“Did you ever have any doubt? Nualia and her plans are no longer a threat to Sandpoint.” Stormsteel replied.

Ameiko Eyed the over-stuffed pack on Stormsteel’s back. “Spoils of war?”

“Yeah, there were quite a lot of ‘spoils’. I wanted to show you some of the things we found, some of it is Thassilonian, so I figure with your connections, you might make a good profit off of some of this.”

“All business now? You’ve come a long way since you were cleaning tables for me.”

“No, not all business.” Stormsteel then produced a small satchel that was hanging from the side of his pouch. “We found some of Tsuto’s things while we were at Thistletop. I know he kidnapped you and all, but he was your brother. Figured you might want these.” He said.

Ameiko paused for a moment, a little stunned. “Oh.. Thank you.” She took the pouch and clutched it to her. “Thanks, you didn’t need to do that.” After a brief pause she looked up “Swing by the estate later and we’ll look over what you found. We’ll see what we can do to turn a nice profit for both of us.” She said a bit more like her old self when working at the Rusty Dragon. The two gave a brief goodbye and went separate ways, with Ameiko’s retainers keeping a wary eye on the adventurer.
Stormsteel went back to the Rusty Dragon, and saw some of his adventuring group around the inn as well. He went to his rooms and took out anything he wished to keep. He then went out to get himself a bath before going to a noble’s home. He left Tsurugi in his room as the blade had been mocking him since he saw Ameiko. Now smelling a good deal better, Stormsteel dressed in some of his better clothes and left his armor behind, but decided to take the sword with him (against his better judgement) should any trouble arise. However, he guessed by ‘later’ Ameiko meant more than an hour later, so he nervously moved about his room to kill time before heading out.

The Kaijitsu manor was much larger than he expected and a butler opened the door before he even had a chance to knock. The entire house felt stuffy, with all of the staff’s eyes tracking him as he was led to a study on the backside of the first floor. Ameiko was at a desk looking over some documents when the butler announced him. She thanked the servant and dismissed him. As soon as the door shut she sighed and plopped down into her chair. “Overnight I’m given all this responsibility, everyone’s looking up to me, and everyone’s so formal! I miss the Dragon…” she exclaimed.

“I think everyone at the Dragon misses you too.” Stormsteel said sheepishly, still not sure of all the formalities within a noble’s house.

“Well come on over let’s see what you heroes found up in Thistletop. I welcome the distraction from all this paperwork.” Stormsteel acquiesced and placed his pack next to the desk and pulled out the various coins and items found in the lower chambers of the goblin keep. They chatted amiably and discussed what might be worth more to potential buyers. After about a half hour they were interrupted by another servant bringing in tea. The servant seemed irritated and gave off every indication that they did not approve. After pouring the tea and placing a small plate of sweets on the edge of the desk Ameiko coldly dismissed the servant.

A few moments after the servant left, Stormsteel leaned towards Ameiko conspiratorially, “Why do all the servants in your house look like they want me to die of some terrible curse?”

Ameiko let out a noise that was part sigh and part chuckle. “They are my father’s servants and they are very traditional. They see it as extremely improper for a lady to be interacting with a man without a chaperone, especially not in her own house behind closed doors. Plus they see you as a commoner not worth my time. I’m used to being out there,” she gestured to the window, “exploring, adventuring, even running the Rusty Dragon. There was no pretense or sense of propriety, I was a free woman able to make my own decisions. Since I’m the only Kaijitsu left, everyone looks to me to be the perfect little noble, but I’m not. That’s why I rebelled against my father, why I left town in the first place. This all feels so forced. I guess that’s partially why I met you here, to have a little rebellion again. So, I’m sorry that they are looking at you with daggers. I do enjoy your company, you’re one of the few people to seek me out and treat me like me since all this happened. “

“Ah…” Stormsteel said, not quite sure what to say. “I’m glad.” He eventually said.

“For?” Ameiko questioned

“That you enjoy my company. I’ve spent most of my life on the move, never spending too long anywhere. I’ve never been one to distinguish much between noble or commoner. I’d work or study and treat people based on how they acted. I feel like I’ve made a connection to this town. I enjoy your company as well. I’m sorry you got lumped into being a noble, I know it can’t be as fun as the Dragon. I just hope you can still find time to enjoy yourself.”

They sat there for a while in silence before Ameiko picked up the conversation from before the servant entered, discussing a handful of oddly shaped gemstones. Stormsteel ignored the change and continued the conversation. About an hour later they had completed their discussions and sorted out what items might be worth more than they appeared.

Stormsteel didn’t want to leave now that they had completed their business, but he also did not want to overstay his welcome with Ameiko or her servants, though he suspected he overstayed his welcome the moment he stepped inside as far as they were concerned. Ameiko seemed to be mulling something over before she spoke up. “This was nice, would you like to come again?”

“Of course.”

“I’ll make an appointment to see you at the end of the week. You are now my official advisor on magical goods that come through the merchants guild, and you are to report to me if anything suspicious is going on at the Dragon.” She said in an authorities business –like tone.

“Yes, m’lady.” Stormsteel said with a bow, which made both of them laugh.

“I’m glad I have an excuse to get away from all of this now. You better come with some good stories. I’m dying in here.”

“Will do” he replied as she walked him out of the door. A servant was waiting a few steps down the hall and was all too eager to escort the magus from the building. They exchanged formal goodbyes as the servant started a brisk pace. Ameiko shouted after the servant setting up the appointment to meet with her new advisor. Stormsteel smirked and left the Kaijitsu manor with a happy heart.
The merchant’s guild proved to be efficient at their job and within the week most of the items found were sold and the profits were shared among the adventurers. Stormsteel now had a very heavy wallet, but was somewhat at a loss for what to spend any of it on.

Since Stormsteel could not go see Ameiko except for a few hours every week, he spent most of his time much the same as he did before the goblins attacked – studying and training. While Kahdak was still hanging around the Rusty Dragon he took the opportunity to bribe and coerce information out of Erylium, the quasit. He found that as soon as he started treating her like a respected grandparent, playing the part of the grandchild at story time, he was able to get the proud quasit to talk about her past, about Thassilon and the magics she witnessed. Stormsteel imagined just how different Sandpoint looked back then, especially as the area was once land-locked.

When not consulting with Erylium, Stormsteel ventured to the Catacombs or to the Old Lighthouse to study the Thassilonian architecture and runes left there now that he knew what to look for. Over the course of a couple weeks he slowly started to notice that some of the Thassilonian runes substituted whole magical theories for a single symbol, making some of the text on the wall into shorthand for simple spells. With this new realization, he was able to find a new way to scribe spells that was far simpler and much quicker. With the purchase of a new spellbook he found he was able to duplicate his existing book in no time, taking up less pages in the process. He also reveled in the added benefit of no one being able to understand his spellbook without direct intervention from himself to make the runes appearent. [Stormsteel gained the cypher script feat]

While walking on his way to the Old Light, he was stopped by an older man who introduced himself as Ilsoari Gandethus, the headmaster at The Turandarok Academy. Ilsoari firstly thanked Stormsteel for his part in keeping the town safe, and offered for him to come see his private collection from his adventuring days in the basement of the school. Having been nearly half a year since conversing with another caster like himself, Stormsteel left his study of The Old Light for the day and joined the old man.

Ilsoari reveled in the opportunity to show off his collections and speak of his old adventuring days. They spoke for a while, and Stormsteel eyed a collection of spellbooks on a bookshelf in the corner. Ilsoari grasped the opportunity and made Stormsteel an offer, showing, perhaps, the true reason behind the visit. For a donation to the school, he’d let Stormsteel copy as many spells as he could in a period of time proportional to the donation. Stormsteel smirked, appreciating the roundabout donation request. Looking to take some of the weight out of his wallet he offered 50 platinum to the old wizard. Looking a bit shocked, he told Stormsteel to return the next day and he’d have the whole of the school day to himself to copy spells, approximately 8 hours in total. He agreed and returned the next morning. In the time allotted to him, Stormsteel learned every first level spell he could find and a good handful of second level ones. The headmaster came back down around dinner time all too happy about the transaction and did not even question how much knowledge the Magus just gleaned. [Stormsteel learned all 38 remaining level 1 magus spells and 8 level 2 spells in approx. 8 hours]

A day or two later a courier sought out Stormsteel and found him at the The Curious Goblin, discussing some new book arrivals. The man presented a letter with no sender listed. Stormsteel tipped the courier and moved to a table near the back of the shop to see what the letter was about.

At first the page appeared blank. Stormsteel held the letter up and saw no sign of hidden characters. Why would someone send a blank letter? Turning the letter over to examine it, he nicked his finger, leaving a small drop of blood on the corner of the page. He let out a small curse then paused in amazement as his blood began to move across the page, growing and changing shape until it began to form words.

“You bear the blood of those called Stormsteel. Magic runs in your veins. Like your father before you, the lightning calls to you. It grows more intense in your grasp. Tap your blood and your potential. Keep the bloodline safe.”

