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Name: Root
Race: Plant
Classes/Levels: Summoner (Synthesist) 8
Adventure: Maiden, Mother, Crone
Location: Artrosa, Maiden's Head, Witch Tree
Catalyst: Fumbling
Gory Details: after a long, 8 hour climb, party exhausted, Root's eyes spied a beautiful site - a massive she-tree with branches for hair. Delighted at finding such an exquisite creature, the young summoner sought to cross-pollinate. And she, much amused by the young sapling's antics, humored him, hoping to get her own desired prize in the blood and flesh of the party's half-orc. Despite his interest, he declined to give up his friend and as such the Witch Tree offered her riddle, calling it her "sacrifice of the mind." Root agreed and conferred with his compatriots after hearing the riddle, and though they were able to decipher it well enough, the poor synthesist fumbled and spoke incorrectly. Disappointed, the Witch Tree attacked, and made splinters of the now-deceased Root.

OOC: the player got excited in his RP and stumbled over his lips. We have a RP-heavy group and he accepted it with grace, even though the players were all upset to see him die.

Never thought to post in the obits before, but something one of my players last session said to me had me thinking - she didn't want to make her sixth or seventh PC (she nearly died again because the party wasn't all present). They are currently in the final stage of the Shackled Hut, with only the air Dawn Piper and Nazhena left before acquiring the Dancing Hut. And there has been a lot of blood exacted on the party's behalf along the way. But first, the lead up

My party had to quit playing Wrath of the Righteous because the DM left the group and no one else was really feeling like running at the time, I decided I would step up and run whatever published adventure path they wanted if they took on a challenge of mine: they had to make either a mono-class party (all races from ACG available, and all classes and archetypes available for selection) or a mono-race party. They chose this snow-sparkling adventure with a party of witches. Because of that, I had to give them a GM-fiat bonus coven hex because it just made sense.

The party started off well enough with 6 (if I remember correctly) players, all different witch archetypes as follows:

Goblin/Tiefling non-archetyped Witch
Ratfolk Hedge Witch
Aasimar Havocker
Changeling Winter Witch
Human White-Haired Witch
Half-Elf Gravewalker

Ratfolk died session one, encounter one when the party failed to open the carriage, and hear the groaning zombies inside, and he asked the havocker to put him through the window and got eaten forthwith.

Second death was ratfolk's backup: a gnome beast-bonded witch to a group of wargs. He then made another gnome witch with no archetype.

Third death: white-haired witch outside of the bandit/hunter's lodge when the party decided to drive all adversaries out of the hut at once courtesy of witch mage handing a plethora of dung from the outhouse down the chimney.

Following this, the party requested that I no longer have all everyone make nothing but witches, so I relented, but it was fun to watch, nonetheless. So, white-haired witch took on the role of the lady they were sent to rescue, and reskinned her as an unchained monk. Then the gravewalker's player had to leave the group for personal reasons and another player joined the group who created a human archer fighter. Who accidentally shot the gnome in the back and killed him (we use the Pathfinder Critical Hit/Fumble decks...because shenanigans). He in turn decided to take on the role of Ten-Penny Tacey.

Next death wasn't a death, so much as, bad luck with a critical hit deck against a the monk that left her permanently blind so she wandered off on her own and brought in a human cleric of Torag who was imprisoned outside of the Winter Portal by the moss Troll inside of the pit trap of one of the huts. Almost had a TPK with that troll, but the archer saved the group by drawing her short sword and super crit the troll (Nat 20 to hit, Nat 20 to confirm, and because rule-of-cool I allowed another roll to see what would happen, and she rolled ANOTHER Nat 20, I decided to giver her two critical effects, which wound up with nearly 50 something damage and instant killing the troll). So party survived long enough to recover from color sprays and burn the troll.

The following death was a goblin to a random encounter during a night watch with the goblin. A pack of wolves had been following the group but had not acted until one wandered off on their own. He in turn brought in a white mage arcanist.

Next death was Ten-Penny, who was the only one who successfully scaled the courtyard wall, AFTER the party alerted the guards to their presence and got soloed by the frost troll inside. So that player made a synthesist summoner tree creature (the current bane to the encounters' participants). And another player joined the group with a sorcerer.

They all survived the pale tower. I even added some mythic power to Radosek and bumped the white dragon sorcerer/fighter up to dragon disciple to give her some staying power. But some lucky rolls and good tactics allowed them to win, though hurt they were.

