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Venice by Night - Thursday - April 3, 1309

Talisman's Haven - (PC) Lorenzo, Ranerius, Michele, and Geoffroi (NPC) Lydia, Onfroi

Michele turns to Ranerius, clearly starting to get ravenous.

"I hunger. I will paralyze one, you entrance the second. The ghoul can hold down the third. If you wish to bleed one out, do so. If no one else hungers, I shall take two..."

Venice by Night – Monday March 10, 1309

Michael Santo and Michele Querini

"You have said much but told me very little Signore Santo. What does this Pietro want your assistance for and how would he even know of my dealings with Sadir? You have not told me who wants you dead, if someone does want you dead, why? Due to your dealings with those who seek to slay nocturnal patrons?"

He pauses for a moment, "With respect to the shipments, I pay you to handle the logistics, as far as I know, the docks on which they land cannot be changed. The destination of these goods are not even known to me yet, as we did not use your boathouse before, I do not see why we should use it now".

He sighs, "The Volkov's again. I have had a run in with them before, it is best to avoid them I think, perhaps I can have them exiled from the city through the Council".

Venice by Night – Monday March 10, 1309

Michael Santo and Michele Querini

Michele seems stunned to find you here, "How did you know I would be here? Who is this Pietro and why would he want to know anything about my operations, more importantly, who wants you dead?!"

Hans holds back allowing you to answer Michael...

The last piece of information Hans is the following, the man with No Name stated, "My Master is not interested in Signore' Querini but is instead interested in your father so to speak, Fahdi Mohammad. You may not be aware that prior to your, arrival, Fahdi had another childe who serves alongside me. Well, my Master wishes to reach Fahdi and offer him a bargain. We believe that you know where he is and more importantly, we believe that you know how to reach him".

Venice by Day - Monday March 10, 1309

After packing for the trip and tending to the new wife, Michele heads back out to discuss the status of his home with Marco so there are no 'rental misunderstandings' while he is away.

Venice by Day - Monday March 10, 1309

Michele leaves Santos' apartment and heads home enjoying the coolness of the day.

Staying in the present he enjoys a stroll down the street, a normal day. It seems that normalcy is in rare supply these days.

Soon his meandering legs turn to meandering thoughts and he changes direction to head home.