The words appeared only for a minute or so before the color began to fade. Looking over the paper with magical sight, Stormsteel saw a small seal in the bottom right corner bearing a symbol similar to the brooch his father always wore. A moment later the paper no longer registered as magic, all of its power used up. Dominic could not get it to relay the message again, and he eventually was left with a useless piece of paper, smeared with more blood from his cut finger. Why did his father always have to be so cryptic, and since when was he a mage as well? How did he know where he was? His questions had to be left unanswered. Dominic eventually burned the paper just in case.

Several weeks had passed and Stormsteel had grown to anticipate his weekly council with ‘Lady Kaijitsu’. However, her servants and now distant family members all chimed in on the disapproval. The ladies at the Rusty Dragon, however, pressured Stormsteel to ‘step up to the occasion’ and to start officially courting her. Stormsteel was unsure of himself, saying as someone of commoner blood her family, not to mention her servants or the other gentry would never approve. Nonetheless the staff of the Rusty Dragon persisted trying to get the magus to make the first move. However, one of the staff took matters into her own hands and sought out Sabyl at the House of Blue Stones – the resident obscure lore keeper. There they looked up any books they could about Taldor. Looking through the histories they found mention of ‘House Stormsteel’ a noble house known for their powerful magics. While the family has long since been a part of the aristocracy, no one could deny that some generations back, his bloodline was once noble. The lady ran back to the Rusty Dragon to tell the rest of the staff, and to pass on the information to ears that would bring it to the Kaijitsu household. Touched that the staff would go to such lengths for him, Stormsteel decided that he’d have to try.

Talking with the old gnome woman who had told the group of Ameiko’s disappearance, they discussed the Tian traditions around the courting of their women. Dominic sent a letter to the closest male relative near Sandpoint, a middle-aged cousin several times removed. He expressed his wishes to court the noblelady Ameiko Kaijitsu, gave his still not-too-great credentials as a removed noble bloodline, and the request for him to oversee the arrangements and act as chaperone for the date. Stormsteel dreaded the idea, but the elderly gnome insisted this would be the only way to impress her people, and to perhaps give the two of them a moment’s peace.

The letter was sent and days later rumors came back from the servants in and around Kaijitsu Manor. “He WHAT!?!?!” was heard all the way over at Valdemar Manor, however the Kaijitsu household’s servants later admitted that their lady was smiling the whole day. A week later the date occurred. Dressed up stiffer than he would have liked, and sans sword, Dominic approached the manor with some wild flowers in hand. The butler, seeming less indignant, showed Stormsteel in where he met the cousin he contacted for the first time, Shirota Mikazachi. The man was close to fifty with a pot belly and a long beard, but seemed like a cheerful man.

Ameiko eventually arrived downstairs after some conversation with Shirota, in a dress that made her look beautiful, but Stormsteel could tell she felt as uncomfortable as he did. Neither were used to this manner of dress or formality. Shirota’s presence made everything all the more awkward. The three were lead down to the docks outside the manor and put onto the family boat. Shirota arranged for dinner at sea while looking at the stars. Not bad, considering the man had to plan without ever coming to Sandpoint before. Shirota attempted to stay out of the way but would make his presence known whenever Ameiko and Stormsteel began to whisper about how awkward this all was. After dinner things got slightly more relaxed and conversation flowed more freely between the three, but it was hardly intimate or as romantic as it could be with a third wheel. They returned home safely by moonlight and Stormsteel bid them goodnight.

Tian tradition then required the woman to request further dates with her courters. Ameiko did so one or two more times, but Shirota along with Ameiko and Stormsteel grew tired of his presence. In a roundabout way that wouldn’t get either of them in trouble with the extended Kaijitsu family, Shirota claimed unavailability and suggested the two carry on their council meetings in place of his chaperoned events. He only suggested this after learning of the magics that Stormsteel possessed. With a wink he bid both of them good luck.

Prior to his ‘council meeting’ with Ameiko, Stormsteel studied the Old Light. He climbed far up the ruined structure to see if he could get a better view to any other sections he might have missed. Looking out from one of the outcroppings, he saw something glimmer in the surf below. He climbed down until he was close enough to mage hand the item up to himself. It was a strange compass-like contraption with an Ioun Stone locked into place at its center. He studied the item for a couple moments and realized it was super-charging the ioun stone, granting it additional abilities. After using prestidigitation to clean it up, he placed it on his hip, among other pouches and felt its energies surge through him. [Stormsteel found a wayfinder with a cracked ioun stone, granting many minor powers]

Stormsteel arrived at his meeting with Ameiko happy and anxious. Using her resources she was able to create illusionary doubles of each of them, and exclaimed out loud “I have a headache today, let’s just enjoy each other’s company and read for today.” Stormsteel agreed and the illusions appeared to sit down and read quietly. Dominic then casted invisibility on both of them as they slipped out via the balcony, trying not to give away their escape. Stormsteel and Ameiko went outside of town, enjoying the fresh air and a picnic made by the workers at the Rusty Dragon. As the sun started to fade, Stormsteel lead her back to the Rusty Dragon where she was met with warm welcome and many drinks. Sneaking the drunk noblewoman back inside was far more difficult than getting her in, but they managed it, and Stormsteel left her swaying in her seat in her office, obtaining a quick kiss on his cheek for the effort. He then quietly excused himself from the manor, assuming their ruse was likely found out hours before.

None of the servants spoke up the next morning to everyone’s relief. Stormsteel and Ameiko continued their secret rendezvous whenever they could. Stormsteel was the happiest he had been in as long as he could remember, until the Sheriff came looking for the heroes of Sandpoint…

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------


It was a comfortable night and the stars were all out when a Varisian Caravan made its way into the city of Sandpoint. The residents on the north side of town could hear them coming a long way off, full of song and merriment. These caravans were common enough, and the Varisian people brought new goods for sale to the Sandpoint market, but this group seemed more lively, as if they were celebrating a festival of some sort.

Their partying did not stop once they came into the city. With their wagons parked in every available open space, their festivities seemed to infect the town. Fung-Wah was roused from his seat at the Rusty Dragon at the sound of the gypsy music and cheer. He passed drinks to the newcomers and received nearly as many himself. That was when Fung met an older Varisian man with a barrel chest. The man smiled and held up a large stein bearing the symbol of Cayden Cailean. Fung drank deeply from the cup.

The rest of the night lived in infamy among the citizens of Sandpoint. Many could not remember the night before. Others had wild stories. Others wanted to forget. In the days that followed many rumors circulated, but the night was so outrageous most everyone seemed to come to the conclusion to never speak of that night again. Among the strange tales that slowly faded into memory was the fate of everyone’s favorite drunkard, Fung-Wah. Some say he left with the caravan, some say he fell into the bay, some say he’s still sleeping off his hangover, and others still claim they saw him wander off into the darkness of the night and just vanish from view.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------


Since the party’s return from yet another successful adventure, once more securing the safety of Sandpoint from malicious forces that would see it fall, Sinderion has been walking with much more confidence in his step. His quiet, taciturn nature has begun to subside, giving way to a bolder outlook on things, and a more decisive tone to his voice. This said, he is still a researcher and bookworm by nature, and has spent much of the last few months in his room, brewing a variety of potions and alchemical items that may be of use to the party in future endeavors, as well as researching the many various reagents and ingredients he has come across and stored during his recent adventures.

His end goal remains as it ever has been: Mastery of the alchemical arts. Beyond simply excelling at that which has already been set down by the alchemical pioneers of old, he seeks to develop new formulae, and discover new scientific methods to empower existing items. Knowing that inspiration can come from anywhere, the elf has not hesitated to laboriously investigate any leads that might possibly bear fruit. From the Goblins of Thistletop, gleaned from what works could barely be called literature or even anything beyond crude pictographs, Sinderion was able to apply the troublesome race’s penchant for firestarting into a means to alchemically infuse his weapons with flame, however temporarily. He has made plans to continue down this path of study, for Goblin alchemy, while incredibly volatile and often unreliable, can have undeniably incendiary results.

The alchemist’s studies have also weaved down darker paths. Late in the evening, and far from the eyes of the pure and noble Kassara, Sinderion has spent many hours poring over the dark tomes and icons of Lammashtu, going so far as to learn the abyssal language that was scribed in the compendium of rites and creatures recovered from the Thassilonian ruins below the city. In studying the vials of cursed water recovered in those forlorn halls, the alchemist has grown close to replicating it’s effects in his own extracts, although it is of yet untested what effect using such cursed waters offensively would have on those who already revere the dark god. When he could manage it without drawing too much suspicion, and often under the guise of more benign study, Sinderion would seek counsel on such matters with the quasit familiar Erylium, though his results and reception by the tiny witch were mixed at best. Perhaps the potential to corrupt the relatively young elf was found by the much aged creature of magic however, as his talks with her have not been altogether fruitless, but to what end the knowledge he gains can be applied to his research and goals is of yet unknown. He fully maintains that anything he does is in the pursuit of knowledge and for the sake of science, but even he himself may not be aware of the ends to which he might go for those ‘noble’ goals.