Random encounter on the road to Whitethrone had 3 deaths. I had to create my own random encounter table to match party's growing strengths, and rolled High. High as in 3 advanced boreal lions High. Havocker, Cleric, and sorcerer all bit the snow.

They decided they wanted to bring in Sable Company Marines and suggested paying for a teleport casting that went wrong to tie their new PCs in. So, "go for it," I said. And that is where we are now, PC-wise, and next session will introduce two new players, a halfling cloud child barbarian (with some limits), and another barbarian who is still working out the details. Next session - Jan 10, 2019. Party vs. Air Font and Nazhena Vassiliovna.

Current party makeup:
Koyne the Female Human Ranger (Sable Marine) 7
Anilus the Male Aasimar Ranger (Sable Marine) 6/Witch (Havocker) 1
Calvin Young Male Half-Elf Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 1/Summoner (Wild Caller) 6
Doctor Wyrmwood the Male Elf Arcanist (White Mage) 7
Amara the Female Human Fighter (Archer) 7
Elsa the Female Changeling Witch (Winter Witch) 5/Winter Witch 2
Root the Male Young Ghoran Summoner (Synthesist) 7
Plus two barbarians incoming.

The RAW on page 136 of the Ultimate Combat says:
It is a standard action to load each barrel of a one-handed early firearm and a full-round action to load each barrel of a two-handed early firearm.

Based on this, it will take two, full-round actions to reload it. Even with the Musket Master abilities to treat it as a one-handed firearm, that's two-standard actions, and with rapid reload, it takes two-move actions to reload both barrels.

Move action + Move Action = full round's worth of actions.

Also, according to page 135 of UM:
Capacity: A firearm’s capacity is the number of shots it can hold at one time. When making a full-attack action, you may fire a firearm as many times in a round as you have attacks, up to this limit, unless you can reload the weapon as a swift or free action while making a fullattack action. In the case of early firearms, capacity often
indicates the number of barrels a firearm has. In the case of advanced firearms, it typically indicates the number of chambers the weapon has.

Simply put, regardless of how many attacks you have - based on your level - you could not feasibly have twelve+ attacks a round with your musket because you can only get one swift action a round.

So the issue that this thread seems to be about is already fine as written. If I have a double-barreled musket, I can have up to two attacks a round, if my BAB allows it OR I can fire both at the same and taking a -4 to both attacks.

The only way for there to be more than two attacks with any firarm in a full-round attack (or 4 with two, double-barreled pistols) is to wield a revolver which has a capacity of 6, and could be dual wielded to fire a total of nine, with the Greater Two-Weapon Fighting feat + haste at level 20.

Flamehawke wrote:
I also want to play a Black Blade, Spire Defender, Kensai, and Soul Forger. All of those look like great fun to play with on a magus

Bladebound Magi are pretty cool. I got to play one once and it's great when you have a GM who is in sync with the character concept so he can roleplay the Black Blade. You can, if you really wanted to go crazy, is dual-archetype the Bladebound Magus with the Kensai Magus.

Funky Badger wrote:
Was pondering a Buccaneer / Black Blade magus. The worst pirate in the world, all he ever wanted to be was an accountant, then he got shang-haied, and cursed and, and... it was just awful!

I'm going to guess this was for the Skull and Shackles AP, wasn't it?


Sounds like it could have been lots of fun!

That was the only thing I didn't like about the magus. No Touch of Gracelessness. It's a nasty spell, especially when you follow up with Close Range Arcana to deliver Ray of Enfeeblment.

But one thing I want to do, purely for a conceptual design, is a magus with a trident. It's a one-handed weapon so it can be used with spell combat. It's one of those strange weapons that meta-gamers never use unless they're using one of the specific magic items.

I still think I'll give the whip-Magus a try one day though. If only to see it in action.

Flamehawke wrote:

My group now considers the whip the go to weapon for the magus despite the feat expenditure to gain it and the further feats to truly make it work.

If you're playing anything a half-orc, there is the beastmaster race trait you can take to automatically gain whip proficiences. It's just a thought since you mentioned it. I'll have to try it out for myself. It's a great idea. But I'm curious, did you go for a Dex build, or a Str build for your lion-taming magus?

minoritarian wrote:
Funky Badger wrote:
ElyasRavenwood wrote:
but it prevoked a "you did how much damage? How did you get that much damage?" from me.
If it was like every single magus ever, then it was an intensified shocking grasp through a keen scimitar.
Kensai with a wakazashi is what I've seen more often. It's a light weapon so finessable from the start and agile weapon enhancement is better than spending a feat. Also does P/S rather than just S.

