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{rolls through}



{rolls through thread taking 20 on acrobatics}

{wanders through}

{rolls through}

{rolls as if nodding in agreement}

{rolls through}

{rolls through thread}

<rolls through the thread>

<rolls through>


boing! boing! boing!


{bounces through}

{bounces through}

(rolls around in AZ's eyesocket with approval)

(rollin' through)

(now perches in AZ's eyesocket and surveys)

Aberzombie wrote:
Ah well, I guess you can stay then, so long as you promise to leap forth and attack people to whom I point and say "EYE KILL YOU".

(rolls affirmatively; uses zombie as familiar host)

(attempts poorly at a shrug of IDK, then writes out in cursive in the dirt)

i'm the other eye

(hops back in for the hitchhike)

(hops into AZ's empty eye socket to hitch ride)

(rolls in for the TOTP)

(bearly rolls on by)

(swings through like a rehkin ball)


(boing! boing! boing!)

(somersaults through)

(does a somersault)

(weaves through mines like if it were Mulholland Drive)

(rolls through)

(rolls through)

(rolls through lackadasically)

(gives a mocking roll and skittles out)

(does not taste like chicken or pork)

(evasion: engaged)

(to the left) (to the right) (under the fence) (and out of scope sight)

(rolls through with caution)

(hops from cloud to cloud and makes its grand escape)

(and dots the i and rolls out)

(scrawls an M)

(rolls out a T)

(lodges in the Tengu's throat and cuts off the air supply)

(the decoy burns while the real one slips away out of range)

(has troll blood)

(regenerates in five rounds in pairs and rolls out one by one)

(already escaped out through the engorged anal cavity. leaves a trail)

(rolls down the gullet and then slides out the back end)

(wheeeee! dirty hippeh slides)

(and closes out magnificently with a h)

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