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Along with others here I'm hoping for a Neutral Champion Order... other than one with "Druish" tendencies I can't think of another neutral champion other than maybe a "Knight of Meh".

Mine is fixed. Thank you!



Clicking that refresh button does not help. Like many people I came in to print my card before Gen Con and it's broken.... again.

Please cancel all my subscriptions.

And despite having subscribed in August I still don't have mine...

Maybe I'm missing something but how do you not produce enough of a product in the first run to cover your pre orders?

I for one am glad I read this discussion before something like this comes up in one of my games (so far my group has fought space ships and space goblins). I feel like I can make a good judgment call if it comes up on the fly now.

Thanks all.

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I've been systematically devouring every official Starfinder Product. I don't HAVE everything yet but I am close... I'm glad I took time to do some research before pulling the trigger on this. My "Oooooh shiny!" trigger finger was itching severely.

I think I'm going to take a pass on this one... I fear Paizo may have made an error in partnering with this particular company. I hope that's not the case but it doesn't look good.

I was asking about this as well:


Would be nice to have an official clarification.

Because I was wondering if you could roll a 20 and NOT crit I threw together some quick numbers.

AC 5+4= 9 (Soft Cover)

Nat 20-8-4-1=7 modified roll.
5th rang increment for thrown weapon -8(-2/range inc beyond the first)
Non Proficient -4
STR 8: -1

So it IS possible to throw a grenade, roll a 20 and NOT crit :)

OK now I see where I was confused. What the OP really wants to know is : Can I crit with a grenade?

My answer would be yes.

Pg 181 Explode: It doesn't say anything about not allowing crits. It does however say that if an exploding weapon has an additional affect it will be negated by a reflex save, in addition to half damage.

Pg 182 Critical Effects: Roll double damage, add double any relevant bonuses to that damage and add the Critical Effect. Again nothing about not being able to crit with grenades or anything else.

Pg 245 Critical Hit: "When you make an attack roll and get a natural 20 (the d20 comes up 20), you hit regardless of your target's AC. If the total result of your attack roll meets or exceeds the EAC or KAC (as appropriate for your attack), you've also scored a critical hit." While it says specifically "EAC or KAC" and the thrown weapon attacking a grid intersection on pg. 245 says "AC 5" which is neither EAC nor KAC it can cause some minor confusion. But in Starfinder there is no simple AC anymore for personal combat, so I would chalk that up to a typo. Honestly it doesn't matter if it's EAC or KAC because it's the number to hit it is 5.

So anything where you make an attack roll can crit.

Sorry I hit submit too early. I intended to add:

If you are trying to hit someone with a grenade other than its intended way it's an improvised weapon and would do blunt damage (like a club) so it would target KAC.

AC is 5. Pg. 245 CRB.

You don't throw it at a person you throw it at a grid intersection.

Don't forget proficiency in grenades. -4 to hit if you are not proficient.

But you shouldn't always expect NPC ships to conform to PC math. Just take the stat blocks as presented.

Thanks for all the insight so far folks. I am pleased that it wasn't my poor reading comprehension that caused the confusion. A little clarity here will go a long way I think.

Until then I tend to agree with Gary Bush and will be ruling my games that way until I hear an official word otherwise... or a more convincing argument :)

My group tends to run with only 4 so hosing the turret is a little more penalizing than in a full group where you might have more gunners.

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If a ship receives critical damage and the roll is 31-60 the System that is hit is "Weapons array" pg 319 CRB. The Effect is "Randomly determine one arc containing weapons; condition applies to all gunner actions using weapons in that arc (a turret counts as being in all arcs)"

My problem is how do you handle turret damage?

1. If the turret counts as all arcs and there are weapons in Fore, Port and Starboard, do I roll 1d3 or 1d4 with the 4 being "aft" and affecting only the turret?

2. If you roll for damage and determine the Fore arc of weapons is damaged does that only affect the turret when it shoots to the Fore arc or since the turret counts as "all arcs" is the turret damaged no matter which arc you are shooting into with it?

3. If the latter part of #2 applies and the Fore and Port arcs are both hit once each, "Glitched", is the turret now "Malfunctioning" because it has taken 2 Critical hits, one from the Fore Glitch and one from the port Glitch?

It seems like the easiest answer would be that there are 5 potential arcs on the ship rather than 4 and 1 that counts as all at the same time, at least for critical damage purposes. That way you just roll and get Fore, Aft, Port, Starboard or Turret. That way you could track each of the "5 arcs" separately.

If #3 is true then Turrets are going to take a beating.

I played this scenario at GenCon and I'd be careful with this one. a Group of level 3's that could take 40 damage in one hit from a rend in addition to the two claws damage is scary.

I am making a custom banner for a miniature. I have been trying to find a generic pathfinder society logo to put on it but it seems to me that all the "logos" are associated with a specific faction within the Pathfinder Society.

Is it appropriate to use the Grand Lodge logo for this purpose?

I really wanted the compass from the Pathfinder Society banner but I cant find one that isn't covered up by the words "Pathfinder Society".

I've considered using a generic compass on the banner but I really wanted something more official.

Is there a logo that covers ALL the in-game organization Pathfinder Society without any faction affiliation?