In his time outside of his room and lab, the elf has been more social than he was when he first came to the city. Regaling tales of his exploits (with the aid and embellishment of Kahdak) has gained him enough repute that he feels more like he belongs in this city than he had in his own home, where his study of the alchemical and scientific in place of embracing the more traditional arcane methods of his people earned him some level of disapproval if not outright disdain. Here, among worthy companions who see the value in his skills, and among other contacts such as Aliver Podiker and Nisk Tander, with whom he has spent some time discussing scientific methods and applications, he feels that he may have found a home worth investing in.

And in the pursuit of his only goal that not only does not involve science, but often flies in the face of it’s logic, Sinderion has taken whatever opportunities he could manage to speak with and impress the wild ranger Shalelu, taking more than a bit of advice from Kahdak in regards to the manner one acts with someone they fancy. Still, as neither of the elves are particularly familiar with or adept at romantic involvement, their interactions have mainly been benign, friendly conversation about conquests over goblinkin and the merits and drawbacks of the bow versus the crossbow, sprinkled with the occasional alchemical and recovered gifts Sinderion would send the huntress off with each time she would return to the wilds.

And so it would be that the elven alchemist would spend his time researching and creating, with thoughts of a pretty girl in his head, until the time came that he and his companions were once more called to act in the interests of Sandpoint, and to set off for adventure once more...

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------


While Kassara’s initial eagerness for adventure had been deflated by the various events following the attack on Sandpoint, the party’s recent success managed to bolster her morale. But a cleric’s work is never done. She spent the next few months in town blessing crops, spreading the word of Sarenrae, giving last rites to the fallen, and performing various other deeds pertaining to her clerical duties.

-Varisian caravan comes into town; one among them is an old family friend.
-Gains more knowledge regarding the use of her Harrow deck (thus gaining the bonus feat)
-An artist who knew her father provides a rough drawing of him in his late 20s, though she still has not heard any new info regarding his whereabouts
-Will likely do another Harrow reading for the party at the beginning of the next session

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------


To-Do-List (penned atop Shadowmist on the ride back to Sandpoint)[ooc in square braces]:

-Train the cat, the gecko, and the Giant Crab to do something useful…
-S&!*...I need to go get the Crab back to the village somehow [story to be told]
-Redevelop this series of events into a decent story to tell...I think I’ll leave out the part where Sinderion shot the goblin out of the air in cold blood for fun (note: that dudes pretty dark)...maybe make it like it was attacking me from above or something such as that, yeah that'll work.
-I’m making the phrase “The horse is out” mean something...because that s*#! was hilarious.
-F+~~ it I'm making Sinderion a badass in Sandpoint [he's basicaly the main character in the story for this adventure whenever I tell it I also spend a fair amount of time talking him up to people in town]
-Begin Goblin Child experiment...sort out the Daviren Hosk issue...
-begin positive reinforcement training on the quasit (what do you give a quasit for a treat?)
-get some in the anti-gravity chamber
-get money
-get paid

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------

Almaria is good at her job - not being seen and taking out foes from the shadows. No one really knows what she’s been up to for the past couple months, though some claim to have seen her on the hunt with Shalelu. Others claim she’s become part of the shadows, sporting some new mask that seems to cloak her in shadows.


First session back-

Party is asked by the Sheriff to investigate the murder at the lumber
mill, and gave Kassara a letter addressed to her from the killer.

They discover a ritualistic killing likely perpetrated by an undead -
likely intelligent

Asking Ibor, they find out that the man murdered had been skimming off
the top, something that may have gotten him in trouble with the
Scarnetti's. Kahdak doesn't like the sound of this crime syndicate
family from Cheliax at all. They visit the dead man's home, finding
some gold, but nothing that immediately indicates that the Scarnetti's
have been interested in him.

Ven Vinder showed to be rageful when grief-stricken, but after talking
to his wife and remaining daughter, its obvious the man has alibis for
the murders.

Talking with the local expert mr Quink, the party gleaned only a
fragment of new information, the rest was obvious conjecture of a man
who has been studying thassilon for years, but with little success.
He says the murders had to have been done by a scholar to know of the
seven pointed star, but is quick to say it wasn't him. While
suspicious of his odd behavior, the party left the man stunned
confirming his theories on the Old Light and displaying their living
history book, Erylium.

The group then talked with the sheriff who shared details of the
previous murder, showing them the bodies, which were taken to
Sandpoint. He gives the group a letter to help them go talk with mr
Habe, the owner of the Sanitorium, where the lone survior is staying,
due to his new insanity.

Arriving at the Sanitorium, the place gave some an odd feeling, like
something was off. The place seemed innocuous enough, though.
Entering the reception room, Fung rang the bell to summon the owner.

Habe came down a minute or two later, seeming somewhat annoyed. He
tried to dismiss the party and send them on their way. However, when
pressed and shown the writ by the sheriff he begrudgingly let them in.
He yelled up to his orderlies to bring Grayst down to the adventurers
for questioning. Habe appeared nervous the time the orderlies were
gone and when questioned by Kahdak, he made a break for the second
floor, slipping out of his head wrap when Kahdak attempted to grab
him. However, Fung was far more fleet of foot and tackled the man to
the floor. Habe begged for his life saying he didn't want to upset
the necromancer...

Kassara heard the patient coming down the stairs, muttering words, one
of which caught her attention - The Skinsaw Man... The orderlies turned
the corner and saw their master bound and sitting in a chair in the
room. The two teifling brothers immediately drew their swords, but
were shoved out of the way as Grayst, with a look of recognition
bounded forward with a message specifically for Kassara.

"He said. He said you would visit me. His Lordship. The one that
unmade me said so. He has a place for you. A precious place. I'm
so jealous. He has a message for you. He made me remember it. I
hope I haven't forgotten. The master wouldn't approve if I forgot.
Let me see.... Let... me... see... He said that if you came to his
Misgivings, that if you joined his Pack, he would end his harvest in
your honor."

After giving the speech, he collapsed. One of the members of the
party knows Misgivings is a local name for a rundown and abandoned
estate further south, a place called Foxglove Manor. The two
tieflings were quickly subdued by Kahdak's thunder cap, stunning them
in place, and Almaria's bow pointed prevented them from attempting
anything further. Grayst then lurched up from the floor, ripping out
of his straight jacket, claiming he was going to kill the one his
master loved more than him. Fortunately, Fung was able to trip the
sickened man, and noticing he was in the throws of ghoul fever,
Kassara stepped up and cast Remove Disease to successfully rid the man
of his affliction.

After gathering the necromancer's whereabouts (the basement), the
group rendered their prisoners unconscious by either the drunkard's
fists or a dose of drow poison (used on the fully healthy Habe).
These men were then locked into the two orderly's bedrooms.

Having heard the thunderclap upstairs, the necromancer had a chance to
prepare. He gathered his four zombies as shields, and cast mage
armor, mirror image, and displacement on himself. Coming down the
stairs, the zombies surged forward, to which Fung replied by bull
rushing three of them to the back of the room. The zombies were
quickly dealt with, but the necromancer's defensive spells proved a
difficult thing to counter, allowing the man several chances to get
off spells, none of which were particularly effective. He eventually
succumbed to the onslaught, unable to escape his fate. The group
bound him as well.

Investigating, the group found all the necromancer's tools and
spellbook, along with notes trying to piece together a 'lineage of the
undead", trying to figure out what undead is the 'father' behind the
new sightings and attacks. Moving back upstairs they found two mental
patients that seemed rather harmless. On the third floor, they found
Habe's lab, which contained particularly cruel instruments of medicine
that should never belong in such a place. The third and final
patient was found nearby, a wererat that seemed all too friendly,
though looking through the notes on the inmate, they only uncovered
that he was manic. When attempting to let him out of his cell, he
leaped for Kassara's scimitar, but was pushed back, finding out
quickly that the rat was crazy for blades. Without better options,
they gave him a dagger before binding his torso and arms so we
couldn't really do much harm with his new 'precious'.

Finding out more of the tiefling brother's back-stories (they are
escaped slaves, originally imprisoned by the Chellish), Kahdak took
pity on them and the wererat and hopes to use them as early members in
his new gang which he hopes will be a big thorn in the side of the

Now the long procession of evildoers, asylum inmates, and new
potential allies make their way back to Sandpoint.

-So the group completed Act I this past session. The player behind Fung had a scheduling issue so he sadly had to sit out this session-

Looking down at the stairs to the lowest level, the group looked over the two mercenaries and decided that it'd be better to not trust them in the upcoming fights. Fung-Wah was nominated as guard as he could handle most anything they may pull and can most reliably knock out any troublemakers whereas the rest of the party would have to worry about accidentally killing their prisoners.

The group, sans Fung, ventured downward and explored the slanted ruins. They opened a door to a hallway that was strangely polished clean, unlike the filthy room behind them. Sinderion, the alchemist, decided to check this curious hallway and found a trap that would have presented a nasty surprise if he had not found it. With the trap dealt with, they continued down the hall and opened a door to the left.

