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Fast, and a lot of fun.


Both played and GM'd this one.

Act 1:
The investigation. This was the one bit that felt a bit unfinished to me. I'd have liked a few locales in Maro where the PC's could go around to gather their info.

1 out of 5 stars for this

Act 2:
The roadtrip & Wild West town. This was awesome. The town was described well enough, there was enough information to make a lively bar. The possible fight was reasonable enough, and the forced fight made it perfectly clear how people saw a certain person.

5 out of 5 stars.

Act 3:
The mine and final boss fight. This is where I have a bit of an issue. The scenario places valuables in locations that make no sense to me. Why is there so much random loot still in a formerly abandoned mine? The main antagonist hasn't had any need to stash stuff there and other valuables have been sold off/removed already. In the economic climate on Akiton I had expected people to loot the mine more efficiently.
The trap also feels a bit over the top, mostly the difficulty to detect it. I managed to oneshot the level 1 engineer's hoverdrone with it. Luckily it was just the drone :).

3 out of 5 stars.

Runtime of this was around 3 hours, which could've been expanded a bit by adding some things to act 1, but I don't think they should be much longer.
From running the Quests it seems that Space combat will be the main point that causes scenarios to run long, and that's something that's not in this scenario.

Overall a solid 3 out of 5 and I'd like to see more of a certain town and it's developments :)

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Solid introduction to four faction leaders


This scenario is a great way to meet four of the faction leaders.

Our dice were not playing really nice during combats, but we had a lot of fun nonetheless.

I want to particularly point out that Eleanor Ferron has made some excellent pictures to go along with several NPCs (technically fanart as they're not comissioned by Paizo), which we used to give it just that extra touch during play.

That said, the lack of space combat makes me not give it 5 stars, due my expectation of to it being such an integral part of Starfinder.

The vehicle race was interesting, but I feel it should have been a spacerace

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Lots of options for GMs and Players alike


I like this book.
While I understand that some people prefer setting neutral things, I feel that by using the Golarion names and adding a page with suggestions for setting neutral names makes this work well enough.

I'm happy to see there is a bloodrager archetype, and amazed at which organisation they belong. Awesomeness.

Love the headshots of three important members and a bit of their background. Wonder if they are or will become available as avatars for the forum.

That said, I'm less than happy with the amount of coverage the Pathfinders got, as that chapter felt like completely copied and toned down. I don't think it was necesary to change the lorewarden that hard, it was a very niche archetype, it feels like a big step backwards. Particularly the change to skills feels unnatural. The explanation in the product discussion that it was to make it futureproof while it already was feels odd. (From all intbased skills as class skills, to a small selection makes it futureproof? I don't buy it.)

Some chapters feel like they got a lot more love than others, not just in terms on content, but also in terms of quality. Magaambya, Red Mantis and Grey Maidens especially jumped out to me. Aldori Swordlords, Mammoth Lords, Storm Kindlers, Hell Knights (and the aforemented Pathfinders) less so.

The Al-Zabriti and Rivethun were the two factions I barely knew anything about. The options the Al-Zabriti give to mounted combats are awesome, and the Rivethun theme is very interesting.

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We derailed this one so bad, but so much fun was had by all.

The use of the cards was inventive.

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Solid story


Played this with my lorewarden, together with a riftwarden, a bard, and pregen Kyra.

A nice balanced party, with a variety of skills made sure I had a load of fun and got the story across.

Some combats were a bit lopsided thanks to my lorewardens extreme combat maneuver bonus and defence, but that didn't diminish the fun we had (except maybe for the poor GM during the combats, his monsters got repositioned and tripped to very disadvantageous positions).

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Who needs detect magic anyway


I played this with TheDegraded on our Season 8 kickoff weekend.

Being one of the level 11s I have to say I had a load of fun with this one.

The encounters are nicely spaced, some very nice NPCs along and a great story.

Also a great way to make sure that the Technologist feat is available, kudos

The crowning moment however for me during this adventure was halfway into it, when 5 players and the GM look at eachother and realize that no-one can cast Detect Magic (Abyssal Bloodrager, Paladin, Paladin/Ninja, Savage Technologist, and Alchemist).

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A techcrazed alchemist and support walk into the red redoubt


Played this last evening, low tier.

