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For some reason my book (using subscription) has been showing as pending since end of October anyone else not getting there book who is setup as a subscriber.

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I have opened two cases 165001 and 163929 with customer service, the first beginning of the month I have not heard back on either. Now I am being charged double for books.

The problem is a lot of the maps a for large areas and yet are very small on the page. Also I would be happy to pay for these separately if the were on foundry VTT

Any Chance we will get high quality maps? looks like there are a bunch of maps in the book that can be exported but they do not zoom really well for digital presentation.

has the preorder ship sailed? I just saw this come up in my Facebook feed and bought the physical copy today.

So Uncanny agility states:
You are immune to the flat-footed condition, and your opponent doesn’t gain any bonuses to attack rolls against you from flanking you or attacking you when you’re prone. Furthermore, covering fire and harrying fire don’t provide any advantage against you.

Prone states:
You are lying on the ground. You take a –4 penalty to melee attack rolls. You gain a +4 bonus to your Armor Class against ranged attacks, but you take a –4 penalty to your Armor Class against melee attacks. Standing up from prone is a move action.

It seems that with RAW operatives would still get -4 penalty to attack rolls and AC as those are not bonuses to attack rolls against the operative. Or is uncanny agility covering something else?

I think the spirit of the rule would be that the operative would get no negative at least to their AC.


hmmmm......What about death affinity and Undead Mastery?