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Sovereign Court

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The Mech Pilot's Guide

A Letter to Lady Gloriana Morilla:

Dear Lady Gloriana Morilla,

I wish to thank you personally for the inspiration that has given me the power to fight for the future we believe in. Having risen to a post of some stature once, and having lost it due to the unwillingness of supposed allies has left harsh lessons. A Future worth fighting for. A world where those of noble skill and hearts unify to ensure all are prosperous.

My work, would not be a thing if not for the Court's inclusion of me in the Society. I have garnered the resources to test a powerful new weapon. One I believe will ensure those unwilling to meet diplomacy, will falter. As well as those whom need protection, will find a wall to shelter them. While my tongue is silver, this weapon is the collective worth of many a strong warrior.

I've included some details in this letter about the weapon which I've dubbed the Mark-One. It's uses a simple and overlooked spell of some potency. I believe with it, on the front of efforts that cannot be so simply solved with words we will have little to worry about going forward.

Thank you for your faith, and guidance.
-Karai Lamarchand Snillore

The Main Report:

Man am I nervous. This is my first time building a guide and I tried my best to stick to what the general community seems to do with these things. I've been working months on this. It all started when I stumbled into the spell, having mistaken it for another spell on my Occultist's spell list for a home game.

Later, I started to explore it's uses in Society play and found myself fascinated with the RP aspect of being a Mech Pilot in Golorian. I'm pretty nervous about sharing this, and plan to respond to all questions the best I can. I also plan to keep the guide updated as I learn more, as well as create an eventual FAQ.

The Build, has been tested in seven scenarios. When I say build, I mean mechanic. As it is really more utilizing a singular spell to pull off the entire RP. However it is freaking strong and I've started asking my DMs/GMs before I play if I have permission to play it as well as warning them and giving additional information ahead of time.

Besides some art that needs updated, and maybe some clean up this guide is sort of in it's rough draft stage. However I'm too eager and excited and really want to share it---and I will likely get some excellent feedback post.

For now, please, enjoy and give feed back (and corrections!) my guide to being a Mech Pilot in Pathfinder!

The Mech Pilot's Guide

Also please excuse the crazy IC post. I got pretty damn excited and decided I'd do a little RP with this. I.. Half expect something to be banned or errated out to fix this crazy nonsense too... Ha.

The Alpha - Zeta Test:

  • Scenerio 33: Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible
    Scroll cast was successful. Was only useful for one fight, however decimated the enemy. Became unable to progress due to underground.
  • Scenario #5-19: The Horn of Aroden
    Was successfully cast early in. Decimated the first two battles.
    Ran out before the third due to excess time for travel. GM doubled the presence of one enemy and soaked most of what may of been a TPK if not for the Suit. Two enemies took more then one round to kill,
    rest died immediately.
  • Scenario #8-16: House of Harmonious Wisdom
    Suit was never popped. Didn't need to.
  • Scenario #8-14: To Seal the Shadow
    Enemies had the upper hand. Had to pop suit early. Before could reach combat, bard countersonged. Suit was not useful for next portion so left suit. Other skills came in handy.
  • Scenario #8-01: Portent's Peril
    Popped suit and Burrowed under house to use the enemies own tunnels. Devastated the enemy. Had to leave suit to act as Face for party.
  • Scenario #7-08: To Judge a Soul, Part 2
    Popped suit to deal with difficult terrain. Rescued ally who had fallen into river. Used inside of suit as shelter before encounter with enemy. Was able to detain enemy. Second fight used enemy's cover to climb speed into them faster. Worked excellent to make them focus on me. Final enemy destroyed upon contact. Little resistance.
  • Scenario #8-10: Tyranny of the Winds part 2
    Avoided suit for most of game. Was playing up. First encounter was too easy, second utilized Occultist necromantic servant till out of focus points and swarmed enemy. Third fight opening TPK'd party except self--self rescued party and destroyed enemy.