Wayang Alchemist 6, Gnome Alchemist 6, Human Arcanist 6, Human monk/bloodrager 6, Druid 6, Summoner 5

While the scenario felt really short, it was more due to the fact that time flies when you are having fun :).

A balanced mix of encounters and very interesting NPCs, made this scenario very worthwhile to me.

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A tad repetitive, but fun


I played this together with Quentin under Magabeus.

Due to circumstances I went with my most antisocial character I have (an 8 charisma psychic without points in any of the social skills bluff/diplomacy/intimidate), yet due to my high knowledge skills I managed to be a fairly valuable asset.

Like Quentin and Magabeus I felt the opening scene had little to nothing to do with the rest of the scenario.

The repetitiveness (coupled with it being bloody hot and humid at the location) along with the need to 'divide' the party made the attention of everyone wander on occasion. A break between part 3 and 4 in which something different happened (a training event against some rookie cityguards or something) would have been welcome.

Magabeus had a very good grip on the time for every piece though, and it was nicely spaced, and his preperation was superb with lots of handouts for us to get a better grip at the NPCs involved.

Exchange faction gets an extra mission, which made me feel like I had to waste a round in order to complete it, because part of it it was a seperate part of the discovery round.

Despite the repetitiveness, it was quite a nice scenario.

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Missing something


Played it today in a 7 hour slot (10-18 with half hour lunch break and muster taking about half an hour).

Tier 10-11, with level 11 cleric, level 11 paladin, level 10 barbarian, level 10 bloodrager, level 9 bard. Only the barbarian I don't recall if he was diplomatic, but the other 4 would try to talk if it would be possible and solve stuff not by violence, which kinda didn't really work out often.

Combat: 1 out of 5 stars. Nothing seemed to stand out. While mildly dangerous due to stupid tactical decisions (oh lets tumble past those two strong looking fellows, so they can flank me next round so I can whack the caster), due to a cleric who had dedicated herself to healing nobody was ever in serious danger, without that cleric I would personally never have been soo reckless and used a lot more tactical combat.

Story: 2 out of 5 stars. Two stories folded in one. Too much crammed into it, resulting in something that just didn't come out as it could have. Should have gone with a more worked out version of either the first part, or the second part, with for me personally the second part being more interesting. A short period spend on the first part, say maybe 2 encounters total, and then the rest of the time in the second part would have improved this by a lot. There were a few more options available in the second part that did not involve only combat. The ending was also a bit of a letdown. It felt like you can do either this or that, but if you choose that, you also have to do a bit of this because of reasons. If you choose this you don't get that.

Social roleplay: 2 out of 5 stars. First part was almost only combat for us, with only 1 encounter we could talk with/to. The second part had a lot more potential, but it felt all a bit rushed because of cramming too many options into it but not considering that social roleplay can take a lot longer than combat, because people try to roleplay their rolls, which I have noticed takes a lot longer with social skillchecks compared to combat.

Aid token: There was 1, but I have not seen it being used, even with only having a grand total of 6 tables. Also no idea what it could have been used of this time.

The chronicle sheet is the most redeeming part of this adventure in my eyes, with a lot of interesting options.

The most enjoyable bit from this special for me was simply the interaction between the partymembers, not between the party and the adventure.
Also due to me playing in a certain adventurepath, I had a lot more OC insight into the first bit, which I found quite a nice touch.

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Excellent adventure


I'm not really sure what to write as a review, as this is an excellent example of an adventure that caters to all play styles.

Want to talk your way through? You can.
Want to fight your way through? You can.
Want to pick your fights and talks? You can.
Follow up on a very old scenario: awesome.

The only downside for me was the haunt, but then haunts have always been a bit of a letdown for me personally. I simply don't like how they work.

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Nice setup for a followup


I forgot on which tier we played this, but it was a highly amusing adventure. I think it was high tier, with me playing out of tier. We are already planning when to do the followup scenario with the same wacky party.

The location is interesting, though some bits felt a bit railroaded.

