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We are a long time group (11/4 Level) looking for a new GM for our Wrath of The Righteous campaign.

Our Gameplay Thread is here.

We are in the very early stages of the game and our GM could no longer run the game. Is there anyone who would be interested in GM'ing this for us? Here is a LINK to our gameplay thread.

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I have a player that is using entangle against yellow musk zombies which have the plant traits. Would entangle work?

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I have not received this order yet and it was shipped out over a week ago.


Due to family issues, our DM is no longer able to run our Legendary Planet game.

We really like our characters and we are enjoying the campaign thus far and we are hoping to find a GM to continue to guide our way through these strange worlds.

We are currently 4th level. Our Gameplay Thread is here.


Gameplay thread for DM RichD's Serpent's Skull: Book 1-Soul's For Smuggler's Shiv (Closed Recruitment)


This is the discussion thread where my COT players can discuss their SS characters.

This is a one book adventure for those currently in my COT game.

Our GM has a lot going on in RL and can no longer continue. Here is a link to the Gameplay tab. We are still in book 1 and just finished the boar hunt. The party currently consists of:

Cordwin-Male Dwarf Bard (Archaeologist)
Sabina-Female Human Oracle
Rene-Male Human Witch
Tylur-Male Human (Chelaxian) Fighter

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I never received order #3926116. The tracking number has it as being transferred to the PO in Windsor, CT. I live in Fishkill, NY which is nowhere near Windsor. I have been asking my local PO where is it and I just keep getting shrugs. Is there any way to get a replacement sent out?



Can I get this alias changed from just 'Searok' to 'Searok Ironbeard'?

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I was supposed to receive the Pathfinder Pawns: Monster Codex Box today as part of my Pathfinder Pawns subscription, but instead I received Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Wrath of the Righteous - The Midnight Isles.

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My Inquisitor just got his first Mythic tier, and looking over the mythic feats, I am surprised there are not any Inquisitor specific feats like Mythic Favored Judgment or Mythic Judgment Surge? Am I missing it somewhere?

If a cleric has the trickery domain and has copycat, and they cast copycat while invisible, is the copycat image also invisible until the caster becomes visible?

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I just got my latest AP (GiantSlayer #3) and I noticed that the package did not have 'Do Not Bend' stamped on it. Needless to say, My mail carrier bent it and shoved it into my mailbox along with all the mail accumulated due to the long holiday weekend. Are packages no longer stamped 'Do Not Bend'? If the answer is no, can they be?


After a few weeks of uneventful traveling, you arrive in the small town of Trunau where you were sent by the clan elders to open diplomatic relations with the town and possibly trade. The reasoning was that a town so close to orc settlements might like some good dwarven arms and armor! The guards at the gate ask you your business and on hearing your response, tell you that the only inn in town is the Ramblehouse.

When you enter the Ramblehouse, the proprietress, Cham Larringfass-a halfling, greets you all warmly. Dwarves! You all have doubled the dwarven population in town! she says with a laugh. She then fires off a bunch of questions. How long will you be staying with us? Why did you come to our lovely town? Will you all be needing a common room or individual rooms? She asks the last question with a hint of greed in her eyes. I have four rooms available, yes? After checking in, she says Of course you all will be attending the Hopeknife Ceremony tonight. Our town’s leader, Chief Defender Halgra of the Blackened Blades has a daughter and tonight we celebrate her coming of age and receiving her very own hopeknife! Chief Defender Halgra will be officiating and will be assisted by Kurst and Rodrik Grath, prominent members of our town militia and the two eldest sons of Patrol Leader Jagrin Grath! She laughs again here I am babbling and you all have no idea who any of these people are! The whole town will be there! It takes place in the commons. Is there anything I can help you with or any questions I can answer to make your stay more enjoyable?
Feel free to ask her any questions.
Oh look! It is the Kraken-Maw! He probably heard you were in town! She then whispers under her breath, or he’s looking for a card game. She then continues in her normal voice I am sure he can introduce you to the other dwarfs in town.

You all have a few hours until the Hopeknife ceremony. Please feel free to RP and I’ll post the start of the Hopeknife ceremony on Monday (unless there is some good RP going on)

On the map of Trunau, these are where the following are:

A = The Commons
B = The Ramble House


This is a lurker friendly thread pertaining to DM RichD's GiantSlayer Campaign.

Adventure Background

You are sent by your clan to the town of Trunau as emissaries to establish trade and diplomatic relations.

Character Creation Guidelines

- Character must be a dwarf.
- 20 point character buy. All scores 10 or greater after racial adjustments.
- Pathfinder Core Rule Book & Advanced Player’s Guide only.
- Two traits. One must be from the Giantslayer Player’s Guide. The other may be almost any Campaign or Basic trait from any Paizo book.
- Maximum gold for 1st level, maximum hit points all levels.
- Alignment. LG, NG preferred. CG, LN, TN acceptable. NO CN or evil.
- A four person balanced party will be selected. One from each of the following categories:
I have someone playing a druid who is guaranteed a spot for a five party total. Please indicate which category you would like your character to be considered. i.e. if you are submitting a Ranger who is more into finding traps/scouting and not martial, then you would submit under ‘Skill’.

-In addition to category please submit the following: A complete character sheet, including description, history & timezone in GMT. No need for an alias yet. Only selected characters will need to set one up.

- I highly recommend downloading the Giantslayer Player’s Guide.

-Recommended post once per weekday, once per weekend.
-I am by no means a rules expert, so if I miss something or you disagree with something, please feel free to PM me.
-This is your game and I am here to make sure you have fun. I am always open to suggestions especially if something is ‘not working’.
-Recruitment will end on Friday, 05/22/2015 at 12:00PM EST.
-Decision will be made by Sunday, 05/24/2015.
-Gameplay will start on Monday, 05/25/2015.

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Based on the "Rise of the Drow" trilogy from Adventure A Week.

Book 1 - (Prologue 1-6) ---- The Darkness Arrives
Book 2 - (Main AP 6-16) --- Rise of the Drow
Book 3 - (Epilogue 16-20) - The Commander of Malice

I arrived in the city of Bildt on the island of Aegos seven days ago. After purchasing supplies, getting directions to Rybalka, and hiring someone to ferry me across The Broken Bay, I set out five days for the small village, and the annual Vigil of Light ceremony where the Moonshard will be brought out and the light will displayed on the longest night of the year along with three other travelers and a creature that looks like a dinosaur. It has been cold, and snow has fallen occasionally on my journey, and we had to push the last day to ensure that we arrived at Rybalka before the ceremony which would start after dark on Kuthona 22nd - the Winter Solstice.

As we approach the village and make my way down the street I realize that the expected murmur of activity is missing and that the settlement of Rybalka seems ominously quiet and cold. Then rounding a building, I spot a group of villagers carrying torches towards the large stone cathedral on the edge of town. Following them, I see them rap on the doors, which are opened for a brief moment, allowing the sound of voices to escape along with some light and heat, causing the air to steam. The interior of the building is bathed in warm, inviting reds and oranges, sharply contrasting with the cold whites and blues of the snow and ice surrounding me in the darkness outside.

