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WOW Great work Sir.

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Crazy is right!!!!! Don't ever go sane its overrated.

This is amazing. Thank you so much.

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More please.....awsome just awsome

Please cancel my subscription.
Thank you

Please just Please

That is all

Thanks so much.

Hello I just changed the billing address on my account. I have recently moved and have not received my previous subscription that was sent and was wondering if it was received back or resent?

Thanks ill be picking back up later but need to cancel for now



All this advice is a huge help.....I'm slowly working them around to playing with little tid-bits....they are taking the bait

Thank you all so much

I very much want to DM this but my players are on the fence and feels it will just end badly....We are all older gamers and have been playing for a combined 100 years or more and still they worry from old games they played that all will end in tears.....I want to bring them over slowly...any advice

I have always felt that healing in combat adds to the combat. I see it as a medic in a war movie sometimes it needs to be done and adds drama.

Any ideas or Suggestions for a back up Damage dealer with a focus on CC?
This is for Hells Rebels. Party Has a Cleaner a paladin a infernal Sorc, and a cleric of torag.. Soo well want to be helpful as poss.

I am looking forward to this path so much......

Thank you for the reply it is very helpfull

I am playing a mesmerist in this path. Any thoughts on witch way to go with him? Was trying for CC in combat and Diplo monkey outside of it.