The fight against the extremely stealthy large demons on the dam. It seemed like no matter what you do, the dam is supposed to break.
The breaking of the mirror and the alliance of the elves. We managed to avert most of the crisis, and thanks to a casting of Make Whole the mirror was repaired, yet they still want to break the alliance? Elves are supposed to be less rash in their dealings imho, unless I'm missing a large piece of information, which is quite possible ofcourse.

fun stuff:
Our vexing dodger rogue, in mithral breastplate used his polished armor to reflect the moonlight.
As an arcane trickster I managed to steal the melee weapon of one of the attackers in the first combat, when she was still busy with ranged attacks

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Puzzle ruins it


The premise for this scenario was great, it sounded like a perfect adventure for pathfinders.

I played this in high tier with 4 player adjustments under Ascalaphus with my lorewarden.

A town that vanishes every so often, and now has a special event they expect based on calculations and high magic? Awesome!
The trip there was an interesting chase variant, and the people in the town were decently fleshed out.

Ruinous things:
1. The puzzle. As nearly always this puzzle too falls too much on player knowledge/ability than character knowledge/ability. Use knowledge/intelligence based clues more. Give players clues based on a take 10 intelligence check, or for having ranks in knowledge skills. I almost liked the way the clues were given out, but they should have been knowledge/int character based, not time frustrated player based.
2. Perception required before being able to roll knowledge skills. Perception is already the #1 skill to have in Pathfinder and this scenario penalizes you if you don't roll high enough. There was a lot of extra information and lore to be found, hidden behind a perception check.

fun things:
Nearly everything else.
The trip through the forest, where the witch used a black tentacles to hold a trap in place (creative solution).
Being able to play golf with the enemies (tactical reposition on a lorewarden against tiny creatures)
Crazy experimenting with portals (even though that turned out to take up more than most of our time)
Getting a peaceful solution with the "BBEG" thanks to a chronicleboon from a few seasons earlier

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Not entirely sure


I'm finding it fairly difficult to rate this adventure.
The location, and encounters were really interesting, yet it didn't really stand out. Maybe it is because it was the 4th and final table of a weekend long PFS sessions.

I played this in low tier without the 4-player adjustments with a party of 4, two level 3s and two level 2s.

There is the possibility of a gambling minigame, which, while interesting can result in a fairly boring diceoff between GM and one or more players. Also, the reason for the gambling itself is quite odd, as soon as you have someone with a longlived race at the table it should be possible to not even affect them in the way the mechanic does.
Bonus points for the actual simplicity of the minigame, as it jsut works.

Location and encounters:
The mindscape was quite awesome and provided for a lot of entertainment.
The encounters were nicely varied, and the use of quasi real enemies made for a very interesting change.
What I found lacking is a way to resolve the last bit peacefully in a way that benefits all parties involved. It felt a bit to be a choice between sacrificing someone or murderhoboing our way out.

All in all though it felt like a proper adventure, catering to everyone's needs.

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Going home


I wish I could give this more stars because I love the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, but I cannot.

Most posters below already pointed out the weak points of this scenario.
- Runs long because of enormous statblock combats
- Railroad decision of the big choice you're supposed to make

However the rest is quite fantastic, from the moment you arrive until you conclude the scenario, the realms are portrayed really well.
Minor nitpick here, the Mammoth Lords have followings, not tribes. Shoanti and Mwangi have tribes.

Anyway, I played this with Ascalaphus, TheDegraded and a few others under GM Quentin Coldwater and I personally had a blast.
I timed this scenario to be my Hunter/Mammoth Rider's last scenario before becoming a Seeker and it was awesome to just go home for a mission for the last time. The Zoo (as after the first combat everyone had a pet of some sorts) was fairly effective and we managed to avoid most nastyness from the enemies. It also helped that we had aerial surveillance and thus could choose our battlegrounds.

All in all a very solid scenario, but it requires co-operation from the party and the GM needs to be well prepared.

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Short and face paced


Played this on low tier, in a group of 4.

Fights were mostly onesided thanks to a negative energy channeling cleric, but that's to be expected on lower tiers.

The chase mechanic made up for it, though it needs some GM creativity and prep to make it fun. Ours did a great job with sound effects and scene descriptions, and everyone had relevant abilities/checks to contribute.

Great second installment of a three parter.

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Be prepared


I played this last evening in party of 4, on low tier with 4 player adjustment.

Inquisitor 8, Cleric 8, Witch 9, Bloodrager 9

The GM warned us in advanced that it would be a very tough scenario and that we were to bring our best gameplay. So we did and we were successful.

