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Emerald Kingdoms

GM Phntm888's Rise of the Runelords Campaign

Talia Burrows

This is a Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition play-by-post campaign.


Thistletop Dungeon

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GM_DBH's Carrion Crown Gameplay

GameMaster GM_DBH

Kingmaker. Footsteps to the empty throne.

GameMaster GM_DBH

Strangers, friends and even lovers. You have gathered together for your own reasons to explore and make safe the perilous region to the south known to all only as the Stolen lands.


The Greenbelt

Charter of rulership

Silverhold map

Kingdom shreadsheet

Stolen lands Map RRR

Notices 2

The lair

Kingmaker. The shadows behind the throne.

GameMaster GM_DBH

An odd group gathers together. Their purpose to reclaim the Stolen lands. But what secrets do they carry with them into this dangerous land?


Party loot

KIngdom tracking sheet

Greenbelt map

Terrain costs and improvements


Greenbelt RRR


Skull & shackles


Skull & Shackles: Sails under a blood red sky.

GameMaster GM_DBH

To face a God of iron.


When the alien fire that gives it it's name goes out and the disappearance of a local leader, the town of Torch calls for heroes to save the town and end their peril.

Iron gods folder


Found devices

New tech

Choking tower tech

Scar of the spider

Variel's Reign of Winter

Manos Tavore

[GM Striker's The Ruins of Azlant] Table 2

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