I suddenly feel quite vulnerable standing out here with my fellow traveling companions. The last of the villagers round the bend and pass by us, heading for the cathedral.

"You all coming!?" one of the women calls, her voice suggesting that any other choice would be madness.

March 8, 2015
Kuthona 22
Level 1

I nod excitedly-after all, this is why I came. Most of the townspeople are greeted by name, but even though we are unknown we are greeted warmly and ushered to some pews. Juriendor, the chief cleric of this cathedral, will soon arrive and begin the ceremony. Apparently he worships a distant god of war, but has respect for all religious followers as long as they respect his beliefs. The Mayor and the Sage seem to be in charge and chat amicably with the townspeople. There is a fire on altar and it is always lit and despite the cold outside, the cathedral is warm and comfortable inside. Finally an acolyte leads a procession with Juriendor bringing up the rear. He is wearing celestial plate armor and is chanting. In response the people chant back and I am glad I am witnessing this spectacle.

As he reaches the altar, he pulls out the moonshard. You can feel the excitement in the air when suddenly, the doors to the cathedral burst open and two men stagger in carrying wounded on their backs asking for help. One of the wounded looks human and the other looks like a gnome, but those that are carrying them don’t look hearty either. Juriendor puts the shard away and comes to help them. Torx, a druid, who was one of the strangers I arrived with, stabilizes them while Bluestar, a mage and another stranger cures the gnome and the ranger who was poisoned. Now that their wounds are healed, they tell us that they met a great evil outside. As much as we would like to investigate, this ceremony must be done on this day and without interruption so Juriendor will have to start ceremony over again.

As soon as he starts again, the doors burst open again, and in rush some people with torches. They start chanting something about bringing the light to the people and try to set fire to the tapestries! The mayor tackles one and we tackle the others. Torx says that the one she tackled was wearing a disguise and was really a dark elf who disappeared into nothingness. Bluestar tries to detect magic but besides the moonshard, Juriendor and the Mayor, no other magic is detected. After a few moments the villagers that we tackled seem confused but otherwise are back to normal.

Will the third time be the charm? Juriendor starts the ceremony again and as he pulls out the moonshard he is attacked by two orbs that absorb the light of the moonshard and then begin to attack Juriendor. Panicked villagers flee from the Cathedral and no sooner do they reach the outdoors then we hear cries that the Cathedral is surrounded by undead. The Mayor turns to us and orders us to protect Juriendor and the clergy while he and the others attack the undead. We rush to attack the creatures which are kind of like lantern archons, but instead of emitting light, they are dark. Juriendor collapses under their attack and the moonshard rolls to a crevice in the floor and disappears from view. Bluestar casts a magic missile at one of the orbs. Bear, a big, burly fighter that arrived with us, shoots one with a bow. I will move right up in front of the wounded orb. The orb stops attacking Juriendor and attacks me instead. Nirilyx, the dinosaur companion of Torx, moves up to in front of the other one. Bluestar will try to disrupt undead, but his spell misses. I hit the orb with my fist but I do no damage. The other orb hits Nirilyx with its ray. Torx misses with her scimitar as Nirilyx misses with a bite. Bluestar misses with another disrupt undead spell. Bear hits and the orb dissipates. I again hit it but again am unable to damage it. The strange archon will continue to attack Nirilyx. Torx and Nirilyx both miss in their attacks. The ranger and the gnome that we had helped heal join the fray and both damage the remaining orb. Bluestar casts a magic missile and the last orb dissipates.

Juriendor gets up and he is badly injured. Bluestar does some healing as Juriendor asks what happened to the moonshard. We tell him how it fell between a crevice in the floor. About this time we hear yelling that the bell tower in on fire. Juriendor asks us to investigate the bell tower as his acolytes are still inexperienced and he will retrieve the moonshard. He opens a secret trap door in the floor of the altar and descends down some stairs. We quickly head up the stairs to the burning bell tower. We come across one acolyte with badly burned robes. He sees our wounds from the battle with the orbs and casts a healing burst. We tell him where Juriendor went and he says he will aid him.

We go all the way up to the top of the bell tower and see four burning skeletons. The skeletons are trying to set the building on fire by rubbing against the rafters. I run up and hit one with my hand. Bear hits with an arrow but does no damage to the flaming pile of bones. Bluestar casts disrupt undead and one of the skeletons looks worse for wear. The one I am attacking misses me and I quickly put it down. Bluestar casts disrupt undead but this one misses. I move onto another skeleton as Bear, now engaged in melee combat misses his opponent. Bluestar casts another disrupt undead and damages another skeleton. I hit a skeleton, but Bear misses. Bluestar scores another hit with another disrupt undead. A skeleton hits Bear and I miss the skeleton I am fighting. Bear misses again as Bluestar is lucky again with another disrupt undead. Bear gets clawed and Bear and I miss again. Bluestar destroys one with a disrupt undead. I get hit put quickly put my opponent down. Bear drinks a healing potion as Bluestar shows that the skeletons are no match for his disrupt undead as he puts the last one down. I drink a healing potion and Bluestar casts a healing spell on me.

We continue up the stairs to the top where we see two crows. Bear hits a crow but I miss one. Nirilyx kills the one Bear hit. The other crow misses Nirilyx as Bluestar casts a magic missile at it. Torx misses but Nirilyx bites the crow. The crow pecks Nirilyx as Torx misses it again. I finally kill the last crow. Seeing that the top of the bell tower is secure, we head back down checking all the rooms. We come to a room with some acolytes. They heal us of our wounds and we tell them where Juriendor went. They feel that they will be needed more outside with those battling the undead.

We decide to see if Juriendor needs our aid so we go to the altar and go down the stairs that he had gone down. We come to a small room with an undead goblin. Bear, Nirilyx and I miss him. The goblin claws me. Bluestar misses with disrupt undead. Bear and I both miss and it seems like we can’t hit the little fellow. Luckily the goblin misses me. Bluestar destroys it with a disrupt undead spell.

We next come to a room full of skeletons. We stand by the door and beat on them while Bluestar casts disrupt undead spells. After a few moments, all the skeletons are destroyed. We then see some dark elf zombies and a huge stone spider crawl out of the floor. Nirilyx bites the spider as Bear misses the spider with his attack. The Spider misses Nirilyx but a zombie claws me. I miss the spider with my fist but Nirilyx is able to bite it. Bluestar casts disrupt undead at the spider. Bear hits spider and the spider tries to retaliate against Bear and misses. Suddenly Juriendor steps into the room and casts a burst destroying all three zombies. Nirilyx and I miss the spider, but a magic missile from Bluestar destroys it.

From Juriendor sad countenance, we can tell he did not retrieve the moonshard.


You don't know how you got the note, but you found it in your pocket. You try to think back over the course of the day and seem to remember a street urchin bumping into you. You had felt your coin purse and were relieved it was still there and did not give it another thought until now. You stare at the note and re-read it.

It has come to my attention that you might not be happy with the way things are. A few of us our endeavoring to change that. Can we count on you? If interested come to Vizio's tavern around the time for the evening meal.