Nualia was ready to strike with her Yeth Hound just a step or two in from the door. As soon as she was seen, the door was immediately shut and the group made a tactical retreat back to the larger room behind them. Now in formation, knowing Nualia now had time to cast any buffs she wanted, they waited. Her hound came bounding out of the room and let out its deafening howl, but none in the party were effected. Nualia stalked out a moment later, a vision of fury and stopped just outside the reach of the Magus and cleric when she let out a burst of negative energy, although it appeared to have little effect on the group.

Sinderion threw a bomb, mixed with some special reagents that cause lingering flames, and set the aasimar aflame. She stood there, unflinching, eyes showing the fury within. She struck out at Kassara with sword and claw, but missed the nimble cleric. her hound flew by and bit at the bard, knocking him to the ground, but taking hits from the magus and the bard himself as it came in for the attack. The hound fell a moment later when Almaria plunged an arrow in its neck. Nualia didn't last much longer, herself, as the Magus struck hard with a channeled shocking grasp, the alchemist continued bombing her, and the enraged bard sent off another sound burst. Left unconscious and bleeding, they quickly bound her in MW manacles and healed up everyone in the room with a channeled positive energy, enough to have her be conscious, and angry. They added her to Fung's collection of prisoners.

Moving forward they breezed through the puzzle of the coin door and the rooms beyond. The Barghest proved to be barely a challenge, as Kahdak's sound bursts miraculously left the beast completely stunned, leaving it open for attack. Unable to attack or use its spells, it fell in a matter of seconds.

To finish up the floor they wandered into the crypt. Kahdak thought it'd be worthwhile to check the sarcophagi for treasure, raising the ire of the shadows that dwelled there. The magus took to the task of slashing out at the shadows that attacked the bard. The group took to whatever magics they could use to try to attack their incorporeal foes. Kassara's channeled energy proved to be most effective and soon the ghosts were dispatched with.

In the final chamber they found treasure under water in a tidal pool. A giant helmet was among the loot, but they noticed it shift as they were eying their prizes, guessing correctly that it was a giant hermit crab. Kahdak stepped forward and pulled out some meat, and to everyone's surprize, was able to clam the beast and distract it so that other members of the party - Almaria and Stormsteel, could dive for treasure. Kahdak plans on coming back with a new shell for the crab so he may take the golden helm without killing the animal.

They gathered up their piles of treasure, guided the various animals they obtained out of the thistle maze, and lead their four prisoners back to town. The sheriff has questioned each player to get their account of events and the prisoners now await trial.

-Hi All, its been a while since I've updated. We've had one session in that time. We'll have another game this weekend so hopefully there will be more exploits soon.-

The group descended the main set of stairs they found, and found themselves in an abandoned feasting hall. With no immediate threats around, they chose a door at random and opened it. They were faced with the disgusting sight of a bugbear and for goblins in the midst of intercourse. The door was shut immediately and the group had just a moment to compose themselves before the bugbear rushed out to meet the intruders.

With his lack of equipment, the bugbear soon found he was at a comparable disadvantage. He was quickly wounded and rendered unconscious by Fung Wah. The goblins were not as hardy and died in the process. The bugbear was bound and left in the room.

They continued to explore the area and found a nesting room of goblin children, with Kahdak pondering the nature vs nurture debate and decided to come back to the room to take the children with them when they left. Further exploration found a series of bedrooms, all currently unoccupied except one. A mercenary in the midst of practicing his sword katas was caught dumbfounded by a group of a half dozen adventurers that didn't look very worse for the ware. Understanding they'd have to be pretty strong to get all the way down here, he decided to not attack, but rather talk. He quickly turned sides and offered to help the group, with Kahdak confiscating most of his wealth as collateral. While the merc was willing to talk his insights weren't terribly helpful.

They found an empty prison, in which they threw the unconscious (and still naked) bugbear. Exploring further they found the chapel to Lamashtu. The merc shifted nervously knowing the room gave him the creeps. Opening the door to the chapel, the group soon came into conflict with two Yeth hounds. The group stood their ground against their howls, knowing what little stealth they had is now gone. The merc was helpful in the fight, but was soon bitten and tripped by one of the hounds, to which he chose to lay there until the beasts were dealt with. His wish came soon enough. After a quick look around, they continued on.

They came upon the war room and a female wizard trying to quickly pack up her findings. The mercenary quickly came forward and was able to convince her to just stand down. She begrudgingly agreed and decided to be prisoner/turncoat was better than trying to fight when it was 6 to 1 not including the merc.

The wizard gave what little information she could, and at least tried to hide the secret passage to below, but the group quickly noticed it. She gave them her findings on the tentamort in the part of the dungeon they didn't explore yet. The group quickly checked that area but decided against trying to draw out the creature.

Now they are ready to head below, but must decide about what to do with Nualia's two previous allies before they attempt to confront her.

I agree, this seems like a big hole for these classes. I think it'd make most sense to be able to select either base class for favored class bonuses (granted the bonus still applies).

The group then moved out to the training yard and were slightly concerned at seeing goblins they didn't kill. They dealt with the dogs easily enough. They investigated the goblins and eventually determined they were crushed by a hooved animal. They pried open the shed, and calmed the warhorse within. Giving him some grain, they let him out in the yard and gave him some healing. They found the other supply shed and in glee found a hutch full of rabbits.

They moved back inside and found a set of stairs down, along with an empty barracks. The guard tower was found as well, but they knew it was now vacant. They moved back to the double doors. They attempted to trick any goblins on the other side saying their war chief would be mad as the horse is out. They only heard some giggling on the other side, before opening the doors.

Ripnugget sat upon his geko looking thoughtful at the group. He offered to broker peace and to have Sinderion come forward to discuss terms. Sinderion defiantly said yet again "The horse is out" and negotiations deteriorated from there. Rignugget charged forward hoping to cut down the elf but missed and found himself closer to more adventurers than he would have liked. The next few moments were chaos in the grand hall as more explosions ripped through the space, both sonic and bomb created. The warchanter stood stunned before an arrow from the rogue dropped him.

The commandos took damage but fought on. Stormsteel attempted to charge his sword with a shocking grasp and deliver two quick blows, but both missed. Ripnugget attempted to move to the rear of the room, but a third swing by the magus connected and knocked him unconscious with its electrical delivery.

The rest of the commandos attempted to rally, but fell soon afterwards. Ripnugget was tied to his throne and his geko was placated, all to happy to remain on the rear wall. Ripnugget came to when Kassara healed the group again. He was defiant and boisterous but otherwise unhelpful when questioned. Even being brought out to the yard and almost trampled didn't change his tone. So, Fung threw him into the shed and locked it, letting the horse guard his new prison.

The group searched the remaining rooms, finding some treasure and some disgusting sights. Now they need to decide which set of stairs to descend to below.

The group formed up on the front gate to Thistletop. Fung-Wah creaked open the door and seeing more goblins at the ready he shouted "Wrong door" and slammed it shut. The rest of the party took this time to prepare actions and as the goblins re-opened the front door to assault the longshanks, they were dealt several heavy blows.

Not too long later, the group advanced inside and finished off the last few goblins. Not wanting to debate which way to go, Fung chose the far left door and found himself in a hallway. He was surprised to find a room boarded up and nailed shut. The monk tried to kick the door open but it wouldn't budge. Sinderion and Almaria crouched down and took to prying open the door, spending several minutes to do so.

The door opened and the group was very confused to find a fully stocked pantry. There were good food stores without, and only a slightly broken pickle barrel marred the room with its vinegar stink. The group spent about a half hour analyzing the whole room, trying to figure out who would board up the room and why. Frustrated without being able to come up with any answers they pressed on.

They came to a set of stairs that they assumed came up to the second guard tower. As usual, Fung led the way. Upon opening the trap door to the tower, the two slumbering goblins awoke, startled and threw a bag towards the edge. Fung leaped up and grabbed the bag before it could sail past and fell back down the whole, closing the lid behind him (again, surprisingly good rolls). The goblins were clearly worried and the group could hear them frantically scrabbling around. Inspecting the parcel, they found it contained half eaten pickles. Sinderion shouted "Why did you steal the pickles?" to which Fung tried to relay as best he could "Why you pickle?". More worried shrieks from the goblins returned. Sinderion stepped closer and shouted up "One Million hours guard duty!" as he pinned the trap door shut with the nails from the storeroom.

The group looked back into the thistle maze and decided it'd be a good plan to check their flank before proceeding forward. Kahdak hung back a moment and finished off the rest of the goblin dogs.

Fung-wah and Sinderion pondered at the depth and contents of the howling hole. After a joke push from Fung, they decided to continue onward. Fung ran ahead as usual and came to the refugee chamber. He stopped dead as twelve little eyes fixed upon him. He backed away as the rest of the group moved up.

Our group of adventurers made quick work of the goblins in the confined space. As the last few attacked desperately in melee, one walked off into the corner and hid, hoping to be overlooked. The 'last' goblin was knocked unconscious and the group moved in to investigate the impromptu dormitory. No one noticed the goblin in the corner except for Fung who played along, letting the goblin hide. However, Almaria walked in an immediately called out to the group about the last goblin.