I did that with and did bladebound at the same time when i designed a race using the advanced race guide. Made a good character too.

My buddy's building one with a bastard sword that's pretty cool. We play in another guy's Council of Thieves campaign and I'm going straight wizard and he's doing the Bladebound Bastard Sword Magus.

I can't wait to see how they interact with one another.

Lord Pendragon wrote:

I've just started playing a magus in a new campaign, and while theoretically I'd love to have the higher-level spell slots, I think the class is balanced without them.

There are some holes in the magus spell list. But my plan is to utilize spell research to create my own spells to fill in those gaps. I'll have to pay, but then nothing is free. Besides, it'll be fun to cast a few spells that my PC invented himself. :)

Yeah, I'm already talking with my DM about doing something similar. If I play the Bladebound Magus, I want to create a spell I can only use while using my Black Blade to create a ranged attack. Just to add a bit of versatility. I like Color Spray, but I prefer transmutation/evocation/necromancy spells.

My group's only had one PC death this adventure. That was in the last battle of the last book against Kimandatsu. Both hits for her round landed against the barbarian who'd already been whacked once. First hit did someting like 18 damage. Second hit rolled a critical threat, second roll confirmed it. so the damage (2d8+11)x4 ended up looking like this:
8+7+11=26, 26*4 for critical equals...104 damage.

Yeah, her negative hit points surpassed her Con. Yay for the Amatatsu Seal's resurrection function.

I have yet to publish the anniversary edition, but I do have the original AP, so I was wondering, are the iconic characters (Valeros, Merisiel, Seoni, and Kyra) the same for the anniversary edition. It was a different experience to see the iconics have three females and one male, or is there a different set chosen because of the expansions since its original publication?

If yes, what are they?

@ Pallius Crispin: I think the hellwasp swarm merely can't generate enough force in its confines to do enough damage to the glass casing. The funny thing though, my PCs managed to sick the Hellwasps on some of the reinforcements of FS ninja and thugs.

I shall elaborate their adventure. But first, background on the characters. The party started the campaign with six adventurer's: a half-orc shifter ranger, a half-orc alchemist, a dwarven barbarian, a gnome cleric of Abadar, a human shield fighter, and a human scout rogue.

Easy peazy until they got to the Amatatsu Seal. My initial ruling before this, as I had yet to fully understand the rules of the new classes of Magus, Gunslinger, Samurai, and Ninja, were that they were unavailable. But by the time they reached the seal, I was comfortable enough to allow all but gunslingers as playable classes, as well as the rules from the UC and UM. So I used the imparted knowledge of their quest to allow them a chance to change and utilize one of the newer classes if they so chose, but maintain their character's treasures, name, and the like. It was a bit technical, so I'll skip over it, but merely stating the ranger became a Magus and the shielded fighter switched over to archer fighter.

Then Frozen Shadows began. While still unsure as to how all of the caravan rules worked, though we did run a couple of minor scuffles in Brinewall Legacy as caravan battles that were easily overcome, I had the Viking raiders attack at night. A problem for the magus and the alchemist, but as they had saved Kelda Oxgutter, her cleaving while raging was a boon and the two barbarians with aid of the scout and fighter offering ranged support, were able to swiftly turn the tides of combat. They then carried the boat with them to the city whereupon the group settled and proceeded to investigate for the sword.

This was when things really got interesting. They found the Viking who had Suishen and were directed to the farm. They, unknowingly facilitated the pre-written adventure's drunken fight scene at night, by offering up poisoned ale as a gift to Asvig "in honor" of Snoori's death, hoping to sneak in at night.

That night, they tripped the alarms and were forced to fight three of the lion guardians. Then, the cleric cast silence on the rogue and then they slipped in, literally quietly, into the chamber, where only the distinct LACK of sound roused suspiscion from those inebriated but still conscious. My brother the alchemist, and the magus, were rather upset because they didn't have the silent spell feat. But they managed to win after the spell wore off after a few rounds.

It was at this time that my brother had to leave to go to college and we thought that we would down a player. Not a problem, but a newcomer joined us just in time to tackle the Snoori ship. At this time they apporach and watched Uhksahka trying to convince the Viking guards to let her on board to search for her brother.

NOTE: the ship scene was altered as means to bring in the new PC even though the rest of the party had yet to meet Uhksahka.