Knowledge (local) DC10:
Vizio's Tavern was named for a family that once ran the establishment. Vizio’s was a place
where merchant guards went to relax, gripe about their
employers, and look for more work. Several months ago, however, the Vizio patriarch passed away, and the surviving family moved out of Westcrown to go live with kin in distant Corentyn.

Knowledge (local) DC15:
All of what is in the DC10 spoiler and alsoVizio's Tavern has new owners reputed to be a half-elf man and a human woman—although they seem to be taking their time getting the tavern off the ground and open for business.

You have about two hours until what would be considered traditional for the evening meal


This is a lurker friendly thread, and discussion for all things pertaining to this campaign.

This is a private game

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I will be running RoW after my current campaign and my players are already asking what are the best classes to play. Without giving spoilers (as I want to direct my players to this thread), what have you found to be the most useful or useless classes for this campaign? I currently have four players.

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The effect of the web says it is a 20 foot radius spread. If a creature is flying 15 feet above the area where the web is cast is he caught in it?

BACKGROUND: My BBEG cast web at the party. A PC said that since he was flying 15 feet above the area, he wouldn't be entangled because the web would have to be anchored to the wall as if the web is horizontal to the floor. I thought that the web would fill an area 20 feet wide and 20 feet deep. The PC's were in a 20 ft wide corridor.

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So my group encountered the Gorilla King last night. They first felt uneasy sitting on the slaves and for the most part, did not partake of the 'feast'. When it was time to do the challenges, the Barbarian rolled a 3 and therefore could not break the bundle of femurs. They are an 'attack and kill' type party so no one has a lot of ranks in charisma (We don't need no stinkin' bards!). Needless to say, they failed the story telling challenge. Since they failed 2 out of 3 challenges, the Gorilla King didn't see the need to have the duel. He told them that they and their camp needed to get out of 'his city'.

So I am wondering what to do now. I think my guys would get pretty tired of using guerrilla (gorilla? :) ) tactics to decimate the GK's army, plus I don't think the GK would wait around while his army got decimated.

I thought I remember reading that KM had rules to handle combat between armies and I wonder if anyone has stated up the GK army, and that of the PC's base camp? I think this would be a fun way to resolve the conflict without spending several sessions of "You run into a patrol of 4 dire apes" etc.

Did anyone have PC that failed the GK challenges without going to war?

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Cordwin Ironbeard is shorter than most dwarfs which makes him really small to a human. He is also not as thick as a normal dwarf. When young Cordwin started arms training like every good dwarf should he found that he could barely swing his warhammer! He was only mildly better with his crossbow. Obviously winning glory in combat against orcs and giants was not in the future for young Cordwin. But what young Cordwin did excel in was knowledge. He could recite long, detailed stories with ease. This along with his easy-going manner made Cordwin a natural to join the bards of Clan Ironbeard. Cordwin excelled and soon could recite the history of 300 Ironbeard kings with the best of them. But young Cordwin wanted to learn more! Sure, the Ironbeard clan had more than enough history to keep him busy, but he knew there was a whole world outside and above his library that he wanted to explore. He did not want to be the old bard that was trotted out on feast days to remind the citizenry of the significance of the date all the while being jeered by that same citizenry who wished he would “hurry the dern up! The ale is a getting warm!”.

One day when he was memorizing the details of a drow invasion that occurred 250 years ago, the famed Pathfinder Eando Kline visited Clan Ironbeard and sought answers from the bards about a question of a long-forgotten Duergar city that according to lore the Ironbeard dwarves once warred against many ages ago. Cordwin was fascinated with the breadth of knowledge Kline had accumulated. Seeing the youth’s (by a dwarf’s standard) enthusiasm. Kline told him about the Pathfinders and wrote him out a letter of introduction for the Magnimar lodge on the spot.

It was with a heavy heart that Cordwin left Clan Ironbeard, but he knew he must find his own path (no pun intended). He was relieved when his brother Balak decided to join him. As Balak put it, “Someone needs to protect ye! What are ye gonna fight orcs with - a derned pen?” Although not interested in the history aspect of the Pathfinders, Balak yearned for the adventure. And so the two set off on their first Pathfinder expedition as probationary agents– The “brains” and the “brawn”.

Session Date: 01/06/2013
Erastus 1 4713
Level 1

We head to Heidmarch Manor, the first and only Pathfinder lodge in existence here in Magnimar. The door is answered by a snooty butler who looks down on us (figuratively and literally) because we are dwarves. When I tell him I have a letter of introduction, he dismissively says that “I don’t believe we sent any letters to dwarves!” He won’t admit me until I give him my letter of introduction, which I refuse to do. I tell him that I will only give the letter to his mistress and at this point he says “Very well” and slams the door in me face. I knock harder and he again opens the door. After I refuse to give him the letter a second time he again slams the door in me face. Balak just stands there amused by this whole situation. Now I consider myself sociable, but I will be derned if I conduct me business with some snooty butler who looks down on me kin. I pound even harder and the butler answers with a bored, “We can do this all day.” If I punch him in his smug mouth, I can probably forget joining the Pathfinders so I reluctantly hand over me letter from Eando Kline. He glances at it and ushers us into a waiting room. I purposely do not wipe me feet when I enter. Hope he has fun cleaning me boot marks from his floor.

There are three other people in the room and we quickly make introductions. There is a human warrior named Firenia. A cat-looking person named Furrnando. He says he deals in the ‘life force’. Sounds like a cleric to me but I know that these surface dwellers are a little strange in their interpretations of things. There is another human dressed in robes that goes by the name Bluestone. Looks like he is the mage in this shindig. They admire Balak’s armor and weapons and then ask me what skills I bring to the table. I tell them about all of the variety of knowledge I have accumulated during my time with the bards and how I can recite the deeds of the last 300 Ironbeard kings. Firenia is not impressed and says that knowledge might not be a big help adventuring. Bluestone is not impressed with the deeds of the 300 Ironbeard kings, even if it is knowledge that spans thousands of years. Between the butler and these three, I am know starting to doubt the wisdom of leaving me clan and learning the knowledge of these surface dwellers – or maybe they all need a punch in the mouth (I am a dwarf after all!).