The frightened goblin shook in fear and made sure the group noted its dog slicer was already slid away. Sinderion interrogated it in goblin, finding out what info he could about the howling hole, and learned these goblins were refugees. On the condition that he and his friend who was knocked out would leave immediately and never return to Thistletop, they let them go after healing up the KO'd goblin. They followed it to the entrance of the thistle maze and checked out the 'supposedly empty' guard posts to find the goblin had told the truth.

They came back to the rope bridge, and Stormsteel noted the distracted goblins playing their game with the seagull. Sinderion and Almaria noted the bridge looked rigged. Fung-Wah heedless of their warning ran across the bridge to the far side. With a curse, Almaria crossed stealth-fully at full speed, and secured the far end of the bridge. Fung watched the goblin's cruel game as the rest of the group moved across as quietly as they could. Fung, angry at the cruel game rushed across the yard and cut the seagull's string. The goblins were furious and their shouts brought down archer fire from the commandos up above.

Fung tumbled away from the cluster of goblins and the group engaged. The archers were going to be a problem. Kahdak dropped yet another sound burst and injured most of the ground troops. Sinderion and Almaria cleaned up a few of the goblins on the ground. Deciding he didn't like the goblins in the tower, Fung charged at the wall, and in a surprising show of skill, wall jumped between the fortress and guard tower, scaling the 30 foot height in a moment (hero point + natural 20 on an acrobatics check... wtf). However, once he landed at the top, he was unable to punch the nearby commando, and off balance, fell to the floor of the guard tower.

The group continued working on the remaining goblins and goblin-dogs while Sinderion and Almaria focused their shots on supporting Fung in the tower. Fung took a couple hits from the commando's horse choppers, but was able to subdue one goblin before retreating to the other side of the tower to drink a potion. Dodging the goblin's next attack, and with a couple arrows in it for good measure, he was able to knock this one out too. Now with two unconscious goblins in the tower, the group told Fung to toss them down so they could properly tie them up.

To the DM's surprise, the group actually caught the first goblin. However, as more expected, when the second one was dropped, Sinderion shot it with his repeating crossbow, nailing it to the side of the tower, dead. Fung didn't appreciate this and leaped off the tower and landed next Sinderion warning him not to do that again. Seeing Fung angry for once the last living goblin was bound and tossed to the base of a thistle bush along the coastline before Kassara popped a Channeling and healed up the group.

More to come during my next work break....

The black blade is part of the whole Bladebound Magus Archetype. Each blade has its own purpose, but I'm having my DMPC react to the oddity of having a sword start talking to him after turning flat black.

We had a session over the weekend so I'll be updating again soon.

The Party of 6:

DM-PC - Dominic Stormsteel - Taldan(Human) Bladebound Magus
A well traveled man, who grew up in Absalom and after his mother's death, moved from city to city in the Inner-Sea area with his father. Years later, after an argument with his father, Stormsteel moved off on his own, and began studying magic anywhere he could. He eventually came to Varisia and studied at the several academies they had to offer. Stormsteel came to Sandpoint to study Thassilonian history. He found himself entirely stricken by Ameiko Kaijitsu, which through some clever negotiating he was able to spend evenings cleaning the Rusty Dragon with her and her staff for reduced boarding costs.

Kahdak Thunderspeaker - Shoanti(Human) Thundercaller Bard
Kahdak is a charasmatic Shoanti with a love of music and tales. He can sing, orate, play the didgeridoo, the totem spear, and the flute. He despises the Chellish about equal to his hatred of Orcs. The Sheriff is a childhood friend of his from his tribe and he was invited to Sandpoint for the festival by Belor.

Sinderion - Elven Alchemist
Sinderion worships no god, just 'science'. He has a contact in town in 'Pillbug' where he can get new alchemical supplies, potions, and poisons. The festival seemed like a good excuse for him to get out and enjoy the crowds, although he's a bit socially inept. During the festival he won a pie and held onto it throughout the ensuing chaos, just so he could eat half and dissect the other. He later fell head over heels for Shalelu Andosana after her arrival in town.

Fung-Wah - Tian(Human) Drunken Lotus Master of Many Styles (yes a monk with 3 archetypes)
Fung-wah is a bit of a mystery. This Tian man arrived in Sandpoint a while ago, and no one is quite sure how. He quickly became everyone's favorite drinking buddy, and is almost always seen in one of the taverns in town. He supposedly won the Hagfish challenge, and even saved the Rusty Dragon from some threat, but he remembers none of it. His work at the Dragon got him free drinks on the house for life, but every day he insists he should pay, unsure why he's getting special treatment. The only thing he appears to love more than booze is company to share his drinks with.

Kassara Moore - Varisian(Human) Cleric of Sarenrae
Kassara is a Varisian and her mother was murdered while their caravan was on the road. Her father took her to a local priest he trusted while he sought out his wife's murderers, never to return. Now a full grown woman, she's lived a secluded life, coming to Sandpoint to enjoy the ceremony as well as start the search for whatever happened to her father. She's a bit naive, but goodhearted, unaccustomed to the hardships of adventuring life.

Almaria Windstalker - Elven Rogue [Sniper & scout archetypes] *joined after the Catacombs.
Almaria is friends with Shalelu Andosana. She was sent to help the group with the assault of Thistletop while her friend scouted the other goblin tribes. Not much is yet known of her other than she's a fan of art.

My group has been rather clever as well. For now they'll just need to go deal with Thistletop. Maybe to get them back on track and calm down about the runewell, have them find some info in Nualia's possession about the runewell. If they think they can return to town safely and the threat from Thistletop dealt with, they can enjoy some time to relax in Sandpoint before starting the next adventure.

As I continue to update the thread I'll try to make the post style a bit more consistent.

At this point in the campaign, a new player has joined the party (new to tabletop RPGs as well). Almaria Windstalker is an Elven Rogue [Sniper & scout archetypes] who met up with the group while they were shopping in Savrah's Armory. Fung had been working on a painting in his spare time at the Rusty Dragon and carried it with him around town on this day, somewhat forgetting he didn't put it away in his room. While Sinderion was haggling over Vansaya, Almaria sauntered over and plucked the painting from him and looked at it with excitement.

"Did you paint this? Its quite good. What is it of?"

The next couple minutes were comprised of verbal chaos as Fung searched for words, Kahdak started talking to Almaria, Sinderion haggled, Stormsteel argued with his sword, and Kassara joined the conversation with the newcomer. Nonetheless, tracking all that was said and done would be rather difficult.

By the time they left the Armory Almaria was introduced and invited to follow the group back to the Rusty Dragon where they talked more over drinks and food. This overlaps with my previous posts about the night before heading off to Thistletop.

-To Thistletop-
The group took the newcomer with them as they mounted up and followed Kahdak's direction towards the goblin hideout. Along the way they came across a pair of goblins over a body on the side of the road. Kahdak was able to try out his new ability and flattened both goblins with a sound burst before most of the group even had a chance to dismount. Investigating the body, they couldn't tell much of who this was, what he did, or how exactly he died, however they did notice that his boots did not match the rest of his clothes, and with detect magic prepared by most of the group, they quickly determined these were boots of the cat. They promptly gave them to Fung as he is apt to fall down drunk.

Again, Kahdak took the lead and navigated the group effortlessly to Thistletop. Once there, Sinderion quickly saw the bramble gate and pushed it aside. No one was happy to squeeze into the thorny tunnels, not knowing what was to come. Just inside they saw the obvious trail of something being dragged and followed it. When they came upon a goblin-dog pen with four of the beasts chained up they attempted to just pass them by, though Fung set them to barking as he stumbled ahead to investigate them.

They rounded the corner and found Gogsmurt's lair. Tanglefoot pounced on the monk as soon as he reached the end of the tunnel. Vines grew among their feet as the goblin druid cast entangle on the area, hindering their movement greatly.

With the goblin in sight, Kahdak set off another sound burst and stunned his pet. Stormsteel stepped forward and chucked a ball of ice and snow at the goblin wielding fire in both hands and staggered him. The goblin retreated into the brambles and rushed towards the goblin dog pen. Kahdak listened intently and heard his footfalls, sending another thunderclap to his location. A yelp let him know he hit. A moment later the druid rushed across the narrow path in the brambles and moved to the goblin dogs. He was assaulted by bombs and arrows as a third thunderclap left him stunned in place.

In the mean time tanglefoot was knocked unconscious by the front line. Almaria showed her skill with a bow as the placed a shot square between the eyes of the stunned goblin.

With the goblin dead, half the group worked to clean up the now wounded goblin dogs so they could loot the body of the druid. The other half supported Kahdak in trying to tame Tanglefoot. Kassara healed the cat and Kahdak was ready with some fresh meat and a pet on his head (26+ Handle animal check), making the cat friendly at least before he put it back into its nest - he'd be back.

The group set off into the tunnels early in the morning after getting what little bit of gear they needed to head down there confidently.