Earlier, the rogue had managed to convince Suishen's owner to give them a writ of weregild collection for the sword and made a natural 20 on his Diplomacy to search the ship for the sword. Well, only he was allowed to enter. But when he met up with Snoori's ghost, all went to the pits. The whole party entered combat, the rogue nearly died, the magus blasted a hole in the ship to get in from the dock and leapt in with the Barbarian, the cleric cast obscuring mist over Uhksaka and the Vikings on guard, and the archer got stuck on the dock in melee with three Vikings, managing to take out two before nearly being slain.

Good news was, I had it that the Advanced Vikings were an honor guard and were the primary police force that served on Linnor King Sveinn Bloodeagle's forces and they fought to subdue. By the time the mist cleared, the Vikings had departed for reinforcements, having grabbed Uhksaka as a prisoner.

So they fled and hid out. NP went through the roof by this point. Then, because of the quick backstory needed for the new player - he is, now that we've finished the module, playing a halfling beast rider cavalier 3/druid 4 on a tiger - he led them to the church where the earth golem was.

To avoid outright killing the party, I had it alternate between attacks and combat manuevers. The cleric's crossbow was destroyed in the process with a super sunder and the PC got so mad, claiming it was his holy symbol, and created a Tetori Monk to replace it. then the magus got upset and left, and is now an elven alchemist.

But I got off on a tangent. When they finally enter the Rimerunner's guild. The party opts to enter in the daytime while in full business, and manage, somehow, to get invited back by one of the clerks under a guise of business. Then, the halfling cavalier/druid has his medium sized tiger try to scent Uhkahka's location. Not a problem usually, but it wandered off on its own. The clerk got mad, tried to get him to reign it under control, the dwarf got mad because the clerk did, and then called for the guards. The archer, who had opted to wait outside, saw one of the clerk's run out, heard there was a fight going on, and, against all logic, went looking for Viking police.

Needless to say, the party was arrested for fighting, the Rimerunners were arrested for kidnapping after the Vikings searched the place, and they were all brought before Sveinn.

The Barbarian then natural 20'd a diplomacy check against the king and it was like...holy crap...I'm the DM, I can't plan for all of this insanity!

Long story short, they eventually made their way to Ravenscraeg, killing the would-be assassin archer chick, but they were forced to leave the city WITH the caravan because of what they did.

So, the battle on the stair case up has the archer down 6 con points because of the tengu ninja poisons - his character is taking one level of ranger to favored enemy (ninja) I know it's not a real thing, but it's cosmetically hilarious so he get's to do it - and they climb the stairs.

They clear the first area, then they take out Jorgan the Axe Wearbear, backing him all the way into his own bedroom so it's just the Tetori monk and the wearbear fighting each other, the ninja from the tower's top sneak down the stairs and shoot the archer with their blowguns because he was waiting at the bottom of their tower's stairwell, and the barbarian had boxed herself in the very middle of the party and her movement couldn't end up anywhere near the enemy. (They did make the Perception to spot the Hellwasps, and the Knowledge planes check to ID them - go Rogues and Monks!)

More craziness. The party always seems to want to do one combat, one full rest. It's stupid in game time, and they love to rest in the MIDDLE OF ENEMY TERRITORY. But I allowed them to think themselves clever after the cleared out the main floor with the ninja and the thugs and the raven swarms. Then they hid out in the kitchen. A failed cooking check by one of the PCs resulted in penalities they wanted to rest off while in the kitchen - they're almost all friggin meta-gamers, I swear - and immediatly following, the archer does something stupid. The hear the approaching reinforcements.

He sees FS ninja. He shoots them from inside the kitchen to where they are on the path up to the kitchen outside and the ninja use their ninja vanishing trick. They slip down the stream and enter the waterfall entrance to the basement.

So, needless to say, Kimandatsu, Omoyani, and ten FS ninja sneak up from the basements. I took pity on them and didn't bring the trolls or Goti Runecaster or Wodes to the fight. The party managed to place the hellwasp swarm in front of the kitchen's door between it and the hallway and the monk threw a dagger and broke it, engulfing the thugs in the swarm and it slowly killed almost one a round, while the party made a stand in the main chamber with the archer's firing down from above on the catwalks and the barbarian kicking the crap out of Kimandatsu. The ninja and Omoyani moved to flank, but between an alchemist in mutagen mode with a shield of faith, the monk who pinned everyone came near, and the halfling he-man on battlecat charging through their ranks, only the barbarian died before the party pulled a victory.

The Amatatsu Seal resurrected her. O_O!!!

We ended the module there, roleplaying the rest of the minor scenarios of the module because the managed to come out on top against the BBEG and the little BBEG at the same time.