Two women finally come into the room breaking this uncomfortable interrogation. Shelia Heidmarch, a deep voiced human and Koriah Azmeren a half-elf ranger. She greets us and mentions that even though me brother and I were not officially invited, because of Eando Kline’s recommendation, we are most certainly welcome. She next presents an ancient Thassilonian vessel – a Paradox box. It was found by Koriah and she had just started to do some research on it. She would like to see if we can open the box, even though she thinks it is empty. She confirms in our suspicious eyes that yes, this is a test. She leaves the box on the table along with Koriah’s research and tells us that they will be back in ½ hour. I detect magic on the box, and I believe that magic has to do with the locking mechanism. There are runes on the box which I quickly identify as Thassilonian, which I happen to speak. Some of the runes spell ‘CRUEL’. These runes can be moved around and after twenty minutes I remember a Thassilonian word – LUCRE. Sure enough moving the letters around to spell it opens the box. It is almost empty with just a few gems, a ring and a dagger. I no sooner turn to Firenia and boast how my knowledge came in handy when two pugwampis appear. One attacks an empty chair and one- to me absolute horror, attacks Koriah’s notes! Furrnando quickly casts guidance on Firenia, who just as quickly cuts a pugwampi in half. Balak, not to show that he is lacking in the warrior department, cuts the other in half. Shelia returns and is most grateful and is not too worried about her ruined chair. I can’t say the same about Koriah as she looks over her ruined notes. Shelia glances around at each of us and says:

“First, allow me to apologize for that unpleasantness regarding the gremlins—but it does provide an excellent object lesson. The life of an adventurer is not one for the weak-hearted. That you not only took care of the gremlins but also got the box open in the first place is all the confirmation I need that my gut was
right—you’re the perfect group for the job I have in mind. “You see—I’ve recently had trouble with one of my informants here in Magnimar, Natalya Vancaskerkin. She’s a half-Varisian who recently approached the Pathfinder Society with an offer to serve as a street informant. She runs with the Sczarni—I’m not sure with which group. A week ago, Natalya sent me a cryptic hint that her gang was on the verge of uncovering an item that would be of great interest to the Society. Since the Sczarnis’ methods of uncovering something often involves an armed robbery or breaking into somebody’s personal chambers, we thought it prudent not to press for further details and instead wait to see what it would produce. Suffice it to say, she hinted strongly that it pertained to Thassilon, and promised to meet with me to discuss this find three days ago.”

“She never kept that promise—instead, she seems to have simply vanished. Initially, I assumed that the acquisition of this item was simply taking longer than expected, but now I’m hearing rumors that the Sczarni are looking for her as well. “It seems likely that Natalya has absconded with this item she’s discovered. And this is where you enter, my friends. I want to know what it was that Natalya and the Sczarni found. In fact, I’m more interested in that than in what happened to
Natalya herself. For now, I’d like to keep all of this quiet—if you can find out what happened to Natalya without letting a lot of people know she was also working for me as an informant, that would be preferable—that’s a big part of why I’m coming to you, as new members of the Pathfinder Society, with this task. You don’t yet have a reputation in Magnimar, and as such, the lowlifes and criminals you are likely to encounter may be more likely to talk.”

“So... go out there and look for Natalya. Find out what happened to her, and to this item she and her gang discovered. If you can secure the item, all the better—bring it back to me and I’ll have a reward of 500 gold pieces for you. And if you can bring Natalya back alive for me to speak to, I’ll double that!”

Natalya came to her through an old fortune teller on Washer’s Row named Amazing Zograthy. We get directions from the snooty butler for Washer’s Row and off we go.

It takes us an hour to get to Washer’s Row and we enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of busy Magnimar. On Washer’s Row we see many carnival-like attractions set up. There are many games of skill where I suspect skill or luck has nothing to do with the outcome. We search for the Amazing Zograthy but can’t seem to find him. Firenia stops a street urchin and asks him where we can find him all the while flipping a silver piece in her hand. The boy does not take his eyes off the coin as he points out a modest tent. There he tells us we can find Uncle Zog. As we enter the tent we are greeted by an aged, bald man who announces that he can tell us our fortune by saying, “The Amazing Zograthy sees all and knows all. A double fist of silver for a turn of the cards or a vision in the crystal; a treble fist of gold for the secrets of the multiverse.” We graciously decline his dubious offer and we tell him we want to know the whereabouts of Natalya. He replies that he would gladly impart that information for 50gp. Firenia and Furrnando both balk at this with Furrnando stating he will take that information to his grave. Uncle Zog asks if he has just been threatened and Furrnando replies in the negative, he was just stating an eventual fact. In an attempt to diffuse the situation, I offer him 10gp for his information. He counters with 40gp. I counter with 20gp, and he is no match for the negotiating skills of a dwarf. I offer him 10gp now and the final 10gp after he has earned it. He says that she has disappeared and that many people have disappeared lately. Rumor has it that it might be the work of slavers kidnapping their victims and selling them in foreign lands. He also tells us that she was once a part of a group of cat burglars within the Sczarni called the Tower Girls. At the words cat burglars Furrnando picks up his ears. I don’t think he has anything to worry about from these cat burglars unless they are a different type of slavers! He tells us that Natalya went ‘mad’ before her disappearance. He also tells us that she and the Tower Girls used to live in rooms let out by a man with the happy moniker of Fenster the Blight. He gives us directions and we all agree that he earned his remaining 10gp. We ask him to keep his eyes and ears open for we will return in a few days to see if he has learned anything new. The aged man agrees and we are off to find this Fenster character.

We come to a partially collapsed warehouse on the shoreline. There is a note on the door: “Leev A Gift and wate outsid”. By the door on the ground is a beat up tin pan. Firenia, seeing how a silver piece worked with the street urchin, drops one into the pan. After a few moments a one-eyed, human walks out, looks at the silver piece, harrumphs and walks back inside – I guess he is more particular than a common street urchin. We replace the silver piece with a gold piece and again the ‘man’ shambles out, looks at the gold piece, harrumphs again and walks back inside. I am having a flashback with the snooty butler at this point. We replace the gold piece with one of the gems that was in the Paradox Box and when Fenster the Blight sees the gem he is sold. We ask him where the Tower Girls are now calling home and he says he doesn’t know. We are thinking that we overpaid for this creature’s company when he says, “Yep I doon know whar they is now, I only know whar one of ‘em is. ‘er name is Natalya.” We look incredulously at the man and almost in unison say, “You know where Natalya is?” He replies in the affirmative and points a crooked finger at a warehouse just as dilapidated as his. “She is in thar!” We ask if the Tower Girls left anything behind and he responds in the negative. I am sure if the Tower Girls did leave anything behind, it has seen the inside of a pawn shop by now. We thank the man and cannot believe our good fortune and head to where the crooked finger pointed.

As we near the warehouse, two thugs step out of an attached shack and tell us in not the politest terms to scram. We say that we would like to speak to Natalya and they only get louder in their recommendations on where we can go. Seeing the situation getting out of hand and not wanting to cause undue harm to these poor souls I try to cast sleep on them. They resist me spell and are now angrier. They draw weapons and rapidly approach us. They both focus their attacks on Firenia, but Balak hits one. Bluestone hits the same one with a ray of frost but I miss with my crossbow. A strike from Firenia and the wounded thug falls to the ground bleeding. His partner, not big on loyalty, flees. We quickly secure his abandoned comrade and Furrnando casts a healing burst. He is now more agreeable and says that Natalya lives in the rafters of the building with her rats from the sewer, but they are not ordinary rats as they throw bags filled with foul smelling ‘things’ that would make you sickened. He says that Natalia is making plans to take over the Sczarni and does not believe she will fail at all especially with some piece of metal she has. It sounds like Natalya has become a little power hungry recently. We let our new-found ally go, and tell him that we will leave his weapons by the door after we have spoken to Natalya. He points us the door that leads into the warehouse and quickly departs.

