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Nefreet wrote:

If you're looking to possess the object, a local player purchased a suit of Adamantine Fullplate.

He's level 10 or 11 now, and he's pretty indestructible.

Nefreet wrote:

If you are looking at object possession (at least judging by your previous posts), be prepared for some massive table variation on what can affect you and what can't.

I'd recommend keeping a log of previous GM rulings, even. Every time our player sits down with a new GM he usually takes up quite a bit of time explaining the character.

Already ahead of you. I've actually been talking to every GM in the local area, giving them parts of the questions, and getting their rulings. Luckily there are a few they all tend to fall behind and they've already made their ruling clear (They are very much by the written word). It'll work exactly as I am intending. The Only thing I need now, according to them, is a solid way to purchase what I'm seeking. Heck I've even been instructed to get print offs of every rule involved.

To be clear we are talking about this spell If your friend is using Object Possession, I'm a little less familiar with it as it's certainly lesser of the two. With this one, at minimum level you can possess a Huge sized object. I could simply buy a Heavy Wagon, but I feel like that's cheap and silly. Armor works too if your aiming for just your size, or for over-sized and if his body has been sitting in it at that size it would no longer help.

I'd also like to point out, I don't see where it says the material of the Animated Object changes any of it's statistics. It doesn't appear to do anything for it unless he spends the CP to do so.

Kinda sad someones already going for this. I did see where people started but didn't read anyone actually having done it. I'll have to post my build once it's been run successfully. I bet it'd make a few heads turn.

---I would really think there has to be another answer then just buying armor of the appropriate size. I know of a book thats not legal that places a Statue of the appropriate size at 365 Gold (monument in Ultimate Campaign). Worse case I may pop PR for a Vanity that has a non-discript Statue. If one happens to exist for any of the Vanity buildings you can buy in the Field Guide. I just rather do this as 'right' as passable'.

Pirate Rob wrote:
Might I politely suggest that you share with us the expected final result so we can offer helpful advice instead of trying to come in partway through.

I'm confused. I don't understand.

Is there some way to acquire an item, statue, or similar object via a class feature, feat, or trait that I'm unaware of? Honestly the build doesn't even matter. I've got something like six variations I've been musing over. How would knowing the build itself help figure out a solid price for an object?

I know Crafting is banned so that is not it. I am aware level and fame matter. Level Three, Fame/PR 10. If your thinking equipment, the way I'd be using it, it wouldn't matter if I was proficient or not.

The build itself does't need changes.
I was hoping to keep it secret at least until I've test run how I'm doing it appropriately--and given the local players a big surprise. They like to compete with weird and interesting builds, and this ones becoming my baby.

I'm hoping I don't come off rude dodging the request. If it is absolutely needed to help locate an item fitting what I'm aiming for. I'll post up what I got so far and explain the mechanics in detail.


So, I have searched the forms, and I see where people ask about buying statues as they are listed as being able to be purchased. I have a build, I kid you not, that requires a rather large statue.

I'm attempting to buy a statue, for mechanical use. I already got transport figured out and I kind of want to keep secret my use until post using the statue. I just need a rock solid price or way to price it.

Initially we looked at material per pound cost, and not all materials list this. We also looked at various objects of similar size, as it really only needs a humanoid form, some detail on the chest, and the construction.

We had been looking at Vanity items. However it appears Statues primarily appear in Ultimate Campaign, which only lists on additional resources legality with traits (thus, if we understand this correctly means the buildings in UC cannot be purchased) otherwise I could just buy a statue form it's listings.

Another route, we've looked into may be simply getting the base cost of a Golem of the size and material to represent the cost for the statue minus spell casting and all that nonsense as we aren't making a freaking golem.

Is there any hard rule we can use, that would be Society Legal, to purchase a statue? Or are we in the dark here.

Oh, I may mean Possess Object. It's which ever is presented in UM. I tend to get them confused because of the similar name. That and Object Possession.

It's the one that acts like magic jar, and acts like animate objects.


I mean. This is Object Possession as per UM and the SRDs. So your saying there is another source with more information? Whats OA stand for?

Howdy Folks,

I did a search on google and used the forums mostly searching the name of the spell and the words actions, as well as a few combinations of actions to see if I could drudge up anything. Most of what I got was some fun discussions about the spell but not the answer I was seeking.