As usual, Fung-wah decided to take the lead, and the party let him. They found their way, hugging the left wall to the Catacombs of Wrath. As Fung stumbled forward a Sinspawn lurched from the shadows and swung at him. Fung easily ducked the blow and delivered a successful touch of serenity to the Wrathspawn (highly amusing trying to describe how a creature that is the embodiment of 'wrath' chills out for 6 seconds - it was highly confused). The party dispatched the sinspawn easily.

The group moved through the catacombs, taking on anything that came their way. Without resting they bested the vargouille, two more sinspawn, and knocked out a mutated goblin while exploring and looting the ancient prison. Korvus was tied and stored in the cells of the dungeon. At last they came to Erylium. The fight was tough, while they weren't getting very damaged from whatever Erylium threw at them, they however, weren't doing much to her in return. The group tried to surround the quasit when she appeared and Kassara misstepped into the runewell, but was not overcome with wrath as Fung assisted her with his quarterstaff. Kahdak ended up being the heavy hitter, batting Erylium about. She attempted to reposition, and reappeared, putting Stormsteel to sleep. She eyed her escape when she was hit by a bolo and subsequently tackled by Fung-wah.

Kassara woke Stormsteel and Sinderion applied some more Drow poison to his dagger and put Erylium to sleep so they could better tie her.

On the way out of the Catacombs, Stormsteel offered to stay behind and keep an eye on Korvus and the catacombs themselves. The group took the slumbering quasit with them as they found the hidden entrance the goblins intended to use to enter the city.

Reaching the surface, they found a large jar and put some tiny holes in it and plopped Erylium within. They moved to the guardhouse and got some men to head down to the catacombs to stand watch and block up the hidden entrance. Kahdak took some netting from the storeroom and placed Erylium on his hip.

They tried interrogating her, with no avail. Kahdak instead decided to treat her like a grandmother and prompted her to tell him about the good old days, her subjects, and her plans. -The group gained some info on the catacombs, Thassilon, and some of Nualia's backstory.

In the mean time they came down to retrieve Stormsteel from the catacombs to find him a little disturbed.

Stormsteel update from the Catacombs:
I started off my guard duty in the welcoming chamber, looking over the statue of Alaznist. I was looking over the Thassilonian text around the base, questioning my grasp on the ancient language. The text continued to read as broken, as if one thought abruptly ended and another continued. I had my katana drawn and resting on my shoulder, should I need to face down some threat we missed.
Once a couple moments had passed, feeling confused over the text, I started to move toward the prison chamber where our mutated little green friend was still sleeping off his beating. When I moved my sword from my shoulder, I noticed the blade no longer glinted in the light from my Ioun Stone. As soon as I registered the change, a voice spoke, and I can only explain this as coming from within my own head. “Hello Dominic, I am your blade, I am your purpose made real”. With a start I flung the blade away from myself, as I exclaimed “Nethys’ Nether region”, and it stuck into the wall bobbing slightly against its sudden impact.
I backed away slowly as the blade and I had a conversation within my mind. We spoke for maybe 10 minutes, at which time it convinced me that it’s still my tool in battle. (Conspiratorially/ whispered) I still don’t trust it, but if it does all it says it can, it can be a useful tool.
[The sword says something to Stormsteel at this] “Of course I don’t trust you! You are a sentient black blade that came into being in a tomb exemplifying evil, wrath, and the worship of an evil deity! …… Fine you better prove it to me!”
Sorry, the thing…. *sigh* Tsurugi it calls its self… and says Hi… Can hear us and wants to impress upon me that it is here to help. For now we’ll have to see how it goes, for now, it doesn’t seem capable of moving on its own at least.
So back to my tale… After our “talk” I moved back down to the jail and overlooked our prisoner. His wounds were healing, which was slightly concerning. I kept an eye on him. Eventually he stirred and awoke. He thrashed around wildly, and tried to spew more acid about his cell. After a second burst of acid, I ran down and hit him with a color spray. I quickly tied the stunned monstrosity to the bars so that his head would only face the stone at the back of the cell. He’s conscious now, making a lot of noise, but not making much sense. He’s spewing a lot of that acid toward the wall, but the wall seems to be holding up fine. I’m not sure how much we are going to get out of him. Tsurugi here says it’s an abomination and more animal than goblin at this point. You can try getting it to talk, but I think putting it out of its misery would be a kindness at this point.
How’d it go investigating the tunnels and securing our little quasit friend?

Stormsteel was brought up to speed and the group decided after a couple attempts to calm Korvus down to put him out of his misery. Erlyium, irritated with its constant shouting and vomiting of acid even consented to get rid of him. Sinderion ran off to Savrah's armory with Erylium's dagger to trade for the repeating crossbow he'd had his eyes on. He was delighted to find he did well on the deal, at it was also a spell storing crossbow. Sinderion and Stormsteel spent most of the evening discussing their new weapons and conversing with Erylium about the past.

Stormsteel's update prior to Thissletop:
Interlude- The Rusty Dragon before Thistletop

Stormsteel sat around the table with his odd group of companions, sipping on a mug of mulled mead. Sinderion and he had been comparing notes on their weapons, especially as both seemed to be more than meets the eye. Tsurugi had been yammering most of the day within his head and now a dull ache had formed. He had liked it when his thoughts were his and his alone. He’s still not too sure what to do with this katana.

A new person had met up with the group, an elven rogue named Almaria Windstalker, she claims to be friends with Shalelu – sent to assist the group with the Thistletop goblins. He wasn’t sure if the group should be insulted that the elven ranger didn’t think the group was capable or if she was merely looking out for Sinderion. Nonetheless, he’d keep an eye on Almaria and see what she could do when combat started.

Erylium was a subject of particular interest. She was supposedly over 11,000 years old, and her short discussion about the history of Thassilon was perhaps the most definitive word on the ancient civilization that he had ever heard. Certain theories of scholars were sudden verified and others can now be dismissed as hearsay. He would have to pick her brain more when the city wasn’t under the immediate threat of attack. Tsurugi was also very interested in what she had to say, and unlike Korvus, made no suggestions to harm the Quasit.

The evening dragged late into the night, both due to the revelry in the bar with the music and song in the air as well as the adrenaline in the blood knowing that in the morning they’d be riding off into battle. Eventually most of the patrons departed and the group moved for their rooms.

Stormsteel hung back as usual, preparing to clean the bar. One of the young bar-maidens eyed him quizzically. Her look said it all, but she opened her mouth anyway, “You know she won’t be cleaning this place anymore and besides your room is on the house. We’ll have to add an addition to this place just to house all the paying customers. Off to bed with ya…” Stormsteel gave a flat smile, and glanced around the bar one last time before slowly making his way upstairs, with Tsurugi sheathed at his hip.

He went to his room and laid Tsurugi across the desk and took off his armor. Stormsteel sat in his bed for a bit, the edginess of the adrenaline still making sleep seem like a far off thing. Eventually, he stirred out of his bed, threw back on his clothes and crept out of his room. He attempted to quietly navigate his way out into the darkened hallways. Tsurugi offered his assistance to which he mentally dismissed. A few moments later he made his way out to the main hallway which was still illuminated by a few lamps.

Stormsteel made his way towards Ameiko’s room, and with a nervous deep breath, knocked on the door. There was no response from within, but a moment later, someone cleared their throat behind him, making him flinch in surprise. The old Halfling woman stood leaned against the wall with a devilish grin on her face. “A bit bolder now, eh? We all knew you liked her, but didn’t think you’d be the one to try something like that.”

“Wait, what? No… I just wanted to talk to her. –See how she’s doing. I haven’t seen her around since the whole thing at the glassworks yesterday.”

“Truly?” the Halfling said, checking his face.


“Well she’s been taken to her family’s estate on the edge of town. Lots to go over it seems, with her being the head of a noble family now.”

“Ah… So she hasn’t even been here…”

The old Halfling woman smiled. “I can see you are worried. Tell you what, if you have something you need to say so badly, write her a letter, I’ll bring it to her tomorrow.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem.” She looked like she had more she wanted to say, perhaps a bit of a joke at his expense, but she bit her lip and moved off back towards the servant’s quarters.

Stormsteel made his way back to his room, trying to not wake any other patrons. When the door to his room opened, he was immediately assaulted by the sword. “Struck out eh?” it said mockingly in his head.

He thought back “I wanted to talk to her before we all go to Thisstletop tomorrow, you know that.”

Stormsteel continued to split his mind between arguing with the katana and writing the letter to Ameiko. Eventually, after two or three drafts, his eyes felt heavy. He sealed the letter and crawled into bed.

At breakfast, he slipped the parchment to the old gnome as she walked back to the kitchen after dropping off his breakfast. A few of the other workers in the Rusty Dragon smirked and started gossiping in hushed tones. Stormsteel only hoped no one else noticed as he prepared for the ride out to Thisstletop.

Stormsteel has special updates sent out by me between sessions as I don't always have time to RP while DM-ing.

Stormsteel up until Glassworks:
Here’s a few notes of how Mr. Dominic Stormsteel, the Magus has been acting during the week.