During the briefing when we asked where we were going to be teleported to we were shown a grassland and told that an illusion was covering the site, so we got ourselves some true seeing (yeah expensive but it'd enable us to see through the illusion right away).

1st encounter:
Basically immediately after you teleport. The true seeing ment we weren't surprised/got chewed on by the various enemies there while they had the benefit of the illusion. Both the inquisitor and the bloodrager had a swarmbane clasp, combat reflexes and reach weapons so the swarm wasn't much of a threat. The witch slumbered the big guy and combat was won. Search the site, find clues about strange things happening.

2nd encounter:
Cave with a nasty trap. The inquisitor and the witch failed their saves against a suggestion and started walking away, while the cleric and bloodrager took care of the ooze. After that we had an awesome discussion and roleplay scene to deal with the suggestion. We find the Hao Jin Tapestry (wtf is it doing out here?) and enter.

3d encounter:
A short fight with a strange beast and some talking with a couple of treants. Wait, the pathfinder group had what whit them? This can't be good.

4th encounter:
Ah, find the good venture captain, but wait, the inquisitor and cleric notice something off with him (both had fairly high sense motive checks), we get into a discussion and it escalates into a fight. Bloodrager grapples and ties up the pathfinder accompanying him, while the witch ensures that the inquisitor can knock the VC out. Uh guys, I think we may have created a diplomatic incident here. After a lengthy discussion we decide to press on and most likely start to collect unconscious pathfinders

5th encounter:
This escalated into a fight really quick. Bloodrager and inquisitor saved against the aura (the bloodrager being able to pretend to be affected thanks to a seducer's bane bracelet) and then the bloodrager makes the spellcraft check against a charm monster being tossed at the witch. Lots of non-lethal damage later we have subdued a plantlady and some kind of creature.

We help the poor VC clear his name a bit, and fix the damage done. Full prestige and the poor VC isn't demoted.

Combat 4/5:
This one requires you to have a way to deal with illusions straight out of the bat or you'll be in a world of problems. If you can deal with it the fights are hard but fair.

Roleplay 2/5:
Very light, mostly a make your own.

Skills 3/5:
Enough oppertunities for a different bunch of skills to come into play.

Overall 3/5:
There's some holes in the plot, but it was a nice enough adventure, however there are a couple of spots that can end it for parties really quick making for a bad experience.

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Interesting intro to a three parter


We played this in low tier with a party of 6 this evening.
While the combats were relative easy, our dice made the final fight last fairly long.

Combat 4/5:
Fairly typical for low level, if you are moderately optimized for combat, these are all a breeze on low tier. There seemed to be a lack of spike damage that could oneshot a fresh level 1 so that's good.

Roleplay 4/5:
While the start is a bit slow with a very short briefing, there is a very good roleplay scene right after. After that it once against drops to near nothing, but that's okay, you've still got 3-5 other players to roleplay with while following a trail.

Environment 4/5:
I feel there should be done more with enviroment and long travels and their effects. A very nice touch here.

Overall feel 4/5: A nice introduction to the quest of Sharrowsmith. Now to find out what he is actually after.

Also a good oppertunity to try and discredit the Aspis Consortion, always great :D

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ingenuity pays off


I've played this scenario twice now. Once under normal PFS rules and last night under Core PFS. Both were on low tier, with the normal group having 6 players of various levels, and the core group consisted of 4 brand new pcs.

combat 4/5:
4 combat situations: bear protecting cubs, bandit ambush, giant skunk and the final fight.
The normal group knocked the bear into the negatives and one party member healed it and then set it free. The core group ran, with one of the party members speaking in bear (gnome who cast speak with animal) contiously saying: we mean no harm, we leave, your territory!.
The bandits; both groups fought them off, but the normal group killed all of them, while my paladin in the core group gave them the option to stop fighting and live. Ofcourse they ran away after a couple of them got killed, and since my paladin was in medium armor didn't bother to chase light armored opponents.
The giant skunk: in the normal group this fight lasted for 3 initiative counts of the first round: the skunk went first, sprayed my rogue who failed her save, rogue moves away to throw up, barbarian (who had sort of adopted the rogue as her personal scout) gets angry and crits the skunk with an earthbreaker, combat over. The partymember who earlier saved the bear almost completely inconsolable. The core group went several rounds before the skunk got killed.
Final fight: both groups went several rounds before killing it.