For those unfamiliar with the spell

It works like Magic Jar, and animates like Animate Objects. I have several questions, some had prior answers, but I felt they where not given proper attention and some that don't seem to show. Mostly with Action Economy -depending on the conclusion of wording.

According to the spell: You possess a single object, as opposed to a creature. At first leaves me thinking I can only possess a single object of some undefined size.

It then reads: animating it as if the animate objects spell.

This leaves me with a curiosity. In Animate Objects you can animate a number of objects based on your caster level. While the Possess Object reads: "This spell functions as magic jar, except you transfer your mind to a single object", it does also read "animating it as if using animate objects, except your mind controls the object as if it were your own body.".

So my first question is; do you technically possess one object, while animating a number of objects within your amount allowed by caster level. Or do you simply remain to the one object, as per the first line of the spell.

My second question is; if by some weird, unlikely, silly, reason that you get more then one animated object out of this is how would their actions work. Would each have their own, pulling from your abilities, or would they all only have a collective set number of actions. A single shared move action, a single shared attack action. Meaning only one object gets to move or attack.

I believe the wording, indicates only one object of the size equivalent to your allowance by caster level via animate objects :

"Targets one Small object per caster level; see text"

"You may animate one Small or smaller object or a corresponding number of larger objects as follows: A Medium object counts as two Small or smaller objects, a Large object as four, a Huge object as eight, a Gargantuan object as 16, and a Colossal object as 32."

Or does it mean that, via some weird reasoning you'd be able to possess one object, counting as one, but technically be animating several? Or even technically possess the several at once?

The third question; what is the target for a dispel magic? If it is like Magic Jar would it not have the same needed target for a dispel (the Jar or crystal acting as a tether or the original body my spirit is from) or would it for some reason just need to target the Possessed Object?

The Fourth Question; Assuming you have a way to change the objects size. Does the CP remain the same (I know some say you don't get CP, but CP seems to be automatic based on the size of the animated object). I assume it remains the original sized objects CP.

Final Questions; Spells and Speaking does not work while possessing the object. Can a familiar with speech speak for you, and can you still use abilities, like Lay on Hands or Focus Powers from an Occultist?

So looking at the current rules for submission 750 words is the limit. Is this an absolute or if your over lets say anywhere from 5 to 50 words will there be a problem? I imagine so, as it is a word limit but is it an absolute word limit?

I've been working on my first attempt at a submission and I have found that some of the details on skill checks I'd like to see are taking up... a bit more then I'd like. As I'm a fan of giving players options and I've sort of figured different paths for each encounter I've written in.

Next I did some searching and one thing I've seen asked but not seen an answer is use of Venture Captains. Do we just use an existing Venture Captain or should we make our own up, as long as they are nothing world changing?

Now for future Scenarios I have some things I'd like to add. A small tribe of Orcs with their own culture that pop up here and there as regular NPCs in a few submissions. Same clan maybe not same NPCs, is that allowed as it wont be super impact on anything?

The final thing I noted that you can't do a big huge adventure path, but can you re-use npcs from other scenarios you submit and / or potentially use additional scenarios as a continuation of some minor sub plot involving them that simply advances as consequence of PC action?

Like lets say I submit two scenarios that are only related by some similar themed area or bad guy, and a third scenario that leads the two quest giving npcs to potentially 'fall in love' and a fourth to have some kinda weird conclusion I don't wanna reveal too much on yet. If each is written as it can be still an individual scenario without the others, but would be better with all four played in sequence, is that an okay thing? I assume not but I'd like to inquire.

I will likely post more later. My grammar is kind of messed up due to a poor early education, and I definitely need editing, and I have been following many suggested threads (passive voice still boggles me despite reading soooo many descriptions).

Anyways thanks for taking the time to look over my questions and to give any feedback. I hope I am not, you know, being that stupid newbie asking the things asked a trillion times. I just didn't seem to find my answers in my three or four searches I've done (on three occasions). Likely my own fault. Ha ha ha.

Best bet would be just do the three levels of rogue. You get some useful skill points, and it's the quickest progression to get the 2d6 Sneak Attack. Anything else will take something like five levels to get to that.

Really wanting to see an optimization of this class as well.