We open the door and find a room that has a floor that has collapsed into a pool of sewage. The smell is almost unbearable. There is a ladder that leads up to the rafters and a plank that spans the pool. There are also two pipes that spew sewage into the room. I examine the ladder and my knowledge of engineering allows me to believe that it will not hold anyone’s weight. Firenia, to prove my point, grabs hold of the ladder and yanks. With a loud snapping sound the ladder separates from the wall and splashes down into the murky, smelly pool. I next check the board and determine if it is safe to cross. Though decrepit and rotting, I determine that it can hold only one of us at a time. Since it ends in a door, I offer to go first. I am halfway across when three small sewer goblins emerge from the pipe. Each one throws a bag at me, but only one makes contact. The smell is overpowering and I think I will spew the ale I drunk a few hours ago. As the old saying goes, “When a dwarf feels the need to vomit the mead, Ye can bet an orc’s head that he should be sick in bed!” Even in my sickened condition I am able to cast sleep and one of the goblins falls back into the pipe sound asleep. Bluestone casts an acid ray and another goblin falls back into the pipe. Unlike his slumbering companion, this one is as dead a troll’s heart. Firenia fires an arrow and the third joins its newly deceased brethren. Another well placed arrow shot causes the slumbering goblin to join them.

I open the door and I am extremely disappointed to see a room that mirrors the previous room. This one actually has a ledge that one can use to go around the pool. There are no pipes in this room, but on the far side there are stacks of crates. I am halfway around the ledge when a goblin pops up from behind a crate with a huge (for it) crossbow. It launches a bolt at me but misses. Balak dashes into another room in an attempt to get behind the smelly beasts, but it is all for naught as by the time he reaches them the goblins are dead. One was slain by a ray from Bluestone and the other from one of my crossbow bolts with an assist from Firenia with some well placed arrow shots.

When we see Balak, however; he is covered in sludge and all feel that we are not going to like this next room. Sure enough the only way to get across it is by wading across the sludge pool. We hold our noses and go right in. There is a landing with a ladder on the far side of the room and as I inspect this ladder I determine that this will hold. As Firenia grasps the ladder she suddenly finds it greasy where it hadn’t been a moment before. She briefly sees a woman looking down on her from the rafters before the woman draws her head back. I shout out that we have come to seek knowledge from the greatest, most important person in Magnimar. I wait a few moments to see if my fib was accepted and surprisingly a woman’s voice calls down that the grease should dissipate in a few moments. At that time I climb the ladder with Firenia close behind me. I bow deeply and Firenia asks if the rest of our companions can come up. She guardingly agrees and asks us what we want. I say we are here to offer our services to her noble cause. The flattery seems to be working! She says that she can use our specific talents to take over the Sczarni. She says her first task for us is to ‘take care’ of Fenster, since if he told us where she was, he might tell others. We try to argue that it was difficult for us to find her, and therefore Fenster would be of no threat. She is becoming agitated with our reluctance to put an end to Fenster’s existence until with a wink in my direction Firenia agrees. Bluestone asks if Natalya has any magic items that will help us destroy Fenster the Nemesis when she angrily demands what he knows of her magic item. In spite of Bluestone’s instance that he had no such designs on whatever magic items she may or may not possess, she yells for him to get out of her sight. She orders me to escort Bluestone out, and I whisper him to stay close but out of sight. Balak and Firenia then leave to eliminate the troublesome Fenster while Furrnando and I feign interest in Natalya’s life story which she is more than willing to share for her official biography. Bluestone decides to accompany Firenia and Balak leaving us alone with the mad, power-hungry woman. This almost proves disastrous as about 10 minutes later a thug pokes his head up and shouts, “Hey boss! They up here!” and a female voice from below yells in reply, “Kill them all and take the shard!”

As the thug climbs up to the rafter, Natalya wiggles her fingers and asks the man if he wants to be her friend. As his companion comes up the ladder he is smacked by Furrnando. I launch a bolt at him from my crossbow and it hits. Natalya also hits him with a bolt and the man collapses on the rafters. His companion is just standing idly by not wanting to hurt his new ‘friend’. A woman emerges from the ladder, looks at Natalya and says, “Give it back B*~%*!” I launch a bolt at her and miss. Natalya tries to hit the angry woman with her short sword and misses. Furrnando smacks the woman good with his mace and the sound of bone breaking is heard. “She says she will be back for the shard and quickly flees the room. The remaining thug looks at us blankly and he would probably not catch the fleeing woman. Natalya recognizes the woman as Terisha Skiloni, a Tower Girl. We ask the man where we can find Terisha and he replies that he and his dead companion owed Terisha a favor and she found them. He has no idea where she is. We decide to keep him around until Firenia, Balak and Bluestone get back for further protection.

In the meantime, Firenia, Balak, and Bluestone reach Fenster’s dilapidated abode. They bang his tin pan and when he emerges they tell him that Natalya sent them to kill him. Firenia says that it would be best if Fenster hides out in the country for a few days. Surprisingly the man readily agrees and leaves, taking his few, shoddy possessions with him. Comfortable in the knowledge that the plan is in place the rest of our party returns to us.

When they return and see the thug body, Balak is madder than a wet orc. I don’t know if he was mad because he did not do his duty of protecting me or that he missed a fight. I suspect it was the later more so than the former. Furrnando suggests that this place might not be the best place for Natalya. Considering the smell, it isn’t the best place for any rational being. I earnestly suggest Heidmarch Manor and hold my breath to see if she takes the bait. She responds in anger and tries to cast a charm on me. Silly lady trying to use charm magic on a dwarf! She yells why I would suggest such a place. In me most diplomatic and sincere voice I tell her that we had heard it was the nicest place in town and would make a splendid place for her to put her plans of conquest into action. Natalya asks if we are working for ‘her’ and I respond that we had just arrived in town and don’t know who ‘her’ is. We did, however; hear that Heidmarch Manor was stately and opulent and I thought it would make a fitting abode to one as intelligent and powerful as she is. Her anger subsides and a few seconds later the idea of using the manor begins to appeal to her. We tell her that we will accompany her to make sure she is not harassed by anymore filth like the hired thugs. It is at this point that Firenia tells Natalya what a big help Bluestone was in ‘taking care’ of Fenster and that he is truly sorry at any offense his magic item query brought and that he would make a welcome addition to her entourage. She thinks for a second and says, “Yes. Let him join us and we will all show the Sczarni who they are dealing with”. She dismisses the thug that had been standing idly by telling him that she will remember him when she rules this city.

We set off for Heidmarch Manor and Firenia graciously offers to go ahead and ‘scout’ out the manor while I try to distract Natalya with how bard’s will sing of her for centuries and I hope she doesn’t notice this crazy scheme unfolding! What Firenia actually does is go quickly to the manor and relay to the snooty butler what is going on. He quickly retrieves Shelia Heidmarch and Firenia again relays the events. At the mention of a shard Shelia’s ears pick up and she says she will be right back. She returns with an ioun stone and tells Firenia that if it is the shard that she is thinking of then she must convince Natalya to put this stone into a slot on her shard. This will break the enchantment that the shard has on her, but only if she does it willingly and she can’t be forced. Shelia tells us that she will hide and the butler will summon her after the ioun stone is in place.