roleplay 3/5:
With the exception of the very end there is little roleplay with pc/npc. In the normal group there was some extra interaction between Gamin and the group, but in the core group that didn't come up until very far in.
While the normal group had a lengthy conversation at the end, the core group had a very short one, because the gnome in the party was more interested in the unconscious npc. This escalated quickly.

puzzles 5/5:
Most of the walk is about solving puzzles. Howyou solve these is what made most of the fun for me. They do rely on player ingenuity to come up with original solutions, which I like, but other people might not.

Overall feel 4/5: A very nicely told story, which rewards players who think creatively.

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High tier


We played this on high tier with a party of 5

Level 7 treesinger druid with treant, level 6 hunter with mammoth companion, level 7ish? cavalier/barbarian, level 7 magus, level 6 wizard

As others have mentioned a really straight forward dungeon crawl, hindered by the fact that it's an older scenario.

I would have given it three stars if it weren't for the redeeming end fight. Our GM actually asked us if he could put in the lower tier mobs as well because we were tearing through stuff like a hot knife through butter (1 round combats), and with the additional mobs the action economy got a lot better for the GM and we had more fun.

With a swarm in a box as a trap, my hunter finally got to use her swarmbane clasp she purchased at level 4

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Cursed and blessed dice


Played this scenario yesterday with a group of 4

Level 1 Suli Elemental Knight, Level 1 Sylph Empiricist, Level 1 Oread Shaitan Binder (Eidolon was a biped armed with a naginata), Level 2 Sylph Lunar Oracle (Animal companion was an owlbear thanks to a certain boon)

There is something for everyone to do:

Even if the enemies on low tier fall over if you touch them, the misschance from the obscuring mist was more than enough to prevent for us to prevent them from being complete walkovers, as we kept rolling too low on the misschance to actually land hits.
Combat optimized players will find this a pushover and probably get bored.

There is a nice encounter with a certain grandmaster, there is a scholar who can provide some interesting talks and even the final encounter can provide some amusement.

At one point you're requested to solve five puzzles. You need to succeed at three of them to progress. These rely as much on player ingenuity as having some luck with the dicerolls and/or having the correct classes present. In our case luck was with us and the dice were favorable.

Without the happystick of the oracle this scenario would have been a lot more threatening, as several of us got hit quite a few times.

All in all a very good scenario to start a new character's career with if you haven't played it yet.

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Lovely flavor


I played this with 4 others during a gameday on saturday, which meant we had 7 hours to play it, which we almost needed.

Human Bloodrager 8 (abyssal bloodline), Tiefling Eldritch Knight 7, Human Cleric 7 (Gozreh), Half-orc Druid 7, Human Fighter 8, a nice wellrounded party, both in terms of combat and skills, going through low-tier.

We managed to get through it while avoiding most fights. We fought twice, the first fight was unavoidable due to the nature of a few combattants and bear's balance on my bloodrager and the second fight was because we tried to be clever by taking a circular route :)

Otherwise we managed with some trickery (sleight of hand) and lots of talking/diplomacy to avoid all the fighting. Because we aren't the group to just simply roll for it, but also try to play it out the diplomacy takes easily as much time as the combats.

So for parties who don't roleplay as much as we do, the talking route will definately shorten this scenario.

At a certain point during the adventure the GM got confused about the location of a certain item and after a few minutes of searching the pdf he decided that we had it in order to progress. Besides that minor point we had a very good time.

Players who are willing to negotiate and have some idea of the morals of their character will definately like the dilemma(s) this scenario will present.

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Bring a balanced 5-6 person party


We had an 8 table special, which has been the biggest turnup for the Netherlands thus far, last sunday, in a 7 hour slot.

I was in a group of 5 who played it on the 7-8 tier.

Human Paladin 9, Human Living Monolith 8, Human Bloodrager 8 (Abyssal bloodline), Human Cleric 7 (Sarenrae, Fire and Healing), Human Eldritch Knight 7 (with 1 leveldip in gunslinger and wielding a +1 distracting musket)

We played with this group a couple of times before and knew our weaknesses and strengths, and it was the second time we had that specific GM running for us (the first time was Technic Siege, but we were a bit lower level back then), and we had a load of fun surprising him with our new abilities while going through it.