I warn my players. In these APs I notice there is an easy way and a hard way to go about every scenario. They tend to inadvertently find themselves in the harder of the two choices. I was just glad I didn't have Kimandatsu using her spells and Omoyani using the full abilities of her outfit to kick the crap out of everyone. A TPK in this game would mean an adventuring end, in my opinion because of the seal's annointing abilities in the end of Brinewall Legacy.

NOTE: the above, if the spoiler button worked right, was a very quick overview of what happened in the Frozen Shadows modules.

Any thoughts? Comments?

You mean that the AP assumes that the caravan is able to travel twice as far in one day than what the rules say? If I understood you correctly, then what do they say?

Also, Chernobyl, what have you found to be the hardest thing to do thus far in the Hungry Storm as far as DM-ing is concerned?

I love playing the Magus. It's a fun class, and the bladebound and kensai archetypes are fun to add mixtures in as well. I admit I was of similar opinion when I first read through its features (the six-spell levels with a reduced spell list) but I've had my opened after playing it.

I was the only caster in a party of three with an Invulnerable Rager Barbarian and a Gunslinger. We broke our GM. Granted, the GM lowered the CR a fraction because we were a reduced party, but still. Unfortunately I never got to play one for long because work schedules changed for one of the players and we couldn't run with only two on a regular session and we only made it to level 3, but it's easily one of my top three favorite character classes to play.

I'm getting ready to play one again in the Anniversary Edition of RotRL. Though I think I'll just go with a standard Magus as opposed to an Archetype.

Last Friday, the 7th of September, my group finsished Night of the Frozen Shadows. I had to completely improvise the final showdown but it was for the best, my group thought. I'll post in the correct forum for that what happened, but I did have a question on thoughts concerning the distances in this new one.

I was going to script out encounters beforehand like I did in the Brinewall Legacy, simply so I'd know what to expect and how to have the NPC Rangers (Shalelu and Ulf) interact with the party in regards to the wilderness because the only PC with anything remotely tied into the natural world is a multi-class Druid/Cavalier Halfling on a Battlecat.

Looking at the map provided, it's hard to guess roughly how far it is from location A to location B, etc, and I was wondering how other groups did that, so I could better estimate travel times and encounter ratios.

One thing that did happen tha I also want to incorporate is that both Wodes the Raven and the Troll Sorcerer Goti Runecaster both survived.

This is my first real forray into the DMing world and I wanted some advice as to how to handle calculating distances and how to incorporate other NPCs that were designed to be encountered but weren't.

Ah, I did not realize there was an expanded/updated Guide. But regardless of whether or not I want a Faction Trait, I have to select a faction?

But really, I just wanted to know if I was forced into a faction no matter what I played, if I played a different character from a different Tier 1-2 Scenario.

Because I want to play the Intro Trilogy, but I also want to get as much experience as I can as a player prior to DMing it myself.

I am in Florida. I know one game shop has a regularly scheduled Thursday evening group, but their in Tier 6-7, if I remember correctly, and the June 16 session is the first time I'll actually be playing in the Pathfinder Society.

I DM on Friday Nights with a home group, and play Monday nights and alternate Saturdays with the same.

It was just the faction thing was kind of different, and I wasn't sure. Because I have a Bard (Archeaologist Archetype), a Fighter, and a Magus (Bladebound Archetype) I'm trying to decide between, but the idea that I might be relegated to one Faction made me kind of leery. I want the Bard to Osirian, but the Magus and Fighters would (probably) be Andoran.

But is Shadow Lodge? I don't remember that one in the Pathfinder Society Guide.

My question, I don't know if it'll be best asked here, or in a general discussion of the Pathfinder Soceity, but I couldn't find a like-worded version of this:

I'm new to the PFS, and I'm scheduled to play my first session on June 16 at a local game store, but the only two groups are running "Shipyard Rats," and since that scenario is not part of the intro, and thus requires a Faction Trait, am I able to create a new character whenever I do get a chance to run the Intro series so that I can gain the full benifits at least once for one character? Or is that once I pick a Faction Trait, all of my characters have to be associated with the corresponding Faction?

Well, I thank everyone who has been contributing. Hopefully now I can design it properly for my player I have envisioned this for.

Jeraa wrote:
There is no such thing as an arm slot. I assume you mean the hand slot, and the wrist slot?

Yeah, I did. Thanks for pointing out the error. Like I said, I'm still flushing out details for this.