• Overall he’s been a rather quiet member of the group, taking in the scenes around him and providing a little input as needed, such as translating Lonjiku’s outburst for the party.
• While shopping about town he’s studied each shop and has been polite to the shop keeps. He has taken note of his discount at Savah’s armory, remarking that he is still without a proper ranged weapon after he sold his last one for travelling funds.
• He has picked up a handful of books at the Curious Goblin, that Chask Haladan pressed upon him at great discount, as a thank you for his deeds in the battle, Chask also apologized for not being forthcoming with these particular selections as he had originally assumed Stormsteel as just another wannabe magician pointing his nose into places that are better left alone. Knowing Stormsteel’s research has been focused on Thassilonian history and ruins, he tells Stormsteel to seek out Brodert Quink once he has had a chance to leaf through the following texts, that are now added to Stormsteel’s collection
o A primer on the Thassilonian language
o A tattered ancient text named “Histories of the Inner Sea and the fall of Thassilon”
o A copy of a journal of the wizard Gislenus Vendelín’s thesis on Thassilonian ruins and their former purposes
o A small text that is a brief history of Sandpoint
• Every Evening, before retiring to his room and leafing the aforementioned tomes, he has assisted Ameiko with the cleaning and closing of the tavern section of the Rusty Dragon. He as relished the time he has had to talk with Ameiko and the other workers at the Dragon. Several of the other workers still wonder why a local hero is polishing tables. Every night Stormsteel has attempted to improve his relationship with Ameiko, knowing that none before him have succeeded, and that if things go poorly his favorable arrangements might be in jeopardy. Over the last week (with rolls against Diplomacy), five of the nights he succeded in making some heady in making Ameiko a closer friend. Two nights she was irritated with forwardness, but the night her father threated to remove her from the family will, she greatly appreciated his concern and willingness to let her vent in Tian so her other employees wouldn’t have to overhear her real thoughts on the conversation. Stormsteel has learned many new and flavorful curses and swears of the Tian language from this exchange.
• With the other’s interactions with the locals he is rather amused but indifferent. Kahdak rather smoothly handled the situation with Shayliss and he understands that the man has quite some skill. He appreciated Kahdak’s attempts at helping Sinderion with the elven ranger.
• As far as his Magus powers are concerned, Stormsteel has yet to cast a single spell in front of anyone except Ameiko. Prestidigitation is great for cleaning those hard to reach places of the bar. Other than that he’s only shown a few select spells to the woman as proof of his magical capabilities. He has, however shown off his ability to channel power into his katana, making it into a magical weapon. Which worked great against the Goblin Commando hiding in the closet.
• With Ameiko’s disappearance he is quite concerned, but wanted to hear the letter so he was as well informed as he could be before charging off to her (potential) aid

Stormsteel notes during Glassworks and just after:

Here’s a few notes on Stormsteel, the Magus, along with everyone’s favorite bar tender.

• Stormsteel was very worried at the word that Ameiko was missing, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone in the party at this point.
• During the search of the glassworks he was quiet but focused, quickly looking over each room as the group passed
• Upon reaching the goblins, his fury was barely contained as he unleashed not only the first spell he cast this campaign (color spray.. which I prefer to call flash bang grenade in a cone…) but he was also using his arcane pool to make his weapon magical, adding arcane strike to make it crackle with energy.
• The fight with Tsuto was a tense one, but Stormsteel was relieved to hear that Ameiko was found and for the most part safe.
• With Tsuto subdued, he and Fung Wah helped her out of the glassworks, making sure she left via the nearest exit to avoid any of the gruesome scenes within.
• She did mention she wanted to warn her father, and took the news of his death stoically, Stormsteel didn’t elaborate as to how Tsuto murdered his father.
• The two brought Ameiko to the cathedral where Father Zantus performed a couple of spells and brought her back to full health.
• Ameiko was definitely still distraught, and Zantus’ realization that she was the last of the family’s line, left her less than thrilled to be the city’s newest noble.

• By this point the rest of the group returned with Tsuto’s body and compared notes. Ameiko remained hard to read even after hearing that her bother took his own life rather than face justice. News that a bigger raid is coming to the town put all on edge. Further, the discussions that the tunnels under the city were new re-opened and a possible a demonic threat looms below, spurred Ameiko to make her first executive decision as a noble. In an attempt to stay busy as well as keep her city safe, she led the group to the merchant’s guild (it’s just past lunchtime at this point). She had a brief private council with the leaders of the guild while our group sat in the lobby. She returned with a stack of notes and pressed them towards the group. “Take these, and get yourselves equipped. Tomorrow you are going to make sure there’s nothing below our city. Secure those tunnels!” Before barging off, Ameiko stopped and much more emotionally thanked the group for saving her, telling them the Rusty Dragon is their home now, as long as they wish to stay (free room and board). She then pushed by, claiming “I need a strong drink and some time to myself.” Before walking back to the Dragon. The group then looks at the notes in their hands, entitling each of them to a 200gp credit to any of the major stores in town – for “Emergency Town Defense”.

Our drunken master stumbled ahead in the basement of the glassworks, knocking on each door, to see if there was a response. When he came to the door Ameiko was being held in the heard a little bit of movement. He continued to ramble, when Tsuto came out into the hallway, temporarily thinking the goblins had continued their ruckus to the basement.

Immediately upon Fung and Tsuto facing each other, Fung was given a stunning fist to the face and Tsuto moved to run toward the exit, getting a glimpse of several other well-armed adventurers in the corridor. What followed was an interesting fight, Tsuto, with little option for flanking, used his superior mobility to move about the adventurers and flurry those stupid enough to block the path for the others.

Fung recovered and delivered a couple non-lethal blows to Tsuto. Stormsteel hit him with a channeled chill touch to take some of the edge off of his fists. Tsuto was able to tumble away and cure himself to some degree. Away from other party members he faced a bomb and javelin hit. The alchemist attempted a shot laced with drow poison but it missed and imbedded itself in the hallway.

Tsuto continued to attempt to tumble away, but fumbled once, and it was his undoing as Fung, Stormsteel, and Kassara piled into him, dropping him into unconsciousness. He was bound, and with a channeled healing, both he and his sister Ameiko came around. Stormsteel and Fung took Ameiko out of the glassworks, avoiding her father and walked her to the cathedral to get any further healing she might need. They relayed any pertinent information to her during the walk.

In the meantime, Tsuto sat stiff-lipped watching Sinderion, Kahdak, and Kassara attempt to make him break and give up some information. As they began to get more creative ideas, Tsuto took his exit opportunity. Believing Nualia would resurrect him, he kicked out Kassara's knee, making her fall atop him, impaling himself at the same time with the exposed scimitar on her back.

Tsuto now dead, they dragged him from the glass works (after turning out his gear and finding his notebook), and put him atop Kahdak's horse and brought the body to the Cathedral for last rites and burial. Ameiko saw her brother's body approach. Ameiko, still somewhat in shock, but angered by the events that had transpired implored the group tell her everything they found out. Hearing of tunnels under the city that the goblins planned to attack from, and after father Zantus mentioned how she was the last Kaijitsu now, she left the church, having the group follow quickly in her wake. She took them to merchant's guild, where she had an emergency meeting and got the group a set of credit for the shops in town, with the agreement they set off into the tunnels first thing the next day to end the threat to her town. She then stalked off and locked herself away in her rooms at the Rusty dragon. (reward to PC's as they returned almost anything they could to the glassworks and w/ 5 players they were slightly behind on wealth).

I found a lot of the community created info very helpful. At the opening festival, let the players actually play games, enjoy the day and meet several NPCs from town, as that's the entire point of this first act.

I use a dry-erase mat with a 1-inch grid. you can draw in most of the maps fairly quickly, and erase them when you need to.

For the early events, read ahead. I tried selecting an event or two a 'day' and over the first week in town, most of the little side encounters had occurred. It kept a good pace and told a narrative of their time in town, without holding their hands too much, and if players had an idea of their own of what to do, there was plenty of time in each day left over for that in addition to the prebuilt encounters.

For the Glassworks, I ended up finding a large map online and paying $7 at Staples for them to plot it out for me in scale.

Stormsteel has continued to show interest in Ameiko, though he has been moving slowly towards it.

During the interludes before the Catacombs, the party did well.

Kahdak navigated Shayliss expertly:

From The 'Shopkeeper's Daughter Thread' wrote:

Our bard handled the situation expertly (he rolled really well).

When Shayliss came to the Rusty Dragon to seek him out, he knew rumors of her and could see through her simple lie. Nonetheless, he agreed to go with her. As they got down in the basement, she undressed, and he teased her as she moved to the cot. He heard her father coming, and tumbled to another part of the basement, after tossing his cloak over Shayliss. He popped up, looking inquisitive, and said hello to her father.

The father, surprised to see the large Shoanti man in his basement asked what he was doing there. He explained how Shayliss came to him in a fright over a giant rat, which he thought might have been a goblin or goblin dog. He assured her dad that he didn't see any sign of a threat. The father was so taken aback (and failed to see through his lie), he thanked the bard and went back out after grabbing a few supplies.

Our bard moved to Shayliss and whispered to her "I have a room at the Rusty Dragon, what was the point of coming here? Meet me back at the inn in a bit."