Firenia grabs the stone and heads outside just in time to meet us as we are approaching the manor. She pats her weapon and announces “All clear!” We reach the door and it is answered by the snooty butler. “Show me lady to her quarters!” I bellow. And the snooty butler leads us to a sitting room. “Get me lady refreshments and food ya scalawag!” I order the Butler. I can see is face turning a nice shade of red. Firenia turns to Natalya and says that while she was ‘cleaning out’ the manor she came across this ioun stone and wondered if it would make her shard even more powerful. Natalya notices that the stone would fit nicely in her shard and smiles a wicked smile and says, “Yes, I think it will! Fear me all Sczarni!” She places the stone in the slot and collapses.

The snooty butler is quickly summoned who in turn summons Shelia. Shelia takes a look at the unconscious Natalya and tells us that she will be all right in a few minutes. Upon noticing the shard on the floor, Shelia’s eyes open wide and she says:

“What you have found, my friends, is nothing short of a miracle. Varisia has seen its share of miracles of late—the discovery of Xin-Shalast and the defeat of Runelord Karzoug, or Korvosa’s release from mad Ileosa’s rule come to mind—but this discovery will soon be remembered as an equal to those events. This is a powerful Thassilonian artifact, a fragment of horacalcum and a portion of the Shattered Star of Xin: to be precise, the Shard of Pride. I suspect that the shard’s current carrier already knows more about it than I do, in fact...”

She catches her breath before continuing on:

“The Shard of Pride is made of coppery horacalcum which is the rarest of the known skymetals, this dull, coppery substance warps time around it, making things seem to speed up or slow down. Horacalcum is associated with illusion magic, humility, and pride. But without the ioun stone the shard is cursed. The owner suffers delusions of grandeur, and is sickened whenever she must serve another creature as a subordinate of any sort for as long as that arrangement persists. She cannot gain the benefit of the aid another action, nor can she take the aid another action. The curse is stopped when the Scarlet and blue sphere ioun stone is in the shard, like now.”

The room is silent as we take in all that she said. I remember reading about this and between Shelia and I, we fill the others in on the history:

“In Azlant, tradition held that rulers of nations must abide by the “seven virtues of rule”—seven qualities a leader must engender in his people and personify himself, lest his state collapse and fall into ruin. In practice, this philosophy never quite lived up to its promise. No ruler and no nation of Azlant ever managed to excel at all seven virtues, and more than a few failed to uphold even a single one. The seven virtues of rule (charity, generosity, humility, kindness, love, temperance, and zeal) appealed greatly to Xin, but in a more intellectual manner than an emotional one. Xin believed that the seven Azlanti schools of magic f lowed from these virtues (the school of divination stood outside the rest in Azlant arcane society, viewed as a “universal” school that no wizard should ignore).

Drawing upon yet another mystical septimal unity—the seven skymetals—Xin fashioned a powerful artifact in the shape of the Sihedron. A different skymetal formed each of its arms, and each one symbolized and bolstered a separate school of Thassilonian magic and philosophy. Not only had Xin created an artifact that proved his theories, but he also provided Thassilon’s first truly enduring magical legacy. With the Sihedron floating behind his head like a halo, the artifact served as a constant reminder of his power.”

Looks like we retrieved a major Thassilonian artifact and brought in someone who can provide more information on where it was found. Not bad for our first Pathfinder expedition!

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I am DMing a group of players that are fairly new to PF (with me being also fairly new). We are 1/3 of the way through Smuggler's Shiv and my question is...What would the PC's know about the various factions. When some of them saw Sasha's Red Mantis tattoo, they did not think anything of it. When they found out Gelik was a member of the Pathfinder Society, my group asked me OOC who are they. I have been sending out links to the PF wiki, but I am wondering is that too much information? It seems like them (and me) lacking the knowledge seems to be robbing the AP of some of the emotional punch that it was designed to have, and I worry when we get to Racing to Ruin, one faction will be as good as another to them.

My name is Kabal Boarstooth and this is the tale of my time in the stolen lands. My Dad was human and my Mom was an Orc. I love the outdoors so some call me a druid. All I know is I am happiest with dirt under my feet and the sky above my head.

Session Date: 01/31/2011
Day 1
Level 1
Calistril 30

We have been traveling for three days since receiving our charter from the Lord Mayor when we reach Oleg’s trading post. During the long trip, I got to know some of my fellow companions. There is Greenbow, an archer, who is very tall for a human. Edwardo, who is dressed all in black – even his armor, has a sword and bow. There is a mage by the name of Aegon. Finally there is a mounted warrior of Erastil. He has assumed a leadership role.

We come through an open gate and notice that, besides a constant hammering coming from atop a bunkhouse, that there are no guards around. As we approach the middle of the compound, a young woman in her late teens or early twenties greets us warmly and says that her name is Svetlana Leveton. The hammering from the bunk house stops and a man in his thirties peers over the roof. She tells the man, Oleg, that we are finally here. Calenhad tells her that he thinks she might be mistaken us for some other group. Oleg spits and says, “See I told you ain’t nobody gonna help us!” He climbs off the roof and heads indoors without another word. She asks, puzzled, if we are from Rostland. We nod in assent and she asks if we are here to take care of the bandits. We respond that is what our charter from the Swordlords says. She joyously ushers us inside and feeds us. I take my plate and eat outside with Darro, my bear companion and trusted friend.

Oleg tells everyone else about the bandits. He says that the bandits have come every month for the last three months. They always come on the first of the month and since tomorrow is the first of the month, we will have one night to prepare. The first time a dozen of them led by a woman with two well-made hatchets came. She took Svetlana’s wedding ring after threatening to chop off Oleg’s hand. The next month her second-in-command, Happs, came with six other bandits. Oleg says that he is a foul one indeed. Last month he came with only four bandits. The bandits say that they are collecting “taxes” even they do not represent any formal government. They usually come an hour after dawn. They don’t take everything that Oleg has, but it is enough. The others make a plan of attack as Darro and I enjoy the serenity of the outdoors.

Day 2
Level 1
Pharast 1

Shortly after dawn, the bandits come. It is Happs, the foul one, and four henchmen. Happs requests Svetlana in the most vile, suggestive language possible. Calenhad, with Edwardo riding behind him on Calenhand’s horse, Falchion, block the gate. Calenhad announces to them that Erastil greets them. Happs, vilely dismisses him. Oleg was not kidding, Happs IS most foul. Darro and I start to make our way out of concealment. The bandit’s horses smell Darro, however; and get nervous. Happs, suspecting a trap bellows “Take them out!” Greenbow stands up and fires an arrow at Happs. Calenhad charges one of the henchmen skewering him with his lance. Darro quickly outpaces me in his rush to enter the fray. Edwardo fires an arrow at Happs but misses. Happs shoots an arrow at Calenhad and hits him, while two of his henchmen put arrows into Darro. I also try to move in the fray, but I move slower than Darro. Aegon casts sleep and a henchman falls asleep. Greenbow lets fly an arrow but misses Happs. Calenhad misses with his lance, but his horse rears and kills a henchman with his hoofs. Edwardo hits Happs with an arrow as Darro bites Happs. Happs takes a step back and hits Darro with an arrow. The henchman wakes the sleeping henchman. I run up and surpass Darro. Greenbow jumps down from the parapet and runs towards Happs. Calenhad charges another henchman, killing him. Edwardo hits Happs with a well placed arrow. Darro misses with a bite attack, and as Happs tries to retreat, Darro is able to take a bite out of him. Happs hits Darro with an arrow and the bear falls to the ground. I miss Happs with my club. Aegon slays another henchman with a force missile. Greenbow closes with the last remaining henchman. Calenhad and his horse race to cut off Happs’ retreat, ordering him to surrender. Edwardo misses the henchman. Happs, taking stock of the situation, surrenders. The last henchman, hearing Happs surrender does the same. The battle is over.