Dabbler, do you know where the feat equivelent list is referenced in any of the books? I'm looking, but there have been times that no matter how hard I look, I just can't find what I'm looking for. And as far as making it one or the other, maybe. I'll have to give it some thought.

Well, it's an arm-slot AND hand-slot item (I have yet to find a name I like for it) that allows certain classes/creatures to increase the reach of their unarmed attacks by one as if their arms had reach, and only the arms can benefit from this. It's similar to the Aberrant Bloodline Sorcerer's Bloodling Ability. In it's simplest form, at least. I'm still working on writing it up into a manner similar to the items listed in the Core Rulebook.

Well, you can also choose to up the minimum caster level requirements when establishing crafting costs. If you made it a 5th, 7th, or 9th caster level as the minimum for construction, that would greatly raise the price and offset some of the reservations most people would have. But even so, the effect of an unlimited CLW item is definitely a minor-artifactual level device, whether or not it takes up an item slot.

This next bit wasn't mentioned at all in the book, so I'm wondering if I can take a liberty and reduce the final cost by say 25%? I want to limit the kind of characters that can use this item to a few special classes/creatures so that not everybody can use it. Or, do I up the cost a little more if it certain users are using it and can then gain an extra ability, but some characters can't?

Dabbler wrote:

Page 549, CRB.

If an item has two effects that are similar, then you pay full price for the most expensive, 3/4 price for the next more expensive and 1/2 price for the rest.

Yeah, I know about the chart, but I was interested in paying for one effect, but needed to know if I needed to up the price because I feel like two spells are required to create the item I want for one of my players in my campaign. Because I want to know if it would be feasible to put in at the end of this arc of the story.

But you would still add the other spell to the prerequisites for crafting, right? So even if the price is less than two spells, the requirements to actually craft it still need both?

Even if it is merely one effect, but you think the item should have two spells associated to the desired effect, are the costs added together as if you would make two different items with different effects?

Steve Geddes wrote:

I dont think popular acclaim is going to play much of a role in deciding this, it seems to me it's already been decided in the negative.

Paizo have not only said they have no plans to do more, they have explicitly asked us not to ask for them and to help squash any such request (see Joanna's post above where she quotes Vic).

Paizo put out stacks of cool new stuff (nearly) every month at extremely competitive prices. The best way to get it is to sign up for a subscription (with the added benefit that you get it quicker). :)

I agree with you, Steve. It's been said, it's dissapointing, sure, but the people at Paizo have made a decision, and I applaud their standing by their decision. That's the kind of integrity I like to see in a company. There's no wishy-washy nonsense going on. They're serious people putting out a seriously good product for people.

I personally, am playing two different APs right now. The Kingmaker and Council of Thieves, and I'm DMing the Jade Regent AP, and honestly, while one book keeps everything together, I like the small 90-100 books of the APs because it means less mess at the DM table behind the screen. I can also fold back a page if I want to showcase the artwork for a particular villian while hiding their stats, too.

Now, I love that Rise of the Runelords is getting a reprint, because I didn't even know anything about Pathfinder until a little less than a year ago because my 3.5 group and I went our seperate ways after graduation and someone introduced me to them. I got to read a friend's copy of RotR and I love it. I will be buying the compilation, but I wish it was more of a box set with the different books still seperate.

However, I do have a question for the producers. My question is this: Does the Player's Guide for the anniversary edition have recommendations for all of the APG, Ultimate Magic, and Ultimate Combat classes? And recommendations for the wide variety of Archetypes? Because that I think, would be great!

I look forward to seeing it published and I wish all of the Paizo team luck on their future exploits.

Oh, a PS. A buddy and I were wondering if there was going to be an AP that went off the world of Golarion and traveled the galaxy of the Pathfinder Universe that is talked about in the Inner Sea World Guide?

Grendel Todd wrote:

I just wanted to say, I love Brinewall Castle! The encounters are fun and interesting, and make use of the layout well, and the castle map itself is one of the better ones I've seen. Knowing my group, I may run into trouble - they sometimes decide to move in and claim ruins, and this is one of the better ones.

I'm suddenly envisioning a Jade Regent/Kingmaker mash-up, and not where I was originally expecting to see one.

It's funny you mention that because though I am DM'ing the Jade Regent Campaign, a buddy of mine is DM'ing the Kingmaker one at the same time. The way I see it, by the time we get towards the end of the sixth module, I'll be incorporating the Kingmaker kingdom an extent. But yes, extending their kingdom over the Crown of the Word and into the Brinewall would be epic!

Thanks for the idea.