In a bit of DM cruelty I was running this concurrently with 'Monsters in the Closet'. The rest of the group that night were down in the bar of the Rusty Dragon drinking away their sorrows over having to tell the family their father / husband was dead, when the bard strolled downstairs with a big smile on his face, seeking a drink. He got caught up with the group, and as Shayliss tried to slip past out of the bar, he clasped her on the shoulder and asked "Where are you going, get back up there..." before slapping her ass as she slinked back up the stairs, blushing. He gave the group a big grin and disappeared back to his room.

Our Cleric began drinking for the first time after giving the last rights to the father of the family during Monster in the Closet (with a little help from our drunken master).

The group has become well acquainted with Savrah's Armory, negotiating openly to get the best deal both for her and for the party.

When Shalelu Andosana came to town, our Alchemist was smitten immediately. I treated her as someone also unaccustomed to romance, so the two of them attempted to hit it off, but entirely missed the fact that the other was actually interested in them. With a small nudge from our bard, the two spent the night in Sinderion's room. However, unbeknownst to the party until much later the alchemist wasn't making some odd euphemism when he explained that they did science all night, as he turned half an apple pie back into its basic parts (an apple, sugar, flower, egg, etc).

When our bard played at the hagfish, he was challenged to drink from the fish tank. He took the challenge and added his name alongside Fung-Wah's - who had done so in his backstory.

The group stood up for Ameiko when her father came to the Rusty Dragon, with both Fung-Wah and Stormsteel able to speak Tian, no insult was missed. Kassara (who's been looking for her father), fell further into her melancholy when someone else was looking for 'their' daughter.

Days later when Ameiko had gone missing, Fung-wah stole the parchment from the old halfling woman and ran off without informing anyone else. The group grabbed the letter, and read it aloud, and chased after Fung.

Upon reaching the Glassworks, Fung-Wah was atop of the salesroom, saying no one was within. Sinderion picked the lock and the group moved inside and stalked through the interior, with Fung stumbling in the lead, opening doors.

Upon reaching the main floor, the party moved on the goblins with little remorse. Stormsteel cast his first spell all campaign and KO-ed 4 goblins with a color spray. Bombs, arrows, and drunken kicks took out most of the rest. When the last goblin made a move to flee, Kahdak, fearing he was heading for the coast, threw his earthbreaker at the window and tumbled outside. However, the goblin turned left, to find Sinderion with a Crossbow at the far end of the hallway, and the bard stalking quickly in from behind. He was felled with a bolt.

Within the glassworks, thinking Ameiko might be dead, Stormsteel punted an unconscious goblin into the furnace. Fung wah insisted the group keep the last goblin alive, and when he came around, still blinded, Sinderion got him to talk by speaking in goblin. When it finally could see, it feared death, but the group gave it a message to give the goblins of Thistletop, and set him free, making sure he went the right way before heading towards the basement to deal with their 'leader'.

I've been running this game for a couple sessions so far and things are going well. Going to use this thread to log memorable moments from the game.

The Party:
DM-PC - Dominic Stormsteel - Taldan(Human) Bladebound Magus
Kahdak Thunderspeaker - Shoanti(Human) Thundercaller Bard
Sinderion - Elven Alchemist
Fung-Wah - Tian(Human) Drunken Lotus Master of Many Styles (yes a monk with 3 archetypes)
Kassara Moore - Varisian(Human) Cleric of Sarenrae
Almaria Windstalker - Elven Rogue [Sniper & scout archetypes] *new player

The first session had the original 5 players in Sandpoint each attending the festival for their own reasons. I ran many of the suggested games that I found online as user-created content and the players loved it. They spent most of the first day walking about town, playing games, and winning prizes (including the bard winning a MW Earthbreaker at a strongman competition and the monk drinking about a gallon of booze laced with a sleeping drug, winning himself quite a reputation in town as everyone's favorite drinking buddy).

As the goblins attacked, each player, with their own motivation moved and protected the city. It wasn't until the battle was over and Ameiko was guiding some of the people not already staying at her inn that the group actually introduced themselves to each other.

I'm currently DMing Rise of the Runelords. Several of the players already have romantic interests that may by the end of the campaign result in families with children.

The idea popped in my head that whenever we finish ROTRL that it might be cool to continue on with a separate party, at least partially compromised of the children of the heroes played in ROTRL.

If we were to do another pre-built AP, which one would be good for a 16-20 years down the timeline campaign?

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Our bard handled the situation expertly (he rolled really well).

When Shayliss came to the Rusty Dragon to seek him out, he knew rumors of her and could see through her simple lie. Nonetheless, he agreed to go with her. As they got down in the basement, she undressed, and he teased her as she moved to the cot. He heard her father coming, and tumbled to another part of the basement, after tossing his cloak over Shayliss. He popped up, looking inquisitive, and said hello to her father.

The father, surprised to see the large Shoanti man in his basement asked what he was doing there. He explained how Shayliss came to him in a fright over a giant rat, which he thought might have been a goblin or goblin dog. He assured her dad that he didn't see any sign of a threat. The father was so taken aback (and failed to see through his lie), he thanked the bard and went back out after grabbing a few supplies.

Our bard moved to Shayliss and whispered to her "I have a room at the Rusty Dragon, what was the point of coming here? Meet me back at the inn in a bit."

In a bit of DM cruelty I was running this concurrently with 'Monsters in the Closet'. The rest of the group that night were down in the bar of the Rusty Dragon drinking away their sorrows over having to tell the family their father / husband was dead, when the bard strolled downstairs with a big smile on his face, seeking a drink. He got caught up with the group, and as Shayliss tried to slip past out of the bar, he clasped her on the shoulder and asked "Where are you going, get back up there..." before slapping her ass as she slinked back up the stairs, blushing. He gave the group a big grin and disappeared back to his room.

Our party has a drunken master that refuses to do lethal damage. So, after a decently intense fight with Tsuto (he used his mobility and stunning fist to great effect), they eventually knocked him out.

When he came around, I went off of what the book suggested - Tsuto has a strong belief that no matter what happens to him Nualia would bring him back. So he sat there, stiff lipped, taking anything the PCs could think of. As they started to get more creative with ways to make him talk, he took his cue that he's better to Nualia's cause dead.

Our Cleric of Sarenrae was planning on going dwervish eventually and had a scimitar loosely wrapped on her back that she didn't use just yet. Tsuto made his combat maneuver check to trip the Cleric and impaled himself with her scimitar. Our bard, who had an earthbreaker, had to stop himself from swinging down on the cleric. By the time she got untangled (falling backwards with sword stuck in someone), he was dead. They took the body with them to cathedral for burial.

Thanks for the advice everyone.

Rise of the Runelords Exploits:
Our Bard currently has Erylium in a jar (with holes in the lid) suspended in some netting tied to his side. One party member tried the strong arm approach which just irritated her with how improperly a queen was being treated. The drunken master wanted to let her out to drink with him, but the party made sure he didn't. Our bard, took cues from her calling herself a queen and tied treating her with respect and acted a bit like an interested grandchild to get 'granny quasit' to chat about her past exploits. Overall the group got a bit of a history lesson on the Catacombs of Wrath along with info on who certain people are (How Korvus came to gain an arm, who Nualia is/ her back story). Overall they haven't learned anything that would change how they would handle the situations going forward, but the players got a lot of the background information that they otherwise wouldn't necessarily have had been privy to.

Korvus was so bonkers that the group decided to 'put him out of his misery'. To which the magus did not hesitate to use his new black blade.

I'm thinking at some point, if Erylium in a jar stays around, that the Sage in town will pay the group to interview her. A book may be produced by the end of the campaign (level 15 or so) about the history of Thassilon.

Ironically, the party dropped Gogsmurt before the monk had a chance to lay on hand on him.

Now the bard (Thunder caller) is attempting to placate Tanglefoot and tame it as his own pet.

So I'm running a Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Game. The party is currently level 3. We have a drunken master in the party who refuses to do lethal damage. By extension of this, every powerful enemy we are coming across is getting knocked out, tied up, and interrogated. What happens to them after that is somewhat subjective.

So far we captured Tsuto, but he killed himself by tripping the cleric so that her scimitar impaled him.

Currently we have Korvus tied to the bars in the jail within the Catacombs of Wrath, rambling and spewing acid all over the stone wall opposite.

Erylium was similarly captured (with the use of some Shoanti bolas, and the monk grappling her, the alchemist knocking her out with drow poison). The party plans on keeping the quasit in a thick jar, secured to a shelf, with only a few holes for air.

My current conundrum is how to handle the situation. How much info can Erlyium give the group? How much info is the group going to glean if they interrogate every significant enemy they come across?

My current plan is to give the group a lot of back story into the Catacombs themselves. Some info on Nualia, and some snippets of Thassilonian history (if they can get her in a talkative mood). I feel like Korvus is a lost cause to group - so animalistic he won't be able to give much information nor be a good pet (our bard has some crazy ideas).

Overall, just wanted to see if anyone had any advise or suggestions on how to continue forward.