Aegon casts charm on the henchman who says his name is Dryfig. Aegon asks where the bandit camp is, but Dryfig refuses to say. He says Kressel would kill him if he talks. Kressel is the leader of the bandit band, but even she has a boss. Her boss goes by the name of the Stag Lord. Kressel is afraid of the Stag Lord and he, Dryfig is afraid of Kressel, so he doesn’t want to tell us. He has never seen the Stag Lord, only heard of him. He and his compatriots wear a medallion with a stag on it – a symbol of the Stag Lord perhaps?

Now we must decide what to do with the prisoners. Oleg wants to put their heads on stakes near the entrance of the post, much to Svetlana’s dismay. Calenhad offers Happs a choice – death by sword or rope as per our charter. Needless to say, Happs doesn’t answer. Calenhad renders judgment stabbing him – death by sword. Calenhad turns to Dryfig, and asks him to redeem himself by telling us where his camp is. Seeing what happened to Happs and knowing is death would be more excruciating at the hands of Kressel, he tells us they are about twenty-four miles away. He also tells us that Kessel has about twelve bandits with her. As he closes his eyes for the expected blow, we ask Oleg if there was a way that Dryfig can redeem himself through labor here at the post. Looking around at the decrepit buildings Oleg readily agrees. We tell the former bandit that if he crosses the line, he will surly be killed. The bandit is most grateful and asks that once he has paid his debt to Oleg if he can travel north, and retrieve his family.

Svetlana is so please she gifts to us a couple of potions. Seeing that we are going to need more healing potions, we ask her if she has any more to sell. She says she does not, but there is a hermit by the name of Bokken who lives a day’s travel away.

We decide to travel to the hermit to load up on potions and be back to Oleg’s before Kessel investigates what happened to her bandit party.

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I will be DM'ing this AP in January and my guys are starting to ask for party recommendations. There will be 5 PCs. One will probably be a Ranger, another a Paladin and a third some sort of mage. Can anybody recommend what classes they have found that worked or are necessary and what classes didn't work or aren’t necessary? I don’t want to have a DM NPC as I am new to DMing (this will be my first AP)and playing the Shiv’s NPCs will be enough.

Session Date: 10/12/09
Level 1
Day 8

A few moments later Garavel with the pugwampi leaves camp with Dashki. After a short time later they come back, only this time Dashki has the dead Pugwampi tied in a noose around his belt. We are all a little repulsed, well, Nolan not so much. Aemon pulls Dashki aside and tries to appeal to Dashki’s vanity and says that he might not be popular with the ladies with a corpse around his belt. Dashki says he has no problem with that and Aemon leaves it at that.

Almah asks us why we decided to join her caravan. I tell her of my mission to reestablish the monastery to Serenrae. Almah tells us that the monastery is about a mile away. She also says that the first task she had in mind was to re-take the Monastery, since it has a great vantage point and, more importantly, some sort of a roof to provide shelter. She offers us 200 gold pieces each to be paid after Kelmarane is liberated and the Battle Market reestablished. She asks us if that is satisfactory and we all agree that it is more than generous. After our busy night tangling with the pugwampi, we decide to camp for the night.

Day 9

The morning comes and Aemon starts to magically repair my sword. We decide to start to the Monastery which is dedicated to St. Vardishal, a saint of Serenrae. A few decades ago a cult from Kelmarane came and killed all the monks of the monastery. We are unsure if the cult was human or it could have been made up of gnolls.

Nolan decides to take point with me leading the group a few feet behind. As we approach the monastery, we spend a few moments looking at the windows to see if there is any sort of life. We don’t see anything and we start heading to one of the openings in the wall. We see no sign of life so we head across the hall to the opening on the opposite side of the wall. We see a huge statue of Serenrae that has been weathered through the years. We slowly walk down the hallway looking into each room. As I look into the kitchen I see three pugwampis who shriek in joy when they see me. Ella steps behind me and shoots her shortbow, but misses. I step up to one of the pugwampis, swing my sword, but miss. Nolan steps up to next me swings his scimitar and a puwampi goes down. The pugwampis shriek and laugh and point at our swords. Our swords vibrate but they don’t shatter. Abbas casts a spell, but nothing happens. Ella shoots an arrow but misses. I hit the one in front of me and that one goes down. Nolan puts the other one down shortly after.

As soon as the battle ends, we hear primate sounds behind a door that looks like it will soon fall apart. We lay one of the dead pugwampis in front of the door. In a matter of moments, the door bursts open and we see a huge baboon. The baboon takes the dead pugwampi and starts chomping on it. Nolan moves to the baboon and starts making primate noises. We see three more baboons behind him. Nolan asks if we can move out of the way so he can shoo them out to the hills. We readily comply. He manages to convince them to leave the monastery and we are all glad that it is a battle we will not have to fight. After a few more rooms, we come to room with a door that takes both Nolan and I to force open. We see some green fungus, which Nolan can’t identify and he doesn’t think is growing naturally. It looks like the source is a set of stairs going down. We decide to leave the stairs and mold for now.

We come to what once the library and find a book called “Courts of Stone and Flame”. It looks to be a book about genies. By quickly scanning the book, we notice such things as the Templars of the Five Winds and the City of Brass-which is on the elemental plane of fire. Both topics we plan to read further around a campfire. Aemon thinks that this is a very well-made book, which caused it to survive when the other books in the library were ruined. We come to the courtyard and on the walls encircling it we see various depictions of evil and good and I think the depictions of good are of St. Vardishal. Along with St. Vardishal, we see four other goodly type men. Could these be the Templers of the Five Winds? We see one wall depicting the history of the monastery up to about 30 years ago-probably about the time the monastery was overrun.

It is my hope, that the history of this proud monastery might someday again be recorded.

I have played fighters, Barbarians, and clerics before, but have never played a paladin before. I am currently playing a rogue with beta rules (currently converting to core rulebook). My DM is starting up a 1 - 15 core rulebook campaign using High Fantasy point buy. I am looking for advice on what others have found to be beneficial to paladins as opposed to what isn't in terms of feats, skill ranks, stats, etc.