His portrayel of the NPCs was quite awesome (especially the first combat, where his deep gravelly voice from suffering a bit from a cold was really appropriate).

Combatwise we shined, everyone from the group was prepared for his/her role and the look on the GM's face when he found out that both the Bloodrager and the Living Monolith could grow to large size really quicky was priceless ("Wait, what? There's two of you?").
The Eldritch Knights distracting musket was another source of great joy for us players ("Wait, so I have to make a concentration check when I want to cast at a -5 penalty, okay there goes that spell")

While the scenario is fairly heavy on combat, there are enough oppertunities for other skills to shine, especially knowledges, perception and disable device and even a puzzle for the players themselves.

The aid tokens for interaction between the tables were also quite clever, but I never found out how they came into play in the first place except when another table gave one to ours in order to help out the poor cursed Eldritch Knight.

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Could run a little long


We played it today with a party of 6, most of whom already walked through 6-01, 6-02, and 6-03 together so this was a nice way of getting the group back together.

Human Living Monolith 7, Human Paladin 8, Human Bloodrager 8, Tiefling Wizard 6, Human Cleric 7, Halfling Cavalier 7 with worg companion. A fairly melee heavy party (3 twohanders, 1 charger) but we also have a lot of knowledges all around and for social encounters both the bloodrager and paladin support a high diplomacy. The cleric and paladin both are Silver Crusade faction.

It was almost as if the adventure was written with this kind of group in mind.

The GM played the downtrodden oreads really well, and very quickly the Silver Crusade members and my freedom loving bloodrager determined to get rid of the "bad" ruler. Combats were mostly very short but that was due to the party composition.

We spend about 5 hours on it, as we roleplayed our way through a lot of encounters but kept the combats fairly short, I can see parties with less damage output take a bit longer on combats.

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Awesome atmosphere


We just ran this with 3 players and a pregen last evening

Human level 4 brawler, human level 4 cavalier/barbarian, tiefling rogue/wizard and pregen Kyra

We finished in just under 4 hours, and there were quite a few wtf moments which contributed to it being an awesome adventure.

Story and flavor fit immensely.

A tiny nitpick though in spoiler below

Coup de grace in a 1-5? Okay it might have been on high tier, but still, creatures with a lot of chances to paralyse and then also having coup de grace in their tactics? Not my definition of fun.

And finally recommendation for hier tier being run

Group advice:
As it stands I would not suggest this scenario to be run for newer players (especially not in the 4-5 tier), unless they have at least 1 positive energy channeling capable person along, as well as a way to deal with a big swarm

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I am torn between 3 and 4 stars for this scenario.

We played it this afternoon with 5 players in low tier, one person at the table completely new to pathfinder, two others played 1 or 2 scenarios, and I was there to support the GM in helping to promote Society play.

Party composition:
Elven ranger 1, Halfling ranger 1, Human barbarian 1, Half-orc bloodrager 2, Human Fighter 2

The introduction and reason for going to the Operahouse were done efficiently, introducing the newer players to how most scenarios start.

Then came the first roleplay wave, finding a way to get into the opera with as much of our gear as possible. We managed to get the weapons from the fighter and the barbarian in, by having the fighter pose as a noble who wouldn't go anywhere without her family weapon (heirloom trait, coupled with dressing up as a member of minor noble house from Absalom) and the barbarian as her bodyguard. For the others we simply procured weapons after the zombies started coming in.

Even though it's really easy to simply walk straight to the BBEG here, that kinda means you're ignore the explore part of the Society credo. Normally you don't get to visit the Operahouse, so why not take the time to explore it.

The story itself is rather short, but the location makes up a lot for it in my opinion.

The reason I'm torn between 3 and 4 stars is that while it's a great scenario for introducing pathfinder society play to new people, the x4 crit weapons have a (tiny) chance of simply killing one of said new players. Killing new players is a bad thing, as it may result in them not coming back.

Overall though as long as you have players who aren't going in as murderhobos intent on killing everything as fast as possible, but are willing to roleplay, this makes an awesome scene.

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