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Session Date: 10/05/08

Besides the Goblin raid things were quiet in Sandpoint for the next few days. Kinkade and I spent our days gathering info and meeting allies while performing at night. Tips were flowing slowly at first then started to pick up. Good thing too-I would hate to leave Sandpoint this early.

Day 2
Level 1

As we wander around the town the next morning, people seem to know Kinkade and my name. We seem to be known more for our deeds against the murderous goblins instead of our performing skills. Hero-worship doesn’t fill the pockets with silver! We head over and perform at the orphanage, since we were orphans ourselves, we like to give back. The kids thoroughly enjoy the performance. The people that run the orphanage give us a free meal-which Kinkade and I greatly appreciate. It is nothing more than some gruel and bread, but it reminded us of our youth all the same.

A young woman named Shayliss stops us as we leave the orphanage. She is small by human standards but is still quite tall to Kinkade and me. She tells us that her father, Ven Vinder, has been so occupied with her sister Katrine that he hasn’t done anything with the rats in the basement of the General Store, which the family owns. She wants Kinkade to come and help clear out the rats, alone. Kinkade says that we are a duo and it is either both us or nothing. She goes with nothing. Her loss. Kinkade and I go over to the General Store to see if we can help with the rats any way. Ven Vinder disputes everything Shayliss told us-he has no rats in the basement. Hero-worship doesn’t fill the pockets, but it might end up filling the bed. We both decide to steer clear of Shayliss as she seems to be trouble, and Kinkade and I don’t need trouble.

We head to Risa’s place-which is a favorite tavern of the locals. Kinkade speaks to the barkeep, Besk, who is Risa’s son. He asks Besk if he can perform and Besk readily agrees (Maybe hero-worship does fill the pockets!) Kinkade starts his act and, considering the local crowd, makes some pretty good money. We hear from the locals a lot of the gossip. Some think that Tobin’s daughter wasn’t even in the temple when it burned down. Some think she was having an affair. We see the mage, Morpheus, come in and sit in a quiet corner reading a book. He does not drop any coins in to the hat! Seems like someone has forgotten our help with the goblins!

At the appropriate time, we go to the consecration of the new cathedral, which is a lot more subdued than the ceremony that they had planned for the previous day. The wholetime everyone is on the lookout for Goblins. Thankfully they do not interrupt this ceremony. Since it was late and our bellys started rumbling, we decide to take Aldern up on his offer for a free meal at the Rusty Dragon.

Aldern greets us hardily and orders up a spread. He gives the ranger, Sharp, 50 gold pieces to spread among us. He talks about his home in Magninar, and invites us to his house and a boar hunt. A boar hunt? Outside? In the woods? Kinkade and I look at each other and we both think the same thing. Kinkade thanks Aldern profusely but politely declines. At the end of the generous meal, Kinkade and I head back to the White Deer for our evening performance. Aldern only seems to care that Sharp is going. Aldern seems to be particularly concerned with Sharp since it was Sharp that had saved his hide during the goblin fight.

Day 3
Level 1

We go to Grocer’s Hall, which is run by a halfling named Olmur Danvakus. Olmur is involved in the local farming guild. We ask him about the nobles. He says that the falling out between Ameiko Kaijitsu and her father, Lonjiku Kaijitsu, was due to her going adventuring. He tells us that a lot of people do not like the Scarnetti clan. He also tells us that the Kajitsus are the richest nobles. The Deverin family has controlled most of the town, continuing with Kendra Deverin who is the current mayor. She was engaged to a man that was killed by the serial killer, Cutter. I ask about Shayliss and am promptly ignored. This suits me just fine as it is good to go unnoticed. Kinkade asks again a few moments later and is told that “she gets around”.

We next go to the Hagfish to see what the deal is with the fish that we keep hearing about. The Hagfish is owned by one-legged man named, Jargie Quinn. There is an aquarium with a hagfish named Nora in the tank. Anyone that can drink a tankard full of water from the tank gets a pouch full of coins and their name carved into the ceiling. Jargie tells us that in the 10 years he has been doing this, there have only been 28 names carved into the ceiling. It costs 1 silver piece to enter. We were followed into the place by the severe-looking Dwarf from the goblin fight. The Dwarf goes by the nickname Edge. He told us his full Dwarven name, but I don’t remember it. Kinkade pays the entry fee for Edge, who downs the tankard and throws it up just as fast. In the spirit of sibling rivalry, I put up Kinkade’s entry fee. Kinkade can’t keep it down either and up it comes! Kinkade, not to be outdone, puts up my entry fee. Of course I can’t refuse the dare! I cannot even finish the tankard before it comes up. Edge tries again and throws up what little of his stomach contents remains. Kinkade uses this material in his comedy act and it is a hit!

Day 4
Level 1

We decide to “case” the Scarnetti Manor. We look to see what kind of traffic is entering the manor and the condition of the servants. We also want to see what the security is for each of the manors.

As we head to do our second show at the White Deer we see our Goblin-killing friends. Apparently Edge is honored to be a part of Kinkade’s act that he brought the others to check it out. We hope that he is honored and has not brought “back-up”. Kinkade and I walk over to the group to exchange greetings when a woman runs up and asks for help. She says that her son has been bitten by a goblin! She said that her husband was back at the house to try and find the goblin. When Kinkade and I hear the word “Goblin”, we decide to investigate as well. When we all reach the house, we find it deathly quiet-which does not bode well for the husband. We head to the boy’s room in the back of the house, checking each room as we go. In one of the rooms Edge sees the body of an adult male and a dog- most likely the husband and family pet. Edge enters the room and hears a munching sound coming from the closet. He grabs the human body and pulls. A screaming goblin is pulled along with the body. He swings his dogslicer at Edge and misses. Edge hits the goblin with one of his axes. Sharp swings and misses. The goblin hits Edge and Edge returns the favor. I look in another of the rooms to see if there are anymore goblins, but don’t see any. Everyone tries to help Edge out with his private battle with the goblin but is unable to. Edge finally finishes the battle by putting down the goblin. It looks like the goblin had been trapped in the house since the festival. We later learn the widow and her family have relocated to Magnimar.

Day 5-6
Level 1

We spend 2 quiet days in town performing and “casing”.

Day 7

On this day we see Shalelu, who is a well-known elven ranger. She only comes to town every six months; however, she only left town a month ago. She rushes to the garrison and tells Sharp that she has some important news for the sheriff. Sharp rounds all of us up and we also head to the garrison. She tells us that she hates goblins and that there a 5 major local tribes, and they were all involved in the raid on Sandpoint. The fact that they were all working together disturbs her. The sheriff asks all of us a favor. He wants to go to Magnimar for helps and he wants us to stay around and keep an eye on the town in his absence. Kinkade and I look at each other and think the same thing – Us? If he wants two Halfling entertainers to keep an eye on the town that is fine with us. We both think it is like the fox watching the hen house, but whatever! Kinkade says that him and I will keep an eye on the gate closest to the White Deer so it does not interrupt our shows. She says that she will come to the White Deer to tell us all about what she knows about the local goblins. Kinkade asks if she will stay for the show and she agrees-my little brother-always drumming up business.

Even though I would like to think that the trouble with goblins is over, I have a bad feeling…